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Mon 27th January, 2014

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HueyLewisFan commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

Boggles my mind that the Wii U SNES library is so weak compared to the Wii one. How did stuff like Super Mario RPG and ActRaiser get passed by, but NES junk like Golf show up? I've still yet to play my SMRPG on the Wii that I got from Club Nintendo because I was dumb and didn't realize it was Wii only, and I don't have a controller I can use for it.

It's depressing to think that Nintendo's virtual library will just get smaller and smaller as they continue to release consoles, considering they're unlikely to ever replicate the Wii's success anytime soon. To think that the virtual console is Nintendo's answer to emulation!



HueyLewisFan commented on Super Mario 64 HD Triggers Surge Of YouTube In...:

I'm really just repeating what I heard, but the author of that SM64 HD upload ripped assets directly from a gamecube title, and Nintendo was forced to take action because of that or lose the ability to contest other cases like this (or something similar). I'm no IP lawyer but their behavior is pretty inconsistent in cases like this, like with Mother 4.



HueyLewisFan commented on Video: Something's a Bit Off About this New Tr...:

It'd be funny if they announced a western release date and confirmed a physical copy coming to the west as well, then scream april fools at the end. I'd laugh so hard that it'd probably be mistaken as horrible grief and sadness!



HueyLewisFan commented on Two Tribes’ Toki Tori Remake is Coming to th...:

The game has always looked pretty cool, but a lot of people seem to have been burned by the Wii U parity issues with the PC version. Seems pretty hard to believe that the Wii U wouldn't be able to do a level editor (seems like the perfect console next to a PC to include such a thing, actually) but I'll still keep an eye on this.



HueyLewisFan commented on Video: Ace Attorney Collection Promotional Tra...:

I'd probably buy this, even though I've literally just finished JFA and am about to start the third just so that Capcom can see a tiny bit of a margin increase when considering if they'd release a digital AAI2. That, and I gotta have my digital goods.