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Nintendo Confirms a 3DS-Themed Japanese Nintendo Direct on 29th August

Posted by Alex Olney

A short-notice delight

Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct focusing on its latest handheld system.

No details have been released about what specific games or content may be shown, but given the recent leaks and rapidly approaching release date for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, you could be forgiven for suspecting a mention of the game to appear.

The broadcast is only confirmed for Japan at the moment, but if this changes and a Western Direct is also being broadcast we'll let you know.

Be sure to join us live during the event, where we will be streaming and blogging as the video reveals itself and what it has to offer. The broadcast begins at 7am Eastern / 4am Pacific / 12 noon UK and 1pm European tomorrow the 29th of August. Put it in your diary!

What do you think Nintendo is ready to show us? Are we to expect something more hardware-related? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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IxC said:

Wii U needs it more, but whatever.

Come to think of it, Smash Bros for 3DS is the only upcoming 3DS game I'm interested in. So maybe the 3DS could do with some more announcements.



Grumblevolcano said:

I'm expecting a lot on Smash and Pokémon, maybe some more on S.T.E.A.M. and Amiibo. The quantity of 3DS games coming out in the near future though is currently worse than Wii U in 2013 so some new game announcements would be nice.



TeeJay said:

Smash smash smash smash smash gimme dat smash bros

I'm glad we're getting relatively short notice. I'm just so done with the waiting. DX



Dark-Luigi said:

Wii U had it's time, now time for the 3DS.

But like eveyone here, Smash is the only thing on my mind right now, unless they throw something new to the table.



AyeHaley said:

Now is the time for Majora 3D! And I wouldn't be surprised if they show a new 3DS model even though I dont need one.



rjejr said:

So I was laying in bed this morning thinking Aug was almost over so Nintendo needed to announce an ND for tomorrow to match last years Aug ND that gave us the Wii U price cut and Zelda Wii U bundle. Was so excited when I saw this until I saw the "3DS" part.

I can see why people think the 3DS might need it more than Wii U based on it's upcoming game line-up, but Wii U still has a few games - SSB, Bayonetta 2, Captain toad Treasure Tracker - and amiibo than need launch dates. And the amiibo need a price. And what does the Wii U version of SSB have to offer to match Smash Run on the 3DS. And is there a level editor like in Brawl?

I can see why Nintnedo would focus on the 3DS version w/ it being close to release, but they really shouldn't wait until after the 3DS version releases to stat promoting the Wii U version, that's too late if it is really releasing in 2014. And way too late to start promoting amiibo to the holiday shopping general public.

On the bright side, maybe they are announcing the 3DS U



LztheQuack said:

@IxC Actually right now the 3DS needs it. The 3DS hasn't really gotten much hype lately aside from Smash and Pokemon



Spoony_Tech said:

Maybe Japan is finally also getting the 2ds as well. Nintendo doesn't go long without updating their portables. Wouldn't be surprised to see a new version of the 3ds show up. Maybe finally dual analog in time for Monster Hunter 4.



IxC said:


It's still selling well though. And Smash and Pokemon will both be huge.

The Wii U isn't selling, and while Smash will be huge, I think the Wii U still needs more attention than the 3DS at the moment.

But as I said, I've only got 1 3DS game to look forward to at the moment. So the 3DS does need some new game announcements. But at this stage, the Wii U can never have too much attention.



ikki5 said:

@WaLzgi and that is more than the Wii U? All that the Wii U has been getting was Smash and Hyrule Warriors. really, the 3DS has 2 killer games that are coming to it that will see no matter if you don't say anything or not where the Wii U for that kind of game, you got Smash.... and that's about it. So really, neither then has that much so really, they should be doing them on both systems and I'd say more leaned on the Wii U as it doesn't have that push that the 3DS has.



Handy_Man said:

I'm actually happy that it airs really early, as I'll be able to watch it before I get Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney!



ShanaUnite said:

They are going to show details on Professor Layton x Inazuma Eleven x Youkai Watch. Make it happen Level-5.



MrMario02 said:

@ikki5 Not true. Wii u has Games like:
Zelda Wii U
Starfox Wii U
Bayonetta 2
Project Giant robot
Project Guard
Arcade Pokken Fighters Championship
Kirby and the rainbow curse
And then some



IxC said:


Two of those games are tech demos. And another isn't even confirmed for Wii U.

The Wii U has lots of great games coming up, but come on.

You could've included Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker and Splatoon, amongst others, rather than games not yet confirmed to be coming to the system.



WebHead said:

I hope there's a western addition but I doubt it. And maybe a new model or new first party title as well.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Guys, this is probably just a japan exclusive JRPG update, there are so many coming to 3DS and so it makes enough sense to do a quick japanese 3DS direct. So it probably won't be of any interest to us.



ikki5 said:


Zelda Wii U - Over a year from now
Starfox Wii U Still have yet to see gameplay or anything noteworthy
Bayonetta 2 decent, hard to say how this will do and probably not a killer game
Project Giant robot lol, don't make me laugh, it is in very beta and looks like Tank! Tank! Tank! and is a tech demo
Project Guard looks like a minigame that should have been in Nintendo land and again, tech demo
Arcade Pokken Fighters Championship not even confirmed for Wii U or even hinted at being on the Wii U, only assumed
Kirby and the rainbow curse a drawing game for kirby

so... again, what were you saying? The only one on that list that I can possibly agree on would be Bayonetta, the rest are way too far away to even consider here or How about I put together a list of great anticipated 3DS games all for this year?

Harvest moon
Story of Seasons
Professor layton
Lego Batman
Fantasy Life
MH4 and then MH4 ultimate coming early first quarter of next year.

provided none are delayed, here you go. Where as the Wii U has Bayonetta, Hyrule, Smash and Toad (provided this doesn't get delayed as it was delayed in Europe), Lego for it's anticipated games



TruenoGT said:

It is time for a new, hopefully better built 3DS model... something as solid as the DSi and DSi XL. C'mon Nintendo, bring it.



KFlow325 said:

Im supposed to graduate in December...we will see if this holds true despite the enormous anticipation behind this instant portable classic on the 3ds...I predict a lot of records being broke...



ikki5 said:

you sit and draw lines on the screen with the touch pad and watch Kirby roll into things. Yeah, there may be some extras but that is primarily the gameplay.



NintyMan said:

Hopefully this will be world-wide. If it's in Japan, then new games should be announced. And with Smash Bros. 3DS just around the corner over there, they have to devote some time for it.

3DS needs some new games. It looks pretty bare over the rest of this year and next besides a handful here and there. Nintendo should rightfully focus on Wii U, but they can't forget about 3DS as well.



Inkling said:

I was one day off! I said there'd be one today

I have a feeling that if there's a Western one it will have Wii U games in it as well.

Punch Out U/3D anyone?



GamerZack87 said:

Oh, by the way, I'm wondering if we'll see preliminary details for amiibo in relation to Nintendo 3DS.



jjmesa16 said:

I'm surprised there isn't one for the US/UK. I don't even remember the last time we had one.

I'm expecting to see some footage of the three new characters from Super Smash Bros.



Omarpixel9 said:

New 3DS model/XL bundle plz. Still didn't get a 3DS after my old aqua blue 3DS that I ditched.



Klunk23 said:

Will this be where we we see Reggie's Ice Bucket Challenge? I think so.(Assuming there's an American Direct)



SkywardLink98 said:

There aren't and 3DS games I want, so with a little luck this'll turn that around. After a Wii U focused E3 this is a nice change.



Porky said:

Turns out the supposedly fake ND announcement for Friday was true afterall!!



ikki5 said:

@MrMario02 is splatoon dated to be released this year? No

The list I did for the 3DS was games released this year while your list was tech demos, unconfirmed games a game over a year away. Only one was for this year. The only reason why i mentioned MH4 Ultimate was because MH4 is being released before the end of the year and it is the same game with a few extra features.



Mega719 said:

Hopefully we can solve the Smash leak debate we just need to see one of those characters



Yosher said:

Here's hoping for that US and EU Direct to join the Japanese broadcast! If they're gonna announce a new Smash Bros fighter, then they'll at least have to make SOMEthing for us non-Japanese people. If not then I don't expect a new Smash announcement.



Megumi said:

Hopefully we'll get more info on new monsters in 4G. We got like what, 2 trailers of that game so far, and only one new monster? lol



SleepyCrossing said:

Why is everyone saying there is nothing coming out for 3DS? Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Smash Bros., Fantasy Life, Persona Q: SOTL, etc. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright just came out. Maybe its because my 3DS backlog is huge or the fact that I'm playing three JRPG's on it at the moment, but I don't see how its strapped for news. In addition, we finally have news of Yokai Watch coming to North America.



Tobias95 said:

Mother triology with updated 3D graphics like Pokemon X and Y announced for Japan.
America will probaly get Earthbound digitaly from Eshop, when Europe is not getting annypart of the deal (you know, Mother three reference at E3)



DarkKirby said:

Am I wrong or does this direct happen at the same time the Smash "Pic of the Day" usually comes out.

No saying there is a relation, perhaps just a coincidence.



mystman12 said:

Kirby Air Ride 3D! (I'm predicting this for every direct, because I have to be right one of these days, right? Right?!?!)



Henmii said:

I may be in the minority, but I guess the 3DS is on its way out. There was almost no 3DS news at E3, and the 3DS is already several years on the market. People might say that they wanted to focus on Wii u at E3. And that the 3DS is to succesful to let it die already. But I wouldn't be surprised if we see a new handheld at E3 2015!



realar said:

So we can add possibly another newcomer to the mix for Smash Bros, Impa, specifically the one from Skyward Sword. (She was definitely a badass.)

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