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Video: Here's a Comparison of Mario Kart's Donut Plains 3 from SNES to Wii U

Posted by Jake Shapiro

Generations apart

Comparison videos of retro tracks in Mario Kart 8 are certainly doing the rounds at the moment, and popular YouTube channel GameXplain has created a nifty split-screen video comparing the classic Super Mario Kart track Donut Plains 3 to its reimagining in the upcoming Wii U title. Check it out below:

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Nintendo EAD and its collaborators have created plenty of remakes of the most popular Mario Kart tracks throughout the course of the series' history, with visual upgrades and tweaks to the courses. The SNES tracks are by far the most rigid and flat in the franchise, so they're a good baseline test to see how Mario Kart has evolved over the years.

What do you think of the Donut Plains 3 reboot? Does it lose or gain magic in the transition to HD? Let us know, as always, below.


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User Comments (47)



epicdude12302 said:

Wow! Huge difference! It's awesome to see how much that graphics have advanced in the past few decades! This game will be a first day purchase for me!



kyuubikid213 said:

"Pretty big improvement, right?"

It's comparing a SNES game to a Wii U game. I'd be disappointed if the improvement wasn't that big.



Falchion said:

I dont even know u can say its the same track! It is just based off the original



NintyMan said:

It's impressive how far video games have gone in 22 years. 22 years may seem like ages ago to video games, but as far as history in general, it's not.



Goginho said:

GX has a lot more comparison vids and other great stuff too relating MK8 and other popular Nintendo stuff. Definitely worth checking out.



Yoshi said:

I hated this track in Super Mario Kart. It was impossible on 150cc.



Klunk23 said:

I was so busy looking at at the beauty of the Wii U version that I barely even glanced at the Super Nintendo version.



AkinaChan said:

I just watched the comparison video for Toads Turnpike last night I love Gamexplain I always check their videos first on my subscriptions list :3



bofis said:

So excited, and also yay for GameExplain, going to look up the Toad's Turnpike comparison now!



ShadJV said:

@kyuubikid213 I was about to post the same thing. I mean, it's great to see the literal side by side comparison to see how far technology has come in 22 years but the question was a bit silly, nobody doubted an improvement between 16 bit graphics and present day HD...



Handy_Man said:

Why are you guys taking videos from a competing company? Please don't follow Kotaku's example...



luigifan624 said:

I DO hope that there is an option to make the races 3 laps or something. Or else these will be some extremely short races.



SamiCetinSMK said:

Will enjoy Time Trialing this one like the original The technicality of it was great, especially hopping over the last corner tight by the wall.



Funny_Moblin said:

The laps on most of the courses look pretty short, I hope it;s not just me who sees it this way.



ledreppe said:

I gotta stop watching these, I don't want to spoil everything before I even play it.



Gold_Ranger said:

I prefer the SNES version!
But that's only by watching it.
I'll see how I like it after I actually play it!



SparkOfSpirit said:

Gamexplain is one of the few gaming outlets I follow outside of Nintendolife. Their videos are really fun.



Magrane said:

Pre-ordered this game earlier this week! And is it bad to say I prefer the soundtrack from the original Super Mario Kart?



Einherjar said:

Was the speaker icon really necessary ? xD
Did they really think people get confused which track is currently playing ?
And @Magrane of course not Its never bad to like SNES music



Mario-Man-Child said:

Looks like it is easier to negotiate than the original. The track looks a lot wider and you can drive under water and on the grass. Don't remember that in the original SMK and still best SMK.



fluggy said:

The original still handles like a dream. I miss the short tight courses of the SNES version. If u master it, its a dream to play. Rainbow Rd at 150cc ..... Wow..... Even if your last with 1 lap left u can reach the front if your skillful enough.



darthllama said:

They should of properly labeled which is the SNES version and the Wii U. Its really hard to tell, they both look so similar.



Cia said:

Snes version is slightly more pixelated. Wii U:s got more jaggies though. I'd say they're about even.



CoreyCannabis said:

I wonder if Nintendo will ever just remake Super Mario Kart with those MK8 graphics. That would be awesome, even as just a download only game. And it would solve the dreaded blue shell problem!

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