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Nintendo Shows Off Its Mario Golf: World Tour DLC Courses and Characters

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wants your green for more greens

Earlier today Nintendo confirmed details for DLC in Mario Golf: World Tour, which has prompted plenty of spirited debate. It's a title that does include 10 courses right off the tee, though the addition of extra paid content — especially of the day one variety — always prompts discussion.

There'll be three packs overall, each containing two 18-hole courses and a playable character at a cost of $5.99 / €5.99 / £5.39 — the big N is even delving off into "season pass" territory, which serves up all three packs and immediately gives the player a Gold Mario character, whose special Golden Flower shot gives coins for every yard in a shot; those that buy each pack individually will get this golden golfer after buying the final set in June. Nintendo of Europe is even offering a promotional season pass price from 2nd to 31st May of €11.99 / £10.79, which will then jump to €14.99 / £13.49. North America, at present, will have a fixed price of $14.99 from 2nd May.

Those that own the game will have the chance to check out the new courses for free in Trial Tournaments, but as a precursor Nintendo of Europe has used its official web page to release concept shots of some of the new courses and characters.

Check them all out below and let us know what you think.

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XFsWorld said:

Awesome 8]

I thought about the whole DLC thing, will be getting the season pass because I discovered this game will just be $30.



PaperLucario said:

Looks great for a 3DS game, though I dont think I'll be getting this over Kirby anytime soon, not a golf fan.



NintyMan said:

I was hoping to see Rosalina in her new golfer outfit. I guess that will have to come later.

The courses all look good, but I especially like the New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario Galaxy ones!



YoshiTails said:

Guess it makes it a choice between pocket football club or More Mario Golf for me....

Do love that peach hole though - harks back to the N64 special courses which were just awesome.



Tops said:

How long does a season pass last?
Edit: Nevermind, it appears to be all the DLC together as it's released. Confusing name, to me at least



MuchoMochi said:

I think this DLC, although a bit overpriced, is giving you a decent amount of content. Besides the game is being sold $10 dollars cheaper here in the US than most 3DS titles, so I don't see the issue.



Artwark said:

This almost looks like a Wii U game if you ask me!

Wait a the 3DS is a powerful system after all! That means we'll get to see GBA games on it.......right?!?!?!?



Yoshi said:

Gorgeous. Hopefully NoA will have the same season pass promo for early adopters.



Bulbousaur said:

Day One DLC is always a bit worrying if you ask me, no matter who it comes from. If I do get this game, I'd rather spend my money on another game than DLC.

I was letting this game slip under my radar, but now after seeing these screeenshots and how the game looks overall I'm far more interested. Too bad I need to save up my money so I can Mario Kart 8 on release day.



DreamyViridi said:

Heh heh. You can tell that they re-used Metal Mario artwork for Gold Mario there. XD
At first I wasn't interested but I rather enjoyed the demo. I'm totally going to try and get this plus DLC since the DLC cost is temporarily discounted for a bit in Europe. I typically don't like the idea of Day One DLC but you pretty much get another full game's worth of content (at half price no less) if you buy the Season Pass price in this case. I just hope that character data is actually not there as opposed to being locked or something.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Most of the levels look pretty nice. Though the one in the mountains (the 5th level in the pictures) looks kind of bland.



sinalefa said:

A bit disappointed to see placeholder images instead of how the characters look in game. The courses look great.



ChameleonBros said:

Whoa, these courses are all remakes of the courses from the N64 Mario Golf! (Toad Highlands, Koopa Park, Shy Guy Desert, Yoshi's Island, Boo Valley, and Mario's Star)



GloverMist said:

Aww come on, Nintendo! You can't just recolour Metal Mario's artwork and have him lean on a golf club, not tyres! You ain't getting anything past me!



Jazzer94 said:

I see that Nintendo/Camelot are re-skinning characters like in Mario Tennis Open shameless.



allduhype said:

Day 1 dc always kind of irks me, but the amount of content you get is impressive.



Gold said:

With a season pass and good-looking DLC, I might change my mind on this game.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

It looks pretty, Pretty meh I'm not the biggest fan of Golf.: ( hopefully we get a as beautiful Mario Strikers



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I read somewhere that the 3DS can produce Graphics similar to a ps3 it just gets dumbed down due to the 3D (I forgot where I read that sadly) games like this Resident Evil an Kid Icarus Uprising make me believe that



Yosher said:

Really not a fan of this kind of day one DLC, but I'll still get it because of all the new courses. I'll mostly use Yoshi anyway, so the added characters are mostly bonus material for me. Why Gold Mario over Metal Mario though?



tanookisuit said:

This is VERY shady. Nintendo back with the NNID setup was talked about and 3DS having DLC in games (WiiU too) they spoke of having full games still released with just fun free premiums that would add to the game with the fluff stuff and optional things being pay.

Here we're seeing courses and characters being left out if you don't pay up $15(pack)/$18(alone each) on 3 courses each with a character and if you get them all you have Mario that blows coins out with every swing so you can cash in on stuff in the game. I'm pissed they've caved into the Sony/MS cash cow exploitation junk.



luke88 said:

Never happy with day one dlc and these courses look better than some of the other courses I've seen from the base game; though granted it's difficult to judge properly based on the little I know at the moment. Also don't think it's fair that it costs £5.39 per pack if it costs $5.99 in North America. Read a comment saying the base game will cost $30 in North America, is this true? Is it going to cost £19.99 in Britain?



Henmii said:

It's pricey, but seeing as it probably stays at 3 packs I might download it. Especially since Europe has a promotion.



Sionyn said:

the pricing is outrageous considering your paying full wack for this game, its not like steel diver. so now nintendo is jumping on the let cut this from the game and sell it as DLC later nintendo should be adding value to thier games not cutting them up in the hoipes to sell dlc.



Grumblevolcano said:

@tanookisuit They're not being "left out", more that they wouldn't have been in the game at all if there was no DLC. By your logic DLC shouldn't exist at all (like with most DS/Wii games).



Alpha2797 said:

I was excited for the full game and the DLC but I then found out that the full game is only $30. I'm even more psyched for the game now! May 2nd can't come soon enough!



BearClaus said:

Aw, Gold Mario? What is this, the N64 Mario Golf? Oh well, at least his Nice Shots will surely have some awesome gold trailing effect.



meltendo said:

I can't for this game but the DLC better be stuff we actually download and add to the game. I cannot stand the DLC being a 10K key that simply unlocks content already in the game. I hope it also means that maybe after a year or so, they will offer new items to download and add to the game. On another note, one thing that makes me sad with added content: how will it be 10+ years down the line when we want to pick up and play this game and all of the DLC content is offline?



Windy said:

I've been gaming since 1976. it looks like 2014 will be the last of that gaming up too Monster Hunter 4. I'm just an old dude who doesn't like this new way of life in gaming. DLC, game shops, Pay to play. I want none of that. it won't be any big deal with me gone I'm a small player in a large pool. I just wanted to say goodbye now before Digital download became the norm.



DallasDiatorei said:

@tanookisuit What are you talking about? Leaving characters and levels out? THis game even without DLC has no less levels or characters than any of the other Mario Golf Games. I think people are being confused by Day One DLC due to how so many companies HAVE been being shady and cheating people out of a full game with them. But really DLC isn't supposed to be stuff made for the game AFTER IT COMES OUT. But more stuff made SEPARATE FROM THE GAME. For all we know they just used the games actual budget to make the retail version. And then had another team with their own smaller budget just for DLC. That is how DLC should work anyways. And there is nothing wrong with that. The game is already $10 cheaper than any other 1st party 3DS games out there.



DallasDiatorei said:

@Windy Sorry to see you go dude. The times they are a changing, and you have every right to dislike them and to just give up on gaming because of that. Sorry you don't seem to like how things have become. I myself am quite enjoying it (though I wish Nintendo was still as popular as it once was). But anyways, it's always sad to see someone go. Happy Gaming my friend.



tanookisuit said:

@Grumblevolcano When you design doc before the game is out leaving course menu and player menu holes in those lists and charge to finish it, its being left out for more money. Andyou caught it, dlc shouldn't exist, one should buy a completed game for full price.



SMW said:

I'll probably hold off on the DLC for now. I'd hate buying a game and then having to immediately pay AGAIN just to access some more courses.



dkxcalibur said:

Same here. I just bought 4 games (Pokemon X, Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, and Rayman Legends) and I pre-ordered Mario Kart 8 so I'm tapped out for money towards video games.

But this game looks awesome. It sounds like it will have light RPG elements as well.



Chubblings said:

These aren't in-game screenshots of Mario Golf World tour. These are 'concept shots.' These pictures are to show you what the courses look like (but oddly enough they're in HD) or Nintendo developed these in HD, took these screenshots, then will downgrade it to match 3DS capabilities. These are not 3DS screenshots.



luke88 said:

@Windy Don't go, there are still great experiences out there and a lot of developers, particularly independent devs, are 'keeping it real'. I do understand your sentiments though.



luke88 said:

@Grumblevolcano Is it? I thought North Americans generally paid around $60 at retail outlets for a wii u game, in britain they're usually/often £39.99. Either way, in this instance, I'm not paying so much more for the same product just because I happen to live in the U.K.



Windy said:

@DallasDiatorei I'm sure I won't be going anywhere soon. I have too play out this 3ds life there are a few games I want this year and hoping they might someday announce Fantasy Life. So I'm sure I will be around much much longer. I love Nintendo and will stick with them until the end or it gets better. Im sure I will be around for at least a couple more years.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Two 18 hole courses equals 36 "levels", right? So for $6 you get 36 levels and a new character? Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Though I'm usually very against day 1 DLC, I don't mind it in this game because of the price. If you buy the game and the day 1 DLC on launch day, it will still be $4 less than a full priced 3DS game.

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