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Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns - 6th April

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A summary of potential Nintendo releases

Kickstarter is the crowdfunding platform loved by all — OK, maybe not all. It remains a fairly divisive platform, with some heavily delayed projects and certain multi-billion dollar sales of formerly crowdfunded products causing consternation; these negatives are arguably countered by a range of exciting projects made possible through its campaigns. It's vital in an era where even download-only developments can have a level of complexity necessitating a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars; on the flipside some starting out in the industry look for a first break, requesting surprisingly low amounts.

In the go-big-or-go-home world of Kickstarter, where funds are only received after hitting the total original target, there are plenty of studios and companies attempting to convince you to part with your cash. We've also seen a number of projects for Wii U and 3DS come through the platform, with examples such as Shovel Knight capturing the imagination. In the first of what will be a regular series, we're going to point you to the latest info on various projects that may or may not grace the eShop stores in future. We cover some but not all new projects targeting Nintendo systems in news articles, and it's also possible that after an official announcement the progress of the funding campaigns can be overlooked. This feature aims to resolve that, so you can see what's happening in the world of Kickstarter and how well — or otherwise — the fundraising is going.

Let's get to it, and you can click on the project names to visit their campaign pages.

New Projects

Flying Hamster II — Wii U and 3DS as unspecified stretch goals [approx $12,000 of $150,000 target reached, 27 days to go]

We haven't covered this one to date, but it does have stretch goals for the Wii U and 3DS eShop. The original Flying Hamster was released on PSP, Vita and iOS, but this sequel aims to expand the original idea with a large "hub-based open world", with action platformer gameplay and rather cute visuals. This will apparently be a 2D adventure RPG in practice, with particular inspiration from Wonder Boy / Monster World.

Chances of Wii U / 3DS release — Based on current targets, slim. Both Nintendo platforms are under an unspecified stretch goal, with the core release on PC. The campaign is still very young, but the only confirmed console stretch goal to date is $350,000 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Project Updates

Cult County — Wii U included in core target [approx $25,000 of $580,000 target reached, 26 days to go]

Announced earlier this week, the project initially confirmed for the 3DS has moved to Unity-supported systems, which means Wii U, PC, PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and Xbox One; the 3DS has been cited as a potential stretch goal, yet this seems unlikely. As before when announced in 2013, this will be an episodic survival-horror FPS, with Renegade Kid aiming to use its experience from Dementium: The Ward and Dementium II on the DS. The studio has plenty of experience and supporters, and you can read more about the project in our interview with co-founder Jools Watsham, which was published alongside the campaign's launch.

Chances of Wii U release — This one is likely to be a challenge due to the ambitious target. The campaign's had a solid start, but with $580,000 needed there has to be a substantial increase in momentum over the next few weeks.

Hex Heroes — Wii U included in core target [approx $20,500 of $80,000 target reached, 17 days to go]

This is a "Party RTS" (real time strategy) with some serious pedigree, being led by artist and co-developer of popular PC title The Bridge, Mario Castañeda, with music from the much-loved Grant Kirkhope. Initially planned as a Wii U exclusive due to its core idea of local multiplayer for up to five players, with the GamePad player leading four others on the TV, it's since added a PC version to broaden the potential audience. Single player online will be included, with a $100,000 stretch goal for five-player online multiplayer.

Chances of Wii U release — There's still time for this one to pick up momentum, but it undoubtedly needs to do so. At the current rate it'll be a close call.

APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat — Wii U included in core target [approx $3,700 of $5,000 target reached, 17 days to go]

This is the second attempt of developer Actos Games to get this project funded, having closed the initial attempt late last year. The campaign returns with an updated alpha build free to try on PC, a lower target and with the Wii U eShop included in the core goal. This will attempt to blend wordplay with RPG elements, with touch controls on the GamePad seeming like an ideal option.

Chances of Wii U release — There can be optimisim with this one, as it's already surpassed the last campaign's aborted total and isn't far away, with just over two weeks to get over the line.

JetGetters — Wii U included as $80,000 stretch goal [approx $35,000 of $50,000 target reached, 12 days to go]

This title from tinyBuild certainly stands as a game that simply aims to provide ludicrous fun. A dogfighting aerial combat game, it also encourages you to leap from your plane and skydive; you can either land on a team-mates' plane and shoot with your handgun or land on an enemy plane to hijack it. Its description of "Just Cause 2 meets Battlefield 4" seems apt.

Chances of Wii U release — The stretch goal for Nintendo's system has dropped $15,000 to $80,000, but the campaign is still less than half way there with only 12 days left. A late surge is needed for this to make it to Wii U.

Twisted Fusion — Wii U exclusive [approx £1,330 of £3,000 target reached, 24 days to go]

This début Nintendo game from Lewis Pugh, who's previously released a number of smartphone games, will utilise the Nintendo Web Framework on the home console. Described as an "open platformer", the gameplay in the pitch video brings to mind Renegade Kid's Mutant Mudds, while there'll also be an adjustable difficulty scale on the Wii U GamePad screen.

Chances of Wii U release — It's looking positive, with nearly half of the goal reached in less than a week.

Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated (NUREO) — Approx $1,400 of $6,000 target reached, 21 days to go

This is a fan-driven project — headed up by Colin McIsaac — that aims to produce an album of 20 tracks for "underappreciated" Nintendo themes. Examples cited are WarioWare's "Ashley's Theme," Super Mario RPG's "Beware the Forest Mushrooms," and Mario Kart's "Rainbow Road"; stretch goals include live instrument soloists and guest arrangements.

Odds of success — It's certainly possible with a relatively low target, though momentum will need a boost in the next few weeks.

Additional Projects - Update

Earthlock: Festival of Magic — Wii U included in core target [approx $112,500 of $150,000 target reached, 5 days to go]

Snowcastle Games originally ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, but the timing wasn't considered right and it was put on hold. Relaunched in March, it's in the final week of its push to bring its rather colourful turn-based RPG to various systems, including Wii U; gameplay will also include a substantial harvesting elements. The campaign is to fund volume 1, with subsequent volumes to be funded by sales of the first entry.

Chances of Wii U release — This one will be close. Campaigns typically enjoy late bursts, yet this one still has a little under $40,000 to raise in less than a week.

Tom Sparks and the Quakes of Ruin — Wii U included as $210,000 stretch goal [approx $1,000 of $50,000 target reached, 25 days to go]

Pointed out to us in the comments, this is one that we haven't covered to date. Described as a "3D diesel-punk action-adventure game full of crazy weapons", it takes an isometric top-down viewpoint and promises an action adventure of exploring, upgrading weapons and challenging enemy fights.

Chances of Wii U release — It looks very unlikely. Despite looking like a rather slick title in the pitch video below, this campaign has only raised a little over $1,000 in its early days; $210,000 is a huge number with such poor momentum.

So those are some crowdfunding efforts currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter. Let us know which ones interest you, and likewise point us to any we've missed in the comments below.

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User Comments (69)



AkinaChan said:

Twisted Fusion looks pretty promising so far. It seems like Mighty Number 9 has really started a trend with so many new Kickstarter campaigns showing up :3 I mean, Kickstarter was used before, but now more Potential developers are seeing the potential of fans supporting a project that could never have existed

Even Shaqs' on board with that threat of a new Shaq Fu... Shudders



MixMasterMudkip said:

They all seem interesting, but the ones I'm excited for are Cult County and Hex Heroes. I'm not to worried about Cult County, but I really hope Hex Heroes picks up pace fast. I really like the concept, and I mean the music is by Grant Kirkhope. As of now those are the only two I've support.



Andyliini said:

Already backed Cult County, but I'm worried as it's moving so slowly. hopefully the promised gameplay video will help.



epicdude12302 said:

I hope hex heroes makes it but the one I really want to see go through is Jetgetters (which I'm not even sure will be released at all but I'm an optimist).



Marshi said:

Id buy ANY album featuring remixed or orchestrated video game music and I mean buy. Id pay good money for a cd or download. Its such an underappreciated genre with things like Zelda's 25th aniversary orchestra proving how amazing it can sound



PanurgeJr said:

First, you missed Earthlock, which is in its final week and can really use the late exposure to get it to its goal. I'll let you embed the Kickstarter link and video.

Of the ones currently listed, I'll be backing Cult County and Twisted Fusion. The former because I love Renegade Kid (and really enjoyed ZombiU), the latter because the developer seems so passionate that I'd like to give him a bit of help. Obviously I hope its a good game, but that's not my primary purpose. Some games just deserve a chance to get made.



HAL9000 said:

I am backing hex heroes (gosh I want this game to succeed - it looks so cool and is exactly what Wii U was intended for), twisted fusion, and the Nureo music project.

This is much more exciting than generic 3rd party titles (oh look... we are making a shooter... the exact same as last years version... but better-er). Too bad EA - I am giving my money to little guys who actually care about games!



HAL9000 said:

Thanks to the writers of Nintendo Life for making interesting article to read. I always come here first for my daily news and appreciate your well written articles that focus beyond the basics.



Emblem said:

@polarbear To be fair NL has covered Earthlock a few times already, but yeah they should add it even though its very unlikely to be funded in the next 5 days (again).



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Apexicon does have an interesting concept, so I'll look into that (also has a very low funding point, so what's to lose here).
Twisted Fusion, as I said on its own article, needs either some polishing or a better idea to run off with, otherwise I can't be bothered.
But I'm really on the fence about NUREO, so I'll see what happens this week.

The rest of these doesn't interest me at all.



Curly_Brace said:

Nice article! Maybe in the next one say which games were funded successfully/unsuccessfully?



sinalefa said:

I hope you keep doing these kind of articles, Thomas. They can be very helpful for devs to get to the goals, and for players to notice games that may interest them. Now if you allow me to nitpick, Twisted Fusion has its goals listed as pounds instead of dollars.

I would like to support Hex, Twisted Fusion and maybe Cult County.



Knuckles said:

As much as I'd like to support Cult County, I don't see the project being funded, and I don't want to put 15 dollars down on a PS3 game I'd rather play on my 3DS.



Dpullam said:

I'm only interested in Cult County so far, but the money they are asking for will make it tough to achieve. Fingers crossed!



ledreppe said:

I'm not happy with the 2 of the 3 kick-starters I have on PC. They're all point 'n' click adventure games, and I don't like having them split in 2 and released at different times, because of budget and time constraints. I would rather have the whole game to play at once. Another thing that annoys me, is when the games are sold to non backers, when the promise at the start was that the backers were the funders of the game. This is a bear face lie, and not what I was expecting.

I may continue to fund projects, but it would depend on what's being promised next time around, I will be more weary in future.



Tuturoopa said:

I definitely will back Hex Heroes, seems like an awesome game. I may back Twisted Fusion, I'm still on the fence.



polarbear said:

With five more days, I believe that Earthlock still has a decent chance. Remeber that a lot usually happens in the last 48 hours of the kickstarter.



Cevan said:

Hex Heroes seems to be a really great concept. Hopefully it can achieve some of those stretch goals as well.



DreamOn said:

Nothing grabbing me these days. Shovel Knight and Mighty#9 was the last thing to excite me and there are some indies like Scram Kitty and Treasurenauts already scheduled for eShop that I need to get my hands on first before I look forward to more.



ThomasBW84 said:

I've added Earthlock and Tom Sparks. I can't believe I forgot Earthlock! That's one of the reasons I've started this feature, as with so much happening it can be tricky to keep track of all these projects.

As for Tom Sparks, thanks for the comment on this @maximo_jd, it's the first I'd heard of it; judging by its current progress it seems I'm not the only one. That seems a shame as it looks pretty slick; that Wii U goal is absolutely miles away, unfortunately.



smikey said:

I backed hex on day 1 but i'm still doubtful it will make it & I backed cult country too but with such a big asking price again i'm not sure it will make it ( thought it would have at least double what it's got by now) but it does have the benefit of having multiple platforms & therefore many more potential backers.

Also flying hamster while the name amused me at least slightly doesn't even tell you how much they'd have to get before making a wii u or 3ds version but it looks like at least 400k

I would never back a game i'll never get to play & since I have no real desire to play games on my laptop or pc they won't be seeing my money.



JaxonH said:

Earthlock Festival of Magic looks like the best out of the bunch. That and Tom Sparx.

Already backed Earthlock, and I sure hope others do as well. 5 days to go and still $40,000 short of its' 150k goal. It's so close... Might have to double my pledge.



ejamer said:

I really hope that Hex Heroes makes it, but am feeling nervous. The game looks awesome to me, but others don't seem to share my excitement. It's clearly made with Wii U specifically in mind... so why doesn't it get more love?



Oozengard said:

Hi guys, You've forgotten about Oozengard.
An Oozem game! But we're about to looze on our Kickstarter.
We need your Boost!




smikey said:

@ThomasBW84 I'd also just like to add before I disappear for a bit of late night gaming.
I think you & this site do a fantastic job of advertising various kick starter games on here while leaving people to make their own minds up on if to back any of them.
I personally would love this to be a monthly or bi monthly feature as so many potential games slip through the net mostly due to lack of publicity.

While I understand kick starter isn't for everyone i've backed various projects and I'm happy & proud to have done so.
in addition many of them offer free game codes for little backing so you'd usually end up getting a game for less backing it than the eventual e-shop price (pre sale)

I hope more people will start taking a chance & giving some projects even just minor donations the more games we have available on Nintendo consoles tne better off we all are!



SecondServing said:

Eh, most of these games look lame. I'm just waiting for Shovel Knight, Hyper Light Drifter and Mighty No. 9!!! Those are quality Kickstarter stuff!



JustinH said:

I really want Hex Heroes to make it, but it'll be tough. Earthlock looks great and is probably a shoo-in, although of course it'll need the support. Cult County will be a tough nut to crack, although I'm hoping it'll get there. Some of these other ones are in for a tough climb, although I'm glad Apexicon looks like it'll get there on its second go — it's not something I'm into, but that sort of niche product is what Kickstarter is great for.



RantingThespian said:

Armikrog. is well on its way to the Wii U (and of course PC) this year.

The crew is currently hard at work building sets and recording all the stop motion animation for the game. Pencil Test Studios (Ed, Mike, Lu, and the rest) has already created the whole game in "Pencil Test" form. Music is currently being written by Terry S Taylor, and audio recording with all the actors will be happening in about a month.

Lu, Ed, and Mike hard at work



markybbop said:

I didnt like any of the titles, the all looked really weak, surely there are better games on offer for our system



Dreamz said:

I'm rooting for Earthlock; the Wii U is in desperate need of some RPGs.



RantingThespian said:

I have been watching the building of Armikrog. on the "Chumpy Cam" and talking directly with the makers on their private message board.

You are all going to be blown away with Armikrog.

. . . and I mean BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!



ricklongo said:

I backed Earthlock, will back Hex Heroes soon. Kickstarter is awesome.

By the way, could you guys do a piece on Kickstarter projects on the way to Nintendo platforms? There are quite a few promising ones on the way (I personally backed Lobodestroyo).



TwilightOniAngel said:

@Knuckles so the reason you dont want help fund cult country is cause is not coming to the 3ds, wow good reason. Its not going to coming to the 3ds deal with it.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Great article, I look forward to more like it. Maybe even one spotlighting Nintendo-Web-Framework releases.

Earthlock and Tom Sparks look awesome, I hope they at least get PC releases.



Monsti said:

I backed Cult Country. Doesn't look too good right now which is sad since Renegade Kid are awesome. Earthlock also seems cool, I'd definitely back the Hamster if Wii U would be part of the normal goal but they'll never reach that stretchgoal.



somari said:

NUREO (wind waker music) is one im lokking forward to. Cant wait to see what rainbow road music sounds like on the wind waker. And yes we should support all games if we can.



element187 said:

I really don't like these absurd stretch goals.

The one in particular is especially irking me. The whole project needs $50,000 to be made. But to get a Wii U port they are asking for $150,000 more?!

Jesus, this game is made on Unity, it isn't hard to port it over at all. It's actually a very simple affair. And don't give me that gamepad crap, as it isn't difficult at all to work with. First year programmers would know how to output to the gamepad, and that's without engine support built in... With the support already inside of Unity on Wii U, it's even easier.

They are trying to take advantage of Wii U owners. If the entire game needs $50,000, how in the world would a port cost 3x that...... This developer can drop dead before I would give him a dime.

Hex Heroes, Festival of Magic and Cult County I will give a pledge later this week for sure.



MrMario02 said:

Seriously? only 1 game is 3ds so u say 3DS AND Wii u? Honestly, you should have said Wii U Kickstarters.



ikki5 said:

Earthlock: Festival of Magic, Hex Heroes, and strangely Flying Hamster II got my attention, I hope they reach their goals


but the fact that one s 3DS, makes it a Wii U and 3DS compilation regardless of how you look at it.



Klinny said:

Thank you for this article! I've backed Earthlock and Twisted Fusion, so it's great to see them get some publicity. And of course, great to bring attention to other games we may have overlooked or missed as well.

Also for you artsy types, both Earthlock and Twisted Fusion are running design contests right now.

Twisted Fusion has a costume contest:

Earthlock has a monster designing contest, (artwork optional):



Henmii said:

Flying hamster 2 actually looks really cool! Inspired by the Wonderboy in monster-world games, from the looks of it!

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