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Weirdness: Samus Aran's Metroid Backstory Re-imagined as a Love Song

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Samus does Glee

It seems that a number of Metroid fans quite like Samus Aran to be a largely silent, steely-eyed killer. Or, at least, they don't want her to be an emotionally unstable — swerving from distant monotone narration to being frozen by childhood trauma — young bounty hunter daft enough to slowly burn to death until given permission to resist heat by Adam Malkovich. Even committed defenders of Metroid: Other M, like this writer, couldn't get around that silliness.

In many respects she's a hero with a degree of mystery, then, a powerful figure capable of being both courageous and ruthless. We never really considered that Aran would gaze lovingly at an image of a loved one while preparing to take down Mother Brain, for example, but it's clearly open for interpretation.

YouTube user brentalfloss, with over 200,000 subscribers and well known for musical videos based on famous franchises, has put together "METROID: Fight For Love", which shows Samus reluctantly setting off on her mission due to the inevitable separation from her loved one. Written by Brent "brentalfloss" Black, directed by Oscar Diaz "Osuka" and with Alysha Umphress singing the lead role as Samus, it's undoubtedly an impressive collaboration with plenty of passion behind it; we're just not convinced the song and storyline fit the character.

Yet still, it's all about different interpretations and opinions. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Thanks to allav866 for the heads up.

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OptometristLime said:

That first paragraph belongs on the back of every Other M box.

In this game: Samus is slowly melted by her overbearing CO...



NintendoFan990 said:

Why does this come under weirdness? Can't you change these sort of articles to 'Fan Art' or something?



The_Fox said:

Well, that was painfully schmaltzy. Also, the eyes on the character models are freaking me out.



Lunapplebloom said:

Sometimes it seems I must be one of the only people who liked Other M. Granted, the story was not really well done, but at least Samus had some emotion, they just portrayed it in the wrong way. Otherwise, Team Ninja did a great job with the gameplay.

This video does an admirable job at trying to show that Samus isn't just an emotionless drone sent in to wipe out life, but that there is a human with emotion behind the suit. I believe this more successfully brings that across without the going and putting needless cowering from traumatic past experiences when she already defeated Ridly twice before. The songs a bit cheesy though... Would have preffered if they kept the lyrics out of the classic tunes, but would have defeated the purpose of the video. Only thing bugging me with animation is the eyes, but otherwise a super job in the animation department, especially since it's fan made.



HappyMaskedGuy said:

So called 'fans', sending a wrecking ball through the museum of treasured gaming memories.
Nothing is sacred.



EverythingAmiibo said:

That was truly terrible, and here I was thinking Nintendo life had good taste. Well, to each his own I guess.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@PvtOttobot It's a 'Weirdness' topic, which means it's highly debatable whether it's good or not.
And this song shares the same core problem with Other M: if it wasn't Metroid, it wouldn't be quite as bad. But the forced inclusion kills it.



Bensei said:

The lighting and rendering is really neat, but the animation is terrible and the human's eyes... Uncanny Valley O_O



kyuubikid213 said:

I don't really see what's wrong with the song and Metroid: Other M.

Metroid is a great series and Other M didn't kill it. To be honest, I don't get why I don't see such hatred toward the ACTUAL worst game of the series, Metroid Prime Hunters.

As for the song, yeah, it's silly, but if you've seen brentalfloss's other videos, silly o if it's the linearity of the game or the fact that it wasn't Prime 4 or what. The is kind of what he does. Some have strong language and some NSFW content for those who are curious, but silliness is his thing.



WesCash said:

If the next Metroid game isn't subtitled "Fight for Love", I'll be disappointed.



rjejr said:

I haven't played Other M yet but it has to be better than that. shudder



Bigdog said:

This is an abomination... and this is coming from someone that LIKED Other: M.



Dr_Corndog said:

Other M is good. It just wasn't AS good as pretty much every other game in the series, and the story was poorly written.



ToxieDogg said:

I'm a fan of Brentalfloss's work and I've been watching videos on his channel for years now, but That was awful, didn't work. Went against everything the character of Samus is. She's a lone wolf, fiercely independent. She has feelings but not to the extent where she'd let herself get tied into a relationship like that.

In one way though, it does make me glad that Hollywood never made a Metroid movie. This is a real vision into how awful it could have been, folks.



Dark-Link73 said:

Even though I'm not a big Metroid fan but I gotta say that I really enjoyed Other M. I loved the cinematic story, the boss fights were rating challenging, and the Hard Mode (or whatever it was called) that unlocks after the first play through, is not for the faint of heart.

I do agree that the whole waiting-for-orders-to-use-my-powers-even-though-my-life-depends-on-it mechanic was a bit silly at best, but I do think it was the best way to get her upgrades throughout the game based on the approach used for the story. It made the story flow more naturally and attempted to give a bit of a sense of realism given the whole scenario. After all, Samus might be a bounty hunter, but she was still in a Galactic Federation ship (and therefore in their jurisdiction), so it was either follow orders from the Galactic Federation ranking officer or, get kicked out of the station and even be thrown in the brig for disobeying orders and meddling in Federation affairs.



CanisWolfred said:

@kyuubikid213 Metroid Prime Hunters wasn't bad, though. While the controls were a pain, otherwise it was a pretty good Quake clone with a decent, if heavily unbalanced, multiplayer aspect.

Other M wasn't a good game in general. It's strongest point was the fast paced gameplay, but the Metroid-y elements actually held it back in that regard.



FluttershyGuy said:

One very important question: Did Adam authorize Samus to fall in love?

Also, the exquisitely gorgeous & talented Natalie Dormer for Samus in the eventual Metroid movie! 😍 If reduced to the Zero Suit, and she'd lost her pistol, she could slay space pirates with her lethally sexy smirk!




Giygas_95 said:

"Even committed defenders of Metroid: Other M, like this writer, couldn't get around that silliness." Me neither. Loved the game, but that whole deal was just ridiculous.

As a side note, I couldn't take anymore after 0:15, so I'm outta here. I mean that 15 seconds was way more painful than the entirety of Other M (which I really enjoyed).



I-U said:

The Varia Suit is only activated when it's absolutely necessary in Other M. Based on Super Metroid, the Varia Suit requires Samus to momentarily stand still and releases a good-sized energy wave as it updates to her Power Suit. Samus was never in danger from extreme heat during the segment. If there is an argument that she is, it's from a player projecting their first time through that segment where there's a greater chance that they somehow have low energy from the heat damage. It's not indicative of what Samus is actually left with though.

As for the short, I've watched it twice and have enjoyed it. I'm glad a fan, a true fan, spent the time to present a backstory for Samus that they took the time to want to craft. Too often in the fanbase now, there are people inept about discussing the aspects of Metroid they enjoyed and incapable of moving past their least favorite game in the series.



Marioman64 said:

The ONLY reason people complain about Other M is the story, which is idiotic because the gameplay is fantastic and the hard mode is the most challenging thing since I wanna be the guy. The story is based off of the Metroid Manga, which is why Samus gets as emotional in the game as she does. The way the Manga is portrayed, her first mental breakdown was during the first fight with mother brain, which could not be shown in the NES game because cut scenes did not exist, so Other M's moment that brings up that moment of Samus's old breakdown makes perfect sense if you read the manga. go read it, stop complaining, go play other M



gamerphil07 said:

@Dr_Corndog I agree. It wasn't a bad game, it's just not nearly as good as the others. There are problems with it, but nit enough to say it's the worst game. Metroid Prime raised the bar too damn high!



TwilightAngel said:

@Lunapplebloom okay for me this video was terrible the rest the things you said about metriod other M i agree with you, the gameplay is great but the story made her a annoying brat.but in the other hand where did you get that luna picture is freaking adorable.



mhsillen said:

Story and script for this lame game was on the level of an Ed Wood movie. Sorry at least his movies were entertaining



aaronsullivan said:

Some good effort in there. The visuals actually match the uber-sappiness of the song mixed with the Metroid stuff, but... that is just NOT Samus. I do believe that the song and the animation produced a moment of what felt like Samus prancing and there is just no room for that in a mission. PRANCING.

Also: Who is ethan? How sad is it that a new flimsy male character is needed as a love interest to make Samus relatable in this video. Blech! (Am I missing some lore or something?)

I'm also a defender of Other M which is needlessly lambasted over and over. I'd hate to think any Metroid fan wouldn't give it a try because of that wave of internet hater chatter.

It does have shortcomings and there are key problems with how Samus is presented but nothing most people can't get over to enjoy a very well made game. I think if that questionable mechanic of how you "unlock" new abilities was avoided, there wouldn't have been the one-two punch that makes it so easy to brush aside. It's a shame that Nintendo's first major foray into fully voiced cinematic territory fell on its face so badly.



BlackStar9000 said:

@HappyMaskedGuy ALL ABORD THE TRAIN OF RETAINED MEMORIES! on our left is the wreaking ball that Miley Cyrus and everything wrong with media is trying to do to our lives, but this train is built from the strongest source of pure emotion known to is fueled by a endless supply of NOSTALGIA , to all those who want to keep those memories we love so much near and dear, HOP IN!



BlackStar9000 said:

@aaronsullivan I was hoping she was in LOVE with the fight, in LOVE with being a total baddonkey Intergalactic bounty Hunter, not some uber douche named ethan, maybe if it was her child I would have liked it more, animation was pretty good tho, BRENT......YA DONE EFFED UP JUST LIKE OTHER M, the Other Middle Finger to Metroid.



PyroIsASpy said:


I think you pointed out what makes fan of the series dislike this game: You liked it because you weren't a big metroid fan. To someone that is unfamiliar to the series, the game is actually decent. But when you consider it in the grand scheme of metroid games, some serious problem arise.

First, the story is extremely bad and full of plot holes and non-sense, but even more, it makes Samus appear weak or useless in the majority of the cutscenes. Samus could have not been on this ship and the events wouldn't change much since she didn't actually do anything story-wise(it also makes the greatest female character in gaming look weak and inefficient).

As for the gameplay, Metroid Other M is an OK action shoot-em-up, but the Metroid series is a game where the central theme is exploration. Other M constantly forces you to go in a certain area and will often lock doors behind you for no other reasons than plot railroading. In other games, you could go in any way you wanted and only be stopped by obstacles that need a particular upgrade that you don't have yet.

Overall, Other M is a problematic game because the fact that its linked to the Metroid Franchise tarnishes the image of said franchise and Samus and it make it seems horrible when compared to all the great titles in the series. I'm pretty sure Other M would have been better received was it a stand alone game not linked to a big Nintendo franchise like Metroid(there is still a problem when you consider that Other M, which was directed by the co-creator of Metroid, feels less like a Metroid game than the Prime Trilogy, which were developed by Miyamoto and an unknown Texan studio)



Lunapplebloom said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Sorry, video was a bit to NSFW for my tastes. If he wants to state an opinion, the least he can do is not use such language to convey it. I get the overall gist of it though. Plot holes aside, I just feel it doesn't deserve as much hate as it gets. Just my opinion mind you, but I'll be keeping it all the same.

@Of_Folsense Untitled
Agree with you there man, especially Ridley for me. The music really fit the bill too.

@Midnafanboy Well, I'm glad we are somewhat on the same page for Other M. Video is all a matter of opinion, but I guess I'm just looking at the animation quality put into it is all. That end scene with Mother Brain was awesome in my book. And might I add that I'm a fan of your avatar as well. But here's where I picked mine up from.
Should really change it I suppose, what with Christmas over with... I just like it to much I guess.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Lunapplebloom Well, the problem for Brit was that he did a more neutral review before, and people kept getting on his nerves. But yeah, he's prone to profanity, yet beyond that is a fairly in-depth analysis of Metroid Other M and how it alienated an entire franchise for people who only started playing Metroid with this game.
Saying that Other M supposedly destroyed Metroid is quite exaggerated, though. Metroid still has opportunities to recover, but it all depends on Sakamoto, since he apparently is the person who decide everything Metroid-related (that, or Nintendo values his feedback too much).



allav866 said:

Geez, when I suggested this vid to be on NL, I didn't expect it to turn into a big debate about Other M. Or that it would be labeled under "Weirdness" instead of "Video," but that's beside the point. Other M had poor writing, but I can appreciate that Samus didn't have the personality of a cardboard box devoid of any emotion. I'm not totally on board with the idea of Samus having time for a man, either, but again, I appreciate the character it gives her.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Marioman64 You do know the manga isn't canon, right? Or rather, it never was canon to begin with. It was an alternate timeline where Samus wasn't properly prepared (which she actually was in the games, since the Chozo knew what was coming), which is why these mental breakdowns were possible to begin with.
Also, keep in mind that Samus' emotional instability isn't the major problem - it's how the entire game just disregards the buildup of all previous games for cheesy drama.

@I-U Wait, are you saying the Varia Suit delay actually made sense? Definitely not. Samus would've been smart enough to realize that a heated area isn't safe, period. She would've contactec Adam to seek permission to activate it beforehand. However, 'creative' writing (in the negative sense) just pointlessly subverted that.

@PyroIsASpy Sir, you just stated enlightment! That's exactly how it is!



Poketendo said:

I totally agree. Yes, the clip looks awesome and the song is good too, but I just can't see the connection with Samus. I think the mysterious life of a lonely bounty hunter, like what the games tell us, really is what Metroid is all about. Yes, I know Metroid Other M gave us a little line-up, but I think that the entire mystery behind it is what really makes Metroid's storyline special.



FJOJR said:

Other M had an unnecessarily dumb control scheme. The Nunchuk is included with every Wii so why not use it when it is there. Kinda like the lack of use of the Gamepad features.



Genesaur said:

Well, this is obnoxious. No, it really doesn't suit her character (and yeah, she did have character before Other M trampled all over it with their... interpretation), and it doesn't even make for a very good song. Given that the original tracks are good, that should be really hard to do.



Jeyl said:

Ugh. Giving Samus another male character to be emotionally confused and heartbroken over is the last thing I ever want to see in a Metroid game.



I-U said:

Upgrading to the Varia Suit when there are hostiles around leaves Samus extremely vulnerable. That was emphasized when Goyagma snatched her up at the top of the crater just after she upgraded. Before, she's sense moving out of Goyagma's reach. The excessive heat wasn't safe, but it wasn't so dangerous that she needed to stop her progress in a hostile region. The possible damage she would take from aggressive bioweapons would be much more severe, with the update process leaving her vulnerable, than the heat damage she takes through progressing swiftly through the sector.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@I-U But that exactly makes no sense. The stations is deserted, no personell spotted, and some creatures already attacked Samus and the 7th Platoon. Going by that logic, Samus would've contacted Adam the moment she entered the sector, maybe even return to the Save Room right behind her to do so and seek permission to activate the Varia Suit. After all, the current situation doesn't give her the slightest reason to think she wouldn't need to be sufficiently prepared in a place full of lava inside a space station full of creatures native to the simulated ecosystems (and a strong oversized lizard which just escaped there, to top it all off) - every Metroid game so far had lava monsters of some sort, so NOT turning back to seek permission for the Varia Suit in the Save Room (which is safe, duh) is simply sloppy writing.

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