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Talking Point: Sonic and the Wii U Both Seek a Boom in Sales

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo and Sega need mutual success

We may be Nintendo fans keen to see as many major exclusives as possible, but we can't help but wonder whether Sega — behind closed doors and in hushed tones — wishes it was free to go multi-platform with the upcoming Sonic Boom. We are aware that Sonic Boom is also coming the 3DS and is in the hands of Sanzaru Games, which previously brought Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to the PS3 and Vita; yet the footage and screens to date focus on the Wii U version, and the home console title's developer — Big Red Button Entertainment— has been doing a lot of the talking around the game. In terms of which iteration will have the bigger budget, fanfare and focus when released as a prequel tie-in to the TV show, we suspect that it'll be the home console version that gets the most attention.

That was the case with Sonic Lost World, as the majority of pre-release talk, previews and visibility was around the first HD Sonic experience on Nintendo hardware. Yet attention and focus doesn't always account for actual sales in the marketplace — of the 640,000 copies sold up to 31st December 2013, over half were the 3DS version of the game. In our opinion the 3DS iteration was extremely average, earning a 5/10 score from us rather than the 7/10 of its Wii U sibling, which we regarded as "good" overall considering some giddy highs and solid moments being joined by inexplicable drops in level design quality. In general the 3DS title got far less marketing attention, too, but it seems the sheer weight in numbers took the handheld's version to higher sales — the userbase was key.

Userbase will be a key issue when Sonic Boom represents the final piece of Nintendo's Sonic exclusivity deal with Sega. While the Sonic Lost World numbers aren't disastrous, they won't have prompted any popped champagne corks, either, and we're not convinced that Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will have set the tills ringing to an excessive degree either. It's simply the case that 2013 wasn't a good year for the Wii U, and its poor level of sales trickles through and affects everything related to the system; third-party exclusives take part of that hit.

If we take a positive outlook on the year to come, this can perhaps be considered a major opportunity for both Nintendo and Sega to demonstrate their combined powers of recovery. Nintendo's already made clear, pending unlikely reversals in the next few months, that the current Wii U SKU — ie with the GamePad as its core controller — will remain its focus, and rather than slash prices by dropping the pricey Pad the company will aim to improve its image and bolster its presence as a unique selling point. The potential for the controller and hardware simply hasn't resonated with the public to date, and Nintendo is already planning to develop and reveal game experiences to emphasize its value; this includes NFC projects and a quick-start system option for player to jump into games quickly on the controller. More importantly, it must be said, Nintendo is aiming to hit the market with franchises and releases that it hopes gamers of all types will find almost impossible to resist — Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. being prominent examples.

Then we have Sega's bid to keep the Sonic brand running for years to come. Sonic Generations arrived on various platforms and with a heavy marketing campaign — it was an anniversary game, after all — and was approaching two millions sales as of 31st March 2012, which was just shy of six months after launch. Not a bad performance, and we now know of how Sonic Lost World fared in its first two months, but these figures show that the mascot is no longer a dominant figure as he was in Sega's hardware heyday. It's also the case that, in the opinion of many if not all, the company hasn't truly nailed it with a Sonic game for quite a few years — there are always those that would disagree, and there have been reasonable efforts, but a Sonic game hasn't wowed a majority of critics / gamers in recent memory.

Sega is, of course, making noises about Sonic Boom being the best Sonic since the last one, and that is standard marketing shtick. Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and every publisher / developer on the planet will at some point say their next offering is the "best yet", and we watch early teasers and judge whether that's even vaguely possible. What we will say about Sonic Boom is that it's different from recent outings for the mascot, not just for the fact that he's joined by playable friends but in the co-op focus and what seems to be a more action-orientated gameplay that, on the face of it, seems like a slower experience. We see Knuckles using those rather unpopular muscles to climb around monkey-bar style, Tails shooting a big gun, and Amy swinging around and attacking with a large mallet; we also see Sonic running very, very fast over water. There are glimpses of the characters dashing along at high speed and "tethering" but there are clearly fairly large areas that are explored, with enemies to battle.

It'll be intriguing to see how balance is found, but Sega is giving itself a little freedom with the Sonic Boom brand, as it is a supposedly separate part of the universe; it's a new image that won't actually, it seems, change the core Sonic, especially as the Sonic Team is supposedly still working on another Sonic title. Yet if a criticism of Sonic Lost World — and in particular some sloppy stages — was that the Sonic Team couldn't quite pin down how to change the formula while keeping the brand's sense of speed, perhaps the role of Big Red Button Entertainment — and of course Sanzaru Games on the 3DS — is important in simply getting away from tweaking a formula that's not quite hitting the mark.

While Big Red Button Entertainment is an unknown quantity in terms of output — Sonic Boom will be its first game — it does have a front-man with credentials — expect Bob Rafei to be pushed forward to talk about the Wii U game, as he has been to date, due to his past as "employee number one" at Naughty Dog until he left, and a figure well-known and respected in the development industry. The appointment of this studio fits well with the role of this brand as a fresh departure for Sonic. We have those designs that will continue to have long-term fans arguing until the end of time, but there'll be a TV show and toy range joining the games, all three combining to form one large marketing push. We'd suggest that it's revealing that Sega has created a whole new Sonic, with new hands on deck, for what must be an expensive cross-discipline project; it clearly decided the original Sonic either isn't cutting it or, perhaps to be more fair, needs reinforcement and diversity.

As we suggested at the very top of this article, Sega may wish that this new brand was receiving greater exposure on the video game front by hitting every platform possible. Alternatively it may value the fact that, if used correctly, the Wii U hardware in particular could be perfect for the title's apparent emphasis on co-op play — Rafei has already talked up the role of the GamePad. There's also the simple fact that a wounded Nintendo can be a powerful force, especially with a war chest of cash with which to charge. The Wii U's problems have seen multiple third-parties back away, so we can be sure that first-party releases and third-party exclusives will get the full attention of Nintendo's marketing efforts. When you combine the Sonic Boom TV show and toy range with Nintendo's anxiety for the Wii U game to fly off the shelves, you get a potentially powerful hype machine.

It's too early at this stage to even try and figure out whether Sega's big moves with the Boom franchise will be a roaring success that will boost Sonic, the Wii U and 3DS, or whether it'll be a damp squib of a poorly viewed show, unsold toys and modest video game sales. What we do have are two companies rather anxious to boost brands, which makes the Wii U title a fascinating prospect; to emphasize the point, we'd expect most focus to be on the Wii U game, more so than the 3DS iteration. There's mutual interest between Nintendo and Sega for the Wii U to start a drastic reversal of fortunes, and assuming the games join the TV show during the Fall season, the big N should have already started its efforts to shift serious units following the arrive of Mario Kart 8 and others. It wouldn't surprise us if Nintendo gives Sonic Boom a wide berth at release, at least a few weeks to a month space from any major first-party titles.

Sonic Lost World arguably could have had a greater push in advertising and general marketing, but we wonder whether Sega knew that through the combined efforts of Sonic Team and Dimps — the latter on the 3DS — it hadn't quite revolutionised or refined the series to earn universal acclaim. With Sonic Boom's three-pronged branding assault the focus reverts to producing the goods and winning audiences old and new back, in large numbers, to the blue blur's cause. The 3DS version will likely sell reasonable numbers simply because of the portable's userbase and loyal fans — it's with the Wii U that the big push is likely to come. Nintendo and Sega both need this final leg of its partnership to boost on from its reasonable but unspectacular run so far, and that can only be good for gamers.

Sonic Boom has a lot of money and pressure on its shoulders, and both will only increase in time. The same can be said for the Wii U, so the mutual needs of both partners may drive them to substantial levels of effort, with themed console bundles and more possible spin-offs. Nintendo's home console needs all the hyped, buzz-worthy exclusives it can get, and Sega needs Sonic Boom to return its investment and give the mascot's brand a lift.

Sonic Boom could be one of the biggest stories for Wii U this year — if it achieves that status, Nintendo and its fans all win.

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User Comments (75)



Kaze_Memaryu said:

So Rafei from Naughty Dog is behind BigRedButton? That's somewhat a relief, but not a guaranteed success. But if he's been around since Crash Bandicoot times (or Rachet & Clank), he should have some intriguing input to offer on Sonic Boom's gameplay. I'll watch that game get in shape.



GalacticMario28 said:

Sonic Boom looks very ambitious to me. I really hope the people at BigRedButton know what they're doing.



ACK said:

Sonic needs a change of pace, as well as new voices/visions. Wii U needs exclusives, and is ideal for co-op. Roaming 3D action-platformers are somewhat of a rare breed these days. Nintendo consoles haven't received a proper, quality Jak & Daxter/Ratchet & Clank-style game since really the GCN days. (Trying to think, was Metal Arms the last one?). Big Red Button are new developers with an impressive pedigree looking to make their mark by resurrecting/re-imagining one of the few industry icons.

Sounds like a win all around to me. Hoping for the best.



unrandomsam said:

Sonic Team is like Rare in that the people have left and all that is left is the IP.

There again Generations was and still is great.



retro_player_22 said:

This game seems very much an action oriented game instead of a platforming one which to me kinda disappoint as I don't play Sonic game for the action but very much the platforming. Hopefully it proves me wrong and there are still a lot of platforming surprise throughout.



Luke8400 said:

With 2D platforming being on the rise for the past 5-6 years, I wish they'd stop trying to re-invent 3D Sonic every year and just stick with the 2D formula I know and love, with a current gen twist. Playing Rayman Legends, I really felt like there were a few levels that were Sonic-like, and I'd love to see Sonic reach that level of brilliance. Sega tries so hard with 3D Sonic games and they have never really satisfied me. I know Sonic the Hedgehog 4 received mixed reviews, but I felt there were some great moments in that game, and it also would have been far better as a full disc release than an episodic series that never even finished. The only problem I have with Sonic 4 is that it's an unfinished product...I would've much preferred Sega to finish that up than virtually every other Sonic game that's made it to retail since.



HollowGrapeJ said:

SEGA please don't worry! We're here for you! I'm pretty sure that when Mario Kart 8 releases there will be a decent amount of people who come to buy a Wii U. And guess what? I'm getting the Wii U and 3DS version of Sonic Lost World AND this game. I'm not sure how much my money counts towards your sales SEGA but still glad to help. XD I love Sonic!



shigulicious said:

One can argue about the low user base affecting Sonic sales. Me, I think Sonic games just aren't any good anymore. Well, maybe Colors.



wober2 said:

I really wish nintendo would do something drastic to incentive wiiu sales even if it is not good business sense in the short term. I feel like nintendo needs to surprise people with something. Most of their problem is public perception about being not relevant anymore. Every "direct" i keep assuming we are going to see a big surprise. Mario 3d World was such a good game but was constriued by the larger gaming public as another rehashed mario title (and it absolutely was not).

C'mon nintendo give wiiu owners a surprise A vague statement, I just hope they step outside their comfort zone a little more, but do not know what that would look like.



Mytoemytoe said:

The biggest IF is IF the series is good, the games could be big hits. It won't be the other way around because of the user base.

The chance for the games to be good is high, though. All of those Naughty Dog adventure games are great and it couldn't hurt for Sonic to be a little more like Crash. And we haven't had a great game like Crash in a long, long time.



unrandomsam said:

@Mytoemytoe Crash is rubbish and it always has been. (Especially compared its competition Mario 64 and Nights into Dreams). I have played it fairly recently as it was a built in game on the Xperia Play.



bizcuthammer said:

I really hope this game plays more like an old Naughty Dog game (Jak & Daxter like) than a Sonic game. The style of Sonic games Sega wants (where its about running really, really fast while dodging enemies and collecting rings) doesn't work in 3D. Traditional Sonic formula belongs in 2D like most of Generations and Colors and Sonic 4. Stuff like Lost World and Unleashed don't work well.

I've been hoping for a new approach to 3D Sonic games for years. Hopefully Big Red Button steps up and delivers a game that uses the strength of Sonic's character in a new direction.



Tritonus said:

@RetroJosh Nice! I feel like this title is going to be doing great things for Wii U - I think the trailer looks awesome.

@ThomasBW84 Good read, and I agree, I feel like this Sonic title already has a fair amount of buzz going for it. It looks great, IMO. BUT I have to question your statement about this being the third game in the Sega/Nintendo Sonic deal, as I remember reading somewhere that the Mario/Sonic Olympic game was NOT part of that deal, making Sonic Boom the 2nd game of three. I'll see if I can find the reference.

Never mind - I found the source (joystiq) which has since been updated to say that it in fact is the 3rd game in the deal:

Those hoping Sonic Boom will make it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are out of luck. Steve Singer, Nintendo's VP of licensing, was at the event to emphasize that Sonic Boom represents the second of three planned Sonic exclusives for Nintendo machines. Looks like there will be one more to round a trilogy between Lost World and Boom.

Update: Corrected information regarding exclusivity. Sonic Boom is the third game in Sega's exclusivity arrangement with Nintendo, rounding out



MrGawain said:

I still question if its even possible to make a good Sonic 3D game- and before anyone goes on about Sonic Colours, it may have been a good game, but was it a Sonic game? And I mean was it about pure unadulterated speed? Not at Sonic 1-3 levels. Slow Sonic is like Mario without head jumping or Castlevania without a whip- it defines the game, and going fast in 3d is hard due to trailing camera angles. I actually think it's fitting that the most 'Sonic' feeling game recently is Sonic Transformed- a racing game.

There are still 2d Mario, Rayman and Donkey Kong games that have been sucessful, why doesn't Sega view making a AAA physical copy traditional platformer using big monster bosses, levels that throw away the rulebook but remain 2d, and absolutely breakneck speed?



Alucard83 said:

Ì hope Sega will not mess up with this one! It looks a bit like Sonic Heroes which was a huge fail! WE DON"T WANT TO PLAY WITH 3 cahracters at the same time! One character at a time with different levels just like Sonic Adventures that's why it was a succes! Stop fooling yourself that people wants to play with 3 or 4 characters at the same time or switching during levels. I see a big FAIL if they keep going on like this. That's what i've seen on this trailer.



JaxonH said:

I can't help but get excited for new Sonic games. I've been a Sonic fan my whole life.

I said it once and I'll say it again, the only problem Wii U has is public perception. The system's great and so are the games. Skillful marketing can change its' image, if they're wise enough to employ such measures.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@unrandomsam No wonder you don't like it. Play it on PSX, or rather, play Crash Bandicoot Warped to begin with. Mario 64 looked like a sleepwalk in comparison.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Tritonus To be honest, I took the word of Sega, and they said it was the third game in their original press release -

That was published about 30 minutes after the reveal. I understand some took remarks from a Nintendo guy, but I would take the pre-prepared PR from Sega as the final word. Until proven otherwise, this is the last game of that agreement.



mostro328 said:

I hope it works out i couldn't get around to liking lost world it was sonic not running fast that turned me off and the galaxy you're levels didn't mesh well with me.....this game loss fun i can get over the character changes



RetroJosh said:

For fully confirmation: This IS the 3rd Sonic title in the 3 exclusive game deal.
Sonic the Hedgehog confirmed it himself on Twitter lol.



IceClimbers said:

@ThomasBW84 That's unfortunate. I feel like the Mario & Sonic game was already part of a separate deal that has no end date, as the game would be exclusive to Nintendo anyways. That shouldn't have been part of the 3-game deal.



rjejr said:

I said it last time and I'll probably say it every time, but this looks like Ratchet & Clank:A4O, which was a good game, my kids keep going back to play it, mostly for the Dr. Nefarious running commentary, but most R&C fans hated it, and I suspect most Sonic fans will hate this game as well. Seems like 2D Sonic fans hate all 3D games, and I suppose vice versa. Though nobody liked the Werehog levels. Or the Knuckles digging levels in the Adventure game.

This looks much more like Skylanders, Disney and Knack than full-speed-ahead Sonic. The only thing its missing is NFC toys. If the tv show has them working together as buddies then it makes sense this will be a 4 player buddy game. That works for me as my 2 sons have 2 friends over and they are playing Minecraft, even though it crashes my PS3 every hour. Skylanders and Lego are only 2 player games.

Skylanders destroyed what was left of Spyro after the 2nd go round of Spyro games destroyed everything that was good about the original games. This isn't going to be a Sonic game, not even as much as Sonic Adventure was. It might still be good for the kids, more fun than frustration, but anybody over 15 can probably forget it.

That toy event had a 2015 date, the trailer says "coming soon" at the end. The tv show is on in the fall. Guess we'll have to wait for the now long awaited Nintendo Direct for some clarity.



michael148th said:

I believe that Sonic Boom is going to leave people amazed once the game is out! I believe this game is really great way to pull in people who are both Sonic fans and newcomers to the Sonic world. I loved the Sonic adventure games and Sonic 06 the open free world feeling and from what i saw looks like its a better idea of open world like experience.. I have faith this game is going to be awesome. Can't wait until this comes out XD



unrandomsam said:

@Kaze_Memaryu I have played them all on a Playstation as well. They are junk. Nights into Dreams on the other hand is utter perfection.

(There is nothing wrong with how it runs on the Xperia Play at all it is just not a very good game. Its Sony's official PSone emulator).



AceDefective said:

I still don't know this game's gonna play. SA with co-op? Open world game? Beat em up? What? I'll play it by ear and see how it goes; if it's good: throw it into my backlog! If not, ScrewAttack this game.



IronMan28 said:

I'm okay with this being wildly different from recent entries in Sonic, which have been kind of good at best. Generations and Colors were decent, but not classics. With that being said, this probably won't completely buck the trend of 3D Sonic games being "just okay."



FJOJR said:

Sonic Team's mistake is that the formula they had built with Colors and Generations was getting Sonic back to respectability and greatness but like every game they've made since after Sonic Adventure 2, they fix what ain't broken and latch onto a gimmick that has no place in Sonic.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@unrandomsam Calling a game junk because you're to simple minded to complete it is silly. The Crash Games gave Mario a hard time as both were the perfect definitions of 3D is platformers.

The last comment was not necessary for this discussion. Consider this a warning -Lz



unrandomsam said:

@PrincessEevee9 No chance. I have played them all a reasonable amount. (At the time) and recently the first one. Sonic Adventure 2 or Nights into Dreams are light years better. (And still fun to play to this day). The difficulty of Crash isn't a problem just that it is boring.

I have played basically all of them from around that time. (Crash / Croc / Spyro).

I am not really against 3d platformers as a genre just the Sony style of them. (I like / liked Mario 64 / Banjo Kazooie / Psychonaughts / Wario World / Mario Sunshine / Nights into Dreams / Sonic Adventure 2 Battle / Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) / Donkey Kong 64 / Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg / Mario Galaxy / Jet Set Radio / MDK / MDK2). I like a reasonable subsection of what exists I think.



mamp said:

Not really a Sonic fan but I hope this game succeeds and gives me a reason to get back into the series.



Onett said:

Sega's poor track record and the Wii U's paltry user base are going to hurt sales. Sega certainly got our attention but for all of the wrong reasons. There is a slim chance this might be a gem but it is too difficult to tell at this point.



Whopper744 said:

I am looking forward to this game. The only thing that I'm not big on, is the fact that Sonic and the gang will probably be more kiddie them ever with this cartoon I'm afraid. Not that I want Sonic as a rates M game, i just don't want to feel super awkward playing the game in my mid 20's like I sort of did with Kirby's Epic Yarn.



element187 said:

"but we can't help but wonder whether Sega — behind closed doors and in hushed tones"

Uhm I don't think so. Remember Nintendo probably had some deal with Sega where they agreed to pay for development, packaging/shipping/advertising, or something. So it's free money on the table just collecting the sales. Of course we don't know the deal, but SEGA wouldn't have agreed to an exclusive deal without getting something in return.

Sega was well aware of the Wii U sales before they agreed to these deals.



Andrew_Cook said:

If Sonic Boom itself isn't a disappointment but its sales are then Wii U deserves to be in trouble because we suck, ha. We let Wonderful 101 slip through the cracks already.



element187 said:

@Onett because Sega (team sonic) isn't making this game there is a reasonable chance it might be good. Team Sonic hasn't made a hit in Avery long time.

Ex Naughty Dog will be working on this game. I don't know if that's a good thing for a sonic game or not. So I imagine it will be a 12 hour cinematic adventure, story heavy with lackluster gameplay loaded to the brim with QTE press A for awesome scenes (relax it's just a joke)



Grumblevolcano said:

Hard to say whether this will do well or not. The outcome of Mario Kart 8's sales will give us an idea if this stands a chance though.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@unrandomsam You can't really compare those two at all, since they were made with entirely different goals (Crash being a rails platformer for Sony to try and become a mascot, while Nights was more of an advertisement for the Dreamcast's analog stick wth the flight mechanics).
Also, Nights doesn't have anything to do with it, aside of being a SEGA game. And it's overrated anyway. It's good, but nothing more than good.



LoveSugoi said:

It seems like SEGA likes having divided fanbases within the same fandom to break their necks trying to please all at once. You have the Classic Sonic fans that hate everything from the Dreamcast era beyond, the Adventure fans that hate everything after Heroes, the post-Adventure fans that like everything from Unleashed to now, the Solo Sonic fans, the fans of all of Sonic's friends and there's probably more murky in betweeners I can't be bothered to think of. Now they're likely going to attract yet ANOTHER sub-sect of the fanbase: the Sonic Boom fans. If they can't find a way to please all the different types of Sonic fans other than another title like Generations then why invite a new one in? I'm more of a "Classic" fan myself though I really just want to play a good Sonic game at the end of the day, but I just don't see the point of dividing the fanbase further when Sonic could use all the sales he can get.

Colors and Generations didn't just have large userbases on their side to gain those sales, they also had huge positive reception and the latter had a massive anniversary hype campaign. Lost World had neither of those so on a combined userbase of roughly 50m, I think it did well enough. The Wii U/3DS base will be bigger by the time Boom rolls around and hopefully the title will be good and have the right kind of hype around to generate some strong sales.



NintyMan said:

I don't have much to bring to the table except I hope this does well. I've warmed up to the character designs, especially since it's been confirmed that Sonic and friends are a little older. The game itself looks great even though there are rough spots, but the trailer made it clear from the start that it's a work in progress.

As far as sales, the situation will look different as the year goes on. If Mario Kart 8 is a true success, then that would bode well for Sonic Boom. But if Wii U is still struggling, then it wouldn't matter if Sonic Boom was good or not, it wouldn't sell that much. So for now, let's see if Mario Kart 8 and other games will bolster Wii U before Sonic Boom.



Doma said:

Behind the scenes, i bet Sega is already anticipating a sales failure. One thing to note - is that if the game was initially planned to be multi-platform, it'd no doubt include online as an option (why wouldn't it, as a more western/co-op focused game?). But for some reason it's been omitted... which is very likely due to the WiiU's performance so far (even though they give the old 'NES experience' excuse).

"Nintendo is aiming to hit the market with franchises and releases that it hopes gamers of all types will find almost impossible to resist — Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. being prominent examples."

I think that's being a bit too hopeful... Not even MK/Smash fans (like me) will find those impossible to resist. I'll just be content with the 3DS counterparts.



unrandomsam said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Have you even played it ? It has 2 parts one which is rails based and one which is free roaming. It is also relevant because it is the best game that Sonic Team have ever made and it is not a Sonic game.



unrandomsam said:

@PrincessSugoi They are different to Nintendo's that is for sure. (The Nintendo fanbase thinks whatever Nintendo is doing right now is the best thing ever. For example what happened with Windwaker nobody was really bothered about it then it became the best thing ever - prior to that if people asked they would more than likely be not that bothered about it).

My issue with it is the last 20% of the game is the difficulty I think Nintendo should start the game at. Sega has never made stuff much easier they have always kept it reasonable and made it so the most fun is had once you start learning to play it properly. (The Sonic games I like anyway which excludes Sonic 2 (Other than the special stages)).



DreamOn said:

Being a 90s kid it is fascinating to watch Sega try to repopularize a 90s cartoon game today



Artwark said:

Why is it now that SEGA decides to make a new series instead of latter? Why can't they make a Sonic game that people obviously want instead of this which is rather mixed is beyond me......



Bolt_Strike said:

The fact that they're both pinning their hopes on this is obvious, the same was true with Lost World, that's why they made this deal in the first place. As for whether or not it actually will do well, I'm not sure, I'd need to see more of the gameplay to judge. It certainly looks promising, but so did Lost World, and this game is not without its potential flaws either. How they balance the speed, platforming, and exploration will be important here, if there's not enough of one or the other, certain groups of fans will lose interest. This game seems to be very exploration based, and if that ends up getting in the way of the speed and platforming, that could be very bad (although given the developers' histories, I'm not as worried about their ability to make a good platformer, but the speed I'm more worried about). How the other characters' gameplay is handled will be important as well, because SEGA has had trouble striking a balance between creating a style that fits the speed and platforming and having one that's different enough from Sonic's to be worth creating. Several of Adventure's characters were far too different from the main gameplay to the point where some of them had nothing in common with Sonic's (looking at you, fishing levels, treasure hunting levels, SA2 mech shooting levels, and Werehog levels), and I'm nervous about some of the other characters' abilities (notably Tails' gun and Knuckles' climbing) going down this route as well.

I suppose only time will tell if this game is a success, though.



FilmerNgameR said:

@Artwark ikr, I thought Sonic Team might be working on a good new Sonic Adventure with Sonic Generations game play but instead we got Sonic Lost World and Sonic Boom. T_T




The look isn't too disturbing, outside of Knuckles, really. However, this game sounds, and will be, absolutely horrid. The REAL problem with Sonic is that he doesn't stick to what works, and then he does something horrid. Right now, he's left the Unleashed (daytime) style of game play, only to go all parkour, which didn't work. Now he's mixing Knuckles Chaotix with open worlds and and action adventure? Can we just have Sonic be a freaking action platformer, and then have him STAY that way? I play Sonic games to move fast, jump around, fly through turns, and speed into goal rings, not "focus on combat and exploration".



Mahemoth said:

@Doma yeah but their counterparts suck in comparison, can you really live with that? But I guess "content" is the right word, it's just that I want to be excited not content.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@unrandomsam I haven't played it through, but it wasn't anything impressive. Nights into Dreams has the Ocarina syndrome: it was better back when it was new because it had mechanics that weren't well established back then, but it hasn't aged well.

@DarkCoolEdge Yep, my mistake. But they sent out controllers with analog sticks with the game, and I thought Dreamcast was the first SEGA console to have that.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Doma I agree with your opinion on the "online option" part but to burn your bridges more my friend Sonic Team already confirmed that there wasn't going to have any co-op online multiplayer on both devices but will have "local co-op" which this suppose to be a damn Western oriented title so to me in my opinion that's a another giant epic fail on Sega part. Also i'm surprised NintendoLife didn't make a thread about it yet.



unrandomsam said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Its nothing like Ocarina (Which most people liked at the time and now). It is more like Ecco the Dolphin which some people love and the rest hate. I never played it until its recent rerelease and I think it has aged just fine.



Nintend0ro said:

I love this different approach to series. Those fast action games never interested me. Im looking forward to this game



Anguspuss said:

So poor sales nothing do with some of the terrible 3d sonic games released.
Will get sonic world when its on sale at the e shop.
The winter olympic sonic games is good for a bit fun. problem is its all been done before on the wii.



FullbringIchigo said:

maybe if Nintendo brought Sega and worked with them and all thier IP's it could do well for both, also a true Mario and Sonic crossover wouldn't hurt now would it?



DarkKirby said:

Them refusing to release this game in Japan, shows Sonic Team has too much pride to admit they haven't been able to make any good Sonic games, especially 3D ones, since Sonic Heroes (and Heroes was only decent, Adventure 2 was good).

No matter how good this game is though, I don't think it's going to "save" the Wii U, the Wii U needs a steady stream of must have games for that.



B3ND3R said:

Wouldn't it be great if Sonic Team over in Japanland was working on Sonic Adventure 3? Heck, I just want Skies of Arcadia HD for my Wii U, Sega Or even 3DS... If not, I guess I'll plug up the Wii again. Didn't have a need for it with Wii U xD But... SKIES OF ARCADIA, need I say moar?!



hiddenstampede said:

Never played their game since the first PlayStation days! Did played a demo by them in PS2 days thus, it was fun. Can't wait to get my hands on it again!



Inkling said:

Ok, ok. Knuckles looks, in my opinion, exactly how I imagined.

@MrPockets - Yes, that would be really awesome. I hope it will be!

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