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Kickstarter Campaign Launches For ReVeN

Posted by Lewis Childs

Metroid-inspired game includes Wii U in main target

A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Texas-based indie developer Varia Games for a 2D shooter/platformer called ReVeN. The title, which draws inspiration from classic games such as Metroid and Mega Man, could be coming to Wii U — as well as PC, Mac and Linux — if its $18,000 target is met.

ReVeN is set in the 28th century on the ‘beautiful and atmospheric’ planet XR-Keres. Players control SyRek, the last surviving autonomous android, who was adopted from a drone espionage program. As SyRek, you’ll need to explore the many worlds of XR-Keres in order to uncover secrets and unravel mysteries, all the while trying to survive against the terrors lurking beneath the planet’s picturesque surface.

Fortunately, SyRek has the ability to adapt to any combat situation using an Energy Divergence Module (EDM) – a gameplay mechanic influenced by RPGs such as Crysis and Deus Ex.

From the developer:

The EDM allows the player to divert energy in real time to any of the four parts of SyRek's body (Weapons, Shielding, Mobility, and Sensors) taking power cores from one system and shifting them into another to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Want a more powerful weapon? Take energy from your movement speed and increase your damage!

At the time of writing, the campaign has achieved just under $3,000 of its $18,000 goal with 28 days still to go. Stretch goals have already been implemented and should they be reached ReVeN could also be making its way to the PS4 and PS Vita – however, the stretch goal for the Sony systems is quite high at $200,000.

It’s worth mentioning that the Wii U version will be a basic port (presumably from the PC version) if only the main target is met. In order for ReVeN to fully utilize the Wii U’s features and GamePad, the campaign needs to reach its $100,000 stretch goal, where Varia Games will then take on an extra programmer to help develop a version specifically for the Wii U.

Check out the Kickstarter video below and let us know what your thoughts on ReVeN in the comments section.


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User Comments (73)



LoBo said:

Its another 2D title , well 2D is fun, but don't you think we have enough already



Smitherenez said:

It does look like metroid gameplay wise, but the graphics lack atmosphere and originality.



Dinglehopper said:

There's paying homage, and then there's total shameless plagiarism. There are enough of these Metroid inspired games on kickstarter that at least bring their own original ideas to the table.



Emblem said:

Lol thats basicly an updated Metroid, no bad thing if we're not getting one from Nintendo anytime soon. I don't kickstart but if its turns out good i may pick it up.



luke88 said:

I really enjoyed the video, looks pretty great I thought. Though it also made me desperately wish that Nintendo would announce a new 2d metroid for 3ds: perhaps they could announce it in a Nintendo Direct at the end of this month and it could be released this year. I love these independent developers but I would also love for Nintendo to remind all these young pretenders who the daddy is when it comes to 2d game design; preferably with something that doesn't have the word "New" in the title.



CaviarMeths said:

Lol I guess "inspired by" means "blatantly borrowed the art and animations of."

But I can dig it. Looks groovy.



WaveBoy said:

I don't support uninspired cheap looking copy-cat Metroid clones with a new skin. Plagiarism to the tee' Why play this when i can play Super Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission or Metroid Fusion? All of which are of higher quality in every single way imaginable. So much for originality, which is so lacking in todays gaming scene.

Bring on Shovel Knight and Armikrog!



Genesaur said:

Jeez, no kidding on the whole Metroid inspiration. Heck, they're even called Varia Games! I guess it's just a mistranslation of Barrier Games, eh?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I dunno, taking the Metroid concept and running with it can be a good thing considering we haven't had a 2D Metroid game since Zero Mission. But this one is too unoriginal as of yet, and the large focus on imbalanced shootouts with lame enemies seems like an atmosphere killer for me.
But there's still hope - if they change the combat mechanics to compliment your firepower, this could become a really interesting game!



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy Only way to get funded by this method from what I can see. (Show one level that is like it to get funded - then make it not really all that much like that anyway). Whilst these type of clones manage to get funded so easily it will keep happening.



Bliquid said:

Well, the mining feature is original, and something even a proper Metroid game should borrow.
That is, like, never, since Metroid looks dead and buried to Nintendo.
I think this is well made, but a little too derivative.
@WaveBoy: problem is, normal people like to have also new things, and not play the same Nes/SNES games over and over, even if i reckon this is a common feature among Nintendo core fans.
That is, dwelling stubbornly in the glories of the past without ever realizing that new stuff might be as good if not better.



3MonthBeef said:

I do like the EDM concept but this game feels too inspired. They even named their company after Samus' suit which is just poor taste. Developers...we get it. The game alone is a dead give way. Also XR-Keres: SR388 and Zebes just changed up a little. So lame.

Heck, I can make a game called Ultra Maria Sisters. Ever bit like Super Mario Bros. except you have orange and yellow dress wearing sisters....scratch that.... wear orange and yellow overalls (so as not offend people by insisting these women don't necessarily have to wear dresses). They step on frogs as oppose to turtles and fight the evil Queen Foopa. Oh and they also have to rescue Prince Pecan Lillypad.



WaveBoy said:


But the problem is, this doesn't look like anything new. It's probably doing well on Kickstarter because NIntendo fans need to fill that Metroid 'void', something to fill the gap until the next 2D metroid surfaces....which may not even happen for quite some time.



Warruz said:

@WaveBoy RPG elements are right there in the video, You dont get prescribed power ups you just get cores and choose their use and there is a need to collect resources.

Also there is a mission creator, co-op, and online. Just because on the surface it doesnt look aw inspired doesn't mean it doesnt bring some new stuff to the genera of which has been quite dead lately.

I wonder if they would add a 3DS version because thats where I would want to play this.



AyeHaley said:

Awesome! Can't wait for Wii U to become a place where awesome indie games flourish.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm surprised no one commented on the company name???

@Waveboy Hate to say it but you're right. I want a 2d Metroid so bad I don't care how I get it. The big N doesn't seem to care anymore unless its a million seller.



Falchion said:

Not interested. It looks like they copied Metroid but took out my favorite part, exploration. Too many enemies. I think I will pass.



WaveBoy said:


That's why they should just do 8-16 bit sequals haha. Less dev time, far less money & smaller teams. That way, if the game sold poorly they wouldn't take a giant hit.. this way, they can afford to take more risks, just how everybody did back in the NES & SNES days ect ect.

As is, nobody seems to be taking gambles anymore because the budgets are crazy high and it takes years to make some of these games. Did you know that mega man 2 on the NES took 3-4 months to make? The devs were busting their buns off working on it, but still that's NOTHING compared to how long, lets say 3D world took to make....And 3D world correct me if i'm wrong didn't sell that well.

It's sad, devs are scared to come out with new franchises because lets face it.....People mostly buy sequels these days to big popular franchises. The Wonderful 101 should of done well, but alas it suffered the same fate as the 'great' viewtiful joe. I'd be absolutely scared to release a brand new IP with tons of money & time in invested in it in this day and age. I'd rather go indie and start releasing eShop games ala' Shovel Knight.


That's where all of the 'new' stuff is happening, even though most of it is a sea of plagiarized' I-phone looking shovel ware.
It's funny though, everybody seems to be gushing over these big 2014 power housed' games on the PS4 & XBOX one, and all i want to do is play shovel knight. lol

BTW, totaly sucks about SwapNote hey! I really miss it, good times! It was the most used thing period on my



Dpullam said:

Well, just like others have already mentioned, this is certainly Metroid inspired that's for sure.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Yeesh, people are being way too hard on the alpha footage for this game. It looks great to me and if you actually read the info on the Kickstarter page, it has quite a few different things that set it apart from Metroid.

So far the EDM, mineral/crafting mechanic, weapons that change up gameplay (the Terra Beam is not only a grapple but it can move blocks), 2-player co-op, online multiplayer, and mission creator CLEARLY sets this apart from Metroid while still adhering to the things that make the Metroid series fun to play.

I'll definitely back this project at $10.



GraveLordXD said:

I'll get this glad to see developers copying metroid considering Nintendo abandoned it and tbh this looks way better than other m



16bitdave said:

The main character needs a different look. Too much like metroid. other than that it does look like a fun 2D side scroller



Shire said:

Well, it's certainly not hard to see the Metroid, uh, "inspiration".

However... it has been over a decade now since Samus got a nice side-scroller, and this does look pretty cool and atmospheric, and the developers seem to have added a few cool features of their own... Yeah, I think I can get behind this.



Gen0neD said:

Its so close to being Metroid, that I can't see myself doing it. Too attached to Samus's character to play anything but her. And, no matter what, this game won't have Nintendo's polish. So I lack an overall faith in this. Reviews 1st ( if Nintendo doesn't shut it down ) before I jump on board. Highly dubious.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

Guys, Nintendo hasn't made a Metroid game in quite a while, if someone else is willing to overhaul a whole bunch of themes and use them for their game, I'm fine with it, and I'd play it.



unrandomsam said:

@Kawaii_Neko What is Balloon Fight if it is not a rip off of Joust ? (Of the rip off Lego Nintendo made). If they have done something themselves they shouldn't have a problem with it. (I know it doesn't work like that sadly).



ArcanaXVI said:

Pretty shameless Metroid clone, yes ... but it still looks like it has potential. How long has it been since we've actually had a 2D Metroid game?



Shambo said:

Too many Metroid-Vanvia games to buy and play, too few to add to my physical game collection... This one instantly went from under the radar to top of my list though! Really happened, just now.

If it turns out as good as it seems right now, it's only a 'shameless' Metroid clone, because it can wear that unofficial Metroid label with pride.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

Just release the GBA Metroids on the eshop Nintendo and we will buy them. Why don't you want my money? You can't sell your console so how about trying to get us to spend more money on the ones we have! This is so ridiculous.



Smug43 said:

but can SyRek crawl? lol j/k!!

In all honesty, if the game has really good mechanics and it's fun, who cares if it's a "rip off" "homage" to Metroid!! They are definitely doing plenty of different things so everyone chillax.. it's not like the Wii U has a FLOOD of games and we probably won't see another Metroid on the levels of the Prime series EVER AGAIN!! Now I wish for at least a 3DS iteration of the series.. but people, EVERY developer copies/borrows etc.. from others.. it's just the nature of gameplay mechanics!!



Haxonberik said:

I cant seem to understand how other Kickstarter campaigns can ask for some hundred thousand dollars to get their games on the Wii U as stretch goal when there is people getting it on it for $18,000. Kickstarter is just ridiculous sometimes.



Vriess said:

I'm backing it! Here's to hoping (and asking the rest of you!) that the project reaches the $100K stretch goal so that we can play it on the Wii U.



unrandomsam said:

@Vriess You can play it on the Wii U anyway (Basic Port). The 100k is for extra work on the Wii U version to make it support it better.

@Warruz RPG elements generally mean to me that the game is designed so you can go start to finish without ever having to get better at playing. Character gets better not the person playing the character.

@PvtOttobot The fact he is offering a basic Wii U port at the lowest tier implies to me he already has the dev kit or Nintendo are ok with it and willing to let him have one. (The let somebody trying to sell them a Zelda clone to release as a new Zelda do it).



CaviarMeths said:

@Bliquid "...since Metroid looks dead and buried to Nintendo."
The last flagship Metroid title was in 2010 and we've since seen Samus in other games (Nintendo Land and Smash) and VC ports on Wii U and 3DS. Considering the 8 year lull between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, I don't think it's worth worrying about yet. I think we were all just spoiled by the fact that there were 6 main series entries of Metroid from 2002-2010.



Emblem said:

@unrandomsam "RPG elements generally mean to me that the game is designed so you can go start to finish without ever having to get better at playing. Character gets better not the person playing the character."

  • Spot on, this is pretty much most modern games nowadays, i would go a step further and say that in most cases these elements make the games easier. Its a shame so many games have taken this approach in the last decade.


Stargazer said:

Maybe if Nintendo would make another ******* 2D Metroid then we'd see fewer copycats.



hcfwesker said:

Did notice a typo ... "Power Core Collected" should be "Power Core Acquired"
In all seriousness, as many others have stated, we haven't seen light or news of anything Metroid from nintendo. These are obvious huge fans of the series and just want to pay homage to a classic and perhaps add their own twist. I'm backing, and looking forward to this.



I-U said:

I'd get ReVeN. If Nintendo can't satisfy my desire for a new Metroid, I'd gladly take a developer trying to replicate that experience in their title. They've gone a decade now not even bothering to make a Metroid game that revisits the series' roots.



luminalace said:

I backed the game because if it was coming to eshop next week I would buy it.

$15 pledged!



Bryon15 said:

Well, I guess since Nintendo refuses to make a new 2D metroid, this is the next best thing.



Henmii said:

Looks pretty cool! The main character does look a lot like a Metroid Space pirate, though!!



BAGBOY said:

Bloody hell, when they said metroid-inspired they really meant cheap metroid clone, the intro is the EXACT one as metroid fusion, when samus arrives at the space station just to find that the x parasite killed and assimilated all the staff there. Jesus freaking christ, at least try something new or different, even the freaking lead character is a deformed samus aran model.

Learn from Yuji Naka, one of sonic's creators, who wanted to create the sonic game because he didn't think super mario bros. was fast enough. A simple idea of wanting more speed in a videogame resulted in the creation of a legendary franchise.

This isn't inspiration, this is just plain PLAGIARISM.



tedko said:

@Haxonberik If you read the message from the developers you'll understand why their kickstarter goal is so low, it's the bare minimum they figure they need in order to finish the game, but they state they'll need to get other part time jobs to be able to do it. I'm guessing because they're more or less unknown at this point they didn't expect to be able to get the same kind of support as a more well known indie developer. Other projects tend to ask for a lot more and I don't think it's unreasonable for them to do so.
And people, stop bashing them for wanting to make a 2D Metroid tribute. If you read the game info, they are adding some ideas of their own. I may back this. Deciding to do a project like this is big risk for them financially. As an indie musician I sympathize with that.



Pod said:

There's been quite a few Metroid lookalikes on Kickstarter, but this one is absolutely unashamed to copy the entire recipe.

I won't back it, but I wish them luck. I know I wouldn't dare making something that will be directly compared to Super Metroid.



Volmun said:

looks really good This and Ghoste Song are 2 Game's il be watching lol also i like that music in the trailer



ogo79 said:

greetings, im one of the shallow retro gamers.
i only play old games because i know they are better.
i dont replay the same games over and over, i have way too many games to let that happen



allav866 said:

There's a line between being inpired by a game and ripping off of it. On one side, you have Cave Story, an indie title that's inspired by Metroid, yet gushes with originality not just in its story, but its physics and charm as well. On the other side, you have ReVeN, another indie game that is not just inspired by Metroid, but is a carbon copy of it. The only original thing I see is the EDM. Other than that it doesn't look much different than Super Metroid--strike that--it looks much more bland, especially in its enemy design. Zombies and dinosaurs? Pass.
I'll NeVeR back this.



Yorumi said:

I'd back it if it had some more original ideas and the main character wasn't clearly just samus with a new power suit. This isn't inspiration this is cloning.



BAGBOY said:

@allav866 I hear ya, even castlevania when it adopted the metroidvania style didn't attempt to embarrass itself by completely doing a copy/paste of everything that was done in previous metroid games, konami figured out a way to make it work without ripping off the other franchise.

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