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Rumour: Hacker Unlocks Three New Legendary Pokémon in X & Y

Posted by Liam Doolan

Spoiler alert...

It’s common knowledge people love to hack Nintendo’s games, and the latest entries in the Pokémon series are no exception. Less than a month after the release of X and Y, a skilled fan has reportedly uncovered new Pokémon.

According to, hacker Smealum has revealed the existence of three new legendary Pokémon. They are; Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa, and are numbered between 719-721 in the Kalos Pokédex.

As Nintendo and Game Freak have never mentioned these Pokémon before, it’s safe to assume they’ve been planned for special events over the coming years.

So, what do you think of these hacked Pokémon? Are they the real deal, or are they as convincing as the custom-made year of Luigi 2DS we recently reported on? If you believe these are legitimate, what do you think of them? Tell us in the comment section below!


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LordGeovanni said:

You make a post about the hacker finding these three and not the Mega forms of Latias and Latios? I would think people would be more excited about that...



belmont said:

I thought the 3DS games could not been hacked. I may have missed something.



UnknownNico said:

Huh. I was wondering who these Pokemon were ever since people started asking for them on the GTS.



Linkstrikesback said:

@belmont 3DS has been hacked to some extent on older firmware, all it took was someone without a fully updated 3DS to do it.

Don't think fully updated ones have been cracked yet though.



Bender said:

That's awesome if it's legit. Since it means my Pokemon X will get even more play time!



McHaggis said:

@belmont: Hackers have been able to play around with the 3DS RAM for a while now, even when games are running.

Smealum doesn't really have any reason to lie. He's made some good progress hacking the 3DS recently, although I prefer it when people don't ruin surprises for the rest of the world.



bluecat said:

It'd be nice if he could hack and see if there are any other areas in the game that are locked right now....that train station town is killing me. That train has got to go somewhere!



Klinny said:

I've seen people asking for "Hoopa" on the GTS and was wondering what it was. I suppose that's what a Hoopa is lol.



3Daniel said:

I so want a fire grass pokemon. Gourgeist was a missed opp. But a fire water will suffice.



Pinkman said:

Level 3 and level 4 legendaries? If they are real who says they are legendaries? Cant say I like the look of them compared to all the other legendaries over the years.



Gioku said:

@bluecat We've known those names for quite awhile now (they were trademarked along with the names of all the other new Pokémon), so people fiddled around with the names on the GTS. This is just supposedly what they look like.

@Pinkman: Regigigas could be caught at Level 1... just sayin'...



Bulbousaur said:

@Pinkman Those wouldn't be the actual levels they appear at. By the looks of things he hacked the game and replaced some random Pokemon's IDs in Santalune Forest with the IDs of these new legendries to force the game to make them appear, like people did through Action Replay before. If the actual conditions to encounter them were known, they would have most likely have released that information as well.

Plus, this guy has already released the Mew model, as well as Mega Latias and Latios. If they were fake, he would have a awful lot of time on his hands to make all these screenshots look so genuine.



MideonNViscera said:

I'd imagine they're real. There's at least two likely spots for Legendary Pokemon to appear that I've seen. Plus they look real, and everyone is accepting them as real.
Not sure why this article didn't include those extra Mega Evolutions as well.



belmont said:

@McHaggis @Linkstrikesback Thanks, I will check it out. Somehow after a quick search I saw that there is something like the old Pokesav where you can send pkmn from the 3DS to the PC and edit them but not the other way around.



Highwinter said:

@McHaggis When these guys are officially shown, it's just going to be on the main website with some pictures of them and details about what they do, so I wouldn't really call this spoilers. It's not like they're going to add DLC to the game with mystery surprise Pokemon to catch at the end, it'll be a simple wi-fi event that we know about well in advance.

When people were leaking details about the new Pokemon before the game was released on the other hand.. that I can agree with.



ReigningSemtex said:

i dont get this site sometimes i happened to mention about wii homebrew that plays gamecube games (and that has included anti piracy protection) and my post got edited but then here its completely cool to post a news story about somebody hacking a 3ds game :/



Megumi said:

I just hope we'll actually be able to fight them...I'm fine with some event Pokemon just given to me, but I like epic Legendary battles, struggling trying to keep my team alive while pummeling the thing with Pokeballs. xD



papermariomix said:

Hoopa looks somewhat disappointing, I expected something bigger than Hoppip.

Volcanion looks awesome and so far the best of the three.

Diancie looks okay, it might be part of the cute legendaries of every gen.



unrandomsam said:

@ReigningSemtex Do as I say not as I do. Fairly common in all walks of life.

(Got to remember what the goals are here. People to view ad's. Even stuff like that web based Super Mario Bros clone. All they did was alert more people to the fact that it exists).

The Newer mod I found out about from Destructoid. (And enjoyed more than the last 3 games Nintendo sold to me at full price).



One-Winged-Pit said:

Seriously these people doing this poodledoggiedoodle is getting obnoxious. And I scrolled down fast to not see a thing.



Undead_terror said:

The pokemon should of been obtainable from the start, there shouldn't be any need for events just for you to use stuff you already paid for!



JubilifeRival said:

This is fake. They're types look like fairy, physic, and ground which is a weird trio. Plus, they look too much like average ''mon.



JubilifeRival said:

This is fake. They're types look like fairy, physic, and ground which is a weird trio. Plus, they look too much like average ''mon.



TOMBOY25 said:

im amazed people didn't know the 3DS had been hacked i mean they released a card for it a while ago. (ya know like the R4)



GamerZack87 said:

"and are numbered between 719-721 in the Kalos Pokédex."
But, when combined, the Kalos Pokédex only has 454 Pokémon in it (although that total may in fact be 457 now). How could these Pokémon be numbered 719-721?
GamerZackX is confused!



AlexSora89 said:

I'll say, the remaining legendaries from the first four generations are all I'm gonna ever need.



Deathgaze said:

@Glare And Gyarados and Charizard don't have Dragon in them. Your statement of it being 'fake' is invalid. While these have not been confirmed by Nintendo they should be treated as a rumour, not fact, but not totally dismissed as 'fake' either.



Yasume said:

They are legit. Those 3 Pokemon have been popping up for a couple of weeks now on various websites. Kind of disappointing looking for legendaries, if you'd ask me.

Also confirmed:

Diancie is a rock/fairy type
Volcanion is a fire/water type
Hoopa is a flying/psychic type



DarkNinja9 said:

honestly i was rly glad to see that this info might be some what true but then i look at the designs(which i find ugly for legends) and the levels and right away think fake

could it be true kinda hoping so since it seems there are only 3 legendary pkm this new gen which is odd compared to the other gens



WreckItRyan said:

@CaptainSquid That's really interesting...I see similarities in the ear design, the white "cloud" collar on Carbink/dress on Diancie, the gray color and rocky appearance, and of course the typing, Rock/Fairy. Maybe they could be related, yet not evolve, like a Phione/Manaphy kind of deal.



nintendorules said:

they might have a cheat cartridge for 3ds with pokemon x and y codes they have all pokemon on them



MrMario02 said:

I NEED VOLCANION! People on GTS have been Asking for these guys so I'm considering them real.



Kilov said:

Well, I too have seen them being asked for on GTS trading but with some testing found you can type in 'laron' when looking for Lairon and it will be accepted so, the three could be a hoax, though NOT saying they are, but not saying I believe they're legit. Anything is possible so...

Personally, I think these pokemon would be best as hard to catch pokemon in the game opposed to 'give aways' as I always find I personally appreciate having something more (particularly with pokemon) when I have to work for it-- Traveling to collect something-- no, means nothing, that's not work, it's just moving about for purposes of more to toy with in a game and in the end the game can be deleted and the time to take the trip was in fact a waste of time...

I, personally like the Volcanion with it being water/ fire but... With that THING on it's back it looks... Dopey to me...

Hoopa... Phychic/ flying... Please, there are enough-- rather too many legendary pokemon who are either Phychic or Dragon, it's over done. Besides since the second set when Dark types where added to the mix the Phychic type lost a lot of it's power... And now with Fairies so have Dragons...

Diancie, Rock/ Fairy... Maybe the worst... Fairies may only have TWO weaknesses but one of the two they share with Rock types...
Four times normal damage against Steel types... OUCH!
It's fine for/ with the more common pokemon but a legend... I('d) expect better..

If anything to me these pokemon would only be good for filling up the game pokedex, nothing more... To me, anyhow.

But they also find be fun to Triple battle against..
And I'm sure challenging to rotation battle, as that style seems to be the most challenging way to battle, seems more the battle of skill than any sort.



MonkeyJamboree said:

Not in fact a rumor. I know Smealum. He's a legit hacker and has done some great work on the 3DS. (He's also a very nice guy.) I can vouch that this is a thing.



rotom24 said:

Pinkman: the arceus event in pokemon heartgold soulsilver habe dialga palkia en giratina at level 1

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