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Long Awaited YouTube Application Coming To 3DS Later This Month

Posted by Orla Madden

Those funny cat videos are so close we can practically touch them

During today's Nintendo Direct it was announced that the popular video sharing website YouTube will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. A date is yet to be specified, but we're told that it will arrive later on this month in both Europe and North America.

You can easily view videos on the go with this more-than-welcome application once you have internet access. You'll be able to browse various videos on the bottom screen while watching a different video on the top screen. The YouTube app for the Wii U will receive an update at some stage next month which will enable this feature on that system, too.

Are you happy that the YouTube app is finally making its way to the 3DS? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Blast said:

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



SCAR said:

Hopefully we can watch videos in 3D. Same goes for Netflix, which they did say would eventually support 3D.

It's kind of interesting how the 3DS app brings improvements to the Wii U app, too. They must have been planning to update both simultaneously.



GC-161 said:

This is a big deal.

Until now, I had to convert my favorite Youtube videos into .avi files to be able to watch them on my 3DS. As anyone knows, .avi files can take up a lot of space on an SD card (even on a PC hard drive).

But now, I can delete those video files and free-up a lot of space on my SD card (more than 2 GB). And use that Youtube app to watch my fave videos whenever I want!

Sweet-feathery-Jesus! This is certainly good news for me!



WingedSnagret said:

I thought I'd never be able to use YouTube on my 3DS. Thank you for proving me wrong Nintendo!



DualWielding said:

It worries me that they didn't announce that it would support 3D, that would be the main point of using youtube on the 3DS



GC-161 said:

"Hopefully we can watch videos in 3D"
"It worries me that they didn't announce that it would support 3D"

^^^^ Most Youtube videos worth watching are not in 3D, though.

The vast majority of them are in plain 2D.



kereke12 said:

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im excited that it will come this month and and(not a typo) its about time.



Bass_X0 said:

Great news. I use my old Wii for Youtube when in my room but prefer using my 3DS. Plus I can now wear headphones while watching videos at night.



DualWielding said:


I know but there are lots of devices you can watch youtube on, being able to watch on 3D would be the added value of having youtube on your 3DS... As I always said while 3D does not really work for gaming, access to a constant stream of 3D video could be an important novelty factor increasing the appeal of the 3DS with the casual masses



SCAR said:

It should still be an option though. As long as a video runs in 3D, we should be able to watch it in 3D. We're not asking for every video to be 3D, but to be able to watch the ones that are.

Same thing with Wii U. Netflix updated their services for "Super HD" and 3D. Those 3D videos still can't be accessed. These services support 3D in one way or another, even if it's currently on a small scale.



GC-161 said:

@ferthepoet @SCAR392

Even if they offer an "option" to watch videos in 3D, Youtube doesn't really have a lot of 3D content worth watching that way.

Most of the popular videos that most of us are going to be watching, they're not in 3D and you would gain nothing from watching them that way either.

Netflix would be the best option in terms of 3D content. Since they could start showing Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks movies in full 3D.

If Netflix started showing movies in 3D, that would be quite a thing for the 3DS to have. Outside of movie theaters and expensive 3DTV's, that would be the only way to watch flicks in 3D. And that would certainly motivate a lot of mainstream people to buy a relatively cheap device (3DS) to enjoy movies in 3D.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

All this fuss about watching YouTube is just ridiculous.
If you wanna watch them, use your PC. Bringing this to 3DS is more than pointless, especially since you can't watch it while having a game in the background (much unlike WiiU).
The fact that this is actually coming disappoints me - a lot. Sometimes the bragging crowd isn't right, and this is one of those times.

The only thing I look forward to is how people start complaining about the quality.



Bass_X0 said:

My PC is only in one room. I don't have a laptop or other portable device that can watch Youtube videos.



LexKitteh said:

I'm glad they added YouTube support, but I can watch YouTube on almost any of my devices. Since YouTube Supports 3D video, it would really help the 3DS stand out if it could also play clips in 3D. We know its possible, they just have to get it done



ericthecheese said:

It never ceases to amaze me when people complain about people being excited for something. Is YouTube necessary on the 3DS? No. But will a lot of people find value in having it as an option? Of course. If you don't like it and think it's pointless, then don't download it, and let others enjoy it. It's that simple.



GC-161 said:

"All this fuss about watching YouTube is just ridiculous.
If you wanna watch them, use your PC. "


"use your PC".... So, you're telling us to carry our desktop PC's everywhere we go? FACEPALM

Even if you actually meant "laptop", that's still too much of a hassle, little dude.

"What about using your phone?" you would say to that.

Well, the 3DS is STILL the best option because if you ever used a smartphone, you know that the battery of said device gets drained pretty fast. And you don't really want to use up your phones battery to watch videos. But to communicate with people, make calls, text and do other important stuff.

So yeah, having the option (OPTION) to watch Youtube videos on our 3DS is quite a good thing. As Martha Stewart would put it.

So I know that you're probably one of those Debby-Downer types that loves to rain on everyone's parade. But this news we got today? Its freakin good news for all (just not you).



Captain_Toad said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Granted, though most people don't have that luxury to open up or even have access a PC any time they want. That's where the 3ds comes in.

Though the quality bit however. Heh



NintyMan said:

I'm happy with this. Youtube needed to be there from the beginning and it's better to be late than never. I probably won't use it much, but that option is there at least.



SCAR said:

Plus, what if Nintendo collaborates with YouTube to get gameplay videos happening on both the Wii U and 3DS?

Sony and Microsoft have already teamed up with Twitch or UStream. I don't see why Nintendo couln't get a similar thing going on Youtube, but who knows.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Just hope the quality's good enough. No one's expecting HD, the 3DS isnt capable of that, but look decent in SD at least...



GC-161 said:


Ever used Netflix? Expect it to look as good as that app.

If you haven't used Netflix, I can tell you that it looks fine. The resolution for Netflix video on the 3DS is 480p.

I suppose Youtube videos will run in the same resolution. Which is FINE for a device like the 3DS that isn't HD capable to begin with.

So anyone complaining about videos not running in HD on the 3DS need to get their heads examined for expecting such a thing. Not even the Vita is a true HD device (its below the standard HD resolution minimum of 720p).



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

@GC-161 Europe still has no Netflix on our 3DS's I think.

I know, but with Google screwing up the Wii U Youtube app, and in-fact the whole comments function on the site recently, I wouldnt put it past Google to screw this up too...



GC-161 said:


Youtube was a bit screwy even on consoles. On the original Wii and PS3 it was running with errors and problematic issues. So yeah, I guess that we can expect to see some problems with the app on the 3DS. Unless they get it right, coming out of the gate.

Lets hope that they were working all along on a Youtube app for the 3DS since 2011. And that it wasn't until now when they can finally release it. With no issues and problems.

But in terms of the quality of the videos, like I mentioned before, its probably going to match the one we get from Netflix. Running at 480p. Which is more or less the default resolution for most Youtube videos anyways.



FanboyGuy said:

Yay! I've always wanted to watch Youtube in a 3.5 inch screen with constant buffering.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@mariobro4 @GC-161 How can you watch YT videos on the go with a 3DS? No wi-fi, no YT, simple as that. And using a smartphone as a hotspot can be ruled out immediately, that would be plain stupid. Besides, most smartphones have better batteries than 3DS by far.
And no, I wouldn't tell anyone to use their phone for YT, I'd just ask them if they really can't wait until they're home, so don't even try that lame attempt.

Now, to raise the level, let me ask in all seriousness: how is it beneficial to have a YouTube app on your 3DS?
Better access to information? No, that's what the browser is for. And every game related piece of info can be easily obtained without videos.
Entertainment on the go? Nope, as I already explained above. Besides that, the 3DS is a portable game console, which is there to entertain you with GAMES. Videos outside of trailers/gameplay/announcements related to games for the affected console simply don't belong there.
So, what's the point? Appeal to the spoiled, to cut it short. There's no experience added to a 3DS with an app to watch streamed videos. It's just to satisfy the demands of gimmick-lovers who want everything on anything. And these people should think about how a YouTube app will make a gaming system better at all.



GC-161 said:

"Yay! I've always wanted to watch Youtube in a 3.5 inch screen with constant buffering"


Constant buffering? Like it absolutely doesn't happen in any other portable devices! Right? Right? LOL

And just like the people that ditched the original iPhone that had a 3.5 inch screen and got a iPhone 4, you can do the same. Buy yourself a 3DS XL.

Problem solved! YAY!



Chris720 said:

I am happily satisfied with this Direct. Now I'll go watch YouTube in HD on my phone.



uneek said:

oh, yes. finally the wait is over. now i would like an apps that can let video chat on wii u to 3ds or vice versa. hoping



retro_player_22 said:

This app will suck just like the one for Wii & Wii U (in the sense that it'll be limited with only some videos for view). Why can't we just watch YouTube normally through the browser instead (again like Wii & Wii U)? Just add flash support for the 3DS browser already.



GC-161 said:


"How can you watch YT videos on the go with a 3DS? No wi-fi, no YT, simple as that."

The same way I play online games on the go. Using HUNDREDS of hotspots available to me and others. Or when visiting a friend/family member that has wifi. I just pull out my 3DS and play away. That's how.

"And no, I wouldn't tell anyone to use their phone for YT, I'd just ask them if they really can't wait until they're home, so don't even try that lame attempt."

^^^ What if they don't have a PC to watch YT videos at home? Ever thought about that one?

How about people liking having more than one OPTION to watch YT videos?

You know what IS lame? Complaining because people like options. That's "you're living in China" kind of lame.

"Now, to raise the level, let me ask in all seriousness: how is it beneficial to have a YouTube app on your 3DS? "

^^^^ If you have to ask, you obviously A) don't have a 3DS, B) Don't like watching videos on Youtube and would rather wach Fox News or CNN and complain about the news of the day, or C) You just hate seeing people so happy that they have options on their device of choice. D) All the above.

Take yer pick.

"So, what's the point? Appeal to the spoiled, to cut it short."

^^^^ Jesus..... Lighten up, will ya. You sound like a typical "get off my lawn" old geezer. Its just an app that you don't have to download or even use.

MOVE ON. Let us rejoice. Dammit.



Boofonater001 said:

I forgot that they even announced YouTube on the 3DS until yesterday. I was thinking about what they might announce. The first thing that came to my mind was miiverse on 3ds then I thought no they may still be working on that...I was wrong then I though Youtube on 3DS...I thought we haven't heard of Youtube in a while... I was wrong again so I am exited that both features are coming to Nintendo. I am also exited that if you put money on the Wii U you will be able to use it on the 3DS. Super Exited for what is coming.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@GC-161 Oh, nononono. I'm not gonna back away from strawman arguments!

1.) Hotspots are NOT available everywhere. So this is neither a reliable option nor an argument.
2.) That's most unlikely. Pretty much ANYONE who wants a YouTube app on 3DS already used it on other devices. And it shouldn't be an option on 3DS anyway.
3.) Oh, now you're stooping low. I do own a 3DS, and ever since I had it, I noticed people demanding YouTube and/or Flash support just for the sake of demanding it. The option still shouldn't exist, and people getting all fuzzy about THIS should question the actual use of it.

So, to conclude it: your arguments lack common sense. I don't say you mustn't use it, I point out the plain stupidity of a YouTube app on 3DS. Attacking me (with absolutely false assumption at that) won't change my opinion, and it won't make you sound convincing, either.



Gioku said:

I am so excited. I can no longer contain my excitement. SO MANY 3DS UPDATESSSSSSS!!!!!!



CorporalPegasus said:

@GC-161 Most modern phones don't lag with youtube, it depends mostly on your internet connection. I doubt the 3DS will be any different.

@Kaze_Memerayu Why are you even complaining about them adding something optiwnal that is fairly usefull? Its not like Nintendo is shoving it down our throats or marketing it as a big feature.



cmk8 said:

I'm really glad they're updating the WiiU version with some obvious upgrades, good to see Nintendo hadn't just moved on.
Not sure I'll really use the 3DS app.



GC-161 said:


"1.) Hotspots are NOT available everywhere. So this is neither a reliable option nor an argument."

^^^ I dunno where in Antarctica you live, but in AMERICA you can find McDonalds with the same ease that you can find a gas station in every corner. It works wonderfully at Starbucks and at the local Libraries & some hotels. So yes, this is a valid argument.

Your argument is out of place because its based on the idea that no one uses WiFi on the go at all. Which is a highly RIDIKULAS argument. People already use the hotspots to play games (In my own experience, I beat every stage of Mercs 3D during my lunch hour at a McD's nearby), exchange data (Streetpass) or even browse the web (the browser works well to post on forums... I know this for a fact). So if they already use it for all that, they can perfectly well use it to watch YT.

"2.) That's even more unlikely. Pretty much ANYONE who wants a YouTube app on 3DS already used it on other devices already. And it shouldn't be an option on 3DS anyway."

^^^^ Again, this idea that we shouldn't have options is such a lame, backwards, 3rd world country-like mantra that doesn't register to anyone outside of CHINA.

"3.) Oh, now you're stooping low. I do own a 3DS, and ever since I had it, I noticed people demanding YouTube and/or Flash support just for the sake of demanding it. The option still shouldn't exist, and people getting all fuzzy about THIS should question the actual use of it."

SIGH.... Read my reply to your second point. It also applies to your 3rd point. Especially because it's based on the inane idea that people should not expect more out of their device of choice. Especially if said device is capable of delivering whatever the heck they're demanding out of it. So why they should not have it? You make no sense. Speaking of which...

"So, to conclude it: your arguments lack common sense. I don't say you mustn't use it"

^^^^ Apply that advice to yourself. It wasn't me who started out telling people that they should use a PC to watch Youtube when they want to watch videos on the go. Not at home.


Thank you for agreeing with what I said. The 3DS will not be any different from what people experience on their smartphones. Laggin' will depend entirely on the connection.



Le_Gazman said:

Biggest question on my mind is can we finally view and upload 3D content to YouTube? It was a massive missed opportunity at launch and I hope they fix it now.

There mah not be a lot of 3D content on there yet but 3DS could be a great, cheap way of changing that.



GC-161 said:

There are a few animated shorts in 3D. Some trailers and concept demos. Not a lot of stuff made in 3D on Youtube (and I mean actual 3D, not what passes for 3D there).

Like I said b4, Netflix is the most likely candidate to deliver quality 3D features to us on the 3DS (in NA at least).



EaZy_T said:

I was actually hoping that the browser would support html5 video.

Now it's time for HBO Go to come to Wii U & 3DS... GoT!



JustinH said:

A little ridiculous that it took a year to get the Wii U YouTube app working the way it should have on Day 1 but, well, at least it's coming.

Not sure how useful this is on 3DS, though. If I'm out and about and want to watch YouTube, what are the odds I have WiFi? Either way I'd have my phone with me.



3DGamer said:

YES!! I can finally watch Youtube without having to share! SKYDOESMINECRAFT is gonna be awesome on the 3DS!



Uberchu said:

GOTY for sure...
My bad its not a game its an app...

AOTY then, just because almost everybody wants some Tubes of the Yous on their 3DS or 3DS's or 2DS's...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@GC-161 Dude, you're not paying attention. I'm NOT telling people to not use this, I'm pointing out the uselessness of a YouTube app on 3DS.

And just to get this through: America is not the entire planet. I'm living in Europe, and a lot of countries around here only provide hotspots at big train stations and airports, which aren't always around the corner.
Also, 'options' are fine and all, but spoiling is the inevitable result. People will never have enough, so there will never be enough options. Just because it's there it doesn't mean it should be, and I say that the 3DS doesn't need it, just like no 3DS owner needs it. This isn't backwards thinking, it's a realistic and rational approach to the offer.

@AutumnStars It's in my full right to complain about things I consider pointless. The amount of people who are excited about it doesn't make the slightest difference. There are quite a lot overrated games/apps, after all.



LuckyTJ said:

The 3ds needs media apps to spark up its software. Every mobile device at least has to have youtube.



Chrisfly798 said:

YES YES THANK GOD Finally i called nintendo the other day and they said something about it! ITS MORE Convient!!!!!!



RichRadEx said:

Heh, reminds me of all those Flipnotes on Hatena begging for there to be Youtube on Dsi.

I'm glad all those people can keep there mouth shut now...I hope



GC-161 said:


And you're doing your best to not pay attention to what I'm telling you in regards to the usefulness of this app. So I guess we're even, right?

America might not be "the entire world" but it sure is the main market for most gaming companies like Nintendo. And where historically, they've invested most of their efforts. And it shows in the fact that here, you do not have a hard time finding hotspots. Sorry to hear that such a situation is quite different in Europe. Gotta get Ninty involved and see what can be done on that front.

In regards to your beef with "people not having enough", that's entirely your problem.

What you need to understand is that the 3DS is a system expected to have a long life-cycle. Its not going away any time soon. And as such, its designed to receive long-term product support. Part of that support involves being infused with new features and services that will only help to prolong its expected life-cycle.

Now, what Nintendo brings to the 3DS, is directly related to what its users DEMAND for the 3DS to have. Unlike YOU, Nintendo doesn't think 3DS users are being unreasonable with their demands. And with these upcoming updates, its clear that they're listening to us and not people like you. Who are content with what you already have.

But as others here have suggested, you can always try this: do not download the Youtube app for the 3DS.

As simple as that.



SheldonRandoms said:




Benjerocks said:

This is crazy, cause I searched up on my 3DS just 3 NIGHTS AGO "when will Youtube come out on 3DS?" in case I missed an announcement or something, and it's being announced today! They say Nintendo looks at your Internet browser searches for "data," and because of that fact I feel like I reminded them of this XD (even though that's highly unlikely).



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@GC-161 America? Main focus? Keep dreaming...
Nintendo mainly focuses on japan, with releases, promotions and merchandise everywhere. Not even half the stuff from Nintendo available in japan is brought to the U.S. or Europe, and even less arrives in Australia.
This doesn't mean they don't care about the west, but they approach it differently and less aggressive than japan.
And the hotspot thing isn't a problem Nintendo can change; telecommunication companies would have to invest on that, or stores would need to provide it - which happens rarely.

But what you seem to get wrong is that demand does NOT equal usefullness. And it's no beef I have - people really never get enough, no matter how much they have. This very application proves it. It only exists to satisfy spoiled users.

Also, the life-cycle of a gaming system doesn't automatically warrant anything, except for games. That's what it's there for, period. The new features already are given out and continue: they started with digital retail downloads, and next month, they implement MiiVerse support. This stuff is directly related to the gaming experience. YouTube has no connection to it.

Yet you still haven't even given me a single good reason for this app's existence. The 'option' argument falls flat here, because the available option still doesn't make it magically useful.
I might have to actually repeat my question at this point: How does a YouTube application enhance the user's experience on a 3DS?

And regarding the DEMANDS of the people: people demanded plenty of pointless things in Nintendo's lifetime. Pokémon VC releases, Nintendo going third-party only, GTA V on WiiU... the list is going on. Those examples are all on the same level of pointlessness alongside a YouTube app on 3DS, albeit for different reasons. People don't always make smart demands, simple as that.

And as I said already: this isn't about me not wanting to watch YouTube videos via 3DS, this is about a clear statement. I won't repeat this statement, you know what I mean.
Or to bring it down to simple words (targeted at everyone who wants this app): Do whatever you want with this, please. Don't let anyone or anything change your mind about using this. But don't try to tell me there's a good reason for this app, simply because there isn't (demand is NO good reason).



Noboty said:

It's about time. This is something they should've had available years ago.



TeeJay said:

@Kaze_Memayru What are you talking about? Demand is an excellent reason to provide a service. I myself don't have a smartphone or laptop to go in public to watch videos but I take my 3DS everywhere. This app is a god-send.



startropicike said:

Dude I can relate about the hotspots cause I live in a town where hotspots are rare,I have my own internet so no need to look for hotspots but since the 3ds came I and mostly everyone wanted youtube,they gave us nintendo bleehdeo which is doggiedoodoo,nobody is forcing to download,its optional so chill,you know not everyone likes to stare at their desktop pc for hours to see vids,Its great for late nights and I can move freely and watch inside my bathroom,I think is great,for me at least is not pointless,respects to your opinion dude,you should do the same.

Watch the language -Lz



startropicike said:

Now that nintendo is at it,make a vines app for 3ds also and a facebook app cause the one in the browser isn't so good,more apps,more awesome games,more features,it is good,why if others can enjoy them we nintendo 3ds owners cant?



ModernMARVEL said:

I personally feel that this is wondeful. About mid-summer I got really into Youtube. I think it's great that I don't need to buy an unwanted phone to watch videos, short or long, without having to share. I don't have a computer of my own as of yet, so this helps. I also believe that it's great that while I cannot pause in the middle of my game to watch something (which I doubt a 3DS could handle), I still don't have to swap to another device just to watch something. Having Youtube as an option on multiple devices is great in my opinion. Whilst it may not enhance experiences for some, it certainly enhances mine. It's great to be able to watch my favorite Youtubers on a device that I actually use for other things. Being able to access great games and some great video content without having to spend hundreds of dollars that I don't have is really great. I just wish they would've given us an exact date...



Kuksenkov said:

Ummmm IDK, the Wii U's YouTube app is everything but actually worth it. I just rather watch videos on the Internet Brower.



Kolzig said:

it will be very cool to be able to hopefully watch 3DS gameplay videos in Youtube with 3D enabled.

The eshop doesn't have enough 3DS videos, so this is certainly a welcome addition!



HopeNForever said:

I bet the new YouTube support for the Nintendo 3DS will actually increase the relativity of bringing in more 3D content to YouTube's services itself, especially since the value of the Nintendo 3DS signature auto-stereoscopic features are being more realised nowadays. This is encouraging, and the possibilities are potentially great! People wouldn't bother with 3D if there isn't much of an audience for it, but if 3D support with Nintendo 3DS becomes grand, there will be an explosion of new 3D videos coming to YouTube to be watched by a growing Nintendo 3DS audience.

Think about it: How many people you know own a Nintendo 3DS, and how many people do you know actually own a powerful, expensive 3D TV or computer screen?



ruben602 said:

FINNALY youtube is here for 3ds and then facebook lol it still MIGHT happen people keeping my fingers crossed



FriedSquid said:

That's good and all, but I'm not sure how much I'd actually use it, I can use my iTouch for that. More importantly, considering how bad the iOS app for Youtube is, who knows how badly they will screw up the 3DS app, too. Not to mention how much Google is ruining YouTube right now, anyways...



LuckyTJ said:

the ios app for youtube isnt that bad actually. its the console versions of youtube that suk.



Magitroopa said:

So correct me if I am wrong, the Youtube application for the 3DS will be coming out between now and December?



crazyj2312 said:

A lot of people use their phones for everything and write off the functions of the 3DS since their phones can already play music, web browse and watch youtube but as someone without a phone that can do all that its nice to know my game system of choice can so this is a pleasant feature I personally will use often



vinicity said:

YouTube on 3DS sounds great, but I wish they could add a NetFlix app instead.



soul-eater said:

WHO CARES IF YOU ARE A HATER AND PROBABLY WANT TO RUIN THE PRIVALEDGE OF HAVING YOUTUBE ON THE 3DS?Well i do! let whoever is exited be exited and you wouldnt have to try to seem so smart when we know how smart you really are. If you reply with more hatertots than that goes to show how smart you are sissy.



soul-eater said:




soul-eater said:




soul-eater said:

i read all your posts hater! like i said though, dont go and ruin the thunder for everyone else because you dont have an interest in youtube when youtube isnt useless at all. not everyone uses it irresponsively. it could be used for educational purposses so yeah. it IT ISNT USELESS!



soul-eater said:

i got the date! The update is gonna be here on the 23rd of november and miiverse will land on the 2nd of december! XD



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@soul-eater This reply shows you didn't...
If people get dragged down by my opinion, that's their problem, not mine. I just stated my view on it, and if that's bothering you, then it's entirely your problem.
And to conclude it: criticism=/=hate ... just for future reference.



RetroRider said:


This debate between you and other users was actually quite entertaining. But however saying that this is "pointless" just made me laugh. Some users like me who don't have any other devices but a 3DS are more than happy to welcome a YouTube application. And since this hasn't even been released or has no visual evidence of what this app is like, judging it already just makes you seem like your opinion is quite poor. It could,for example, run fairly good and play videos nicely.

If this app totally failed or sucked at displaying videos why on earth would it be released? I do indeed have a computer,but share it with a decent size family. So you could imagine why this would be quite useful for me. And if netflix' quality is good and you can browse videos from online, I don't see why YouTube's wouldn't be too.

However I do indeed like your opinion because you have proved some things to be true that some users got wrong. Always glad to see people mixing their thoughts, so in the end thanks for commenting



soul-eater said:




Kaze_Memaryu said:

@soul-eater First off, stop the caps-lock, it makes you look like a fool.
And apparently, you don't understand anything I said. I don't hate on YouTube, or even this app, I point out reasons why it's useless - or simply a minor appeal gimmick.
Also, who are you to tell me to go to school when you constantly caps lock? Ironic, don't you think?
I have nothing against YouTube, and your wishful thinking doesn't change that. The fact that you talk against an opinion (you know, the thing everyone has and not everyone shares?) is proof enough that you just can't take criticism against yourself or anything you like.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@RetroRider Well, I guess I should point out that there are exceptions like yours indeed.
It's not that I think YouTube apps are generally useless, just that it's useless for enhancing one's gaming experience on 3DS (with, yet again, some exceptions). And of course it might seem a bit unfair on my end to judge the quality before actually noticing it, but that's not without reminding myself of the capabilities of the 3DS - and that led me to realizing the problems between it an YouTube, with both Google+ and HD standards being potential roadblockers for a clean YouTube experience.



RetroRider said:


Well of course I have thought of the Google+ and the HD situations, but if you are like me, you are happy with whatever you are getting.

Obviously adding the new Google+ feature was a horrible idea, but I don't think that should effect the expirence.

And really, most videos aren't HD. I think the default graphics for videos is usually 480p.

And if you have watched videos from nintendo video, you may have noticed that it actually displays the videos quite well.

And if YouTube can display graphics almost or just as good as that, then almost no one should have problems with the video quality. As far as the speed of it goes, I can imagine its either decent or works well. Otherwise nintendo would know that users wouldn't even bother with this app.

But of course we will wait and see what this completely has in store for us once it is released.



soul-eater said:

You obviously havent noticed something i said in my first not really in the mood right now*So no more hatertots (though i understand some of your reasoning). Like retro said*its not right to judge the app before its out.Its rather likewise that you would ask me who i am to tell you to go to you really want to know? Private info! AND THE CAPS LOCK IS STRONG EMOTION DUMBO*In conclusion i want to ask that you not seem so smart unless you apply that to *ACTUALLY BEING SMART.



Kagami_hiiragi said:

Now I can watch the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya AND Lucky Star-----------------(besides sometimes im too lazy to get up and go on the computer lol)



declanwoof7 said:


I just really hope you can check your inbox and subscribe to channels and like videos and comment on videos. Because you cant do those things on the wii



TheSonicdude97 said:

(Late reply, I know..) I'm gonna throw my 2 cents in here and say that this Youtube app CAN enhance one's gaming experience. I'll give you 2 examples. One, if you're someone who doesn't have the benefits of a phone or other devices, yet does not exclude finding Wi-Fi, and you can't find a certain trailer or video on eShop for a game, you could then use the Youtube app to watch a video with info of it right away. Secondly, if there's a Youtube app, don't you think that people who like videos will use it and thus spend more time with their 3DS? I know I will, cause I've never had any mobile way of watching Youtube aside from a laptop. (Which I don't have at the moment) It's great that now I can watch videos on a device that's small and easy to carry around my house. I totally understand you find it to be pointless, and that's you're opinion. I love that this app is coming, and that's my opinion. All I wanted to do was give my reasons/belief on how the app will result in more time spent on the 3DS for many, even if it is simple video browsing, but still means more usage and enjoyment of the 3DS's feature(s). (And you could use the app to find walkthroughs and help you out in a jiffy, again, by convenience of watching right away on the same handheld you're playing the game on)



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@TheSonicdude97 Let's keep this short and avoid a new discussion.

You have valid points, true. And finding trailers/LP's of certain games does have its benefits. But watching a video of a game is not gaming in itself, and this app's presence on 3DS hardly changes the way most people think of the 3DS. Nintendo won't run commercials for it, Google won't add 3DS-specific features like Streetpass. It's just... there. It's hard to explain, but even though the YT app is on 3DS, it seems isolated in itself. Uhhhhh... I guess it really is harx to explain.
But still, I don't mind people questioning my opinion, so I hope my reply will be of use for you. ^_^



RetroBaby67 said:

Well, u said it was comin out 2day... is it an update or something on the eShop?
Oh, and also, those of you saying to just watch youtube on a phone or computer, my laptop is pure crap, and i dont even have a phone; my 3ds is everrything, so shut up PLZ!



RetroBaby67 said:

Oh, and I'm not saying anything against peoples opinions, I'm saying that I cant do YT on anything else, I mean seriously, YOU try watching Minecraft Like an Enderman on a pile of dung!!!



zeldafanatic218 said:

I love youtube because when im angry or upset i just watch a funny video then im fine. Since all i have is a 3ds and no other way to watch youtube i think that its a great idea.



RetroBaby67 said:

You Goomba-brained Dunsparces gotta start reading through all the comments before saying anything! Soul Eater said it was supposed to be today, but for the US my guess is tomorrow or Monday.



T3Kgamer said:

you know this is great news my ipod broke so i cant watch yt i could have done it on my wii but having a portable device is easyer in my opinion i can watch ANYTHING i hope you know as long as there is no limitations

i think this will be a superb addition to the 3Ds

(its almost the end of the month nintendo when ya gonna release it?)



powerpunch said:

Anyone want to visit my town in animal crossing new leaf? It has a costom design race track and a epic looking villager named kyle!



RetroBaby67 said:

3ds eShop- nothing. System updates- nothing. Internet- NOTHING! What the fox is going on? November ends on Saturday. Wtf?



awesomed3ds said:

Nintendo knows we WANT it but it might make all other apps useless and their tweaking the app



soul-eater said:

i know right! everytime i go in friends someone is on the NES and then everyone else is on it and i cant resist but to check and see for myself.I mean at least give us a demo before it releases so we can do something!



SasukeUchiha said:

@soul-eater- I think Youtube will be released on Thanksgiving day. Nintendo did say they were going to release Youtube towards the end of this month and my best guess was Thanksgiving. Nintendo updates the e-shop every Thursday and Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of November.



DemonnPrincess said:

I have mixed feelings about this. I am kinda happy that YouTube will be able to be watched on the 3DS, it's just...that one guy, from Japan. He said something along the lines of "there's already too much content flowing into kids' devices nowadays" and I just kinda feel like we're going against his wishes with this. I really respected what he said. <3 (go on, attack me)



soul-eater said:

For one i didnt do it for the fact that i was friends with one of the people called Anonymous...also called or named Ekiller so if you see someone with blonde hair and a pirple shirt on 3ds with one of those names delete them immediately!!!



RetroBaby67 said:

OMG its almost here! I can practically TASTE those funny animal fails and if you laugh you lose vids!!!



awesomed3ds said:

WARNING:at EXACTLY 12:00 am be ready people are going downloading like CRAZY! so download it before the same thing with flipnote happens When Nintendo Eshop blacks out



Leone said:

We will have to wait I think it will be here noon. EVERYONE ENJOY VIDS



RetroBaby67 said:

Pff... Tick-off. Where is it? I dont know if i can wait any longer, Thxgving with the fam can be torture sometimes, I need to cool off with some NON-EXISTANT Twilight bad lip-reading vids!



RetroBaby67 said:

You don't understand, you snuffluff. Some of us dont have anything else for YouTube, and I can barely survive right now, I need to see some funny vids!



RetroBaby67 said:

Last night I had a dream that I was waiting for the app, I got a present on the home screen, but it turned out to be a Dragon Ball Z picture of Vegeta trying to hug Goku. Then I got a pet dragon and my mom had magical powers. My mind is SO messed up...



soul-eater said:

I got the app its in new releases and its also stated in lovure direct to check new releases for a special app glad I did

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