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Thu 1st Aug 2013

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startropicike commented on Amazon Now Offering Nintendo Games For Direct ...:

Cool this is convenient for people like me,where im from they don't sell nintendo cards anymore not even at walgreens and I have to go to another town to get one,they do sell amazon cards so now I can buy digital games again,hope the smash bros 3ds dlc appears on amazon cause I don't see it there yet.



startropicike commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Update Incl...:

I don't think little mac is OP,his air and recovery is atrocious,he's pretty balanced for me,yes he's strong but he can be beat if you take him out the stage,also browser is awesome,now his much faster than in the past,and he is strong,besides no you can sort of PSA the game with customization,It would be cool if they let at least the miis to fight online.



startropicike commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Update Incl...:

I really don't play online much cause im trying to clear the game first,collecting trophies is fascinating to me,Its cool their balancing stuff that means they are taking care of their game,not like other companies"capcom..cough..."'It would be cool if they updated the game so we can use the d pad for movement cause the analog kills my wrist and thumb,after a while I have to rest,really painful,also it would be awesome if mega man's charge was change like samus charge cause sometimes megaman keeps walking and falls with this attack.



startropicike commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

This is kind of messed up,It was acceptable back in crystal x red/blue days cause of the tech back then but now with dlc and updates and stuff,this seems incorrect and if they are going to make pokemon z which by all means is a dumb idea just to make it the crystal of this era,by all means I love crystal but who needs 3 versions of the same game this days with patching.Seems will be constraint to battle and trading with restrictions,and if not a lot of x&y people will cry when they online battle the new megas but cant have them.



startropicike commented on Nintendo Reveals The Master Cycle for Mario Ka...:

@KLZ Same here,this looks rad,I was thinking from a long time ago that a futuristic zelda should be like starwarsesque or final fantasy kind of futuristic setting,and also thought that a bike would fit the future link,guess we might see the original futuristic concept of zelda someday.



startropicike commented on Guide: How to Catch a Pokémon Omega Ruby & Al...:

So I tried to reset my password at and guess what people?Every time I try to make a new password and fill everything and continue I get the''invalid or time out costumer service blahblahblah" message,I emailed costumer service,the send me an email about password reset blahblablah,link on gmail gets me to the password reset page,I again send them my gmail so they can send me the password recovery with the pikachu pic at the top,guess what?Same freaking thing again,I make a new password,get invalid or time out message again.go to costumer service,they send me the same useless info,I send them this message,''I see you cant help me cause your just spamming the same mail over and over,thanks a lot for helping me your service makes me want to get electrocuted by pikachu.''And you guys are not going to believe this,they spam me the same retarded mail again.



startropicike commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Wo...:

grumblegrumble if you mean cash i think it is around 40 bucks fisical copy give or take on the digital one, I think its $30 or $35(I think im not sure,and if it is the gig zize it was already told here if im not mistaken,think is around a gig or 2,dont remember.



startropicike commented on Long Awaited YouTube Application Coming To 3DS...:

Dude I can relate about the hotspots cause I live in a town where hotspots are rare,I have my own internet so no need to look for hotspots but since the 3ds came I and mostly everyone wanted youtube,they gave us nintendo bleehdeo which is doggiedoodoo,nobody is forcing to download,its optional so chill,you know not everyone likes to stare at their desktop pc for hours to see vids,Its great for late nights and I can move freely and watch inside my bathroom,I think is great,for me at least is not pointless,respects to your opinion dude,you should do the same.

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