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I'm the guy ADDICTED to Magikarp

Male, 15, United States

Well, I am an average gamer. I have a Wii, 3DS, N64, GameBoy Advance, computer, and other shiz. I have a Steam and Raptr account as well.

Fri 15th Nov 2013

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Magitroopa commented on Hyrule Warriors DLC Costume Sets Now Up for Gr...:

I preordered Hyrule Warriors from Best Buy and didn't get a Skyward Sword costume set.... I looked on the website and it said the DLC pack was for preordering between like August 6 or something and September 25/26 (Release date). I preordered it on like August 3. Why don't I get DLC, Best Buy? For preordering too early?...



Magitroopa commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

Don't care about this 1/10 review or what anyone says- I have been wanting to get this game, and when I get eShop money, I will get it! I want to get Meme Run and can't wait for the day I do get it!



Magitroopa commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

My personal favorite out of them is Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. I have every single Smash Bros. game other than Melee, and I've always been wanting a portable Smash Bros. game, and for 3DS, it is the best 3DS game there is and I love playing it so much!!!