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Iwata: We Never Fear Failure And Always Seek To Challenge The Status Quo

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Opening the first door is when things are most interesting"

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has been speaking at the recent B Dash Camp Osaka 2013 about his company's outlook on business and where it sees itself in the industry, as well as making the Pokémon series a success in the west.

Iwata says that Nintendo doesn't fear failure, and that it's inevitable that you'll have bad times as well as good:

When we talk about Nintendo we cannot ignore (former president) Hiroshi Yamauchi who just recently passed away. He always said that if you have failure, you don’t need to be too concerned. You always have good things and bad, and this reflects the history of Nintendo.

The president also picked up on Nintendo's habit of doing things a little differently, and not slavishly copying its rivals:

If you do the same thing as others, it will wear you out. Nintendo is not good at competing so we always have to challenge [the status quo] by making something new, rather than competing in an existing market.

It’s often called the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’, looking for something that no one else is working on. When we created the DS, people said it was strange to have a dual display, and people said elderly people don’t play games. But they did. Opening the first door is when things are most interesting.

Finally, Iwata spoke about the challenge of making brands like Pokémon and Brain Age successful in the west:

Will America accept cute monsters? No, they said. Some people even recommended to make Pikachu more muscular. If we followed their advice Pokémon would never have been the success that it was. Brain Training software (Brain Age) became a hit in Japan, and I proposed that we sell it globally. And even as I said that as the president, no one listened.

Nintendo has come under fire lately for not doing what everyone else is doing and refusing to release its games on smartphones and tablets, but as Iwata says, the company has a desire to do something new rather than emulating current trends. That's one of the reasons why it has been so successful in the past 30 years.


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FiveDigitLP said:

Ah. This is one of the reasons why I appreciate what Nintendo does so much. They don't really play the game of "Follow the Leader" like everyone else.



audiobrainiac said:

I love the photo for this article. It looks like he's getting ready to march nintendo troops down the streets of USA lol.



Kit said:

Hooray! Proud to be different... that's what I love about Ninty!



DanMan82 said:

True. You never know how something will work out until you try it on yourself. It seems like Mr. Iwata has a pretty good outlook for conducting business.

"Nintendo is not good at competing so we always have to challenge [the status quo] by making something new, rather than competing in an existing market."

There, see. Even Iwata says that Nintendo has it's faults. I didn't think this was a big secret so I don't understand why everyone points them out as if it were some incredible revalation you discovered. To quote Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that".



cookiex said:

It can't always be rainbows and sunshine, but the faster you get yourself out of recession the better. Wii U needs sales, and this holiday season and beyond it's upmost important to get back on track.

Also inb4 "this means Nintendo is doomed hurr durr they should go third party and/or put games on smartphones".



TromboneGamer said:

They're not doing anything particularly new or challenging anything right now though. Tis a shame. If we had more games that have the spirit of Nintendo Land maybe I could have a bit more faith.



WingedSnagret said:

Kudos to Iwata for keeping a brave face on in the wake of the rest of the gaming world looking down at them. It's moments like these that make me proud to be a Nintendo follower.



DarkKirby said:

The only people who think Nintendo games on smartphones would be a good business decision are haters, idiots, and people who own Nintendo stock and want to sell it once the price spikes upward temporarily. Making smartphone games would undermine Nintendo own consoles, the portable market which they already dominate.

The Wii U on the other hand, I'm all for new innovations and methods of gaming, but I don't consider having a home console that isn't as powerful as its competitors "challenging the status quo".



Doma said:

Nintendo unable to compete, confirmed. Somebody laughed at me for stating that yesterday...



OliverAdam said:

"When we talk about Nintendo we cannot ignore (former president) Hiroshi Yamauchi who just recently passed away. He always said that if you have failure, you don’t need to be too concerned. You always have good things and bad, and this reflects the history of Nintendo."

Sure took that to heart didn't you? Being the one game company that can probably lean back the most in these times, you sure don't hide the unbalanced view on the market.

Listen i have owned a Wii U since it's release, and everything they could do wrong, they have done wrong, and almost to utmost perfection. They have all the money in the world, but they don't experiment in practice, they experiment in thought. Wii U is nothing more than split-up DS, and it's awkward because both screens aren't in ones field of view. That said, some might feel otherwise, but when so many people are distanced by it, so many refuse to even buy it because of that, maybe you should think about what you're doing.

You can fail as much as you want, the 3DS got your back, but the second THAT turns, you're done for. It's not about being able to fail, it's about having people know that you're failing; if your name fades from the industry, and the next generation don't know you by legacy, what's the point?

This is japanese conservative and traditional business arrogance, and i'm tired that my once-favourite company is going down the path it is. I'm told that i have outgrown Nintendo, but i think the whole industry has outgrown them, that whatever they once had of magic, is gone.

"They shaped the industry, they sold a 100 million Wii's, they turned the 3DS situation" - yeah but that's all in the past. You don't throw a WW2 veteran into battle now, just because he ONCE liberated the world. That might be a harsh analogy, but it's the damn truth.

Nintendo should get some fresh meat into the firm, some understanding of the market, and know that a product will sell itself, if it has reason too, not because THEY say it should.

"We don't compete with anyone else" they say over and over. Funny how that line wasn't appearent when the Wii dominated.



AyeHaley said:

I love how Wii U is finally becoming a must have if you love fun games but I still don't get why they stopped making Wii's...There are many markets left untapped in the world. Anyway I agree with Iwata, doing something different is the best thing to do.



BossBattles said:

Very wise...there is always good & bad, so don't be a follower in the promise that it will reward you. Better to create something new.



manu0 said:

They're not going to make Brain Age more popular in Europe by not releasing it...(still no release date)...



NintyMan said:

Very sound words from Iwata, and it's true. A company that has been around for 124 years will inevitably have ups and downs, and that is just the nature of the business. It's also interesting that he admits that Nintendo isn't very good at competing. You can take that both ways, but rather than constantly butting heads with another company, Nintendo would rather just go around it and make something new.



cfgk24 said:

Well , xbox 1 and ps4 are competing. Both systems are practically the same so which do you get? I'm getting an xbox 360 so I can play World of tanks!



faint said:

@Doma I laughed at you because you suggested that Nintendo stop making consoles merely because the Wii U isn't doing well and not for any other reason.
People like you love to ignore the past. The PS3 and Xbox 360 still haven't caught up in sales to the Wii. That was literally the last console they released. Now we are barely a year into this console gen and you suggest they give up?
Im glad you don't run a mufti-billion dollar company.



Mk_II said:

So what if the Wi U comes out on third place in this generation's sales figures? Nothing would change for us gamers, it's not a winner takes all situation. They'll just come up with something else and sooner or later they'll hit the jackpot again.



Dogpigfish said:

@Moshugan It's about as bold as Steve jobs before he changed his company to what it is today. Many companies replicate, but what Nintendo and Apple have in common is a push to revolutionize



Yorumi said:

It's a little funny that in response to a story where nintendo basically says they don't listen to anyone everyone starts trying to give them advice.



Dexter2015 said:

@LunaticPandora Really the reason why 3rd party not like the games on the Wii U is that the first party games out sale them always! It's not really in Nintendo hands they are open arms to any 3rd party that want to release the games on it!



Turbo857 said:


The Wii wasn't competing with anyone else. It carved it's own 100 million sale niche.

Nintendo hasn't "competed" since the Gamecube. The DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U... all examples of what the other companies aren't doing. So far they are 3/4 so give the Wii U and Nintendo's marketing efforts a little more time.



Gerbwmu said:

A good company never competes...if you do something well, then you do that. Nintendo has an advantage over anyone who is in the gaming market because of their recognition and IP's. They may not be the most successful every generation but they are a very competent organization. That doesn't mean they can't fail, but I'd bet my money on them outlasting Microsoft and Sony's gaming division.



Arcamenel said:

This is not a new concept when it comes to the company. I can't count how many fun and unique experiences their systems have given me that I don't get elsewhere.



AdanVC said:

And this is why I continue supporting Nintendo. They stablish new concepts never seen before and literally most companies laugh at them at the beginning... and a couple of years later everyone is using those concepts on their products as well (Kinect, PS Move... and that ugly fighting game from PS like a Smash Bros rip-off, just to name a few) This is the reason why they have been relevant on the industry for more than 30 years, and in that time-lapse companies have come and have gone... and Nintendo is still here and it would be here for a while



Doma said:

@Gerbwmu “Competing” and being “competent” go hand in hand. Their USP has become gimmicks and nothing more.



oreqano said:

@OliverAdam I know many people who have never heard of a Wii U and I know many who do but haven't bought one. The Wii branding was a smart move save the fact that they only added a "U". But I never had anyone tell me that they weren't buying it because of the 2nd screen. Ever. Love my Wii U.



oreqano said:

@Doma That doesn't even make sense. Being compentant is not directly related to competetion.
It means you do well on your intentions. Being successful at something is a branch off that. They are not gimmicks, you just say that because they don't appeal to you.

Edit: Reading this back sounds rude. Not my intention.



DilMan33 said:

Meanwhile you have Sony trying to standardize controls and push the cloud.

The trouble with Sony is that they come from a multi-media DNA concept for the industry, while N obviously have a core game DNA built into it. It's so obvious when you try out their respectful handhelds.

The Vita is a powerful handheld, but my god, does it suffer from slow down/bad QC (even on first party titles) on a lot of games and it shows and it matters!!!!



eaglebob345 said:

@FiveDigitLP They don't follow the leader they are the leader.

Even though Nintendo is seems to be the only ones trying to innovate, I think it will take a little longer to shake off this FPS pit that the industry is in at the moment. It took FOREVER to get out of all of the fighting games.

At least when Mario gets used a lot, it is for different types of games, what's their excuse?



FritzFrapp said:

Typo in first line, last para, Damo.

They'll always be winners to me if they continue to make the awesome games they are making and fantastic machines to play them on. Love the Wii U and 3DS – both are near the top of my all-time favourite gaming machines.



ricklongo said:

This is why I love Nintendo. The minute they start going with the flow and focusing on Generic Shooters with Cinematics (TM) rather than their colorful, gameplay-based titles... that's the minute I stop caring about them.

And on the "competition" thing, I'm pretty sure that's a translation inaccuracy. He probably means that emulating what other companies are doing is not what Nintendo is good at. They've obviously been "competing", and have been doing quite a great work of it save for the current Wii U struggles (which, again, are more due to a lack of a constant flow of good new titles).



WiiLovePeace said:

You can't lead if you follow. Nintendo know this & do whatever they can to set new trends & challenge accepted trends to remain a leader in entertainment They leave the rest of the followers behind to battle it out over the remaining trends while constantly keeping their eye on the horizon into the new future's possibilities... Great philosophy for how to live as a person, actually



kevkeepsplaying said:

@OliverAdam You're clearly uneducated on the situation. I could argue a lot of your points, but the only one I want to argue due to keeping relevant to the discussion is that they are not doomed just because the Wii U had a rough start, and I HIGHLY doubt the 3DS is going to tank ever, if anytime soon. There are no signs of it tanking, there are no reasons for it to tank. Not to mention they have plenty to fall back on due to previous successes.

I will admit a few of your points on the Wii U's decisions are correct, they were a bit of a trip on Nintendo's part, but Iwata is right, you have to look past it if you are to progress. I hope that the Wii U will find it's place in the market soon, and if it doesn't, oh well! It's not the end of the world. Maybe they will think next time, and their future console will be done right. Because trust me, there will be a next time. The Gamecube's failures never stopped them, now did they?

Regardless, I love my Wii U, it is absolutely hands down my favorite console right of all time right now. Although favoritism does apply to it on my part, I won't lie, it's also just a brilliant console. The convenience of the Gamepad, man! I cannot stress it enough! I cannot say ONE bad thing about it, personally. It has never given me an issue! At the same time, I do understand this console isn't for everyone, it's VERY apparent. But there are people this console can appeal to, and there is still time to figure out new features and changes to bring in those who aren't appealed by it. I trust Nintendo. I've trusted them all my life, and they've never let me down.



Doma said:

@oreqano I mean it as in - you can't compete with others unless you're at least competent at what you do.

When you look at their last two system gimmicks; 3D, the gamepad - one is being somewhat ditched from this point forward (an admission of it being short-lived), and the other is failing to attract any people at all due to uninspired usage. It's nothing revolutionary, it's not just that i personally don't like them.
Btw, that doesn't sound rude. Man, i've seen much worse lol.



Multishanks said:

@Doma News flash. All three consoles have gimmicks. Always have, always will. This is like the nonsense I constantly hear about "casuals" being new thing and something to be avoided by your console maker of choice. Wrong. Casual gamers have been around since the inception of Video games. They are the ATCG of the video game DNA since Pong. Don't kid yourself - it's called mass appeal and I guarantee you all three company's investors have that focus in the bottom line.



Doma said:

Nintendo are more concerned with casuals now than ever before.



XneroX said:

I think saying Nintendo isn't good at competing is probably a translation error



withoutdk said:

i dont fear for the stuff nintendo is making... only for the lacking support of 3rd parties :/



Rafie said:

@faint Yet the Wii is still not considered better than the PS3 and 360. The cheap price compared to the competition and the name alone sold the Wii's out in the beginning. Not so much 3-4 years later the 360 and PS3 start out doing the Wii. The Wii did impressive numbers, but it it's only by 20 million. It's not a flat out masscre like when PS2 outsold both GC and Xbox well over a hundred million.

Still, I give the Wii some incredible credit. It has awesome games that was GOTY even to the HD consoles. That speaks of the quality of Nintendo. Nintendo doesn't have to compete. They just make games and make it funner every time.



Gerbwmu said:

@Doma I politely disagree with your oppinion. A competent business knows that competing is a poor business policy. If I own a restaurant....I don't try and compete with McDonald's........if I'm Apple....I don't compete with PC or Android....I do the things I do best and maintain a strong healthy business. Please keep in mind that competing and competition are two different things. Nintendo is definitely in competition with Sony and Microsoft for market share but Nintendo doesn't compete with them. They don't need too. They are the Disney of their market. Nintendo has been wildly successful in a business that doesn't allow much success. They have recognition that goes far beyond gaming. Microsoft and Sony may find the same level of success over time. But what do you think the upper management will say if/when PS4 and XB1 struggle. Will they support it or will they sell the name and take a giant bonus check for doing so? I think Microsoft being an American company is more likely to do so because we have that CEO culture in this country. I sincerely hope all 3 succeed because that is best for us consumers.....look what Madden has become because of their exclusive NFL rights and no competition.....but I think one of the console makers won't survive this generation and I think Nintendo is better positioned to survive because of the way they operate.

Edit: To say Nintendo isn't competent is a misinformed statement. With few exceptions, Nintendo has been very successful in the things they have done. 3DS is hugely popular as was the Wii. SNES, NES, DS, all gameboy versions, N64 all did very well. GameCube struggled and Virtual Boy bombed butas a whole, it is quite obvious that Nintendo is very competent in what they do. You may see Wii U as being a gimmick but Microsoft and Sony are already trying to copy its features



oreqano said:

@Doma But that's the point right? They are great at what they do. Make great games. And they are very successful. There has been a very slow start to Wii U mainly cause of poor advertising. As for 3d and gamepad, its success or failure doesn't make them gimmicks. If they had no intention on supporting these features and just used them to get sales I would agree. However I believe the intention is to create different experiences. The most simplistic thing like off TV play is something I never knew I wanted. And innovatiin comes in many forms. We've seen tablets before. But making it a controller is a new take on that.



ecco6t9 said:

"Think Differently"-Genius invest in Apple.
"We do things our own way"-Nintendo is outdated, not with it, needs to make their games for anything with a screen.



Turbo857 said:


With over 32 million in sales of the 3DS brand worldwide, please tell why Nintendo "needs" to put its games on other platforms? This isn't Sega, Nintendo's still very much a profitable company.



DanMan82 said:

@Turbo857 I think you're misreading @ecco6t9 comment.

ecco6t9 is saying that when Apple comes out and says we want to be different, everybody praises them. When Nintendo says just about the same thing, people start to trash them and say they're a bad company.



Sceptic said:

Nintendo is under fire for sucking very, very badly at what it is doing, not for doing anything different. What are they doing different, anyway? Right now, as a WiiU owner, I'd be happy if they did anything at all.



Gerbwmu said:

@Sceptic What is Nintendo sucking very bad at. 1st year sales of Wii U will be pretty similar to those of PS3 and XBox360 and probably the same as 1st year sales for PS4 and XB1. Nintendo has 5 exclusive games coming out in the next 7 months that should sell very well. The 3DS is basically printing money for them. I understand the Wii U has struggled based on projections and there WAS a lack of games published the first 8 months but who would you rather work for right now.....Nintendo, Sony's gaming division or Microsoft's gaming division.....Wii U may be another GameCube but it could be a 3DS.....either way Nintendo will be profitable and relevant......Sony has already stated in the last month that they can not afford PS4 to fail.......



GuruOfGreatness said:

At the end of the day, whether they sell 30 million Wii U's in it's lifetime, or 90 million, as long as Nintendo makes money from it, and gamers are happy with their purchases, what is there to worry about? People keep saying how the Gamecube flopped. Well yes, it sold 25 million units worldwide in its lifetime, but yet Nintendo made a profit on every single unit sold because they were so cheap to make. Would they have liked to have sold more? Of course they would have. Were they annoyed by the lower sales? Highly unlikely, as it was still cash/profit in their pocket, and the legacy of the console still lives on very fondly to those who bought it. I know I'd be happy.

Also, Nintendo, much like Sony and Microsoft are a brand, plain and simple. People always have their favourite brans of everything, foods, aftershave, football team etc, and you support that brand because it is what appeals to you and is what you as the consumer enjoy. Nintendo have always been my favourite gaming brand for the past 23 years of my gaming, and that will never change. I loved SEGA as a close second until their demise, and now, Nintendo are still around and going up against Sony and Microsoft, but why does there have to be a war? I have nothing against either other company, I just prefer Nintendo. Everyone has their own tastes, and I hate it when people try to force their taste, which turns into opinion, which then apparently means it is FACT, down other peoples throats.

I see the appeal of all 3 new consoles, but I own and am happy with just my Wii U; doesn't mean I don't see the appeal for other people though, and doesn't mean that my opinion is correct for everyone.



BulbasaurusRex said:

While it was still an excellent system, the GameCube was Nintendo's least innovative system (other than the Game Boy Advance, but the GBA had practically no competition), and that probably contributed to its third place finish that generation.



Quickman said:

I'm pretty tired of listening to people saying what Nintendo should and shouldn't do. If people want 3rd party games so bad then buy a 3rd party system.

The majority of 3rd party games are what's actually giving the Wii U a bad name right now, yet people seem to be wanting more?



boynerdrambling said:

How about we all get back to what we are meant to be doig. You know, playing and enjoying video game instead of defending which company has done what. Let buisness worry about businnes, you just worry about what game to buy this holiday season.



SomeBitTripFan said:

Saying and doing are two different things. Do Nintendo! Instead of only taking risks with your hardware, take risks with your software.



tanookisuit said:

@Moshugan Bold and refreshingly (while clearly) obvious that Nintendo isn't good at competing. They know their strengths well. Market domination (NES and handhelds overall GB->3DS) and doing something unique to draw peoples attention (Wii and DS.) Every time they've tried to compete on the same level as other people, they blend into the pack and eek out a victory (SNES) or the end up getting very profitable but market share wise the crap smoked out of them (N64 and the Cube.) When they dominate (NES and Wii) or try something totally different (Wii and DS) they rake in the dough. I can't blame them at all for just saying screw you guys I'm outta here to playing by the rules as it gets them burned and has since the 1990s.



Captain_Balko said:

@Doma "Nintendo are more considered with casuals than ever before"

Uh-oh boys, looks like we got a REAL Hardcore-to-the-bone gamer over here!

Watch out! You don't want to mess with this guy! He's so hardcore, he once played World of Warcraft for five days straight! And all he had to eat and drink were some Doritos and a six pack of Red Bull (the cans doubled as his toilet after he finished them). That's right ladies and gents. THIS GUY RIGHT HERE is SO GOSH-DARN HARDCORE (pardon the language, if there be any ladies reading) that he once beat EVERY FINAL FANTASY GAME (up to 13) in ONE WEEK! He can beat all of his friend in ANY of the Street Fighter games with ANY character - You heard me right, folks, he can CRUSH all THREE of his friends with ANY CHARACTER in ANY version of Street Fighter! It only took him thousands of hours of practice! He's SO HARDCORE that he considers the original Ninja Gaiden on the NES to be CASUAL! OH GOD, THE HUMANITY!

So if if you see this guy, this Hardcore gamer, you'd better watch out. You'd better not be playing Candy Crush on your phone as he walks by, or he'll slap it out of your hand and stomp on it, because he HATES those CASUAL GAMERS! What? You want to play a friendly game of Wii Sports with your friends? You'd better hope he isn't in your neighborhood, because he can SENSE casual gaming (that's just how hardcore he is) and he'll break into your house, smash your TV, break your Wii, and probably burn the whole place down. That's right. HE'S THAT HARDCORE.

Obviously, because he CARES the most about gaming, the entire INDUSTRY revolves around his preferences. So Nintendo wouldn't DARE market partially to casuals that MIGHT buy their system and make them money, because, when it comes to gaming, you can ONLY do what this veritable king among the hardcore wants. What? He's the minority? Who cares, the universe revolves around the 0.05 percent of gamers who are as HARDCORE as he is, obviously nothing else can be taken into account!



Capt_N said:

Although I don't own a WU, I enjoy my 3DS. Maybe this will be the year I get a WU. I have always been a Nintendo fan. (That's) Not to say that I bash other consoles, & gamers with choices non-Nintendo; No, b/c I respect others' opinions. It's just that all my gaming life, I've had Nintendo consoles. I have played other systems, I am familiar with them. I play a bit of gaming on my pc, too. It's just that my personal preference is Nintendo ips. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, & of course, that also means console of choice. I personally hope this gen goes very well for all 3 console makers, no matter the "victor" the majority of the spoils go to.



Beppeoioi said:

I appreciate the mentality of Nintendo, but sin that exit the console WiiU we have not seen anything new but the constant remakes of things already seen.
Nintendo has perhaps lost their creativity?



Scollurio said:

People don't be blind. This is PR talk, he is just defending himself. While I get the idea of "doing things differently" there is no excuse for doing things "worse" than the competition. Online, a proper first party lineup for the launch and third party relations should be top priority no matter how "alien" or "special" your approach otherwise is. Making the hardware lack behind the competition by so much AGAIN is also not really excusable. What was the reason? Surely not price because with a PS4 coming in at 399 euro with 500 GB hard disk the price difference compared to difference in performance and third party content just doesn't hold up in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but they have been seriously botching things lately which is sad for the whole gaming community. You basicly only buy Nintendo hardware to play their software, and this is what they do for 30 years, nothing new there.

Just imagine a Vita-like device with all the third party AND NIntendo content. Just imagine a Wii U as powerful as a PS4 with an integrated online component just like Sony has, with one account-fits-all-your-devices approach. This isn't doing things like the competition, its fullfilling an expected standard nowadays and THEN build your Nintendo blue ocean approach on top of THAT but please, get the standards right first!



Scollurio said:

@tanookisuit Gosh I think you got loads of your stuff wrong here. I agree that the SNES dominated, I loved it, had one, best thing ever. BUT the rest of your conclusions are off. Think about it. Nintendo dominated with the SNES, why? It was basicly the same as the competition, only bit more hardware power, better controller, and the Nintendogames, otherwise, third party titles and all, it was on par with the Megadrive. There wasn't much innovation or "we're different" about the SNES.

Then look at the N64. Marketed as the ultimate beast it had a poopieedoodoocacapoops controller, still looked kiddy compared to the PS1 and most importantly, it stuck with the cartridges, making loadtimes faster but limited the games in capacity and made the system underperform in many ways (higher compression rate on textures and audio for example, less cgi videos). The PS1 was marketed more towards the "mature" audience and all this put together made the N64 the "not so big success" it was, even though they had the rumble pak first AND brought shooters conveniently on consoles with James Bond Goldeneye.

Now for the Gamecube. They did try something new, make it even more kiddy-looking turning off many many gamers (fact is, if something looks kiddy, many mature "casuals" will be turned off, kiddies buy it, if something looks neutral or grown up, everyone buys it) and AGAIN they limit themselves with their disc format putting them in a similar situation like before. And it goes on. The Wii. Yeah it was a big money grab because no one ever did motion controls before, but seriously, think about it, how many TOP games did you have, how many software-draughts did the Wii have to endure. All of this is bad management. The Wii was lacking behind in Power and Online and the attach rate was abysmal as most peopel that thought "motion controls are fancy" just got Wii Sports and the Wii console itself for christmas and then thats that. Nowadays every casual has automatically a smartphone and the once "Wii-market" won't be as readily accessible for Wii U as it was for Wii a few years ago.

And don't get me started on bad branding, poopoodoodoodoggiepoopledoodie console name and lack of information, advertising and third party relations.

If Nintendo is again and again bringing out their own franchises from old to rejuvenerate their business, why not make a "SUPER NINTENDO 2" or "SUPER NINTENDO X" -with that name, advertising would be through the roof, focus on couch coop again, yet give it a strong online, make it so you can use your existing 3DS as controller (replacing the gamepad) and give it more "standard" controllers. Prosper your third party relations and launch with call of duty, battlefield, need for speed, mario 3d game and mario kart and you'll have a winner. Make sure the virtual console is well integrated and plays all first party and "second" party titles from day one from GB, NES, GBA, SNES, N64, GC and WII. Instantly you'd have a 200 game+ library on launch day. Ah well.

I know its all easier said than done, but I truly think Nintendo lost their touch.
I'd buy a SNES 2 the first second though.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



ninjalink said:

Hey guys did you realize the very first time we were introduce to ds other companies started to use touch screens for wtv reasons, and then after they introduce the motion play with wii again others tried their own versions and again after the wii u was announce they started talking about smartglass and ps4 controller looks like it has a mini screen on it and using their vita for off tv play or wtv? Nintendo isn't only competing they are leading the industry into different horizons, except for graphic power but visuals have limits but gameplay doesn;t



erv said:

Iwata: I am awesome and you know it.

He's right. He is awesome. Plus, I just had a good laugh thinking about a dudebro, cursing, low voiced, brown and green pikachu. That controls like a truck. With auto aim. And kill-cam, called zap-cam. And anti aliasing. And 1080p60fps. And all of those "relevant" things that make games so "good".



Captain_Balko said:

@Doma I'm feeling mighty casual in the presence of such a HARDCORE gamer as yourself.

... It was a joke, but seriously, I hate it when people are like "Oh man, stop appealing to casual gamers at all, everyone knows that the 0.05 percent of gamers who are 'hardcore' should be catered to regardless of the fact that Nintendo will make 0.05 percent of potential profit." Seriously. You people who consider yourselves "hardcore" gamers are a vast minority, you don't control the gaming industry, and you never will.



tanookisuit said:

Balko if all he can give you is an animated gif, you did your job well. I found the post amusing and dead on satire against what is wrong in gamer mentality these days. Elitism and entitlement.

No scollurio I don't, I'm just not a blind is all.

1) I did not say the SNES dominated, the NES did, through monopolistic tactics. The SNES squeezed out a victory in hardware/software sales in the back end of the generation.

2) N64 was marketed as a huge jump to 3D, that's it, and it was marketing against what Sony already had going. Your take on the controller is opinion, not everyone agrees with you on it. Nintendo did pull strong profits with the system, but there was like 10 PS1s sold to every 1 N64, so they won on making cash, lost on market share. N64 was doomed as a kiddie box by Sony Media, they setup a slam campaign getting into the press with it and developers while offering up stupid cheap licensing fees along side of the far cheaper CD print costs to swipe away a heap of support, FMV was a consequence of that. I know that part looks suspect, I used to work in game development a decade ago with an old Sony and Nintendo licensee.

3) Gamecube was like N64 part two, trying again to play on the same hardware capable field while the media again in a ways gimped them out of stuff. Then the carried over rep of the kiddie box to the now purple lunchbox didn't help either, despite having now cheap discs and competitive license costs, the damage was done, yet again the system was for NIntendo profitable, even if they were in a questionable edge between 2nd and 3rd placing in sales overall.

Nintendo learned their lessons well. The NES taught them how to handle the handheld market and it has yet to fail for them in owning that market. But that smarts didn't land in the console area, and up until they went to being different instead of trying to play in the same pond on Wii, they were profitable but losers in share. Wii they nes-like dominated again moving heavy hardware and software, despite all the third party hatred for being different with motion control and no HD.

I don't think Nintendo has lost their touch, they never have had a touch really. They work an angle, and they rigidly to a fault stick to it and it either pays off in profits or profits and a huge market share, usually just profit overall between their various devices.



DilMan33 said:

It's worth noting that all three platform holders are feeling the strain at the moment, so Nintendo have done well in this changing and uncertain time.

I am not quite sure there's space for either the Xbox One or the PS4; I think one of them will have to go. And I think Sony should exit the handheld console market, because I don't think they will ever understand it.

As long as Ninty has quality gaming in their DNA; they will always shine through.



Doma said:

@Captain_Balko Joke or no, it makes you seem kinda unstable... Nowhere did i mention anything about hardcore/casual, what's superior, or what i consider myself as. I stated that Nintendo are “mostly concerned with casuals now”. Your rant doesn't respond to that point at all, despite quoting me.

@tanookisuit The only thing his post has shown is how over-sensitive and terrible the reaction from fanboys are. Who'd bother responding seriously to such a thing?



artofmana said:

I really respect the way Nintendo does its own thing. They don't respond quickly to trends. Some see that as a negative thing and maybe, at times, it can be. Still, it is nice to know that Nintendo is working hard to create unique experiences without kowtowing to the whims of the marketplace. Often that means Nintendo comes up with an experience so compelling we wonder how he lived without it and why nobody thought of it sooner!



DanMan82 said:

@Doma I was going to respond to your casuals statement yesterday, but it looks like @Captain_Balko beat me to it.

Without going on a tangent or anything. I think Nintendo is trying to strick a happy medium between catering to the casual and hardcore audience. For the "hardcore" you have games like COD, AC, Watch Dogs, Bayonneta, etc. For "casuals" you have games like Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party, Nintendo Land to an extent, the Wii Sports Club games coming in November, and maybe a few eshop titles. And you can't forget the Hello Kitty racing game. XD

In my honest opionion, I think the "hardcore" audience is gone after more this time around, since it seems like there's more of those types of games compared to the original Wii.

Don't see this as me saying "you're wrong". I'm just stating my point of view, and was looking for a freindly discussion.



Captain_Balko said:

@Doma You inferred that applying to casuals in negative. And I thought that the rant was pretty comical. If casual = negative in your perspective, and hardcore = the opposite of casual, that would mean that you are hardcore from your perspective. And don't say that you didn't imply negativity when you mentioned casuals, because every post thus far was speaking negatively on Nintendo from your perspective, so if you were stating an "unbiased" opinion, go back and look at your other posts on this thread.



unrandomsam said:

@DestinyMan They have competed and destroyed all competition in portables. (Even making questionable design choices along the way). Turbo Express / Gamegear / Nomad / Neo Geo Pocket / PSP / Vita. Nintendo has won every time. When it comes to the Turbo Express at least they really should have lost.



LordGeovanni said:

Internet People: Nintendo? Y U no Follow Leader?

Nintendo: Silly Internet! We ARE a Leader. Why should we follow others?



LordGeovanni said:

@Captain_Balko (Post #67)

THANK YOU! I am so SICK of this "Hardcore" mindset with a majority of gamers in the USA. Considering that I call myself an "Advanced" game player on the Nintendo Club game reviews, I think I can say that I am "experienced". However, even with my 18+ YEARS of playing games (I started playing games when I was around 4 but I will say I was casual until age 6. I am currently 24), I am still ridiculed for not liking Shooters, Fighters, Sports, and Violent games.

I play "casual" games, I play Action Adventure games, I play Platforming games, I play RPG Games. Why is that causing me to be a "casual" player after even 20 YEARS of playing games?



unrandomsam said:

@LordGeovanni I dunno what I am but as far as I am concerned it is impossible for that quantity of people to be what I consider hardcore.

There some humorous things though about it :

Dragon Quest IX even though it is kind of casual getting 100% on it is the very definition of hardcore.
When it comes to shmups they all seem to like Sine Mora but that is casual start to finish. (The ones that are not get badly reviewed because they think they are too hard.)

The sorts of things I consider to be hardcore :
Kokuga start to finish without dying hardest setting.
Lost Levels no warps start to finish no continues including world 9. Then warps and worlds A-D. If you get game over start again.
Doom - Nightmare using only the pistol.
Ghost's and Goblins (Arcade) just finish it any number of credits but no save states or other cheats.
Metal Slug (Any - I wouldn't include the first because I have done that - MVS difficulty one credit).
Gunstar Heroes - Start to finish without getting hit.
Monster Hunter 4 - Already playing it will have done all there is to do by the time it is released here.

I wouldn't say I am hardcore I like to play stuff that just playing for a short time is fun and difficult to the point where it feels like something has been achieved.

Their definition of hardcore seems to be games where if you just spend loads of time playing it then your character gets better so it becomes really easy.

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