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Video: The Wind Waker HD's New Features Are Shown Off, Along With Gorgeous Visuals

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hero Mode, first-person view, Miiverse and more

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is getting ever closer, and its combination of enhanced visuals and gameplay tweaks should attract a fair bit of interest from newcomers and perhaps even a number of those that played the GameCube original.

Earlier today we shared 10 minutes of footage that we've captured in our own playthrough, and Nintendo UK has now added three more minutes of its own. Nintendo is, of course, trying to ensure that we all know about what differentiates this entry from its original, and that's exactly what the latest video sets out to do. We're shown the difference in visuals, a streamlined Triforce collection, first-person aiming, Miiverse and lots of pretty footage.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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sinalefa said:

I guess Nintendo UK could give some lessons to NoA regarding games promotion, at least judging from these trailers. Forget about the Wii U Difference ones, though.



PerezBro99 said:

Sorry nintendo im not buying wind waker hd, im buying the wind waker hd limited edition with a ganondorf statue!

By the way this game looks AMAZING



yuwarite said:

Being able to assign items on the fly is really nifty, and more convenient than having to pause the game.



BossBattles said:

That was a great video. Im excited! Just paid off WW, pokemon Y, TW101, GTAV, and Super mario 3D World. Going to be a fun fall time...



Reverandjames said:

I'm getting a Wii u on 26th September for my Birthday...just in time to play this beautiful game again!



LetsGoRetro said:

There have been so many games (&movies, tv shows, etc.) That when I finished playing/watching them, I had a feeling of "I don't know if I'll ever experience something that incredible again. I wish I hadn't experienced it yet so that I could again".

That seems to be how many people feel about this game. Luckily for me, this is one of the very few Zelda games I played only once or twice for a couple hours, so this is a whole new adventure for me. And from what I understand, I'm in for a real treat. Like a top 5 Zelda treat



aaronsullivan said:

Loving the precision aiming and seeing the GamePad integration. I do wonder one thing. Will I be able to play with a different controller set up while a buddy works with the GamePad? That would be ideal as they could assist in choosing weapons and plotting out where to go next without pausing the action.

I was thinking of waiting on this one... but I may just have to get it day one.



PokeTune said:

Thank god for hero mode! Now I can play a Zelda game that isn't a walk in the park. I need this game!



Great_Gonzalez said:

I must be one of a handful of people who enjoyed the triforce quest as is! But then again i did complete the figurine gallery at least 5 seperate times i just couldn't get enough of this wonderful game, cannot wait to dive back in



Senario said:

@sinalefa Sometimes I feel that Nintendo of America is dropping the ball on promotion because there is no point with the culture so focused on FPS or third person shooting and attempts to improve things are a waste of cash because the other companies just have so much more cash to advertise with overall since they have non gaming devisions. Maybe that is me just being pessimist ic about their marketing though.



evanescent_hero said:

Oh my god. Did I spot an actual aiming reticule for the cannon? Because that will make a world of difference when getting to Jabun.



KingDunsparce said:

Darn it Nintendo. I have to buy this now. Certainly won't be a waste though, I can't wait to revisit my favorite Zelda game.



WaxxyOne said:

Ready for Hero Mode from day 1, and looking forward to the fast sail as sailing from island to island was probably the dullest part of the game.



mikeyman64 said:

Funny how they showed Link finding a Triforce shard. It's like they knew people were talking about that part of the game. The Triforce hunt was actually one of my favorite parts. It took a while, but the very open-world-esque feel of the quest made it really fun. The fast sail will make it better too.

I'm still disappointed that they didn't just make the GamePad the Tingle Tuner. How else are we supposed to find the statues and make phat stacks (to pay for chart deciphering with)!?



NMH-TRI said:


Both are valid, but I'm also leaning towards NOA incompetence. Either they don't understand the US market at all or the US market is just too far gone and already swept away in the grit, blood, and FPS of it all. Nintendo makes systems for all, but they don't always market that. They cover every genre, but don't always market that. I really hope to see ads pushed for everything outside of their staples. Their staples will sell with minimal ads. Expose the rest. There better be a hell of an awesome campaign for X.

UK Nintendo has been doing a lot of things right lately, imo. Good on ya.



Metal_Slugger said:

Looks awesome. Thomas you get a cookie for actually making the screenshots worth clicking. Normally they are about the same size or smaller even. LOL



JohninMotion said:

Already preordered and I can't wait to play this game! The Wii U version will be my first time playing Wind Waker and by the looks of it, I'm in for a treat!



Trikeboy said:

Wow, now that is a trailer. Start giving all the games this kind of promotion and get them on the air a lot. You will be in competition soon.



CrashMan said:

Love the touch pad ideas such as inventory and map, but I think being able to access MiiVerse via Tingle Bottle will be great. Also incredibly excited to unbox my Windwaker WiiU console I have pre ordered!



Senario said:

@NMH-TRI I was thinking a bit that maybe they aren't advertising games because it is pointless to advertise if the game isn't out. Your usual buyer for Nintendo games would likely see the ad and check in stores to see if they have it, it isn't like the fans of all consoles (a small but vocal demographic) that can get hyped a bunch about a release and advertising will make them giggle with joy and open their wallets despite the game not coming out yet.



datamonkey said:

This is great for people that have not already played WW a hundred times but I must say I'm struggling to get excited for yet another release of a game I've already played.

Yeah the graphics look gorgeous and it's a great game but I'm starting to get fed up with Nintendo's insistence of re-releasing old games. Especially at full price.

I know I don't have to buy them, but when there is no or little alternative for my £350 door stop called Wii U what should I do?

One thing is for sure my 3DS, Vita and PS3 have never seen so much play time as they have this year.



Balaclavab said:

Original is my 3rd favourite Zelda Game.
I don't have a Wii U, and I have no idea if I'll get one, but if I did, I would get this.
But streamlining the triforce that really necessary? I didn't mind how much effort I had to put in to piece it together in the original.



SilentHunter382 said:

Can't wait but too bad that the Limited Edition is not going to be sold in Ireland and the Ebay prices for it are just ridiculous.



HappyHappyist said:

okay, now i'm officially sold. i before kept switching between buying it and not buying it, but now i'm sold! this is the trailer we needed, Nintendo!



rjejr said:

Nice trailer, even has me thinking about getting it, and I was swearing off Zelda after Skyward Sword bored me to tears. This one looks much more like an adventure than SS which was more of a bedtime story. Or maybe it's just the music. This TGS trailer sums up SS pretty well for me, nothing to it.



element187 said:

Why are people complaining about the bloom in this game? it really allows the game to represent how bright the sunlight is. It actually feels like you are outside in the sun watching the outside scenes..... You just don't get that same feeling on the Gamecube version and that feeling of really being out in the sun is a direct result of the bloom.... Of course I know the answer to that, its Nintendo and gamers complain about Nintendo because its the cool thing to do, everyone is criticizing Nintendo. You are not cool unless you criticize Nintendo for everything.



startropics3 said:

Looks beautiful. Might have to start saving my rupees...

Why am I so excited about the Tingle bottle idea? Oh that's right, probably because not since Four Swords have we seen in-game, multiplayer interaction in the Zelda series. I love writing and reading notes on the ground in Dark Souls. Hopefully the Tingle bottles will have the same appeal, but it will likely just be a two-way interaction (i.e., send a question, wait for a response). Otherwise I imagine islands would be literally littered with questions and answers. I'm not sure why they didn't decide to use the perfectly viable island mailboxes for that purpose. Still, a really neat idea to incorporate a tip system into the game. Kudos.



AJWolfTill said:

Fantastic trailer! It's a shame it's far too long for them to show on television where it would actually reach new audiences : /



Mytoemytoe said:

I know it's a given but I still give a gleeful yelp every time a game advertises that you can play it completely on the GamePad. Still the coolest feature ever.



Dreamcaster-X said:

That's the best promotional trailer for Windwaker HD yet!!! The upgraded lighting is amazing. Gonna be so hard waiting on the physical copy!!



Deadstanley said:

I was debating whether or not to just replay the GC version I still have, or to wait for this in 7 more days. This video sold me toward the HD version.

Honestly, what really sells me on Wii U in general is the convenience of using the tablet to remove the tedium of using an interruptive menu system. Just like how OoT3D was more enjoyable because of the "2nd screen", this title will be as well. This is the first Wii U release that I'm actually looking forward to.



WaveGhoul said:


people also need to realise that this is the first Nintendo developed Wii U title that's '1080p'+ on top of that it's now running in 60 frames per second. It looks beautiful as is, but i don't expect it to be chalk full of detail and dazzling effects because of the leap in Full HD resolution. 1080p games on Wii U are going to look a wee bit more basic, but it's still looking gorgeous regardless.



JaxonH said:

Just bought the Zelda Windwaker Wii U Bundle off NewEgg for my brother's Christmas gift! I already own a Wii U, otherwise I would LOVE to have gotten this one. Oh well, I'm getting the exclusive Ganondorf figure with my copy reserved through, and I wanted physical anyways.

Now for my mom's friend... aha! A Nintendo 2DS would do nicely for her! It's cheaper (considering she's not family) but will still let her play Zelda like she wants. Oh Nintendo, you've certainly brought the goods this year...



JaxonH said:

And which other Wii U games were "Nintendo remakes"? Cause I've got ALOT of Wii U games, probably over 20 now, and not one of them is a Nintendo remake. This is one, just ONE, remake on the Wii U, and it's in ADDITION to the new Zelda that's being developed, not in place of it.

Wii U as a doorstop? Either you are unaware of how many amazing games there are on Wii U right now (and even more coming every single month), or you're trolling. I might've bought that statement in February, but not now. I'm not even going to list all the amazing games because they're too numerous and I don't feel like typing that much.

But just to give you a recap of the past month alone, there's Pikmin 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, New Super Luigi U, Rayman Legends, and Wonderful 101 (unless you're in NA where it's releasing at midnight tomorrow). If you're using your Wii U as a doorstop right now, but still haven't played some of these games, you should re-evaluate why you bought a Wii U if you're just going to skip all the must-haves and claim there's nothing to play.



ToniK said:

I have never played WW at all! So I'm quite excited to say the least. It's like a brand new Zelda to me. It only bothers me slightly that it is a remake.



Alphastudio15 said:

I am surprised I didn't think it would have some of those features, but it makes me wonder how do you get to use the tingle tuner, on the game cube you would need the game boy and that cord that connects it to the game cube, so... How will it be used here?

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