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The Pokémon Company Brings Back Its "Gotta Catch 'Em All" Sweepstakes

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That's your big reveal, folks

Over the past weekend we reported that The Pokémon Company was teasing a special announcement; the time has come and the big news is either awesome or disappointing, depending on personal taste. The company has re-launched the "Gotta Catch 'Em All" promotion in the U.S. — sorry, Canada and the rest of the world.

This is essentially a prize hunting promotion, in which you watch videos closely for codes and follow clues — once you've passed an initial test and registered — to be entered into a sweepstakes. There'll be a fresh round of clues and challenges each week, with a number of prizes on offer. This promotion will run for four consecutive weeks, with the final segment closing on 12th October, the launch date of Pokémon X & Y.

The following prizes will be up for grabs each week.

  • One Nintendo 3DS Handheld Video Game System
  • Nine Pokemon Trading Card + Figure Box (3 Designs)
  • Twenty Black 2 White 2 Official National Pokédex & Guide
  • Sixteen Pokémon Plush Toys (4 different characters)
  • Four Pokémon X Nintendo 3DS Game Download Codes
  • Four Pokémon Y Nintendo 3DS Game Download Codes

To enter you need to watch the first video closely — below — and spot a six character code, which you then use to register on the official website. Once in you can get involved in chasing down the many clues over the next four weeks; if you're in the U.S. — under-13s will need permission — then this may be worth a go. There are 3DS goodies — and others — on the line, after all!

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User Comments (72)



AyeHaley said:

WHAT? Ive been trying to hunt codes for nothing?
I saw that code in that music video and went into overdrive.



Jese_1 said:


How many ways do we have to beg for the original games on the VC before they eventually crumble?



FiveDigitLP said:

Everyone over-hyped it. If you go back and look at the original tweet, it really makes sense that it was nothing big. They posted it on the Pokemon Twitter account which states in its description that it is the official account for Pokemon in NORTH AMERICA. Also, they only listed a US time zone. If it's something that is going to be US only, then it's likely NOT something game-related.

I can't say I didn't get my hopes up a little bit as well, but in hindsight, it's not really surprising what came from this "announcement."



felix330 said:

It doesn't seem very smart to have the comments enabled for this video, you just need to look there to get the code. Also, Pokemon dubstep? No thanks.



AlexSora89 said:

So, to recap.
Today I found out the GBA Virtual Console is currently planned to be WiiU only.
The "big announcement" turns out to be this claptrap.
Oh, joy.
Well, at least there's still the weekly SSB screens' newspost.



rjejr said:

Best comment I saw on the Youtube page for the video was - "I feel like I've been rick rolled". Most of the rest of the comments would get me banned here

It's my sons birthday tomorrow and I sort of got his hopes up for a red/green announcement. Bad daddy.



ToastyYogurt said:

Am I the only one that kinda digs this? Yeah, it's kinda disappointing it was nothing game related, but I kinda like these kinds of contests. You guys had your hopes up too high for a little press release.



Yosher said:

Disappointing news is disappointing. And they could have said something along the lines of 'U.S. Pokémon Fans heads up' or something at least, now the rest of us not in there are left completely in the cold.

Oh well. Bring on Pokémon X and Y!



Yosher said:

@ScroogeMcLz Of course that's not their fault, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. Could still have mentioned something about it being US only news, even if it was posted just on the US Twitter page; wouldn't be the first time something was announced like that on one region's twitter, and still applied for the rest of the world as well.



LordJumpMad said:

Found them all, you can thank me later.
XY738A (freebie in rules)
Y8P4 (Pancham)
x3k5 (Chespin)
X4Q8 (Dedenne)
X9K3 (Malamar)
Y2P6 (Noivern)
x7q5 (Honedge)
Y3F2 (Pangoro)
X7C9 (Heloptile)
X5H8 (Fennekin)
Y4L6 (Skrelp)
Y5B6 (Spritzee)
Y9D8 (Gogoat)
Y8H7 (Yveltal)
Y6J5 (Sylveon)
X2R4 (Bunnelby)
X8G5 (Inkay)
Y3S7 (Skiddo)
X6P4 (Froakie)
x5w8 (Fletchling)
x5t3 (Swirlix)
x8t9 (Litleo)
Y6V8 (Talonflame)
X4C7 (Clauncher)
YL46 (Skrelp)
X7M4 (Xerneas)



TingLz said:

Leave it to madness to ruin all the fun

enters codes Hope I'm a winner after all this hunting



DerpSandwich said:

I'm not disappointed. It's pretty much a rule of the universe that great announcements always come out of nowhere, and teasing an announcement ahead of time means it's going to be lame. It's just the way things work.



DavidH said:

US only

And they must have spent what a total of £1000 on prizes (plus the game codes) overall. Tight arses.



Plucky said:

So that's the big surprise? I thought they would've at least done a "Be Sure to Drink your Ovaltine"* thing by airing the Mewtwo prologue with Virgil online on, because really...posting something that large online only for it to be a US-only findathon just seems like it's asking for trouble...

*By that, i mean milk an announcement, then do something like reveal Mega Kangaskhan formally, or if it was the side episode, it would only be used to promote the movie, either that or to promote their affiliates...



FishieFish said:

"Today I found out the GBA Virtual Console is currently planned to be WiiU only"




anathwin said:

I can't get the last code to work! Anyone having that trouble? It says I already entered it. And I'm talking the last pokeball not the "Roll over for trainer tips"



agumon1123 said:

This just reminds me of the days before the ds when to get event pokemon I would've had to go to the states cause it didn't come to Canada. At least not Vancouver,bc which is a pretty populated city so you think it would've come there. I guess the pokemon company is still ignoring us Canadians, just like back then



gregrout said:

What did you expect? Vote with your money. If you don't like being excluded then don't buy the game, it's that simple.



gregrout said:

Why not? The way I see it Nintendo isn't going to bother with the other regions because they're going to buy the game anyway. Where there's competition they're throwing around their marketing budget to reward a select few.



Obito_Sigma said:

Half of the codes aren't working...? I keep on seeing, "The specified code does not exist." when the other half are. What's going on here? It's not just one, it's a lot of them.



ShadJV said:

@Obito_Tennyson me too. 11 codes didn't work for me.

To those only having trouble with that last code, if you read the contest rules it says you only get 24 entries a week, including the freebie code (the 6 digit one that doesn't unlock a pokemon), so if you entered that first code you can only get 23 of the 24 pokemon.



TingLz said:

Well how else were they supposed to hype it? You are all the ones who overhyped the announcement and expected too much from it.



ToastyYogurt said:

@Marakuto: Oh, sorry. I forgot this was only available in the U.S. Must be a huge disappointment to everyone that anticipated something worldwide....



anathwin said:

Now it's telling me "The specified code does not exist." Has anyone gotten that? The code Y3S7 for Skiddo seems invalid now.



Shinylatios7 said:

Hi some of these codes don't work like Helioptile Fennekin Skrelp Yveltal Sylveon Bunnleby Froakie Fletchling Litleo Skiddo and Xerneas maybe u accidentally entered them in wrong sorry to bother



DarkNinja9 said:

sigh such a let down i mean i thought it was going to be something downloadable like a demo or something but nope stayed up just for this -_- but least japan dont get this? xD



TingLz said:

@gregrout Your argument would make sense if the US wasn't buying Pokemon. Pokemon is still huge in the US. So boycotting it ain't gonna do squat.



gregrout said:

@ScroogeMcLz it makes no sense to boycott the game from within the USA as they're getting the promotion. If people outside of the USA aren't happy with Nintendo's decision to exclude them from this contest then they could boycott the game. Lower sales outside of the USA could get Nintendo's attention not to take other regions for granted.



FriedSquid said:

Wow, loads of unnecessary butthurt in the comments. I guess I can understand Europeans being upset but, personally Im excited for this. Sorry guys, but seriously get over it. Sorry that they didnt say anything about whatever specific thing you thought they were talking about and then hyped it up yourself.



LoveSugoi said:

I'm honestly surprised to see how many people had hyped themselves for this promotion. I wasn't disappointed with the announcement at all probably since I tend to take things at face value and therefore didn't expect anything.

I never win anything but I really would like that 3DS or one of those plushies so I'll definitely be trying my hand at this.



Senario said:

@gregrout Well it is an anime related promotion so America makes sense. Sorry but I don't think it is such a big problem that you should boycott the game. It is a sweepstakes, meaning if you enter properly you still will only have a small chance at winning. I see no point in missing out on a good game, much less the best looking pokemon in a long while, because you missed out on entering the lottery.



gregrout said:

@Senario I agree with you. But that said it's the bottom line that grabs a company's attention. People complained plenty about the X Box One's always on and must have internet connectivity to play games policy. Microsoft dug in and stuck to this plan. It wasn't until the PS4 demolished the XBox One at the E3 and routed them badly on presales orders, that Microsoft actually started to listen to consumers. That boycott had an impact on sales and in turn Microsoft gave in.



TingLz said:

Except it's not going to happen first of all. Second, a boycott due to a lack of a contest is stupid within itself.



J-Manix98 said:

HOW DO I FIND THESE DUMB THINGS!!!! I've been looking everywhere for them! I think they could have been a little more clear about the process of finding the codes.



Juggawheels69 said:

can somebody tell me how to enter these codes??? cuz the only codes i know how to enter are the 16 digit mystery gift codes... if theres anybody that can help me, please email me at thank you

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