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a solo gamer going multiplayer

20, Canada

Tue 2nd Jul 2013

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agumon1123 commented on Hometown Story Collector's Edition Planned for...:

I want the big stuffie but unluckily the natsume store only ships to the us and for Canadians like me the only way we can get any of the stuffies is through no eb games or so only the red dragon.This makes me feel that its really unfair



agumon1123 commented on The Pokémon Company Brings Back Its "Gotta Ca...:

This just reminds me of the days before the ds when to get event pokemon I would've had to go to the states cause it didn't come to Canada. At least not Vancouver,bc which is a pretty populated city so you think it would've come there. I guess the pokemon company is still ignoring us Canadians, just like back then