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Pokémon X & Y to Catch Roughly 14,000 of Your 3DS Memory Blocks

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Packaging for 3DS LL (XL) bundles also emerges

Such is the level of obsession that Pokémon X & Y will demand, some may consider going the download route so that it's always available without any pesky cart swapping. Even though the games aren't out until October, news has already emerged of just how much SD card space you'll need to make that happen.

This is courtesy of images of download code cards that will be available in Japan, which are common in the region; that said, we'd expect similar cards in Europe courtesy of Nintendo's eShop card distribution deal with GAME stores. According to these cards you'll need 1.7GB of space, which is around 14,000 blocks, in order to squeeze the game onto the system; this will make it one of the larger 3DS game downloads. It must be those new visuals and additional 'mon, and may necessitate some SD card upgrades as a result.

The title will also hog a little under half of the pack-in SD card with the limited edition 3DS LL (XL) bundles coming to Japan. There are two varieties coming, each with one of the games pre-installed, and Serebii has dug up images of the packaging for us to gaze upon. It's safe to say that some 3DS hardware bundles with these games should also come to the West; if not, it's a missed opportunity.

Are you considering downloading Pokémon X & Y, and if so will you need to upgrade your SD card?


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Megumi said:

What is this MG/GB anyways? Chances are I won't be downloading this anyways...knowing them we'll get Pokemon Z at some point, lol.



Marakuto said:

I hope I could get the limited edition Gold 3DS XL as a collection item! I'm not going to download either of these, though.



Radbot42 said:

I plan on downloading, I already have a 32 GB SD card, so no need to worry for me!



Emblem said:

I have physical pre-ordered but i'm leaning towards D/L the more i think about it.



Gioku said:

Was never considering downloading; this is one game I want a physical copy of!



Ronoh said:

I'll be downloading either X or Y. Like Animal Crossing, it's something to play way too frequently to have a cartridge for.



19Robb92 said:

I'll get the retail version of Pkmn Y, then I'll just buy the download version of Pkmn Z later down the line (or whatever the third version will be called).



Wonder_Ideal said:

I'm getting the retail version of Y. However, down the line I might download X so I can start a new game without losing my mons.
The X and Y XLs are beautiful. T.T



therick112 said:

@Erica_Hartmann We all expected to get Pokemon Gray and they didn't give us that, instead we got sequels which we all lapped up because they were new and familiar at the same time.



Silvervisiona said:

Finally, a pokemon release which is not tethered to the game card! Now I can finally manage multiple pokemon saves via SD card backup! Too bad the price will never ever drop for the digital release though.



RQuinain said:

I'm still getting the physical release. Pokemon main games are always going to be something that needs to be physical for me. Though if anything, I might download the version that I don't get via eShop.



AVahne said:

Still a 2 GB cart then huh? I sorta wish they would use a 4 GB cart so the textures wouldn't look so pixelly and basically DS-level.
Whelp, I might end up downloading since it's no longer that big a franchise for me anymore.



idork99 said:

Just in case anyone is considering getting a bigger SD card for your 3DS and don't know what size would be good (8, 16, 32, 64GB, etc.), I wanted to break down how many games I have on my 32GB card and how much memory I have left.

Retail games:
Resident Evil: Revelations = 25,793
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D = 17,655
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate = 14,273
Style Savyy: Trendsetters = 10,508
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon = 6,745
Animal Crossing: New Leaf = 6,000
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D = 3,644
New Super Mario Bros. 2 = 2,725
Super Mario 3D Land = 2,318

and I also have:
20 eShop games
20 Game Boy games
6 Game Boy Color games
8 Game Gear games
6 3D Classics games
20 NES games
10 GBA games
25 Demo games
Plus all apps (Swapnote, Nintendo Video, etc.)

And I also use the camera app for photos and videos quite a lot.

So, with all that, I have a total of 74,291 blocks remaining.

I hope this gives you a good view on which SD card will be adequate for you.



sinalefa said:


Thanks for the info.

Now, the only way I would have a digital copy of this game would be if they release that blue 3DS XL in NA and that has it preinstalled in the bundle. Pokémon Y's box art is just too awesome so I need to have the box.



RollingFishays said:

Cartridges for me. I miss the days when they were actually colored/see through though. Always liked seeing them stick out of gameboys and knowing people were playing them too.



TheRealThanos said:

@Erica_Hartmann Have you seriously never heard of Megabytes/Gigabytes or are you making fun?
If not: it's the amount of space your SD card holds measured in number of bytes, here's a link if you're interested:
@idork99 When I got the Monster Hunter Ultimate Edition of the 3DS XL I too quickly exchanged my standard SD card for a 32GB one, I can recommend it to anyone that hasn't upgraded yet.



allav866 said:

If you're getting both, you may want to have at least one physical copy, in case you want to trade 'mon between the two.




I've actually been saving up my money for this since about Febuary. The morning it comes out mama said she would bring me to the store to get it. I don't like downloading stuff from eshop.



WiiUExposed said:

So why is there only one save file with all this space? Carts can hold 8GB, there's no excuse for only one save file.



mullen said:

@Silvervisiona I'm not sure you really can do that thing. I think Nintendo will try all the possible way to make sure you can't obtain extra benefits from backing up game saves (e.g., otherwise you can duplicate Pokemons). It's said that you can't backup Animal Crossing New Life's save file, although I have not tested it myself.



Spoony_Tech said:

@idork99 I'm almost right there with you. I have a little over 100k but if I didn't go retail with the 3 Atlus games I would be just about where you are. I still plan to dl Mario and Luigi, Link Between Worlds, and Pokemon so I will be hurting soon. I give myself about till this time next year and ill have to upgrade again!



Silvervisiona said:

@mullen I understand your skepticism, but I have on many occasions made several backups of my SD card (for instance Fire Emblem Awakening), and the 3DS simply loads the data as a snapshot in time. I never backed up just the save file, I just backed up the entire SD card. The only way Nintendo could enforce their save data restrictions is by keeping track of save files on the 3DS itself. Maybe Animal Crossing does this, in which case my hopes have been dashed.



mullen said:

I can't decide which version to go with. I want both for digital because that's convenient, but also want to have the box and card. I want to be able to trade Pokemons between 2 games, and I don't know if that's possible with 2 download games (e.g., will there be an official special tool from eShop for Pokémon trading). I don't know if there's any preorder bonus in US, and if that's interesting. Meanwhile I will not be in US when it get released, and I will suffer from region-lock if go with local card version... I hope I have get all these necessary information before the release date so I can make decision in time.



mullen said:

@Silvervisiona I just searched over Internet, and it says that ACNL seems to generate a new code each time you play it, and save the code on both the system and SD card. So if you SD card's save file is not latest (which means the codes don't match), the game will refuse to load it. There are also some cases to support that. I think Pokémon XY may use the same way.
I think that make playing digital version very dangerous if your SD card is not reliable.



Silvervisiona said:

@mullen That would represent a purchase decision breaker for me. A corrupt SD card would be incredibly tragic for Pokemon if a backup is restricted, but it would make sense for Nintendo to enforce that. I was in the Middle East for two years recently so I know how inconvenient the region locking is, and how tempting digital downloading is. Fire Emblem was worth it, but I'm not sure about taking the risk for Pokemon X/Y.



Megumi said:

...Blocks does not equal megabytes, you do know this right? That's what I was asking, because 14,000 blocks surely doesn't equal 14 MB or 14 GB. >_>



Obito_Sigma said:

I only download the games that I know I would play frequently. A game that I could play over and over again and still go back to it anytime I feel like it. That's why I have Mario Kart 7 and Animal Crossing New Leaf. It's boring going back to each game over and over again when I could just press the Power Button anytime and play the game.

14,000 blocks is a lot, though. I'm getting a new SD Card in a couple of days, because I don't have that much space. I forgot how much Mario Kart was, but Animal Crossing was 6002 blocks, I think. That had a crap ton of stuff in it. I mean, A LOT of items! I didn't except hundreds of items! I was confused to why they just had avatars of a "leaf" for every piece of furniture, but now I know!



TheAdza said:

I would love one of those 3DS systems, but without an account based system, how would I transfer all my games from my current system to that one without deleting the Pokemon game? Stupid system transfer. I get that I would be in the minority and the intended market for these systems is to people who don't have 3DS's, but Nintendo need to not alienate their most loyal fans this way. I bought a 3DS and Wii U at launch, bought a 3DSXL on day 1 of release. Now I'm willing to throw more money at them but now with games preloaded i would have to buy the game separate as well because using after system transfer, the game would be deleted from the special edition handheld. Not cool Nintendo.

Then again it's all hypothetical. These haven't been confirmed for western release. It still makes me angry though that Nintendo won't introduce an account based system. These limitations are only holding them back and making enemies of their most dedicated fans.



SilentHunter382 said:

I am split in the middle if I should get a digital copy or a box copy. I want the boxed copy for collecting reason but I want to have it digital to have it on the system at all times.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@TheAdza They may not have an account system yet, but they do have a system transfer method.

Anyway, as much as I'll be playing it, I'll be downloading it, and my 16 MB SD card can handle it.



StephenYap3 said:

Holy shoot! I have to wait twice as long as I had to with Shin Megami Tensei IV to get both! Time to bust out the 32!



Funbunz said:

@TheAdza I'm pretty sure you can just redownload the game. My brother got the Animal Crossing 3dsxl and transferred his old 3ds over. I remember him complaining about waiting for it to download again...



TheAdza said:

I hope that's the case. I just remember when I transferred my stuff from my original 3DS over to my new XL that it said anything on the system previously would be deleted.. I'd like some more confirmation.



ChiroTheHiro said:

@TheAdza I think it works like this: 3DS' data(apps, games, photos, etc.)------> New 3DS XL. Then the original data holder, your 3DS in this case, factory resets. So everything you had on it is on the XL but the 3DS is back to how it was when it was new, no data besides what a new 3DS comes with. The XL has all that games and stuff, in its eShop history available for download free of charge. You just have to download all of it again. Also switch the original 3DS' SD card with the XL's stock one to preserve the save data. That should ensure you won't lose anything. Everything will be on the XL, and your 3DS will be set back to factory default. So the only thing wiped clean in the transfer should be your original 3DS.



SanderEvers said:

14.000 blocks, 1 block = 128KB, 14.000 blocks = 1.792.000 KB = 1750 MB = 1,7 GB

Keep in mind, 1024 KB = 1 MB



TheAdza said:

@ChiroTheHiro excellent news. I didn't have to redownload my eShop games when I did my transfer. I made a backup of my SD card on my computer, and then just copied that back onto the SD card I was going to use in my XL.

Glad that there are work arounds, but the sooner there is an account based system, the better.



chiefeagle02 said:

I could do it if I delete most of the music on my SD card. But I digress, I think I'm leaning toward getting this retail.



KiwiPanda said:

May need a bigger SD card, but I don't mind. Looking forward to not losing my competitive Pokes for once!



Hoerig said:

I really hope they dont make a third version like z....unless they pull a platinum that game was great. waiting for the hoenn remakes tho



Gloomie said:

@TheAdza Its true that it does delete all your streetpass content but as far as the eShop goes, It deletes the games also BUT as soon as a system transfer is complete, you're suppose to go back to the eShop and simply download the games back onto your system. I know this from my own experiance upgrading from a 3DS into my Animal Crossing 3DS XL



GamerZack87 said:

If those limited edition 3DS XL consoles make it Down Under, I'd prefer to have one of those rather than buying retail or downloading it! They're gorgeous!

Wait a minute...weren't there two colours planned? I'm sure I saw a red version somewhere online...



kyle5 said:

i have pre ordered the cartridge x but may download y and sell/give the cartridge after i have the traded with myself all the pokemons that version x or y specific



TheRealThanos said:

@Erica_Hartmann I certainly do, and maybe they didn't get the numbers right, but a certain number of blocks DEFINITELY equals an amount of MB/GB, which I'm sure YOU know.

They actually DID get the numbers right because the article stated 14000 blocks is 1.7GB, which is correct as explained by @SanderEvers.



Kit said:

Initially I was definitely going down the Digital Download route for Pokémon X, but having suffered a Save Game memory manager corruption and losing 16hrs of gameplay on Fire Emblem. I'm now more cautious. I would hate to lose hard trained Pokémon, especially ones I've had for years or tournament trained ones. Thankfully Ninty has brought in that save game backup tool for the 3DS.

So yeah I still might go for the DD version over Retail.
It would probably make importing 'mon a whole lot easier too maybe?!?



Chrischampeon said:

@Kit thanx...i was concerned about losing all my guys 700+ cuz i dropped my ds or my sd card crapped itself...can u tell me more about the "save game backup tool"?



Chrischampeon said:

@Kit ...hopefully X and Y will support the back-up function...cuz pokemon copies or backups have always been a no-no...even from the days of Colluseum and XD...but maybe they made the feature with pokemon in mind.



FlygonPony said:

@Erica_Hartmann Wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. Won't really be expecting a Pokemon Z. The whole Pokemon Gery version and the Crystal remake that we're oh-so expected never came. Dunno but I don't really expect a sequal to these games.



Brandonerd1991 said:

Glad I paid off the physical version at my local GameStop on my birthday for my pre-order of Pokémon X on June 12! So excited when the day comes!



SphericalCrusher said:

Buying X and Y retail for my 3DS XL. I would love to get that Blue LL if it came over here though! But I prefer retail over download for big titles like this.



Trapleton said:

@Emblem If you preordered at gamestop in store then when you go in to pick it up you can request a digital copy instead of the normal physical copy

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