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Just a teen who ain't that mean.

Male, 17, United States

I'm a 15 year old dude who likes playing, watching, and talking about games.

Sat 3rd Aug 2013

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ChiroTheHiro commented on Pokémon X & Y to Catch Roughly 14,000 of Your...:

@TheAdza I think it works like this: 3DS' data(apps, games, photos, etc.)------> New 3DS XL. Then the original data holder, your 3DS in this case, factory resets. So everything you had on it is on the XL but the 3DS is back to how it was when it was new, no data besides what a new 3DS comes with. The XL has all that games and stuff, in its eShop history available for download free of charge. You just have to download all of it again. Also switch the original 3DS' SD card with the XL's stock one to preserve the save data. That should ensure you won't lose anything. Everything will be on the XL, and your 3DS will be set back to factory default. So the only thing wiped clean in the transfer should be your original 3DS.