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Talking Point: Nintendo Should Step Up for the Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It can be the home of creative new ideas from the big N

So, where does the eShop stand at roughly six months old? It's had an uneven release schedule, but looking at it as a complete picture we feel that it has a solid initial library with decent variety, combining some multi-platform titles with the odd exclusive thrown in, with genres and price points to suit almost anyone. There's also the decent list of retail downloads and the beginnings of the Virtual Console, even if the latter has so far been populated by old favourites that have previous graced the Wii and, in the occasional case, 3DS. Wrap it all in Nintendo's most polished download store interface to date, and there are various reasons to be positive.

If these first six months have lacked anything, however, it's been a notable contribution from Nintendo. While we appreciate that the big N has been busily working on high profile retail releases for both Wii U and 3DS, and may be opting to hand over the spotlight to third-parties and the ever growing contingent of indies, its complete absence to date is a slight surprise.

This thought occurred to us as we clocked the fact that the Wii U eShop has just passed its six months anniversary in North America and, yet, last week's Nintendo Direct still announced nothing first-party and exclusive to the platform. Looking back at the 3DS eShop after its launch in June 2011, it can be argued that the Wii U store's library is far more robust and varied at this stage in its life, but nevertheless Nintendo pitched in with notable efforts in the handheld platform's early days. We had the 3D Classics series, a set of collaborations with third-parties to give memorable retro titles — and Urban Champion — a fresh dynamic with 3D visuals. Before the close of 2011 we'd also seen two new IPs published by Nintendo that showed refreshing creativity and typified what the eShop could be all about, with Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! and Pullblox / Pushmo. Throw in Virtual Console releases that were all new, and you can see where we're heading with this argument.

As we've suggested, the Wii U eShop has had stronger early support than the 3DS eShop enjoyed, and as the handheld's platform has since demonstrated, momentum can certainly pick up after an initial drought. If anything, we appear to be having a reverse effect on the Wii U, with half a dozen solid launch releases being followed by a mini-drought, from which time some additional titles have arrived to tide us over at sporadic points, with the Virtual Console now filling gaps. That games are coming is in little doubt, but solid release dates are few and far between, with some having vague release windows and good number pegged in for later this yet or even 2014.

The comparison to the 3DS eShop may be unfair in a respect, as home console games, even of a downloadable variety, in all likelihood require far greater investment and time to get to market than a portable title. In our own staff round table on the eShop at the start of the year we spoke about the sense of home console downloads having a "premium" feel and expectation, which is naturally more demanding on developers. The good thing is that Nintendo's excellent efforts to support indies and third-parties on the platform — with easier access to dev kits and Unity development tools, among other things — have got plenty of projects in the pipeline, while Kickstarter has added a notable number of confirmed titles all on its own.

And yet, Nintendo's not yet pitching in with anything off its own back. It'll be publishing Pokémon Scramble U, yet we haven't heard a peep about a Western release date as yet, possibly due to efforts to arrange manufacture and distribution of the title's accompanying NFC (near field communication) figurines. New Super Luigi U doesn't fit the bill as download-exclusive content, meanwhile, as it's either DLC to be added to New Super Mario Bros. U or a reduced-price physical retail release.

That's why we're hoping for a Wii U eShop segment in whatever Nintendo Direct broadcast — whether it's just one or multiple presentations — during E3. This section shouldn't just show what's coming from third-parties, but also what Nintendo's bringing to the show. Nintendo's been emphasizing how valuable the download platforms on Wii U and 3DS will be to its future business, so we're hopeful that surprises are on the way to show what innovative, creative ideas can be brought to the new console's eShop. The 3DS eShop has given the big N's teams or second-parties opportunities to produce new heroes and franchises, with sequels such as Fallblox / Crashmo and Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger showing that some of these new series can have a life beyond an initial experiment.

We're also admirers of Game Freak's stated policy of encouraging employees to pitch ideas and, when approved, devote a portion of time to make these smaller projects a reality; that's how the excellent Harmoknight came to pass. If the eShop is to be vital to Wii U's long term fortunes, it won't just be retail titles tempting gamers onto the store, but as the 3DS equivalent shows the download-only experiences can gain notable followings and fan bases. It's also a common trend in recent years that nothing gets gamers onto a Nintendo system more than first-party games, so if Nintendo jumps in with new and exclusive content for the Wii U download platform, it should drive traffic to the service and, by extension, give greater exposure to the growing third-party library.

There's little doubt that Nintendo's resources are being heavily utilised at present, as the list of upcoming games on Wii U and 3DS testifies. Yet room should be found to sprinkle some big N magic dust over the download-only content on the Wii U eShop. The possibilities, from a fan's perspective, are mouth watering — more new and polished ideas to match the standards of 3DS equivalents such as Pullblox, or perhaps bite-sized re-imaginings of long neglected franchises like, say, Star Fox and F-Zero. Heck, we've had rumours of a 2D Metroid for long enough, how about a cross-platform release with 3DS of a smaller, lower cost download title, bringing hype to both systems and offering Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate-style save compatibility. In fact, the idea of games that can interact between both pieces of hardware is an area that could be tapped in a big way.

The eShop could be an opportunity for Nintendo to leverage a portion of its obvious development talent at a lower price, while providing a shot in the arm that will help the Wii U store develop as successfully as its portable namesake. Perhaps Nintendo is doing this, or is planning to, but now that the initial foray of the service is over, it's time for the company to show its hand and support what could be a vital part of the hardware's prospective success story.

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SpaceKappa said:

The main thing I want from Nintendo's online services (aside from games!) is some kind of account system where I have some assurance that the games I buy aren't going to be lost if something happens to my system. If something happens to my PS3 or Xbox 360, I know that my account still exists on their end and I can re-download my purchases.

I'm leery of investing a lot of money into digital games without that sense of security. We just had a scare with my wife's 3DS where an unfortunate encounter with a water bottle that wasn't closed all the way resulted in her losing all the data on her system... but luckily her SD card was intact and they were able to restore her purchases and Ambassador status.

It could just be me being paranoid, as I'm someone who clings to physical media for dear life, but I'd be much happier to buy some of these digital games if I felt like they were less of a gamble.



Jamester0722 said:

@SpaceKappa I completely agree. I had to send my WiiU in for repair recently and I was terrified that I was going to lose everything (luckily everything came back intact).



Dogpigfish said:

I like remakes better than resale. I don't want smb2 again for the 4th time. They should jazz these up with small changes, graphical updates, online multiplayer, etc.



Magnalon said:

The 3DS eShop is probably my favorite marketplace ever. I have around 100 digital games and growing — I love that I can just put in a 32 GB card without having to worry about proprietary nonsense like the Vita. I'm really surprised Nintendo went all in with NEW IPs like Pushmo, Dillon's, and Sakura Samurai — really nice work.

The Wii U eShop — it needs work. The VC should have launched with a bang, and not a whimper. Nintendo really needs to step it up and start doing more "franchise sales" like Mario and Kirby to entice people to fill their VC library up (or back up from the Wii).



Deadstanley said:

@SpaceKappa I agree 100%. I've not purchased any of the retail titles digitally because of this reason. I'm a little more forgiving with the VC titles as they relatively cheaper, and should something happen... oh well (I guess).

I could only hope that with some of the stories I've been hearing about users having to call Nintendo to reclaim their DLCs, that this results in Nintendo joining the other DLC providing services of the world in which the license is tied to your account.



Volmun said:

@SpaceKappa and i agree with that... special as thers a limit to haw menny siystem trancefers you're aloud on 3DS... iv alredy had to do it once 8/



FritzFrapp said:

I vented to the Nintendo UK management at a show about the lack of accounts. They were sympathetic and had heard there was something in the pipeline from Kyoto. That was nearly 5 years ago now.
NCL are a law unto themselves.



Deadstanley said:

@Magnalon They need to also get their cross-platform licensing worked out. I liked playing NES games on the 3DS, but there are times I yearn for a television display. If there's a "small fee" to duplicate the license to accommodate cross-platform licensing, then so be it. Although ideally this should be something we get for free, a la Playstation.

I understand there exist overhead costs to testing the title against the particular hardware, but to market it as paying for great new features, such as a save-state system, is wrong. That system is write-once, apply everywhere. Even spinning up new WiiU Communities is something I'm sure they have scripted and execute at the push of a button.



ThomasBW84 said:

@SpaceKappa TESTIFY! Yeah, it's still a major bugbear of mine that the accounts are tied to hardware, it's like the cloud doesn't exist. Last time I put in a whiny paragraph about it (late last year) I got a fair bit of grief, though!

I can't imagine an account system is far away, but we've said that before...



MAN1AC said:

@SpaceKappa I think Nintendo would be surprised at how much of a boost they would get in sales and consumer confidence if they were to get one.

I like the eShop, but I refuse to tie anything other than VC games to hardware. I dont care how much of a discount they're offering.



Hunter-D said:

If anything it sounds like the account system is on its way (albeit at a snails pace) but it's going to start with what seems to be cross-play with VC titles between the 3DS & Wii U. Although, even that hasn't been confirmed as of yet.



rjejr said:

I don't see any reason for Nintendo to work on eShop games. If they did, all the small developers would probably complain that nobody buys 3rd party games. Though Pokemon Rumble U would be nice.
And besides, if Nintendo wanted to put out$5, $10 or $15 games, well thats what VC is for. Ild rather see them get all the Gamecube Players Choice games up and running then spend resources on new games that 1000 other indies can be making.
Way way, way on down Nintendos priority list of things to do for the WiiU.




I've been saying it since this thing console dropped! EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE STEPPED UP!! Except Miiverse that's the only thing I consider practically perfect but Eshop especally has TONS of potental!! I might hurt some feelings but this is how I honestly feel as a long time fan and a mulit-console owner I still like the Wii U a lot when I play but it could be AMAZING!!

#1 Why didn't they have every single game from the Wii Shop Channal on the Eshop day one??

#2 Why didn't they have a bunch of Gamecube and orginal Wii games on the Eshop day one??

#3 Why didn't they think to have a bunch of smart phone games since I mean your making such a big deal about having a tablet controller yet you don't even have a QUARTER of what makes tablets so popular in the 1st place!

#4 Don't even get me on this mandatory installing of games point blank IT'S ANNOYING!!

#5 The lack of an achievement system.

#6 Lack of Party chat or the lack of features that were even on the old Wii that the Wii U CAN'T DO!! Like the Photo Channel you could post photos share with friends, have slideshows and put your music and movies on there OR how about the Wii Speck Channel where you could have FOUR PEOPLE in a chat!!

#7 This is 2013 you have a camara in front of the tablet and it's only being used for a 2 person video chat app?? WOW! How about copy and paste what Sony is doing with PS4 with that share feature where you can upload stuff stright to Youtube DO THAT they copy and paste us all the time why not?



HeatBombastic said:

@Deadstanley I 90% agree with you and SpaceKappa.

While I would love to be assured that I can just redownload all of my games in case of my Wii U breaking, I can see why they didn't do it.

They're probably afraid of people putting their account on other systems and redownloading their games so others can play it.

Still, I want dat assurance.



Kirbybrawl said:

@Dogpigfish they should add online multiplayer to some of there classics. Im tired of playing just the mario sport titles online and not being able to play a platformer with a friend that lives far from me. Mario bros arcade would be cool



Deadstanley said:

@HeatBombastic That's true, but other systems get away with that via network access authentication. XBL, PSN, and Steam all require you to sign in before you can access your DLCs, and no account can be logged in from two places at the same time. Personally I don't mind this, but I know that many others are sensitive to it. To me it would be an acceptable solution to enforce you aren't sharing your account access should it also mean that you can have your DLC tied to your network account.

I almost feel like Nintendo is very cautious on digital rights because their consoles and games are the most emulated and pirated. I'm sure they lost money on emulation piracy, however if they had a viable alternative I'm sure consumers would take advantage.



FullbringIchigo said:

@SpaceKappa i agree i don't like digital versions because i never feel like i own it and it also means that if the console is damaged they are gone because they are locked to one console in the case of the Wii U and 2 for the PS3, not sure about the 360 by the way



HeatBombastic said:


#1 To let people keep their games from the Wii shop. Nintendo would need every developer who made/ported a game on the Wiiware and VC to completely be on board on day one. Considering that many of the studios have closed down, I doubt that could've happened.

#2 To spread the VC releases day 1. If they bomb us with all the games on all Nintendo systems ever, do you really think the novelty and excitement would be bigger? No, it'd be a big mess like browsing on the Wii shop.

#3 No multi-touch, and they'd need 25% percent of the developer's who developed games for tablets permission to do that. It costs money, and many of them are foreign, or got shut down.

#4 I'm pretty sure you can cancel your download. BTW you did get started, you said it was annoying.

#5 I'd like that too, but what has that got to do with the e-shop itself?

#6 Wii "Speck" came late in the Wii's lifetime. Using Miiverse to start party chats would take away the charm of miiverse. Remember, this is not PS3 or Xbox, it's the Wii U. I'd still like a feature like this, though.

#7 Camera in the front of tablet allows facecams. Why would they even want a camera on the back? It doesn't need one, and it's not a smartphone, so don't treat it like one.

You actually think the share button is a good idea? Um, okay. BTW it doesn't upload straight to Youtube, just to Sony's special social network. Sony is handling video sharing horribly, from what I'm seeing in the info so far. What makes you think Nintendo will do better?



HeatBombastic said:

@Deadstanley Yes, I know. You're really just saying the obvious. I never argued for what I think Nintendo's stance on this is because I'd love to have dat assurance.



Deadstanley said:

@NINTENBOY I have mixed feelings on the achievement system. I love to earn an achievement or trophy, I feel like they extend the replay-ability of the game. However when the achievement requires multi-player aspects is where it falls out of favor for me.



bassoongoon said:


I totally agree with you. Nintendo needs an online account system. One should not be screwed just because something happens to his/her console.

I myself have never been one for download games (with the exception of virtual console). I always prefer an actual physical copy. However I might consider downloading something if a title is download only, and I have no other choice.



Dpishere said:

Hopefully the E-shop can get high quality Nintendo developed IP's like the 3ds has right now. Games like Dillon's Rolling Western and Pushmo show that Nintendo still has a lot of creative potential, and if they can replicate that success for the Wii U then the E-shop will likely take off in the same way the 3DS has.



sonicfan1373 said:


There are ways to fix that issue. For example, they can have one home console and one portable system connect to the same account, if the player wishes to upgrade to another console then they could (or Nintendo could if the older console is broken) deauthorize the account from the old device and move it to a new device. This is how everyone else does it and so far it has proven to be successful.



SCAR said:

I think their should only be one account, then share locally from the Nintendo devices to authorize the account. Xbox 360 only allows one console to be authorized, but Nintendo has handhelds, and I doubt they want people be able to give out info over the internet, so that's where local authorization comes in.
All you need is ONE account, then share that account locally after verifying the account once.
I understand the concerns about Nintendo's account system, but honestly, if you know how to handle Nintendo's customer service and repair protocol, it isn't much of an issue any how, unless you lose(someone steals) the consoles



Kirk said:

Nintendo could simply release proper high quality updates to pretty much all it's classic 8bit and 16bit games and each and every one would sell bucket loads.

All they'd need to do is pretty much reuse all the original assets and just create new stories and levels out of them, in much the same way the fans often do these days but this time we'd be getting official first party versions of these games. Or kinda similar to how Capcom did it with Mega Man 9 and 10.

Imagine a new 2D Zelda created with the Link to the Past assets, or a new Metroid game made with the sprites and arwork from Super Metroid, or a new Yoshi's Island game that used the original art, or a new Earthbound game that use the assets from Earthbound 3...

I genuinely think this would be a much smarter move than what they are doing with their imo half-*assed and yet no doubt more expensive nad more time consuming versions of the new 3DS Zelda and Yoshi games for example that actually look like they were made by fans anyway.

Along with that there's so many things Nintendo could do to just improve the whole eShop and VC in general, such as lower the prices across the board (especially the VC prices), combine all the eShops into one unified service, make the digital game cross-compatible on any of the consoles that have an eShop, make digital versions of games much cheaper than the retail versions, get a lot more VC games out much quicker...



Tetris911 said:

I just wish the e-shop had a different user interface because the one it has now it reminds me of the 3DS E-shop and I think it's not very good with many useless "top this" or "top that" games, etc. I kind of wish it was like the PSN store a bit but then again that's just me. The Wii Shop for the Nintendo Wii was MUCH worse and extremely lazy but hopefully Nintendo can introduce a whole new look for the E-shop sometime in the future. Honestly, I think the e-shop is going to be filled with GREAT amazing games pretty soon since alot of indie games are supporting the e-shop for this fall and 2014 as well. I know the Nintendo Wii U is still technically new and was just released not to long ago but eventually the store will fill up with a bunch of games



TheAdrock said:

@SpaceKappa X2 on the digital account for downloads. Isn't this "feature" considered standard in 2013 for all digital content? Heck, it was standard for eBooks like 6 years ago!



WebHead said:

eShop exclusive F-Zero, published by Nintendo and developed by Shinen Multimedia anyone?



WebHead said:

And I think the Wii U eShop needs an equivalent to Pushmo in terms of reception and sales.



bbliksteen8 said:

It would be fun to see nintendo use the 3ds and wiiU eShops in connection with the new SSB dojo. A charecter announcement could be accompanied with a coinciding release of a VC, retail (eg Wind Waker for Toon Link), or eShop original game (FZero, Ice Climbers, ROB could be some candidates) could hype SSB and the eShop. Get people on the eShop regularly and good things will happen.



SCAR said:

The problem I don't think people realize when it comes to account systems, is that Wii and DS weren't setup to be able to do that. Yes, Wii and DS would have been the systems with accounts, but it wouldn't work. We already know this would not have been possible.
Go forward 7 years. 3DS and Wii U ARE capable of an account system. I'm pretty confident they will be allowing account possibilities across their platforms this time around.
Also, Xbox 360's account isn't as complicated to apply as a Nintendo one would be with 2 systems.
Lastly, you don't need to use a network AS MUCH to do so. All you should literally have to do is verify it once, then locally verify other devices. Once the devices are verified LOCALLY, THEN you can manage you account for the said device online.
I agree, accounts are standard for the most part, but it wouldn't have been possible any time prior. Believe me. People are already able to transfer their Wii account to Wii U. IT HAS TO BE DONE LOCALLY with internet to verify. The difference is sharing content, not transferring.



JamesFox said:

The problem is basically gamers today are too loyal to Call of Duty (esp. cortjester)
As i speak, there kickstarters for games with stretch goals for Wii U eShop release and as i speak no one is helping to contribute any further assurance of more games down the pipe for the eShop

Plus there are developers like the man behind "Bit Boy" that has little confidence on the Wii U, I had to show them the destructoid article for proof that the Big N is starting to care for them — that's how sad the situation is

If Wii U owners want more games on eShop or VC they must show it
1. Make sure EVERY Kickstarter with a Wii U stretch goal is funded especially make sure the stretch goal guaranteeing the release on the Wii U eShop is fulfilled

2. Join a company's forums (Namco Bandai's community, Capcom Unity) and demand more VC games and eShop items for the Wii U

Yes, I am aware of the Wii U not selling well but it's mostly the 3rd parties fault for providing inferior ports and then point the system and us for that version's failure

I apologize for this kind of attitude but i say something must be done to make sure the Wii U has prosperity and stop being a butt of every gamer's joke in the same vein as the PS Vita



nik1470 said:

The problem with the Eshop, Xbox marketplace and pan in the digital games cost more than the retail
I could pick up the new resi for £32 retail or download it for £39.



banacheck said:

There is no way i'm buying rental gamers or eShop games until they do an account system, i'll just stick with discs on my Wii U.



SanderEvers said:

ALL eShop purchases are account based. But this account is stored on both your system and the Nintendo server. You can't just put your account on another console. Because then you'll have easy piracy (just give someone your account and he can download any game you purchased and use it on his own system)

If however your system DOES break, you'll have to contact Nintendo for warranty and account transfer. They've done that with my first DSi, and it worked really good.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I understand the point of people wanting an account system, but isn't it a bit paranoid as well? A broken WiiU isn't popping up all too often, yet some people actually think that they inevitably will lose their data without an account.
Just take care of your console, and everything will be fine.

But what they really need to improve on is a better menu structure for WiiU eShop. It's really uncomfortable to simply browse through games, and the choice of using scrolldown sites doesn't help at all. It gives me the feeling that the eShop is overloaded with stuff while it doesn't actually have that much content yet.



DarkKirby said:

I would have to say the number 1 things that prevents me from making digital purchases is the lack of an account based system.


I agree that the situation of consoles breaking and being stolen is unlikely, but "it" happens, and the issue is that Steam and other systems have an account based system, so Nintendo in comparison is the odd one out, seemingly purely as an anti piracy measure.



shrew said:

I do wonder if they'll ever fix the account system, since locking it to the hardware most likely was deliberate.



MetalKingShield said:

Here's what I think Nintendo should do with the eShop - sprite games. Not 2.5D platformers with polygons like New Super Mario Bros, or the 2D, rendered look they're using for A Link to the Past 2 (and others). I'm talking about proper sprites/pixel art like Project X Zone.

This way, we could have a Metroid that is better than Fusion/Zero Mission and a Zelda that eclipses the SNES style. Imagine all the fantastic sprite-scaling and animation that could be achieved...



SCAR said:

It was deliberate. It would have been a waste of time to combine the DSi and Wii accounts, and DS didn't even download anything at all. As for 3DS and Wii, 3DS is still current gen, while Wii is not. These systems either have no compatible software, or have incompatible hardware.
Those limitations and incompatibilities are no longer an issue. Obviously, Wii U and 3DS will still get different games, but VC and cross-play games don't seem that out of the question anymore.



ccanfield1 said:

In my opinion, the eShop is Nintendo's only hope for the Wii U besides major 1st party releases, such as Zelda or Metroid. Their work to reach out to indie developers and continued efforts to improve the Virtual Console are essential. As a current owner of a Wii U, digital downloads are the only reason I'm turning on my system at all. Otherwise, it would be turned off until Pikmin 3 is released.



OrangeSmoothie said:

I don't love how this article makes it seem like Nintendo is doing us a disservice by not making more download-only titles. I feel like there are plenty of great things from third parties that wouldn't be able to get their games out otherwise. Nintendo, on the other hand, can afford to put every retail title both in stores and on the eShop. By doing this, it's advertising - a kid sees a box in the store and they say to their parents "oh I want that! buy it for me!" What reason is there for Nintendo not to put titles like New Super Luigi U at retail?



banacheck said:

A broken WiiU isn't popping up all too often, yet some people actually think that they inevitably will lose their data without an account.

There where loads of broken Wii U's at launch, of course you will lose your downloads which are locked to your console. Nintendo has also made it clear to people too, Digital rights management aka DRM people don't like on games never mind a consoles. Anti piracy measure more like a money making measure, as there are other methods which other consoles are using now Nintendo could have used for piracy measures.

"a Nintendo Network Account can only be used on the console where it was created Thus, any games tied to that unique online ID will only work on the first system they're purchased and downloaded to."

This is in essence the same setup that Nintendo used to protect downloaded Virtual Console and WiiWare games on the first Wii, a setup that not only utterly failed to stop piracy on the system but also caused headaches for many early Wii owners with faulty systems.



banacheck said:

I understand that Nintendo is worried about piracy, but its not like Microsoft, Sony, Valve, Apple and Google aren't. Yet those companies have all found their own ways to balance protection for their online stores with the ability for users to access that content in their own way. Opening legitimate purchases up for more than one console will also have absolutely no effect on the determined hackers that are already trying to open the system up to homebrew and pirated software. And thats if you pretend you cannot already get pirated software on the Wii U.



GiftedGimp said:

Considering Sonys PSN still isn't quite upto Microsoft Xbl service, given Microsoft had a 4 year head start over Sony its obvious that Since Wii only had a very basic online system that eStore/Nintendo Network isn't going to be as comprehensive as Xbl and Psn and thier associated online stores.
eStore/Nintendo Network is new and Nintendo will do what Microsoft have done on the OrigInal Xbox & 360 and do what Sony did with Psn on the Ps3... develop the online infrastructure, services and online store.
Its going to take a few years but eStore will build up to whats found on Psn an Xbl and Nintendo Network itself will change offering more features and services over time via updates to the WiiU and Nintendo Network itself.
Don't be suprised to find that over the next few years that Nintendo Network will be offering party chat, cross game invites, account linked drm and a host of other features possibly including an achievment system akin to those found now on Xbl and Psn.
As I say it takes time, Look how long it took Sony to get PSN close to Xbl in terms of services and Psn still doesn't quite match Xbl.



banacheck said:

Considering Sonys PSN still isn't quite upto Microsoft Xbl service, given Microsoft had a 4 year head start over Sony.

How has Microsoft had a 4year head start over Sony? the XBL launched in November 2002, Sonys PN2 launch in July 2001 in Japan. Also one is free the other is not meaning Sonys built there online infrastucture out of there own pocket, Microsoft didn't so they could evolve faster. I'm sure if Sony can do it for free so can Nintendo, but wether they add some of them features is down Nintendo, in how they like to be different.



thanos316 said:

the eshop could be the wii u trump card. it could be a beast. nintendo has a couple of months to build up the eshop before the new xbox or ps htis the markets. if ninty builds the eshop over the next couple of months then they can swing the momentum back into their favor. they already have things going with the 3ds so im assuming that they can get the wii u flowing in the right direction..



Rei7 said:

They are doing nothing to actually reviving the Wii U, it's disappointing.



seronja said:

Shigeru Myamoto could make a 3DS e-shop title of a GB classic: Mole mania... that should sell like hot cakes and lower the prices of VC games because SNES games are priced for over 5€ each, & with that same money i could buy something green wich i will not say what it is... it seems to me that Nintendo doesen't understand that they over price their products way too much... NES & GB games 1€, GBC games 2€, SNES & GBA games 3€, n64 games 5€, dreamcast games 7€ & gamecube games 10€ would be perfect! but i don't see that happening as long as people still buy these VC games for these high prices...



Matti said:

They should first get the eShop to actually, you know, work most of the time. Very often I get errors and yesterday I had to reset my Wii U because it got stuck in the eShop loading screen. Those download speeds are also laughably bad and it's one of the reasons why I don't buy any big, retail games from there.



BerendJan said:

Make the damn VC games cheaper and make big bucks on new original titels. So not ask €$5,- for a SMB2 game but ask €$1,- and make the new original stuff €$5,-

I'm a verry big nintendo fan but i'm only buying the CV games that are 30ct.

Nintendo is in the posesion of the greatest collection of old games, that they just keep reselling. I'm not gonna buy the same game again for that high price.

Also make more fuss about it, make a special miiverse containing actions and or promotions that's alway's in the warawara plaza. So people see it now i have to push the news button OR i need to get to the eShop to find the special promotions.

Also klickable links are nice so you can twitter/google+/facebook a link to a game and buy it when your not on your WiiU. Then automaticly download the game to my WiiU.

Example when i'm at work and see a game i like come on the store (because the makers twitter it) i can but it on the website and direcly play when i come home. The muthc needed account system must be in place for that



erv said:

Make me owning a physical copy eligible to have the downloaded version.

Once people know its convenience, they'll shop through your windows and not anyone else's.

Also, digital should not have the same price as physical, no matter how much you believe in value. And as long as I can buy a game on the street for 20 euros while the shop lists them for 50, 60, 70 even, you won't see me buying.

Simple world, isn't it.



originaljohn said:

I actually think the eShop is one of the best features of the WiiU. I download everything. I only have 3 retail disks and that's because they're gifts.
The PSN and Live account systems are a lie anyway. It states on PSN you can only download your content to 3 different devices, plus everything I've bought on PSN is incompatible with the PS4... I don't know about you people but to me that's not a unified account system. I'm not sure about Live, but I would assume it's very similar. Steam,,, GetGames, Origin and UPlay are the fully unified systems some of which are in very early stages just like the Nintendo Network. Another thing I'd like to point out is everything I bought on my Wii works on my WiiU, will the same be possible for the new xbox, I know it wont for PS4 - Sony have just lost me as a customer.
Now with regards to content being lost if 'something where to happen with my WiiU', I have a 1TB hard drive where everything I download gets saved to. If my WiiU breaks I am 100% confident my content is safe. If my hard drive fails, I download all my content again. Simple as that.
Things I'd like to see in the eShop are pre-orders for upcoming games, a shopping basket - stop making me paid for things individually, more 3rd party VC software and sales. I am loving the promotions held at the minute the most resent one being super mario bros 2. I also want to see every 3rd party retail game on the eShop with reduced prices.



Sun said:

Similar issues arise regarding Wii U retail releases. Wii U looks abandoned even by its own creator. However, I know Nintendo will boost its new system in the near future.



Araknie said:

There is 12 Wii U eShop games in development and more than 10 good eShop games have come out.
This time this made no sense at all.



banacheck said:

unified account system.

So according to you Microsoft also doesn't have a unified account system? Seeing as Xbox infinity architecture is different it's very likely not to have backwards capabilities.



bezerker99 said:

As an owner of both the 3DS and Wii U version of MH3U, I must say the cross-save feature is really nice! And I agree - Nintendo needs more of this with it's titles. I'm not saying I would buy two copies of just any game to be able to cross-save....but it's absolutely perfect for a game like MH3U (imo).

Also, Nintendo needs Gamecube titles available for download in it's eShop. That would make it a little better.



originaljohn said:

@banacheck No, I'm just cheesed the system is very very limited. If the new xbox isn't backwards compatible Microsoft have just dropped over 7 years of content. Stupid considering they are aiming to build a 'eco-system' that is going to be compared against apple, google and steam. The only reason Microsoft had a unified account system to begin with was because they knew the 360 had a extremely high failure rate of 33% in the first 2 years. The paying customer didn't know that but Microsoft did.



Henmii said:

Wouldn't surprise me if we see some cool, new games from Nintendo on the Wii u e-shop at some point, but when is anybody's guess!!



rilely said:

@SpaceKappa Agreed. I'd much rather know that I could re-download my games and not lose the hundreds of dollars I've spent on Wii U games.



sinanziric said:

Please Nintendo fix this!!! I will buy digital games anyway (I Hope) but this needs to be fixed asap.

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