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Fri 12th Oct 2012

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BerendJan commented on Ian Livingstone: Nintendo Should Have Their IP...:

As a responsible father i bought a nintendo system for my living room console gaming. That way all the family can play the good games nintendo makes. And there is no other crap surrounding it. No TV options movie rental stuff and all that. Just gaming on jong childeren proof games. And in the mean time i can play whith them, if i play a kids game on a MS or Sony platform most of the times it suchs for the "mature" gamer. On a nintendo platform the games keep fun to play.

And no that's not posible on other platforms becouse the fist bumping bro hugging anti gay voilence that is there...

but that's just my opinion, nintendo needs to stay on there own hardware. Eidos must shut up.

Most fans of nintendo platforms even don't care they are missing out on the multiplatform crap (wich alway's sucks on a nintendo platform allways...)

so if you buy a nintendo you buy nintendo games. Or games published by nintendo so they can keep the standard verry high. The only 3rd platy games i buy are the indygames on the eShop...



BerendJan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Step Up for the...:

Make the damn VC games cheaper and make big bucks on new original titels. So not ask €$5,- for a SMB2 game but ask €$1,- and make the new original stuff €$5,-

I'm a verry big nintendo fan but i'm only buying the CV games that are 30ct.

Nintendo is in the posesion of the greatest collection of old games, that they just keep reselling. I'm not gonna buy the same game again for that high price.

Also make more fuss about it, make a special miiverse containing actions and or promotions that's alway's in the warawara plaza. So people see it now i have to push the news button OR i need to get to the eShop to find the special promotions.

Also klickable links are nice so you can twitter/google+/facebook a link to a game and buy it when your not on your WiiU. Then automaticly download the game to my WiiU.

Example when i'm at work and see a game i like come on the store (because the makers twitter it) i can but it on the website and direcly play when i come home. The muthc needed account system must be in place for that



BerendJan commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

I want a sequel for the WiiU or a 3DS port please then i buy it again...

I love this game and the stupid humor "that's why your still a kid"



BerendJan commented on Talking Point: WiiWare's Vital Role in a Retro...:

And don't forget the great other games WiiWare brought us. I played hours and hours of Onslaught in coop mode via WiFi. Killing slug after slug it was a realy impressive game for it's 40 MB.

I loved Water Warfare a nice playfull aprouch of the FPS genre.

I challenged my friend in Star Soldier R...

i have found memories of the bit trip serie and the art style games, wiiware made the best games on the Wii. Cheap sometimes stupid and lots of fun...
Lets hope they keep that up with the WiiU...



BerendJan commented on Watch Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's Newest Trail...:

I'm drooling all over my PC here... The urge to buy a 3DS version and a WiiU version of a game a already own (and did not play alot) on the Wii is verry big.

The best of MH3 on my Wii was the start when everybody is looking at you (like you are a real ) in the intro and then the camera pans out and you are standing there in your underware... I laught so hard... great game hope they fix the map transisions and the voice communication system...