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Mon 20th May 2013

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JamesFox commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Step Up for the...:

The problem is basically gamers today are too loyal to Call of Duty (esp. cortjester)
As i speak, there kickstarters for games with stretch goals for Wii U eShop release and as i speak no one is helping to contribute any further assurance of more games down the pipe for the eShop

Plus there are developers like the man behind "Bit Boy" that has little confidence on the Wii U, I had to show them the destructoid article for proof that the Big N is starting to care for them — that's how sad the situation is

If Wii U owners want more games on eShop or VC they must show it
1. Make sure EVERY Kickstarter with a Wii U stretch goal is funded especially make sure the stretch goal guaranteeing the release on the Wii U eShop is fulfilled

2. Join a company's forums (Namco Bandai's community, Capcom Unity) and demand more VC games and eShop items for the Wii U

Yes, I am aware of the Wii U not selling well but it's mostly the 3rd parties fault for providing inferior ports and then point the system and us for that version's failure

I apologize for this kind of attitude but i say something must be done to make sure the Wii U has prosperity and stop being a butt of every gamer's joke in the same vein as the PS Vita