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Sniper Elite V2 on Wii U Lacks Online Co-Op and DLC

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hardly the "definitive version"

Sniper Elite V2 has arrived in stores in Europe and North America with next to no fanfare. When little is said about a port landing on Wii U, and its publisher hasn't even arranged a downloadable eShop version, alarm bells should ring.

Yet there's no escaping Miiverse, and it's quickly emerged — thanks to early adopters — that this Wii U version has no online content. We interviewed Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley about the game earlier this year, during which he did confirm that there were no DLC plans at that point; a familiar refrain with some Wii U releases. The absence of the online co-op missions are an unexpected blow, however, baking the title down to a single player-only game.

The absence of online play is surprising as we know the Wii U can handle it rather well; many major ports from Ubisoft, Activision and Criterion have featured substantial online play, while Capcom has also delivered most recently this week with Resident Evil Revelations.

We're hoping to review the game in due course, but it seems that the absence of online modes is dissatisfying many that are voicing their opinions on Miiverse.


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SilentHunter382 said:

I never bothered to pick it up but when I heard of the Wii U version I was interested in getting it for the system, Now that they didn't bother to add online or co-op then I will be getting the PC version during the summer sale.



Bulbousaur said:

Oh well, I'll get the PS3 version used when I get around to it. I'm not supporting laziness.



kissoon said:

Shame, I was looking forward to this but was waiting for some reviews before taking the plunge. Glad I did.



EaZy_T said:

Slightly disappointing.
I'll still get it eventually, maybe in a few months.



Shiryu said:

Buuuuuuu!!! I will probably still pick it up, tough. I'm a sucker for WW2 videogames.



andreoni79 said:

The "defenitive version" is the one with online and DLC included and it's 20 € cheaper than the WiiU one... Boycott these idiots!



kissoon said:

I just read that the PS360 versions also didn't come with multiplayer either, it was DLC later on. Still might get this if the reviews are good.



andreoni79 said:

@kissoon The goty edition for ps3 and 360 is out there since months with its 5 dlc, so there's no reason they are selling us the first edition at full price!



PinkSpider said:

Why are video game company's so bloody lazy at making games for Wii U at the moment?
What is the reason for it?
And then these company's complain that sales aren't strong on the console so they don't support it.
You really expect me to buy a game that is a half donkey'd port, with poor frame rate issues and missing extras. These companys are incredibly dumb



Ezra said:

Will Rebellion jump on the complain-train and whine about the sales on the WiiU, compared to other platforms'? I wonder.



seronja said:

can somebody explain to me why developers & publishers don't bother ( "that much" ) on DLC's & online MP for Nintendo console's?



BF-Medic said:

Fail. I would've bought this if I felt I was getting an equal version compared to the other consoles. My money will go elsewhere then.



marck13 said:

Why make a 98% finished game if they could have made it a 100%?
As already stated above, yes next thing we hear from them will be: "we don't produce for Wii U anymore because we sell poorly.." - AAARGHHH! People we have internet, we have miiverse, we can inform ourselfs and are no fools!

Does anyone know: Was this a publisher or developer decision?



SkywardLink98 said:

@seronja The reason for DLC is there has been no proven market for it, so all of the devs/pubs are playing it safe until someone works up the nerve to do it. Lame I know, but I find it understandable.



Razalom said:

And they will then say they are not developing for the Wii U due to poor sales of this game like EA did with FIFA13. You give the Wii U games with half the game missing and no one will buy it. Stupid Devs!!



PinkSpider said:

I can understand the exclusion of dlc on Wii but the Wii Us online capabilities are far superior so theres no excuse



XCWarrior said:

When sales tank, I don't want the game developers to ask why. They know why. This is why.

Game developers deserve the bankruptcy that falls upon their studios.



Marshi said:

Damn.bought this on my lunch break and just found this...damn.Hopefully the single player is good...damn



GoombaSlayer said:

I pre-ordered this a while back but i ended up on a "waiting list" since it was sold out.. Hasnt happened to me since i pre-ordered Wind Waker on the Gamecube... haha. Unexpected this one.

I wont take my pre-order down. I think this game, even without the online mode, will be worth the time and price. It looks really fun.



XavandSo said:

It is truly disappointing.
I absolutely love Sniper Elite V2, I own the PC and Nazi Zombie Army expansion pack and play them both to bits.

Came home today, super excited, with my pre-ordered Wii U copy.... Utter disappointment. Hopefully Rebellion can regain some of my lost faith with Sniper Elite 3... Bring on North Africa.



GoombaSlayer said:

@andreoni79 If you buy your games at Game and Gamestop its your own fault, hehe They always take out full price for everything. There must be other stores in Italy as well right? The game has been released with a budget price.



Revolution5268 said:

Also since when did these guys said this game will be the "definite version"?



GoombaSlayer said:

@XavandSo Wikipedia is wrong, it hasnt been specifically announced for Wii U. The pressrelease only said PC, PS360 and next-gen consoles. Which we all know rarely includes the Wii U. I would think that if a Wii U-version was planned it had been mentioned with the PS360-versions in the pressrelease.

But i would hope for a Wii U version, but i wouldnt bet any coins on it.



andreoni79 said:

@GoombaSlayer Believe me, GS are the cheapest videogames shops here in Italy. Rarely there are 5 or 10 € discount for new games in big electronic stores. the game is € 59 even on Amazon... If there's any other italian customer on NL, please help!!!



Nintenjoe64 said:

I really think the Wii U needs a zapper so we can play games like Silent Scope with the gamepad as the scope and the TV screen can be a zoomed out view.

Link's AWP Training would be good.



LztheQuack said:

Cue the "We won't support the Wii U anymore because sales were disappointing".

Hmm, I remember another company doing this....who was it....oh yeah! EA!!



Timro said:

Okay I know there is no online or dlc but isnt it good they still put the game out? I know we want to be treated equal but this does do some things the other versions don't. And if this does not sell I don't see Wii U getting the next version. Man, I am old and remember when getting a game was all about the game and not the extras. Now if this game sucks ij its own right then I think we have a right to complain. And if it sells, we would get the dlc and extras.



HeatBombastic said:

I might pick it up. I really want to, but I'm still undecided on which Wii U game I should pick up next. I have Nintendoland, MH3U, and Injustice, and I'm thinking about getting one of the newer ones. I've heard bad things about Fast & furious, and I already have Lego Batman on my Wii so those two are out. It's between Resident Evil Revelations or this...



Zodiak13 said:

@HeatBombastic Lego City: Undercover, I know the loads are long, but its my 1st 40+ hour game on a home console in years. I just usually don't choose to play that long, unless it's my 3DS.



Tasuki said:

Dang I was holding out for this version too. Looks like I will be picking up the 360 version instead.



C-Olimar said:

Game sells badly because it's lazy and crap.
>Wii U owners don't want mature games.
It's FIFA all over again.



Dpullam said:

This game would most certainly benefit from online modes, especially on the Wii U since their internet is free. It is really strange why they would decide to not include it when other versions of this game have online co-op without any problems. I can't say I'll be picking up this version due to this oversight.



Pichuka97 said:

Kind of saddening. I actually wanted to get this. Whats the point of porting a 2 year old game to a next gen system when it can't even get any bonus material out of it and scrapes online and dlc?



Midnight3DS said:

It's a good game, and playing elite is where it's at. Adjusting for wind and all that. The showcase is the slo mo killshot.



GiftedGimp said:

Actually was going to this, I was expecting the gamepad to be implemented well, don't know if thats the case but since the developers decided they would only do a half-donkey'd version, leaving out the online I'll be giving it a miss.
A big shame as I usually make sure I buy 3rd party titles as soon as I can, if they are decent enough to to do my part in showing 3rd party publishers WiiU owners will also by non-Nintendo games.
Well with Warners Lego Batman and Capcom's Resi Evil at least I'm able to still show some 3rd party support at least.



TheRealThanos said:

@CrabGats It is a GREAT game, never regretted buying it full price. And it's DEFINITELY no copy/paste game. The kill shots are hilarious too, and VERY satisfying... - single kill shot with preparation and aftermath - kill shot compilation - two heads, one bullet...
@everybody I'm sorry to say this, but all this commotion about a game tanking "because it doesn't have online" is ridiculous to say the least. Consoles have only truly been online since the original Xbox (not counting the modems for GameCube and Dreamcast and the PS2 had way too few online games as well) so that's only 2 generations. Before that nobody in the whole wide world bashed a game for only having single player. Multi-player was a nice bonus but nothing to complain about if it was missing.
I have Sniper Elite v2 on Xbox 360 and the single player campaign alone makes this game more than good enough in it's own right, so labeling it a definite no go is stupid, because if this is the sort of game you like then you are passing up on a really enjoyable game with a range of extensive features that can be switched on or off, making it accessible to both arcade gamers and simulation gamers.
I do agree that not including the DLC missions is a mistake and is certainly unfortunate for people not owning a PC, Xbox 360 or PS3, because they are a lot of fun and that goes for the extra single player missions as well as the co-op missions, because it adds longevity to the game. And even without the online part they could have at least added the extra single player missions.
Still, if you only have a Wii U and like WW2 games/sniper sims and you are able to man up and stop crying over missing online, then this game's single player campaign will definitely NOT disappoint you, and if you also have another console or a PC you should buy it for that to get access to all the missions.



DefHalan said:

All I really want is the online Co-op. They could have charge for DLC later or never released the DLC. All I was really looking forward to was the Co-op, might still pick it up when it is in a bargain-bin



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I feel like no one is gonna get this game now and due to poor sales the developers will hate Wii U and refuse to ever develop for it again. -_-



AVahne said:

If it's a good game, I'll get it...once it drops to $20-30. AND once I have no other games to play.



Williaint said:

I didn't plan on getting this game, and no online/DLC means I won't get it... even more. So, it's in the negatives...



KAHN said:

i try my best to avoid miiverse. full of noobs and idiot kids. but i digress. kind of lame there's no online. once again the wiiu fails to deliver what's already on 360 and ps3



MiNiStRy said:

Online doesn't bother me as it was hard to find a game on my 360 version but hopefully we get he dlc sometime.



Tysamu said:

-sigh- I hate it when devs do this. Purposely leaving out key features like online co-op.....



Shanksta said:

60 bucks is way overpriced for an old port. I didn't get this when it came out and heard it was coming to WiiU, but I think I'll wait till it drops in price before purchasing. The singleplayer was the only reason I was going to get it anyway, but the lack of DLC is disappointing. Singleplayer games tend to be more what I look for since online (for most games) tends to bore me.



raghouse said:

@thebigN Online Co-op missing would have been just fine if Rebellion had local co-op without split screen. Everyone of these late ports should offer co-op with one player using a wii-mote or pro controller and the other using the WiiU controller. Why would anyone pay a premium for the WiiU version when there is no good reason to play it over other versions.



P-Gamer-C said:

They know it wont sell the biggest franchise in gaming [cod] coulden't do anything on wii u if wii u owners don't give devs a reason to put games on there platform i dont even expect devs to even give wii u cheap ports after next gen jumps off this holiday

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