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Tue 14th May 2013

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Ezra commented on Splatoon's Big Update is Coming on 6th August:

There's much need of a third scenario in the rotation cycle. If you want to invest on some longplay, another option would be appreciated.

Also, they should drop the random assignment of people in teams and start considering splitting the low levels players as well as those with higher level.



Ezra commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe):

Although a little low on standards, a discount on Code of Princess is what I've been waiting for in the past months, I'll jump on it.
Sadly, WiiU's week is rather forgettable.



Ezra commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

The event was prepared alongside with an apology bucket to deliver. There's no need to feel sad for them (although I partially do), they knew what was coming.

My take on this is just that Nintendo can't hold up to its competitors in the market without a strong support from 2nd/3rd party developers, even multi-Platform. They are literally doing what they can in filling up the schedule, but they need to expand their SHs and offer better platform support to different developers. Hopefully the NX will change that.



Ezra commented on Satoru Iwata Announces a "Quality of Life" Pla...:

Nintendo's business activity started with card games, more than a century ago. Videogames came obviously later, as the corporation reinvented itself. They also hold a significant share of the Seattle Mariners (my beloved team by the way) and have ventured in many business fields. Thus I don't really see anything unusual in this new approach, it's called cope with the times that change; I just hope they succeed and I'm curious to see what's hidden up their sleeve.



Ezra commented on Satoru Iwata Announces a "Quality of Life" Pla...:

I'll tend to exclude augmented reality, but definitely will be an integrated software which will test diet plans, daily calories and best food resources. In some strange way, I cannot shrug off the idea of a heavily-centered kitchen-based device. It should be enough convince the new adopters to complete their health craze and have a taste of the complementary Wii U Fit-software.



Ezra commented on Satoru Iwata Announces a "Quality of Life" Pla...:

I suggest to click on the link and read the whole lengthy presentation. It conveys more substantial information and even a few more explicative graphics. From what I gathered, Nintendo will present a new hardware with dedicated software which will focus on health, and you may figure the picture by thinking at the Ds with the various Brain Training or the Wii with Wii fit. Think of those as two potential specifically designed console, and you'll get a glimpse of what will come next.
Problem is: it doesn't directly help Wii U sales and... it's another new piece of hardware waiting to be sold to "oceans" of possibly uninterested people. A very indirect approach to solving the real problem, let alone a very risky one.



Ezra commented on NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U:

@hendie001 No NHL games coming out as well, you can bet.

These seamless negative updates on games that will not be dispensed on the Wii U console are shaping up as a one big joke. Not the news itself, the lack of games.



Ezra commented on PES 2014 Will Not Be Dispensed On Wii U:

I'm not in line with the majority of the commenters here: this is a huge loss, a title that I, as european, was really looking forward to. I'm starting to ask myself what really this WiiU does/is allowed to play, since every single heavy-weight third party multi-platform title is avoiding the hardware carefully.
As a WiiU owner, I'd like to have a vast library of games to choose from, actually as vast as possible. I don't get the point of all the sarcasm going on.



Ezra commented on Video: A Young Person Plays Super Metroid:

The talkative internet has spoken again, I see. Lots of people looking smugly at a lighthearted (and indeed entertaining) mockery video.
It's not necessary to preach about on every given opportunity. Just get by with a smile.



Ezra commented on Dying Light Set To Skip Wii U:

There's definitely something more to it. A filthy word is tickling in my head: retaliation. What for, I am not sure. Could be the second-hand games issue, or maybe a pie looks more delicious when shared by two partners instead of three. Probably Nintendo has bothered someone lately.
I don't buy into the "no big deal" perspective. When mainstream producers deliberately "forget" about Nintendo while still foddering old-gen consoles, something doesn't sound right.