It's only natural that, when asked about the current state of affairs in the games industry, developers are at some point drawn to discuss Nintendo and, often, the Wii U.

Dylan Cuthbert, President of Q-Games, gave his brief view on what he feels is imperative to the system in an interview with Siliconera, highlighting the well-worn argument that software is key, before making other valid and, from a Nintendo fan's perspective, positive comments.

I think software. If they are going to win they are going to have to figure out the games. They probably need like new super IP, a special IP that makes people really interested. But they always come up with something. They are always very innovative. Even with the DS when it first came out people said that’s not very good and it’s not going to do very well, but it sold hundreds of millions and had lots of innovative titles. I think they will find something that will sell a lot. Who would have known Wii Fit would have sold like 15 million units?

In terms of the prospects of Q-Games titles, such as its popular PixelJunk series, coming to 3DS, Cuthbert said the studio had nothing planned for the handheld in the "immediate future". It's a decision that seems to be driven by the studio's perspective on what the 3DS audience wants to play.

I think if we’re going to move PixelJunk to a mobile platform apart from Vita or PSP, I think it would be iOS. I think it seems more of an appropriate fit for smaller games. I think people on the 3DS are used to bigger games. PixelJunk is about concise, small games, but with a big heart.

Cuthbert's comments about Nintendo producing a significant new IP with mass-appeal are reflected, we suspect, in various conversations between Nintendo gamers. The developer has previous history of seeing Nintendo's willingness to re-use existing IPs first hand, as Q-Games produced Star Fox 64 3D for the 3DS; Cuthbert was also part of the team that developed the original Star Fox on the Super NES.

What do you think of these comments? While Nintendo's existing major properties are vitally important and big sellers, is it time for something new to help define its systems, rather than the famous old plumber and his pals?