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The Monster Hunter Tri Servers Will be Shutdown Today

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The end of hunting season

While a number of gamers can be found lurking on the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online Wii U servers at all hours of the day, we feel it's worth paying a humble tribute to its predecessor, Monster Hunter Tri. Why do this? Because today is the last day when the Wii title's servers will be open for online multiplayer — they're due to be switched off, which will make the original a single player or multiplayer arena-only affair.

As we stated when confirming this news at the start of the year, Monster Hunter Tri's online component will probably go down as a rare example of an online Wii game that worked well, with its functionality exceeding the vast majority of rivals on the system. It had a solid lobby system, regular special quests, its own invaluable friends list, and a separate online ranking system that — although bested by the more streamlined Wii U equivalent — made for some compulsive leveling up. It supported USB keyboards for easy text chat and even used Wii Speak, though any attempt at conversations with the latter were often pointless due to the peripheral bombing at the market. In many respects it more than stood up to substantial online offerings in PS3 and 360 games, which was a rare luxury for Wii owners.

Monster Hunter is arguably best enjoyed with others, and for dedicated warriors Tri's online multiplayer will be fondly remembered for years to come.

We'd love to read about your online memories for Monster Hunter Tri, below.

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darkgamer001 said:

Even as a Wii U owner with a copy of MH Tri Ultimate, I feel that this is an extremely greedy decision by Capcom. Not everyone can update now, you know...



bezerker99 said:

Thank you, Capcom, for providing a great online experience on Wii. I upgraded to the Wii U version over the weekend so...ironic timing?



RupeeClock said:

The most committed of those online players will probably take to establishing their own servers somehow, it has happened before with Dreamcast's Phantasy Star Online to my recollection.

That is, those who aren't moving onto the Wii U edition that is.



Shiryu said:

You guys have to realise how much it costs to have a dedicated server running 24/7 for all these years. It's sad to see it shut-off, but it just the way the world goes.



DarkEdi said:

It needs a MH3 channel in the Wii to update all save data to the Wii U version, so you don´t begin from zero.



zionich said:

Im just happy they didnt make the same mistake in MHTU. That being that I can do everything solo off-line if I need to (and have the skill).



Dak908 said:

I just cracked 4,000 hours last night on it. I bought 3 copies to help the cause when it first came out as well as 3 copies of Ultimate. MH is seriously my favorite 3rd party franchise and I'm sad to see the servers go down fro Tri but it was fun while it lasted



SkywardLink98 said:

@Shiryu Star Wars Battlefront 2 is still going (up until a couple of months ago) and it came out something like 8 years ago. MHTri came out 3 years ago. It can't cost that much, and even if it costs a lot 95% of the space goes unused, so they could just cancel those servers. This is just to get people to upgrade :/



Wilford111 said:

This is an ominous reminder to me that online servers can't go on forever... Mario Kart DS and Wii servers are bound to shut down soon o_o



Handy_Man said:

I'm glad that the end of the article didn't say something like "How do you feel about Monster Hunter 3 Tri's Servers going down? Is it time to move on to Ultimate, or should they have kept the servers up forvlonger? Sound off in the comments below to share your opinion." These are getting really annoying, and there needs to be more articles that don't have those questions at the end of freaking everything. It comes off as the writer being desperate for attention, when I know that they don't really have to do that, since this website is becoming more well known lately. It's great that this particular article doesn't have that, so keep it up!



Aika said:

I use to spend countless hours on Tri and had many sleepless nights. I was obsessed for months, but then I got busy and before I knew it I hadn't played in over a year. I started back up a week ago and realized just how much I missed it. I wish I would've started back a couple months ago when I heard about the servers being shut down. Ah well. I believe it'll hold the place as one of my favorite games for quite a while. RIP, Tri. Thanks for all the great times. <3 wipes tear



Wheels2050 said:

It's a pity - I only picked up MH3 recently, and have not had a chance to play it online (although I was fully aware when I bought the game that the servers were going down).

It would have been nice to try out the online side of things, but never mind - apparently single player is still pretty good! Who knows, as someone said above fans may set up their own servers at some point.



TwilightV said:

The fact that they didn't make some kind of data transfer tool just shows how lazy they are. Starting fresh? Just an excuse.



Sun said:

This is the game I have played for a longer time on Wii and my best online experience this far although you should note I only own Nintendo consoles. Capcom did a great job on Wii with excellent games and I'm sure they will on Wii U as well.

Capcom, lots of love from me to you.



MasterGraveheart said:

Farewell, Deserted Island, where the Rathalos and Rathian tag-teamed me into submission.

Farewell, Sandy Plains, where the Diablos launched me out of there like he owned the place.

Farewell, Flooded Forest, where the Royal Ludroth abused newbie me like no tomorrow.

Farewell, Tundra, where the Barioth turned me into a very bloody sno-cone.

Farewell, Volcano, where the Uragaan left me in his tracks... all the way through his tracks.

Farewell, Underwater Ruin, where the Ceadeus... got his tail handed to him. Never really had an issue with him... ^^;

Farewell, Great Desert, where the Jhen Mohran broke apart more Dragonships than I can count.

Farewell online servers, where I forever chased a Rising Soul.

Farewell Monster Hunter 3 Tri. I lost more hours than I can count with you yelling in rage, getting my butt kicked, and enjoying every minute of it.

...Good times. Toasts the end of an era.



ultraraichu said:

Can't say I'll miss it since I haven't played Tri online in over 2 years and I'm loving the Tri Ultimate online community, minus the no in-game player search command to find people not on your friend list.

What I can say is I lost alot of free/sleep time because of that darn online game



Dpishere said:

Had many good times playing this game online, though I prefer Ultimate 3ds with my brother. Either way being able to play online will be missed.



Yanchamaru said:

I was thinking of buying Tri and was wondering if the game is worth playing offline? What would I be missing with no multiplayer?



Megumi said:

Thanks Tri for getting me addicted to this series, lol. Here's hoping 4 makes it over here.



Omarsonic9 said:

Gonna buy MH3U for Wii U soon. Is Monster Hunter a cool series? I tried the demo and I liked it.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Will they turn off the MH3U servers when 4 is released?

If they can do this with Monster Hunter, what will become of Sim City



Zombie_Barioth said:

Haven't played this in a long while since my disk was wearing out, but after 500+ hours its sad to see this chapter in the series coming to a close.

The really annoying part of all this isn't just that you can't do the event quests anymore, but that you loose access to all the high-rank quests as well. I know they assume everyone will just move on, but thats still a terrible way to design a game and theres not excuse for it.



CerberusAzdin said:

By far, the best online Wii game if not the best Wii game altogether. Its been a rollercoaster with Tri; met really cool people, had arguments with others and all the damn Deviljhos in between.

As sad as this news is, we must thank Capcom for having the server open for so, so long and for letting us enjoy the online experience for free.

BUT FEAR NOT!! We have a group on Facebook dedicated to gathering hunters in London. We specialise in creating weekly events so people like you can meet other hunters and tackle quests together.

Add us and we will keep you posted on future events! There is one this Saturday which is going to be our best one yet!!:



AceSpadeS said:

Not sure about it on the PS2, though it doesn't matter as Sony shut that version of the PSN offline years ago, but on the PC the servers are all privately funded. Meaning Lucas Arts and what have you aren't paying a dime to keep them online, dedicated individuals are. Most PC games work like that, which is why even more ancient games that use server based matchmaking (Read: Neverwinter Nights) are still big online.



Balaclavab said:

I've been waiting for this to happen, I knew it was only a matter of time
I only reahced HR 44, and finished the offline story, after about 170 hours play time, but me and a friend had just started getting back into it a week ago, I was going to try and get to HR 50 and fight Alateron....but I guess it was never meant to be MHTri, your online capabilities rivaled and sometimes trumped those of Xbox 360 and PS3 titles, and you will be sorely missed.



YorkshireNed said:

I bought the game two years ago but only really started playing online when I heard it was going to be shut down. The single player campaign has all the same quests I've encountered in the online version (though I only got to HR 19) and you can pause it



startropics3 said:

I purchased the game at release with little intention of online play. I only spent about twenty minutes in the lobby, but never played with anyone online. I really dug the challenging boss fights without the extra help. I assumed multi-player in MH3 would be like Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast, but with more grinding. The bosses were a breeze in PSO with just two players, and that's not what I wanted with MH3. I would have loved to see Capcom try a single player mode with online components as in Demon Souls or Dark Souls, where notes and duel challenges are posted. Even though I never used the multi-player option, kudos to Capcom for not charging a monthly fee for a current-gen MMO. Definitely a purchase point.



TromboneGamer said:

RIP I had fun with a new experience which I'm sure will be very familiar to me into the distant future. May the Hunt continue in Ultimate, and hopefully sooner rather than later, 4 as well. Amen



fishwilson said:

@Dak908 4000 hours? Talk about dedication. Thats like ten hours a day for 400 days or 5 hours a day for 800 days which is almost 3 years. vow!



Banker-Style said:

Tri was a brilliant game,even if I did find it incredibly hard.
Can't wait for my copy of Ultimate to be delivered.



MrNeko25 said:

Will miss this game dearly! I juiced out as much fun as i could at the begining of the year when it was officially announced that the servers were closing. Cannot say that i will move to MH3U, untill i get a WiiU. But i will eventually! I just hope the creators decide to move MHO to the americas. But i stayed closely to the very end of the game with my friend. MH3 or MH3U i still hate you diablos!!!! >_<



MrNeko25 said:

@MrNeko25 If i remember corectly i stayed online with my friends till 1:45 am. After that i fell asleep, so i don't know what happend.



SkywardLink98 said:

@AceSpadeS Nope, on the PS2 as well as many other PS2 games. They had many more options besides closing the servers, but they're forcing everyone to upgrade.



leroyslayer100 said:

uhh guys can anyone tell me the shutdown of error code 11603 there by mh tri not going away is it? Please give an answer'd like to know ) or you can after a few days back on? hope I can soon on city-online.



infrenalpixel said:

do you people realize what you've done!!!!!!!!!???? many many people wil lreturn monster hunter tri simply because you did this!!! me and my friend where gonna go online and kill the great jaggie together!!



Windy said:

It's a sad day when servers get shut down. Especially for games like this when there was always someone to play with everyday 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Monster Hunter Tri got more hours out of me than any other home console game. I hope someone Might figure out a way to play this online in the future. I sure wish the 3DS had online play cause I would feel right at home. Time to move on.



MH_Tri_Rules said:

Please respond via Email, Capcom why are you the only gaming company that screws over its customers and gets away with it? This is not the first time that you messed with your games and pissed your customers off, now you shutdown one of the best games ever made? Your company makes over 2 billion a year? And you cant even keep at least one lobby open? Maybe if you did not keep the 50 lobbies that nobody ever went into, you would not have this problem, sure im some nobody posting my opinion, but im not wrong and everybody knows it.



MH_Tri_Rules said:

I garuntee not one person can agree wih capcoms shutting a game down just for another console, there is noneed for a new console, the wii was fine the way it was, every time capcom does something like this, they lose some of their fanbase, they
will die off if it continues its path. Companies are nothing, without the support of the public.



rdmckee53 said:

I think this is complete BS! I have no intention of purchasing another gaming system after all the money I've invested in Wii games and accessories. How do you sell a game and market it specifically for "online interactive play" sell it to hundreds of thousands of people then shut down the servers? Sounds to me like the basis of a class action law suit. Capcom get your heads out of your butts and bring the servers back online or give me my $60 back.



Alec-Perez16 said:

Im not buying a wii u just to play mhtu i love playing mht i just wish they could put the servers back up i just started playing again and i was dissapointed when i found out they shut down the servers



Ezza said:

Il be really sad to see this go because I met loads of awsome people online and put over 500 hours maybe more into this game. I was HR 127 I think and had everything there was to get in the game as far as I know. RIP Monster Hunter Tri. I remember buying theIgame and then sayin its rubbish and I actually took it back and they wouldn't accept it. So I got bored one day and went on it and I just couldn't stop playing it. I plan on getting a WII U just to play monster hunter again and its other titles.



ShadowCapra said:

bring it back so i have something worth while to play
i have no one to hunt with me on monster hunter freedom unite
now i can't even play monster hunter tri online any more
so whats the point of playing monster hunter tri anymore now that there no more online



GotWii said:

Future of on-line gaming is dieing for consoles.
PC gaming is going to win out; This is a bad business move and Capcom is not alone. They will regret the day they did this trust me.



KelbidromexxH said:

I just can't believe they are doing this to the possibly thousands of people to would still just love to go on MHT online and hunt with their friends or new hunters to them. I am one such as they, and this is just completely ridiculous. I believe they should just continue with the servers being on, as people aren't going to upgrade for just one game. Me and my friend just last week(after June 27th) wanted to hunt with each other. Little did we know, we couldn't because of the new MH3U release. If this is the case, why haven't the CoD games gone down since Black Ops II is out. CoD: WaW still has servers. Capcom should've used another great Wii game to make this example. >_>



Shiino said:

Monster Hunter Tri ;( :
At first i thought its just a normal game without special things .
When my parents gave me MH Tri as christmas present , i thought just : okay u
can try it but u dont have to play it realy .
I played it and it was boring cause i was at the start .
Then 3 months later i found MH Tri again under my desk and I thought : u got nothing to do so lets try it .
I played and played and played , i was fascinated of Monster Hunter , i played it nearly all the time , I Loved Monster Hunter Tri ,
There is no better game then Monster Hunter and there will never be .
So sry if I have to say it now , I HATE IT THET U SHUTED DOWN THE SERVERS cry* I realy want to play it more .



Jacozoom82 said:

I am not pleased at all because of the simple fact I only now learned of this and had me WII AND BOUGHT A WHOLE NEW DISK TO PLAY IT ONCE AGAIN!!!



Jacozoom82 said:

I refuse to by that horrible game pad the WII U which is overpriced and idiotic just to have to buy Ultimate just to play my childhood including that I have to start all over from the begging after earning some of the strongest armor. I will never forgive this. MH3 Tri was one of my only games worth playing for the WII.



Tyler377190 said:

Mh tri is such a great game I loved it from the start and I just got to online multiplayer today this is a load of ****



Tyler377190 said:

Send this to your friends boycott the new mh games don't buy them if they lose money they will have no choice but to put the servers back up



SubZeroGaming said:

It's a shame it had to go. I had just got my internet fixed (it had been 3 years since it broke...)and then I got on and saw they were shut down. I almost cried. At first I thought it was an update. But it wasn't. Saddest day of my gaming life.



SubZeroGaming said:

I wonder how many people made a new account just to say how mad they were about this. Nintendo prolly saw the increase in accounts and thought they did the right thing.
(P.S. It's not Capcom's fault, all of wii's online games got shut down, nintendo shut them all down.)



GXhunter said:

Please nintendo, TURN THEM ON, All of the game had been made Online, all of the outline quests are finished and you're bored because the servers is out. set them Back to normal or the game must be totally refunded.

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