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Tue 2nd Jul 2013

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KelbidromexxH commented on Monster Hunter Tri Servers To Be Shutdown At t...:

Im glad they think that everyone who wants to get a new Monster Hunter game, but doesn't want a WiiU is the perfect plan. I don't want a portable Wii, it's just useless to me. Not to mention Monster Hunter is going to be the only good thing about it. I just got the game to play it, and now I can only get the decent crap out of the game. Offline play is good, trust me, but online mode is where practically over 50% of the enjoyment of the game is where it is at. They need to take in consideration that many people still want to play MHT. The WiiU isn't going to be that good of a console. Only reason is Monster Hunter. When MH4 comes out, you MH3U players better expect for online mode to not function anymore. Have fun with the 400-something-500-something dollars to be wasted on a useless console.



KelbidromexxH commented on The Monster Hunter Tri Servers Will be Shutdow...:

I just can't believe they are doing this to the possibly thousands of people to would still just love to go on MHT online and hunt with their friends or new hunters to them. I am one such as they, and this is just completely ridiculous. I believe they should just continue with the servers being on, as people aren't going to upgrade for just one game. Me and my friend just last week(after June 27th) wanted to hunt with each other. Little did we know, we couldn't because of the new MH3U release. If this is the case, why haven't the CoD games gone down since Black Ops II is out. CoD: WaW still has servers. Capcom should've used another great Wii game to make this example. >_>