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Mon 22nd Jul 2013

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Shiino commented on The Monster Hunter Tri Servers Will be Shutdow...:

Monster Hunter Tri ;( :
At first i thought its just a normal game without special things .
When my parents gave me MH Tri as christmas present , i thought just : okay u
can try it but u dont have to play it realy .
I played it and it was boring cause i was at the start .
Then 3 months later i found MH Tri again under my desk and I thought : u got nothing to do so lets try it .
I played and played and played , i was fascinated of Monster Hunter , i played it nearly all the time , I Loved Monster Hunter Tri ,
There is no better game then Monster Hunter and there will never be .
So sry if I have to say it now , I HATE IT THET U SHUTED DOWN THE SERVERS cry* I realy want to play it more .