Recently Hideo Baba, the producer behind the Tales franchise, praised the Wii U by calling it a "brilliant console". However, he confirmed he currently has no plans to develop any games for the system.

That could all change though, as in an interview with Destructoid Baba said the series could appear on Wii U if it becomes more successful in the future.

He said the developer has done extensive market research in Japan on who plays Tales games and the results found the majority of fans own a PlayStation 3, leading it to focus on that system.

Our main target audience for the Tales franchise is still ultimately Japan, so when we make a game we want to target our main fanbase,

We like the idea of the Wii U - we think it's a great system - and if it becomes more and more successful in the future that's a console we would like to tap eventually, but for the time being we don't have any plans and we are focused on maintaining our fanbase on PlayStation 3.

Baba's reasoning is quite sound really. When developing a game it would make sense to release it on a console that has the potential to sell the most copies.

It's not really about our opinions on whether or not it's a good system; ultimately it becomes a question of, 'What consoles do our fans have?'

Tales of Xillia will be the next game from the series to reach Western shores when it arrives in North America on 6th August - of course, it's a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

We're sure there are plenty of Wii U owners out there who would like to see the Tales franchise appear on the system. Are you one of them? Let us know in the comments section below.