Rumour: 3DS Cartridge Could Allow Handheld to Function as Wii U Controller

A bucket of salt is needed for this one

We do love the occasional rumour here at Nintendo Life, and the latest has emerged from French website, courtesy of its very own unnamed source — we love that guy/gal, we really do. In any case, the rumour is that an old DS patent is going to be revived which will allow a cartridge and Circle Pad Pro to combine and enable a 3DS to function as a Wii U controller.

This isn't beyond the realms of possibility, of course, as the Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure DS cartridge apparently has a wireless device within the cartridge — probably Bluetooth — to communicate with the keyboard peripheral. It's possible, therefore, that a chip could be placed in a cartridge that links with a Wii U, allowing the inputs of the handheld to work in the same way as a Wii U Pro Controller.

While it's a fun idea, there are some reasons why this is doubtful. From a practical perspective, the gamer would have to own the cartridge and a Circle Pad Pro — which isn't even available for the XL model at the time of writing — a double expense; we'd also assume the 3DS would only work as a secondary controller (like the Pro), as streaming the GamePad content to a 3DS touchscreen seems like more effort than it's worth. In addition, we find it unlikely that Nintendo would willingly encourage anyone to not buy additional Wii U peripherals, but instead offer a 3DS option that would possibly confuse plenty of consumers — let's not forget, for example, that a number of people are still unsure of the basic difference between a Wii and Wii U.

An enjoyable rumour, definitely, and many scoffed at the tales of a Circle Pad Pro before it arrived in all of its chunky glory, but this one seems like a stretch. What do you think: is this likely, possible or a load of old nonsense?