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Main Pokémon RPG Series Continues to Prioritise Portable Gaming

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

At least 50 new creatures and 'Real Play' confirmed

Earlier today The Pokémon Company International provided names and some attractive artwork for two Legendary Pokémon in the upcoming Pokémon X & Y, and now some more crumbs of information have emerged. J.C. Smith, the director of consumer marketing for the Pokémon company international, answered a few questions posed by Game Informer.

One area that Smith did willingly address was related to the continued absence of a main series RPG title on a home console, with the question pointedly referring to Wii U.

I can’t speak to the specifics, but traditionally Game Freak has always loved the game to be on a portable device because of the communication, trading, and the experience of taking this adventure with you. That’s why they’ve always prioritized a portable version of the game first. They’ve always liked what you can do in the real world with that.

With the vague promise of utilising the full functionality of the 3DS, we can probably expect to see Wi-Fi, SpotPass and StreetPass all play a role in the title, while that real-world portable experience is particularly relevant, it can safely be said, in the Japanese market.

In terms of the X & Y name Smith pragmatically said that, from the perspective of his teams, it's a title that's easy to localise worldwide for a universal identity. There's also been much speculation about customisable avatars but Smith only went as far to say that, despite the potential of the titles being related to male and female chromosomes, there'll be a choice of gender for the player.

Yes, the titles they have given us are the hero and the heroine. Yes, it is certainly going to have that functionality.

It's also been clarified from Japanese sources that the title will feature at least 50 new 'mon; there will also be an in-game online presence, or possibly one that gathers online data and still uses it when offline, called 'Real Play'.

People around the world will be able to simultaneously experience 'Real Play'. The game uses an innovative communication system that makes it feel as if you are playing with other players around the world.

What do you think of these snippets of info? Do you think the series is best kept on handhelds, and what do you think of the idea of 'Real Play' that allows players to feel like others are part of their game? Sound off in the comments below.


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ueI said:

I don't even understand what real play is.
Portable doesn't bother me; it's always worked well.
50 new pokemon sounds like awfully few. I guess Gen 6 will continue the trend: Odd generations (re)invent the franchise and even generations enhance what's come before.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Oh my god that last part sounds so awesome. I hope it turns out how most will imagine it works. And only 50 new Pokemon? Well, at least 50. So there'll be more.
Eh, I guess 50 is a lot.



Lalivero said:

Pokemon is one of those games that I like with me at all times, so portable of course fits it well; It just wouldn't feel the same to have a main game on a console that is tied to your home. About the only way I'd see it work is if we really did end up with a handheld/console hybrid(you can take it on the go and have the ability to stream it to a tv or w/e).

I also hope we are able to customise our players.

@uel Real play, from what I've gathered, sounds like something that'll make NPCs feel more like real players when you communicate with them(correct me if I'm wrong), even when offline by having gathered data while online, and/or will allow you to communicate with others ingame somehow? Not much to go by right now but it sounds interesting.

@LordJumpMad How so? We still have barely anything to go by as of now.



SheldonRandoms said:

If they made this for the Wii U, then you better be the only one in your house that plays Pokemon, because then your little brother will be like "I WANT TO PLAY NOW!!!!!!!!"

Also I want to dress the player up like in Style Savvy (with thousands of different clothes to choose from)



Sam_Loser2 said:

With a bloody 650 pokemon, I wouldn't mind only 50 new ones. Hard enough to catch them all. I'm excited about 3DS features being implemented.



gekslupis said:

Maybe pokemon events will be featured through the Real Play function.
@SheldonRandoms If they incorporated a way to dress up your character diffrently it would be awesome



SkywardLink98 said:

It's hard enough to catch all the pokemon as it is. 50 oughta be enough to sate my hunger for new 'mon especially when I don't own a 5th gen game.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I doubt there will be 50. Everything said in this article is believable except for that one part, it sounds off and fake.



Aqueous said:

At least 700 pokemon now. We've come along ways, got to catch 'em all gets harder every gen



Emaan said:

Only 50 new Pokemon? Pssh. At least 'Real Play' sounds interesting, whatever that is.



Jonny_P said:

Looks like I'll be coming out of retirement for this one. Not that it was a very long retirement, only skipped one generation.



Aqueous said:

Oh! I want communities and a Nintendolife one, that would be nice. Think Mario Kart 7 type thing



WarioPower said:

I find it funny how everyone assumes that there will only be 50 new pokémon.. They said " at least 50 new pokémon", so I'm pretty sure that there will be more new ones..



Retro_on_theGo said:

More than 50 please. I need at least a 100 and 50 and more to see! To be a Pokemon master is my DESTINY!



C-Olimar said:

If someone can point out the part of the article that confirms that exactly 50 new Pokemon is guaranteed that would be great, thanks.



Fudgenuggets said:

@Cowtruck123 A little late to the party, hm?
I really can't wait to see what this Real Play mode is all about. And I thought Entralink in BW was amazing. xD



Eldir said:

what if i don't want to play with people from all over around the world?



SheldonRandoms said:

With all this interaction with people from around the world, you should be able to change your look, clothes,skin color, etc. I remember when I was younger, I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer so badly (mostly to not do school work) Hopefully in these games you can do that.



2Sang said:

I'm glad there's only going to be around 50 pokemon instead of 150 pokemon. It's getting really annoying having to keep transferring hundreds of pokemon over through generations.



2Sang said:

Wouldn't you rather have 50 quality pokemon instead of 150 Vanilliuxes? Seriously that's gotta be the most stupid thing in video games ever, an ice cream that evolves into a bigger ice cream that evolves into a double scoop ice cream.



2Sang said:

@0-172 If there was going to be 100, they would have said it. Maybe it'll be 60 at max, but that's great news, provided they spend that extra time working on cool game features or making more quality pokemon.



Lalivero said:

@2Sang Doesn't mean that it'll be around 50-60 either. Define quality also; It's pretty much subjective because of people having different tastes.

What's funny is how you choose the design as the basis on whether or not it is of quality; It's just as ridiculous to have walking piles of sludge or gigantic rock snakes but that doesn't matter as much because they all have their weaknesses and strengths.



Mickey said:


PS:Sorry if I'm overreacting a little but geez!



AVahne said:

Real Play sounds like a one-game version of MiiVerse. Hope 3DS could somehow get a real MiiVerse with MiiVerse integration.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Yeesh. They just released Black and White 2, did they not? And they need another 50 to add to the 600+ already available? No one's ever going to have a complete Pokedex...



Mickey said:

@Chriiis I was making a point that, no matter how hard they try to explain, THERE'S NO EXCUSE NOT TO MAKE A PROPER CONSOLE POKEMON! The Wii. I get it, but the Wii U? That has all the buttons the 3DS has and more! (and a MUCH bigger touchscreen) I just-...I REALLY want a console pokemon game, okay?



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@MickeyTheGreat Buy Colosseum then. Gamefreak, as well as I, hate the idea of a main entry Pokemon console game because they, as well as I, want everyone to be able to interact with each other. You can't take your Wii U to work, now can you? You can't bring it to your friends house and battle them can you?



Ickaser said:

It would certainly be much less intimidating if there were only 50 new Pokémon, especially as I skipped this last generation entirely.



xkaj0x said:

its pokemon come on, they will have more than 50...prbly something like 150



Megumi said:

I think they're just slowing down on the Pokemon, and working on other big changes for the games. Sooo, yeah...what confuses me is the easy localization part...does this mean there will be less story or something? o.o



Mickey said:

@AlphaIchimoru Online and headset BAM! And I don't wanna hear "but what if my friend doesn't have internet?" because really. I don't think anyone
(at least in 2013) is offline in this day and age "but what if my friend doesn't have a headset?" The gamepad has a built-in mic another reason why the Gamepad is perfect for pokemon! And going by the logic that the portability of Pokemon was what made it great, then Ocarina of Time was the worst until Nintendo fixed it with the 3DS version. AND BEFORE YOU SAY "But I can't SEE them online..." allow me to quote myself "A 'FRIGGIN BUILT-IN CAMERA!"

EDIT:And the Miiverse capabilities would open up the possibility of not only playing with friends, but MAKING friends on Pokemon now tell me why THAT wouldn't work!

PS:once again I apologize if I'm getting too worked up about this...



vegeta044 said:

@MickeyTheGreat yeah you need to calm down....first off, the pokemon main series games will always be on the hand held...never ever on a home console to do so will defeat the purpose of the entire game and that is to share , interact and travel with your pokemon. I know this because I have been playing since 1997. So calm down ...throwing a tantrum ..if you don't want a handheld pokemon game ...don't buy it ..simple as that. Secondly, (to everyone) no one said ONLY 50 pokemon, learn how to read. It says "AT LEAST" that means the absolute MINIMUM is 50...clearly there will be double of that if not triple. I personally love having a lot of choices when it comes to the pokemon. I am very impressed with this so far, even though the first images are a bit rough due to it being an early prototype.



Mickey said:

@vegeta044 okay I'll try to not sound like I'm "throwing a tantrum" in this post. first off, I'm just frustrated at Game Freak because they're just disregarding people (myself included) who would personally prefer playing on the big screen, with a big(or at least bigger) controller. second off, I still want handheld pokemon, I'm just saying that the possibilities of a proper console game are almost endless thanks to miiverse capabilities.

EDIT:And just disregarding Onett's opinion is kind of mean in my opinion...



FriedSquid said:

Honestly, just let me see some pre-evolutions or new evolutions of old Pokemon, and I'll be happy.



vegeta044 said:

@MickeyTheGreat I have the Wii U as well but I prefer the pokemon main series on handhelds . Because when it comes to pokemon Handhelds are superior to home consoles ..since they can not be dragged with you where ever you go. So just accept it because in the end you will be getting it anyways so why rock the boat? lol...Also if you want a big screen get the XL ..problem solved



SCAR said:

Coo coo... I'm gettin' that fa sho! Haha... I've alway wanted a console Pokemon besides the GCN ones, but handhelds have gotten equally as powerful for the most part overall compared to consoles, plus wireless and portability. This actually kinda eases the series absence on consoles ALOT.



Dizzard said:

50 sounds disappointing. I hope there are at least 100. Discovering new pokemon is always one of the more exciting parts of the game.



CorporalPegasus said:

Eh as long as there are new evolutions ill be happy, 50 or 100 or 150 new pokemon, it doesn't matter to me.



Intrepid said:

Guys, read the article closely:

"It's also been clarified from Japanese sources that the title will feature at least 50 new 'mon"

At least, not exactly 50.



Geonjaha said:

The series as it is would gain nothing from moving to home consoles. Pokémon has always been one of a few portable only franchises - there's no need to change that.



SanderEvers said:

Just make a Pokémon Stadium like game for the Wii U with (3)DSes as controllers for Big Screen battles



Bensei said:

I'm prediciting an altogether number of 724 Pokémon after Gen 5 (we have 649 now)



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@MickeyTheGreat Gamefreak's job is not to cater to your every whim. The great thing about Pokemon is that you can play it on a bus on the way to work/school, you can play it on long road trips, and you can play it in the middle of no where without a cord connecting to it. You sound like a spoiled brat demanding things from Gamefreak in the way you are, and I quite frankly find it appalling. If you would look at it statistically, the best thing to do would be to continue making the games mainly for the 3DS. Especially when you look at what's dominating in Japan. Handhelds have always dominated, and will always dominate, I mean, just look at the DS.



Pikachupwnage said:

Are you are all thick? I see tons of "only 50 new pokemon?" Geez people pay attention to what you read and use common sense.

It says AT LEAST 50 new pokemon.

Official word is That the total of pokemon will be more then 700. We can probably assume at least 100 new as every pokemon game has introduced at least that many.



Pikachupwnage said:


Gamefreak was the first developer to get a 3DS dev kit. I assure you this was a long time in the coming.

Oh and look at this which confirms the long time coming theory.

"He said Game Freak has been developing ideas for this, the sixth generation of Pokemon titles, while creating past games in the series. Since the October 2012 launch of Pokemon White Version 2 and Pokemon Black Version 2, Game Freak has been focused on X and Y"

I see no Indication of rushing with that this knowledge and the hints of new features we have.



rjejr said:

50 sounds short, unless that's just the base, Add in a few evolutions and you could easily get to 100 from that. I can't imagine a total of only 50 unless they are going "skylanders" already which I don't think they'll do with a portable game.

And for all those wanting a console version - your parents who own your tv and would like to use it occasionally don't want that. I have 2 kids and they each have their own 3DS and I don't want that, it was bad enough with Pokepark 1 and 2. Pokepark 3 will probably have "skylanderitis" on a home console.



Marioman64 said:

hopefully, when you do a gts trade and it goes through your 3ds light will blink blue to tell you when it went through, like what the wii did but more direct
it'd be fantastic



2Sang said:

@Chriiis But who actually thinks an ice cream cone or a pile of sludge is a cool. The designs on pokemon like magmortar, electrivire, the who valliluxe evolution line are all examples of pokemon who didn't get enough time put into them. Is an ice cream cone that evolves into a bigger ice cream cone really high quality? I think it's something the general consensus can agree on.



ultraraichu said:

I'm happy knowing that is a main Pokemon game coming out that utilize the features and abilities of the 3ds. Soon I won't have to carry both my 3ds and dsi so I don't miss a Streetpass/PokeTag.

I would comment on all the people who said this is rushed, why no console, and only "50" Pokemons but I see great mines think alike



Lalivero said:

@2Sang I'm not saying that there aren't Pokemon who could have gotten a better treatment, given time, I'm saying that design alone shouldn't be the 'end all' factor on whether or not it is of quality(it's only one possible factor). Some of the most hideous/seemingly unfinished Pokes so far can be great additions if you know how to use them right. True, I personally wouldn't say the Vanilluxe line is of the highest quality but it definitely isn't one of the worst either just because of the design concept.

Btw, I wasn't critisizing Onyx and Grimer/Muk(if you got my references), I was using them as examples because a lot of people hating on nearly every design in later gens are stuck in the blissful world of 'Gen I and II' and end up asking things along the line of 'Is Gamefreak losing it's touch because fill in Gen III, IV, V, or now even VI are filled with such ugly ********' when that isn't the case. This is directed at them in general, nothing personal.

In some ways, I think they have gotten a lot more creative, if we're talking designs.



MeloMan said:

I haven't played a Pokemon game in YEARS... but I'm seriously considering re-joining.



Mickey said:

@AlphaIchimoru Are you trolling me? Because I made sure to apologize every post, if I hurt your feelings I'm sorry man. I admit (and I apologized for it) I blew up on my first post. on the second post I really didn't want this to go on for very long (too late) so I took the liberty to go through every single possible reply I could think of at the time. I admit I probably shouldn't have added the all-caps sometimes, I just wanted to establish that a console Pokemon game would be amazing and should be something they prioritise in my honest opinion. So please could you find it in your heart to forgive me for offending you whether or not it was on purpose?

@vegeta044 Well like I said in a earlier post, some people (myself included) prefer playing online or playing with people that live farther away from you. And I don't think the 3DS XL's screen can really compare to my 40" BRAVIA HDTV. I now maybe to you Pokemon is best on handhelds. I personally prefer console games, I'm personally not a handheld guy so maybe that might have something to do with it...But I'm just saying that I'd really prefer Pokemon with HD, Online, Miiverse and the Wii U Gamepad. (including the touchscreen) This is the last post I'm making on this news page so I apologize if anyone disagrees, I apologize for my first post, and I'm sorry.



Lalivero said:

@MickeyTheGreat It's nothing personal really, it's just that the concept of the main Pokemon games best suits handheld(as vegeta mentioned, it's meant for sharing, traveling, interacting); There will surely be plenty of spin offs to fit your appetite of console games but the core games will continue to prioritize portable gaming.

Since you seem to be overlooking it still too, the 3DS is also capable of playing online(as was the DS) so it's not like you won't still be able to battle people, etc. online. Have you not played the likes of Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7, and RE:R among others?



ProdigyP00P said:

I've never played a Pokemon game but from what I know, no pokemon has had online play??? That's kinda weird but okay. Im insanly confused about real play though TBH.



OptometristLime said:

If the consumer base doesn't stand up and demand (by voting with their wallets) that the series move to consoles, it won't happen. And we'll continue to see narrow-minded people say that it HAS to stay that way. Because that's how it's ALWAYS been.

What better spring off point for innovation in Pokemon than with an innovative controller? The portability and independence from the television provided by the controller, can emulate (or fake, if you will) the personal interaction that fans of the series cherish so well.



scrubbyscum999 said:

@ProdigyP00P Pokemon has had online play since 2006-2007. Keep up with the times sir.

I'm SO HAPPY they are only doing 50 new pokemon this time. They don't need to make another 100 new pokemon each Gen. Quality over quantity.



Pikachupwnage said:


How many times must I repeat this to people?

"Are you are all thick? I see tons of "only 50 new pokemon?" Geez people pay attention to what you read and use common sense.

It says AT LEAST 50 new pokemon.

Official word is That the total of pokemon will be more then 700. We can probably assume at least 100 new as every pokemon game has introduced at least that many."



OptometristLime said:

Yes it's very important that your interpretation overrides other commentary, especially at this early juncture.



Lalivero said:

@thelastlemming Who exactly is narrow-minded? Being narrow-minded and seeing how something fits better another way are two different things. If they had ALL pokemon games as handheld exclusives or a lot of us were hoping it as such, I'd see your point but of course it isn't that way.

It's not that Pokemon main games couldn't still do well on consoles because they more than likely could, it's that they truely are more beneficial for a portable experience. They just scream Streetpass/Spotpass, AR, etc. which makes the 3ds possibly the best suit for them to date and I'd personally rather have them with me all over the place than just sitting there at home. Portability isn't even just about the freedom from a TV; In this case it is about traveling and interacting, which you still can't do with a console, not even the Wii U(it's even more limited in that it doesn't simply work over WiFi). It's not like the Wii U isn't going to get any Pokemon games either; I'm positive that the controller could be put to good use in some great spin offs.

There are a lot of obvious advantages of being on a handheld for a series of this concept(especially in the case of the 3ds with the possibility of Streetpass battles, gathering data from Streetpassing people like a mixing records sort of thing, being able to do online things/checking the GTS wherever you are that has WiFi access, among other things). What I'm curious about is what the advantages are by having them (the main games) just rotting at home, besides the simple 'just being able to be better' answer that keeps popping up.



OptometristLime said:

You're putting the onus on me to defend the concept, but I think you can be creative and think of your own reasons why a Pokemon game might be successfully adapted to console. I won't lie, graphical horsepower would be near the top of my list.

My dream concept involves synergy between handheld and console, I think it would be cool to use the controller and television to enhance the experience when the gamer is at home. Kind of like the Gameboy Player but offering a truly unique experience and pretty graphics.



Lalivero said:

I'm not forcing you to come up with all of the ideas because in all honesty graphic capability, HD, much more room to grow, etc. would be at the top of my list of how a console would help too. However, to call me narrow-minded(you meant in general I'm sure, but I'm also included in that audience) for seeing how portability better suits the concept of the main games...?

It would no doubt be nice if the home experience could enhance the game in some way so long as it isn't something that kind of forces it to stay there if you get what I mean.

What I find odd though is why it seems like you're implying in a way that console games are non-existent(not that you are); There have been plenty of console games in the past that have made some great home experiences. Also, who's to say the 3ds can't offer some pretty graphics? I like the cel-shading approach they are taking this time as opposed to something more along the lines of Colosseum/XD(even though they looked great as well) and I believe that they will still end up 'pretty'.



OptometristLime said:

Fair enough, my comment was directed towards those who seemed to carry malice against the console experience, lol.

I have fond memories of playing the Colosseum games, but to me they are mere proof of concept waiting for a true story / adventure wrapper. Admittedly I haven't played XD, it seemed afield of what I would consider to be the 'traditional' pokemon experience.




Lalivero said:

Nah, maybe I just took it a little too seriously, haha. I felt like I was included because I really would like to see the main games remain portable as well.

With Colosseum being able to sort of mimic the main games but with a different idea though(I LOVED the shadow pokemon idea and those two games are probably my favorite of the console experiences), Genius Sonority has the opportunity to further expand that into something truly amazing if they were/are to plan another sequel for the Wii U.

You should really play XD though when you get the chance, it's even better than Colosseum imo.



AntiGuy said:

ONLY 50 POKEMON!? Are you pulling my leg!?!? talk about a rushed Gen! I was so happy about this but now... hope this is just an understatement...



DaveGX said:

I kinda have to agree with @MickeyTheGreat: on having a core console experience for a couple reasons. For 1 you can tell already via hardware design and gameplay that hey're basically created an expanded DS experience. 2nd reason is kinda MMOish, but my main problem being that how often do you actually get to meet and talk to someone in-game or for battles, trading or whatever? it's always been either from a PokéCenter computer, battle tower, etc. NPCs are nice, but since you have to walk around anyway why can't we meet and interact with actual trainers in that same sense? It'd have to 1st tell people where you are, and then maybe a limit on how many people it can connect to. I dunno, could SpotPass really solve that sort of thing? StreetPass in this sense could be similar with nearby trainers; The idea of having to enter some virtual space from in-game 1st, especially with how it's been done in the past limited to an amount of collected data 1st, is a rather dumbed down and inconvenient concept if you ask me.



Pikachupwnage said:


I swear to Arceus if I have to repeat myself ONE more time....

How many times must I repeat this to people?

I see tons of "only 50 new pokemon?" Geez people pay attention to what you read and use common sense.

It says AT LEAST 50 new pokemon.

Official word is That the total of pokemon will be more then 700. We can probably assume at least 100 new as every pokemon game has introduced at least that many.

I can understand a couple people making this mistake but I have seen several on here. And Tons of people on gamefaqs.



Lalivero said:

@DaveGX Apparently what we have seen so far isn't actual gameplay footage, so I wouldn't count on what we have seen so far of the overworld(which a lot of people have been complaining about) being exactly final and an 'expanded DS experience'. We also have almost nothing to go by at the moment to truely see what these will bring to the table; 9 months is a loooong time when being able to change things up.



ZeroXoreZ said:

@Onett It's been two days since announcement how much have you exactly heard?
@2Sang More creative then you know for the next evolution we'll just slap two more of the exact same pokemon on to it and call it something else.
Honestly I've found every generation's Pokemon to be delightful whether they be add ons to an existing line or brand new. I honestly would be fine with the hundred and something they are probably going to give us. I would also be ok if they said you know what we are going to make another 649 pokemon to double the total for this Gen. Avid pokemon fan and I've seen Gens I-V and hope to see Gens VI-L and onward.



Arcamenel said:

Why are people calling this a rush job? It's going to be 3 years since Gen V when this is released worldwide, if 3 years isn't long enough to give us a good game then I don't know what is.

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