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Feature: Reinventing Nintendo's Legacy Franchises on Wii U

Posted by Gaz Plant

It's comeback time

Despite often being criticized for a perceived lack of new franchises, Nintendo’s back catalogue offers a wealth of unique games which have each carved out their own place in the company’s legacy. From Mario to Link to lesser known characters such as Ness and the Ice Climbers, it is clear that Nintendo has a diverse range of games and gameplay styles from which to draw material in the coming generation. But many of these franchises haven’t been seen in quite some time, leading many to consider them dead.

Last month we looked back at some of Nintendo’s major franchises that failed to make an appearance on Wii, and considered how they could be reinvented on Wii U. This time it’s the turn of the legacy franchises, the forgotten and almost cult games that once defined a generation, but have since fallen by the wayside. A year ago many would have said a return would be impossible, but with the successful revival of Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising and a new generation of gaming just beginning, anything is possible.

Propelled to fame thanks to their inclusion in Super Smash Bros Melee, Popo and Nana offer exactly what the title says on the cartridge – they climb ice. The original, and currently only Ice Climber game for NES tasked you with scaling short segments of mountain without falling, or being attacked by Polar Bears wearing sunglasses. It’s a simple concept at heart, but one that could fit perfectly with Wii U’s asymmetric philosophy.

Using two GamePads – which will apparently be an option for Wii U owners in the future — a competitive co-op game could be created, with each player seeing their individual Ice Climber on their screen, while the TV displays a larger map. It’s a simple race to the top, but some areas may require teamwork, creating the need for co-ordination for a speedy ascent. Aside from using two GamePads, the TV could be used as the main ascent screen for four players (much like the Icicle Mountain stage in Super Smash Bros Melee) while the GamePad player places obstacles and sunglasses-clad Polar Bears in the climbing team’s way, much like ZombiU’s competitive multiplayer mode.

A Nintendo Land style compilation seems like it would be an ideal home for a reimagining of this classic NES title, and with considerable support for the climbing duo thanks to their inclusion in Smash Bros, we could see a HD revival for Ice Climbers sometime in the next few years.

When Metroid Prime 3: Corruption launched in 2007, it showed exactly why the Wii Remote was the perfect controller for shooting games. This was followed up by the announcement of the Wii Zapper, Nintendo’s answer to increasing plastic shell sales, alongside the news that it would be bundled in with a game that would make full use of the new peripheral. For many, there was only one game that fit the bill – Duck Hunt. In the end the game turned out to be Link’s Crossbow Training, and despite a clear fit for Duck Hunt, the Wii never saw the classic shooter revived.

The original Duck Hunt for NES introduced the then revolutionary Zapper to the world, offering duck hunting from the comfort of your own home, along with your own personal dog to mock you on every failed attempt. It was simple and it was fun, and has gained something of a cult following since its inception in 1984. Wii U offers another chance for a return.

The heart of Duck Hunt is that it’s a simple yet fun shooting game from a fixed position, with a lot of classic Nintendo charm thrown in, so it’s important that any potential revival keeps that as its core concept. Unveiled at E3 2011, it’s clear that Nintendo envisions a Wii U Zapper which not only houses the GamePad, but also the Wii Remote, creating the perfect opportunity to create another bundle. While the core gameplay would be the same, the TV would display the field, while the GamePad itself would display a scoped view for shooting down the ducks. It’s a simple idea, but with additional levels and challenges it would be the perfect way to introduce the concept of a new Zapper. And of course, you still can’t shoot the dog.

Something of a frozen brother to the Wave Race series, 1080° is another example of Nintendo trying its hand at more serious gaming, offering up an engaging snowboarding sim. It also holds the dubious honour of being the most requested game in the comments of our last feature.

At the time of release, 1080° was at the forefront of the N64’s graphical capabilities, and with the recent snowboarding game revival thanks to the warmly received SSX, perhaps it’s time to bring the series out of retirement and really show what Wii U can do. That said, it should be emphasised that while Wave Race recently had its trademark renewed, we haven’t heard anything about 1080° since its last appearance on GameCube.

Another example of less innovation is more, 1080° could provide enough excitement without throwing in another screen to perform complex actions. Instead, the GamePad could offer race positions and a map screen, which while not the most innovative of ideas, does free the TV up to create spectacular landscapes and have a greater focus on the action. Wii Fit and Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games also gave us a glimpse into using the criminally underused Balance Board for snowboarding, something that could be used for cross-promotion with Wii Fit U when it eventually launches.

Another game that has gained something of a cult following, this NES classic utilised the Zapper in a very unique and interesting way. With main character Mr Stevenson continually moving to the right, the player had to shoot obstacles out of the way using their limited ammo, or failing that, shoot (not literally) Mr Stevenson to make him jump. A great example of Nintendo’s creativity at its finest, Gumshoe is another game that could be a great fit for the GamePad.

Realistically there are two options for a Gumshoe revival – use the touch screen or use the Wii U Zapper. In both cases the core mechanic stays the same, interact with things to remove them/make Mr Stevenson jump, but the implementation would be very different. With the Zapper, the GamePad could display a zoomed in segment while the TV displays the overall map, while the touch option would again show a zoomed in segment on the GamePad, but task you with tapping objects rather than shooting at them.

A more interesting approach though could be to use the Wii Zapper and create a competitive multiplayer game. While the TV player controls Mr Stevenson’s progress with the Zapper, the GamePad player could position approaching obstacles in an attempt to slow him down, creating another example of Wii U asymmetric gameplay.

Some consider Wii U to be the formal introduction of asymmetrical multiplayer to the gaming world, though titles such as Pac-Man Vs on GameCube are popular early examples. In fact, Nintendo was developing asymmetric gameplay way back in 1985, with the invention of the Robotic Operation Buddy, or as we know him, R.O.B.

The most famous example of R.O.B.’s implementation was in Gyromite, a game which saw you advancing through platforming stages but coming across colour coded doors. You could then signal to R.O.B. who would then pick up a gyro and place it on the door button, allowing you to progress. It was slow, it was cumbersome, but it’s hard to disagree that it was great for its time. The other usage of R.O.B. was in Stack-Up, where players were tasked with aligning a real-life stack of blocks in line with those on screen, using only R.O.B.

While we’re not suggesting Nintendo release another £100 robot peripheral for Wii U, the concepts of R.O.B. are an interesting avenue to explore, especially with the asymmetric nature of the GamePad. If we look at Gyromite as an example, while one player uses the TV to advance through the level, the GamePad player would be tasked with opening the corresponding doors. Obviously this is simple and boring, so the GamePad player could be tasked with solving puzzles, akin to Professor Layton, which when solved would allow the TV player to advance — clever puzzles would require both players to be actively involved in unique ways. Similarly with Stack-Up, co-ordination between the two players would be the only way to get the blocks in the right order. Think of it as a steady, more puzzle-orientated version of the Rayman Legends co-op ideas.

While individually these concepts are not retail worthy, perhaps a R.O.B. Collection or an eShop release of similar asymmetric games could be in order. If Nintendo wants to promote asymmetry on Wii U, it really needs to look no further than 1985!

Holding the title of “Most Requested Game Ever”, the Earthbound series, or Mother as it is known in Japan, has created a huge cult following thanks to the inclusion of Ness and Lucas in the Smash Bros series. With only Earthbound on SNES making it to the US, and no titles ever making it to Europe, fans of the series have continually campaigned for a release of the trio of games in the West, and with Nintendo looking to build its fan-base of all ages, Earthbound could be the series to do just that.

The Earthbound series is a traditional RPG, featuring battles with enemies and vast exploration, but due to a heavy text component and a perceived lack of Western interest, has failed to make a mark outside of Japan. In fact, the last Earthbound game was released in 2006 for the GBA after an extensive development period, and since then the only reference to the series has been in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with the addition of Lucas and New Pork City to the roster.

With Wii U, Nintendo has a great opportunity to create a lot of goodwill with only a minor effort on its part. 2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of the original game’s release, so what better way to celebrate it than to release worldwide the original trio of games on Wii U. Such is the demand for the games that even a simple port – perhaps at a cheaper price on the eShop — with limited GamePad functionality would be warmly received, and would be a great way to test whether Western gamers actually want the series in the future.

If that’s a success, then who knows what the future holds? Maybe Wii U will be home to the first console based Earthbound since the SNES, and Super Smash Bros. 4 will feature even more Earthbound references (and this time, ones that we actually know!). Based solely on internet chatter, the demand is certainly there for Earthbound to make a glorious appearance in the West, and with an important anniversary coming up, there is every chance we might finally get to experience the games in English.

While none of these games are even rumoured to be in development, Nintendo’s commitment to bringing back fans with Wii U should warrant the consideration of at least a few of these becoming a reality. Nostalgia is a powerful tool, and when done right in games such as Kid Icarus: Uprising, can not only bring a franchise back from the dead, but also create a whole new generation of fans. Whether or not we see any more big revivals this generation is debatable, but there always remains the potential for classics such as Ice Climbers to make a return soon.

What legacy franchises would you like to see on Wii U? Or are you just waiting for Earthbound? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tsuchiya said:

I will shed tears of joy if Earthbound ever gets released again
Best RPG ever (imo)



Xilef said:

Never, ever heard of Gumshoe before. Is it really a Nintendo franchise?



Banjogeek said:

Mother is not getting another game the creator said it himself when Mother 3 came out.



rjejr said:

Considering all the snowboard skiing skating games on PS3 they might as well make 1080` and add in Balance Board support as well. I played Shaun White Road Trip w/ the balance board and it was a lot of fun and the graphics weren't even all that bad.



triforcepower73 said:

I've never played earthbound before but it sounds interesting.

And this kind of relates to the other article of reinventing their major franchises, but I think it would benefit star fox greatly if it took some inspiration from star wars: battlefront 2. Mainly the galactic conquest. If they made a star fox game with something like that and online, I would buy it in a heartbeat.



Magnet_Man018 said:

@Banjogeek He can change his mind.... And nobody said "new game". Just a "comeback of the franchise", even if it's just a port. Please, Nintendo make it happen!
THIS GAME SUCKS, remember?!



rayword45 said:

You should've mentioned X as a successful (critically) revival. X-Scape was hands down the best DSiWare title and needs more publicity.



triforcepower73 said:

Nintendo are sitting on a motherload of gold with the wii u. Hopefully they know that. Just release a few of these games and wii u sales will keep momentum.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Earthbound can't be released unless they changed the soundtrack pieces that are copyrighted.

Stupid artist and their will of squeezing out all profit from their music.



Moshugan said:

What we also need is a new 3D Yoshi's Island game which would star Yoshi and be developed by EAD1 instead of another 3D Mario.
It would retain many gameplay elements from Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy games, but be specially designed for Yoshi. It would have large openly explorable maps like Mario 64/Sunshine, feature tongue and egg throwing action akin to the 2D platformers and have lots of collectibles and secrets and be absolutely adorable!
Ah, you can always dream... Yoshi's Island is certainly one of my fondest gaming memories.



Moshugan said:

@HarmoKnight I loved the Gamecube Chibi-Robo! It had it's weaknesses, but it has a weirdly fashinating atmosphere... Wouldn't mind a thoughtful return to the series.



Tsuchiya said:

Cubivore, Pokemon Snap and *gulp.... Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan would be good to revisit on Wii U. Not all Nintendo I know but still, they are worthy of remakes.

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan is a beast though. It's hard lol



SheldonRandoms said:

I hope to see Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan on the Wii U (After I get a screen protector for the gamepad of course)



NintyMan said:

An Ice Climber revival would be nice. Even if it was just a downloaded game on the eshop, it would get new fans into the series. Ice Climber should be returned because the Ice Climbers were in Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, yet haven't gotten a new apperarance since. Fire Emblem in the West and Kid Icarus both got a boost from Smash Bros., so I don't see why Ice Climber couldn't.



ljinkakidd said:

Being a Dragon Quest&Final Fantasy guy I didn't give any other RPG a chance. I never liked modern style RPGs until I played Earthbound. Ness was unknown to me until SSBMelee and I wanted to know who he was and how to find Fourside's origin. I found myself wanting something different than slaying dragons and collecting crystals and Earthbound delived quite well. With it's quirky music, excellent charm, and sense of independence it was all I wanted. It's now on my top 5 RPGs ever. Long live Earthbound!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@Banjogeek Actually, he said that HE was never going to make a new mother/earthbound game. And said if anyone else wants to make a new one, go right ahead.



Geonjaha said:

I kind of wish they would make a new Earthbound, if only to show people that the games weren't as amazing as they're being made out to be. Much of the hype exists because the games don't have a sequel and they're near impossible to get your hands on. The games were good, but to say they were anything close to the best game ever is simply laughable.



Tsuchiya said:

There is no such thing as the "best game ever" in a definitive sense. There can't be but it can be applied to someone and their personal views and enjoyment of the game they like the most
I happen to think Earthbound is the best RPG ever but is it? Of course it's not but from the RPG's I've played the title fits perfectly.



Emaan said:

This was a great read, so many ideas, I-
Earthbound! Earthbound! Earthbound!



Bass_X0 said:

There is no such thing as the "best game ever" in a definitive sense.

Every game, no matter how good, can be improved upon.



LavaTwilight said:

F-Zero for me... tho I've heard loads of good things about Earthbound I'd def grab it if it's released on VC



Tsuchiya said:

Of course games no matter how good can be improved upon but you have to acknowledge that to some people, a cherished game they like will be treated as their best game ever. To them, they may even see it as perfect.
You can't really argue with that.

It is after all, their humble opinion.



photofool83 said:

Gyromite is still the first game I remember playing and getting hooked on. I loved R.O.B. but he took too long for my liking, so I would just push the buttons with my toes.
PLEASE, Nintendo, please, bring back Gyromite. It would work wonderfully on the Wii U.
(Also, I will always support anything Earthbound.)



Geonjaha said:

@Tsuchiya - I didn't say that any game could be universally labelled as the best game ever, but to say that Earthbound is a contender because of a few innovations to a genre which has had much more from Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and many others is as I said, laughable.

It's understandable that people want this series to continue and for its previous games to become available on the VC - but it has been stated time and time again that this wont be happening. People need to just enjoy the memories of the old games and accept that there wont be any more. Good games not having sequels makes you appreciate them more in the long run, which is part of the reason why Earthbound has become such a popular icon in the first place.



King_Boo said:

5 player co-op star fox, game pad user is ROB in the great fox. It's too perfect not to happen.



Geonjaha said:

@Tsuchiya - One has the right right to laugh at someone's opinion just as much as they do to have that opinion. We shall end this discussion if you wish. :3



Randomname19 said:

Another Wario Land or Wario World and Kid Icarus Uprising HD for those that can only afford one console



NGamerZero said:

They should make a R.O.B. peripheral that can be placed on the Wii U's touch screen. I don't know what it would do, but I would buy it.



Tsuchiya said:

I think the only way R.O.B. would prove useful would be for a player to command his movements on the gamepad rather than a peripheral. Literally like the mock up above.

R.O.B. bless him was like ASIMO with arthritis. Not the fastest thing on earth



the_shpydar said:

I heart you for mentioning Gumshoe. I pumped hours and hours into that game, finiding the branching paths in each level, and beating it over and over again. I very unique, and sadly overlooked, game.

Also, big ups to Gyromite — another game that i dumped hours upon hours into, with the classic method of using my feet on the pressure plates to control the R.O.B. parts.



gohanrage said:

I absolutely Love Earth Bound. I never got to play it on SNES but some body sent me the ROM. I would purchase a remake for Wii U. I hated how they Cancelled EarthBound 64



Intrepid said:

"For many, there was only one game that fit the bill – Duck Hunt."

Pun intended?



aaronsullivan said:

Gumshoe was really awesome. I'm impressed it made the list as it is so little known. Not that convinced by how to remake it though.

Ice Climber has BIG potential in my mind though. The premise is so simple that much could be added. I think the cooperative nature would be the best focus. Chipping away at ice blockades above with giant leaps landing on small safe spots. Add in water that can flow and freeze, avalanches, secret paths, ice caverns, exploration, a new story and we've got something. Two game pads might be nice but one player on the pad and one on the tv would be fine. Maybe they have different abilities, too. Tv person sees the greater area (trapped water behind that wall!) while the other can see special blocks like weak ice etc. Good potential there for sure.

Oh and if there's no Pokemon Snap game for the Wii U what a wasted opportunity that would be! This time you should be able to bring a Pokemon companion or two with each excursion to help get good pictures, that way you could use the same toy figurines from the inevitable skylanders-style Pokemon NFC game to physically swap them in and out of view in the game.



LeVideoGamer said:

Ice Climber and Duck Hunt should get sequels on the eShop from Nintendo. I think they'd look good with Rayman Origins-styled graphics. Panel de Pon and The Legendary Starfy should also fall into the eShop category.

1080 and Wave Race desperately need to come back. I think 1080 should return in a similar fashion to SSX; an arcade snowboarding game rather than a realistic simulator. Wave Race should be similar to what it was in 64 and Blue Storm.

Gyromite, and, unfortunately, Earthbound are almost certain not to return. Great games, but I doubt they will see revivals outside of SSB.

I always thought that Gumshoe and Sheriff should be remastered as a third person sandbox and a third person shooter respectively. Detective Stevenson could search a city looking for clues about his kidnapped daughter in a similar fashion to Grand Theft Auto, and Sheriff could flesh out a story around the woman getting kidnapped by bandits, and how the town sheriff and a few townsmen go to save her.

New entries of Star Fox, F-Zero, Excite, Pilotwings, Custom Robo and Metroid are fairly simple ones that don't need a lot of explaining; HD graphics, online and offline multiplayer and exciting single player modes. Simple as.

StarTropics and Nazo no Murasame Jo - two highly overlooked games on the Famicom/NES - could do with new games as well. StarTropics will probably work best in the same way it did on the NES; an eagle-eye view, moving Mike through caves in a similar way to Pokemon and The Binding of Isaac. Nazo no Murasame Jo could be turned into a third person adventure game, similar to it's older, more successful brother, The Legend of Zelda. Combat could take aspects from Ninja Gaiden, in the sense that Takamaru could be proficient with a number of weapons and ninja arts.

Golden Sun, Advance Wars, and Pokemon could very easily make the transition onto a home console, especially now with the Wii U's second screen. Golden Sun could use voice acting, but other than that it doesn't need a shake up of it's formula. Battalion Wars is already on home consoles, but Advance Wars could easily be there too. Gameplay is similar to Fire Emblem, so no problems there. Maybe it could use cut-scenes in between fights to make it more interesting. Pokemon is the obvious "expand the size of the world to anime proportions, 3D Pokemon models, etc". It could also use a trainer creator mode, the ability to travel with a friend online, the chance to become a gym leader/ elite four champion and hang on to your position, and possibly voice acting. Visuals similar to Ni no Kuni, an interactive Pokedex, and maybe the removal of turn-based combat would set it apart from the current portable games, and would still make people want to buy a new game on the 3DS.

That's it. Fan opinion over. TL;DR. Carry on.



Lalivero said:

@LeVideoGamer Pokemon will obviously make the transition in some kind of way but, as far as what Gamefreak says, they will keep the core games on handhelds. No doubt a home console one could turn out exceptionally well but, to them, the main games just scream "being able to trade, etc. on the go"; the concept they are pretty much revolved around.

Maybe in the future if we ever get some kind of home console/handheld hybrid(if only the Gamepad could be taken on the go; we can dream, right? ha)?

On another note, I definitely would love to see the next Golden Sun entry on a home console!



StephenYap3 said:

-Wario's Woods
-Puzzle League (I liked the Tetris Attack name better)
-Balloon Fight (Not like the one in Nintendo Land please...)
-Ice Climber (Not the 2 GamePad thing)

Yeah, these series I would love to see reborn.



rastamadeus said:

A massive ice world where Mii's in big parka's can climb mountains and do all sorts of platforming in a Journey-sequence world is what I imagine a new Ice Climbers would be like.

If Bayonetta 2 brings a new partnership between Nintendo and Platinum then I'd like them to make either a Zelda/sandbox setting with Bayonetta-style action in a Nazo no Murasame Jō sequel or mix in Metal Gear Rising style action with bike bits on. Mach Rider sequel.



rastamadeus said:

@LeVideoGamer - turning 1080 into anything like SSX would destroy the whole game. Just no.

@StephenYap3 - people may disagree but I see Balloon Fight doing well in a manner similar to Jet Pack Joyride. Simple, accessible and highly addictive.



Squiggle55 said:

"but due to a perceived lack of Western interest, has failed to make a mark outside of Japan."

This is what truly bothers me. Because I actually think they could release it if they wanted to. Just like the recent comments about F-Zero, I think their heads are in the sand on this one. Test the waters with a VC release on Wii U. Then make a new one after they are proven wrong about how many people want it.

FWIW, this is also my favorite RPG ever. Challenged only by a few classic Final Fantasies.



itsanandito said:

I'd love the idea of a new Ice Climbers game in HD. Would go nuts over a new Earthbound, maybe reboot the series. Gotta have Starfox and F-Zero too its been so long.



Arianabtd said:

F-Zero and Pokemon Snap are the ones I'm waiting for, I'll probably only get a Wii U when one of those two come out...



Hokori said:

Pokemon snap with the ability to sell your photos for poké dollars used to buy items that you need in order to evolve certain Pokemon so you can photograph those



SCAR said:

I am VERY excited to see what Nintendo, as well as other devs come up with using the new tech of the Wii U. I feel like Ice Climbers, Pit, and Ness have been left out in terms of being used as main characters to develop on, and were mainly used to get as many games as they could on the original NES. Do I think Earthbound should return? Yes. I thought the SNES classic was great with it's humor, gameplay, and just overall quirkyness. Maybe a collection of sorts could be made as a Wii U HD colection of the whole series, and why Nintendo hasn't released anything like this, of at least the U.S. game is very questionable... As for the other games, there is many possibilities as well, but I have felt that Nintendo hasn't really focused on completely using any tech since GCN, and need to redeem ALL audiences and go all out this gen, showing everyone what a true gaming console can do since technology has come very far since the 80's. I think 3D should be a feature, more sound options like ALL audio coming from the gamepad headphone jack, online cloud options, possibly Accomplishments in 1st party titles, more VC options like using the gamepad and the pro controller, the 'useless' Wii Speak uses, an update to use the Wii keyboard, non gaming apps like Word, pic studio, and every other app you can possibly get from the Apple app store. With the new Wii U, Nintendo really could do all these things, they just need more direct input from their customers. If Nintendo got Apple to let users claim their iTunes account on Wii U, that would probably be the best collaboration in history in terms of entertainment IMO. Nintendo isn't in that market, but Apple sure as hell is, and letting people access and claim their account would make Nintendo's Wii U a must have for many people. Just an idea...

On another note, my Wii U console has been freazing everytime I try to play Nintendo Land, with rare times that it works. I'm not dissapointed, YET. I called Nintendo, and have said that a new update should come in a few days(so I'm waiting from their suggestion for the update, to call back if I still have issues) that will end all freezing once in for all until a another needed updat I'm sure. From what I could tell, the rep was pretty close to the top NoA staff, and asked for more suggestions regarding the console. I said they should also update use for a wireless keyboard(I brought up my having an official Wii keyboard, which is not compatible, and recognizing that that is kind of not acceptible), and more sound options in the system setting such as ALL audio from games being output from the gamepad if selected as an option. The only thing that isn't working on my console right now is Nintendo Land, and I can wait a gew days until an inevitable update which was confirmed, with the possibilty of more options, so I'm pretty content with their efforts thus far. Just remember, if your Wii U is not working correctly, there is a 1 year warranty plus the 90 days added for registering, which is more than enough time to ensure your new console satisfies your purchase. Just a reminder...

Sorry for such a long post folks!



Zombie_Barioth said:

Most of the early games haven't had even a remotely recent release so they can't say people are tired of them like with F-Zero, and I think Punch Out and Kid Icarus: Uprising proves these would sell if done right. Heck NSMB still sells tons despite the game play staying mostly the same.

Personally I would love to see a new Ice Climbers even if it was an e-shop only retro revival a la Double Dragon Neon. I don't know how they would handle co-op with the tiny platforms . I think it would be neat if they had the players give one another a boost with the boosted player hoisting the other one up.



Moshugan said:

So, no Mario Paint love here? '

Think about it! An improved but easy to use paint application with animation possibilities (designed to work in unison with the possibly upcoming Flipnote 3DS app) and a powerful yet simple music editor, all wrapped up in silly Mario themes, and maybe some mini games like the original had.
Complete with online sharing and voilá, you've got a massive hit, fit for the whole family!

At least I'd buy it.



BestBuck15 said:

A game I'd like to see remade is Stunt race FX. Unfortunately the biggest problem I see is Nintendo don't make games the was they used to. They still make quality games but they are designed with the casual gamer in mind and this is bad. Just look at the first Mario Kart on SNES and compare the gameplay to the Wii version. The SNES version demands more skill.



misswliu81 said:

all the ones people have mentioned plus, legendary starfy and adventures of lolo- both HAL labs properties and famicom detective club, probably renamed the wii U detective club or something. also that unicycle game from the SNES, uniracers would be great too!



seronja said:

nice list, i would add f-zero and wave race too since it has been over a decate when they were last time made =)



SheldonRandoms said:

@Moshugan I would like a another Mario Paint, and if they can'y make another game, then they should add it as DLC in art academy: lessons for everyone with all the features you just said.

Also another Mole Mania, Clu Clu Land and some other Nintendo games that would be perfect for the Wii U



sinalefa said:

This list sounds like the obscure franchises, with things like Gumshoe and R.O.B.'s games.

Ice Climbers would be awesome. But forget about the second Gamepad. Don't doom the game by adding a requirement most people won't have. And taking my Gamepad to a friend's house means that I cannot take a nongamer friend home to try the game.

I really don't think concepts like Gyromite or Gumshoe would do very well outside of minigames, as they seem way too simple and repetitive by today's standards.



Smilesprower said:

30 Player online, Hd Visuals and Custom Track/Ship Editor.
1000's of unlockables, similar to GX
Hard Difficulty of GX

This is what I need from Nintendo. Sega make the call.........



Moshugan said:

@Smilesprower That would be awesome, feasible and would sell tons if done right.
One thing that used to characterize Nintendo made 1st Party games is timelessness. Of course, some games have aged better than others (ahem, looking at you N64) but I would recommend the vast majority of legacy Nintendo games to someone who wants to introduce herself to gaming.
So, after this ranting, we do need a new F-Zero.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Great ideas here. I've never heard about Gumshoe before. Always great to hear about new cult classics.

Even only mentioning the Mother series makes me excited 'bout the games and i've only seen some minutes of footage so far. You've got something truly special here, Nintendo!

I adore co-op and like the concept of Ice Climbers. This could really be great.
As would be a new Hatsworth game. It could become an amazing co-op experience. Thanks for your idea of Gyramite Wii U.
And while not really legacy a new Battalion Wars could be an awesome co-op game as well.
Beside the obvious uses of the gamepad it would be great to have one player sniping on the GamePad occasionally.



starstormlegend said:

it makes me sad now that i think about it earthbound 64 being canceled it could of made so much money and added more fun to my childhood earthbound is a great game hands down and for eveyone reading this just think man earthbound 64 would of been great it would of added to nintendo's greatest games ever made



Korbin64 said:

Or... Nintendo can just make a 5-inch, $10-20 version of ROB that operates more rapidly than its predecessor.
They might even be able to hook it up with infrared for both 3DS and Wii U capability.

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