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Sun 14th Oct 2012

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Moguri commented on Japanese Import Ban on R4 Cartridges Becomes Law:

There were people that used this cartridges not to steal, that used them for homebrew or programming purposes. In a similar way, not all people with Homebrew Channel installed on their Wii's use it to pirate games. But pirates always outshine the people who use this tools for legal purposes.



Moguri commented on Review: Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edit...:

I'm really thinking about importing this from the USA. I've waited for an EU resease date, but I think it'll never be released in Europe (like Pokémon Conquest outside the UK - I had to import it, too. :S)



Moguri commented on Pikmin 3:

It would be very good an online co-op play. Anyway, one of the best Wii U games at the moment.