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Feature: Sharing Some Hits at a StreetPass Event

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Go for that green light

Did you leave the house today? If you did hit the streets to go to the shops, work or school, then we have two more questions for you. Did you take your 3DS with you, and did you get any StreetPass hits? It’s easy to forget that, when 3DS was launched, Nintendo placed a fair bit of emphasis on the idea of taking the handheld onto the streets and interacting with others. Early adverts showed a gamer jumping into a friendly Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition brawl with another impossibly-attractive individual on a subway train, but also demonstrated systems trading data and blinking an alluring green light to show that StreetPass had burst into action.

It’s a concept that’s simple and, in many ways, a method to encourage daily interaction with your 3DS. It’s an idea that is absolutely perfect for busy Japanese cities, where there’s already a notable culture of taking handheld gaming consoles everywhere: yet success elsewhere has perhaps been limited. For those living in remote areas it’s a feature that may never spring to life, while there are big towns and cities where hits can still be a rare occurrence, exposing the fact that the 3DS user-base outside of Japan is noticeably less keen to carry the handheld around the streets.

After the console arrived in March 2011, there were various StreetPass meet-ups arranged in a number of cities as part of an initial burst of enthusiasm. Trading small amounts of data, as well as treasured puzzle pieces and adventurers for StreetPass Quest was part of the fun, and it was an extra feature that made 3DS feel like a system bringing new experiences: even if a few DS titles had tried a similar idea. Nintendo was keen to promote the concept of trading content, naturally, and even declared 25th June 2011 to be National StreetPass Day in North America, though there didn’t seem to be a repeat this year.

Such was the emphasis on the feature at the time of launch that was setup as part of National StreetPass Day, to help groups co-ordinate and organise meet-ups. Unfortunately, the site is relatively quiet at the moment, with a lot of events having taken place in 2011. Nintendo has been doing its part in recent times, arguably, with examples being the Another Dimension 3D photo competition in the UK, as well as promotions and competitions related to Kid Icarus: Uprising in a variety of countries, including events to take on pro-gamers or encouragement for meetings through Ultimately, it’s down to 3DS gamers to have the will to organise themselves and meet, if there’s the desire for socialising and some guaranteed StreetPass hits.

One city that’s still showing an appetite for StreetPass meet-ups is New York, with being updated regularly with new articles and, most importantly, events that include competitions and specific multiplayer tournaments. Another resource is, which tries to provide links and details for the various groups that exist around the world, all in an effort to persuade us to meet other 3DS gamers. Social networks are also hugely important, and it was through Twitter that we heard about the Edinburgh meet-up on 1st July; we decided to go along.

In many ways, this event showed why regular gatherings with other 3DS gamers are worth the effort, as Nintendo systems and games are designed for sharing with others. Held in the Princes Street gardens overlooked by Edinburgh Castle, the attendees didn’t take long to start getting into multiplayer, as well as trading Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards and all-important Pokédex content. When speaking to organiser Kerr Henderson, he left no doubt about his motivations and inspirations to make it happen.

It started just over a month ago when I was on my 3DS after being in town, having a StreetPass hit and, as we all do, wishing I had more: I’m still yet to complete a puzzle. I had heard of StreetPass NYC and the meetings they have done, and thought to myself "why not here?” I started a Twitter account and tweeted out to Nintendo UK, other well-known companies and news websites, such as yourselves. I also tweeted a gaming charity called Sick Kids Save Point, @SKsavepoint, which does a lot of charity work for the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh through gaming marathons: the man in charge writes a gaming article in the Edinburgh Evening News and he was kind enough to mention us in the paper.

After a few more retweets and mentions I started to pick up traffic and found out people were really up for it. I also got chatting to the manager of the local Game store and he was very encouraging and willing to put up a poster. I wanted to get Nintendo involved and tell them what I was organising; they were behind me, which was really encouraging.

Nintendo UK showed support by sending a representative, who brought along Pokemon Typing Adventure as well as, to the delight of the attendees, a shiny new silver 3DS XL. The opportunity to try out the new handheld ahead of members of the press was exciting for everyone, and unsurprisingly Kerr is keen to organise more events in future.

This first event went great and everyone there was asking when the next one will be. I would really like to hold one indoors, with tables and chairs, so we can have a Kid Icarus tournament and not worry about the weather: this is Scotland, after all. I would love to have a monthly or bi-monthly event for people just to meet up, chat and play games. Then maybe special events for launches, at the moment I’m trying to maybe plan something for the weekend of the launch of New Super Mario Bros. 2, as it has multiplayer.

It would be great to get one in every city all over the UK and even have a massive UK meet up somewhere: that’s the dream.

We enjoyed meeting some fellow gamers in Edinburgh and talking about all things 3DS, and it’s an experience that can’t be replicated by challenging each other’s Miis online, not to mention the fact that it allowed the sharing of those all-important pink puzzle pieces. There are millions of 3DS gamers around the world, maybe we should use events like these to get to know each other better.

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Knuckles said:

Left the house, didn't get a green light.
But I'm going to the amazing spiderman today, so I have hope yet!



BenAV said:

I get StreetPass hits all the time.
Going to a Mario Tennis Open event today, so that'll be like another 50.



bahooney said:

Though new street passes are rare for me, I work with four people that own 3DS's, have three friends that have 3DS's, and my college has tens of people I streetpass with during the semester. I feel guilty if I don't stretch my 3DS's legs every day! In fact, I'm almost past the 1,500,000 step mark!



bezerker99 said:

I've owned my 3DS for 13 months. I have take 990,357 steps. And only 16 Street Pass tags. I have taken my 3DS with me everyday wherever I go. I've averaged about 1.2 street passes a month. Pretty lame if you ask me.



ScruffyYoshi said:

It's a waste of time unless you live in a city (sorry). I did take it to Gamesfest last year though and got 100 "hits" lol. We took detours through the Nintendo booth lol.



bezerker99 said:

@ScruffyYoshi My city, as of the 2010 census, has 75,568 people. The surrounding counties (aka entire metro population) is 246,036.

Just last week I saw a kid with a 3DS in a restaurant. He was playing a game. He must not have had his StreetPass turned ON cuz I got no Street Pass from him. D:



Tasuki said:

I have had a red 3DS since day one of the red launch and got my share of Streetpasses. The best I did was the day after Christmas when I went to all the sales I got 13 hits that day still havent been able to top that. I just recent went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and manage to get 5 there. As for taking my 3DS as long as its powered up I take it with me.



CBattles6 said:

It can be tough sometimes even when you live in a decent-sized US city. I will, however, be taking a trip to NYC soon, and I'm carrying my 3DS around with me EVERYWHERE.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I've had my aqua 3ds with me since launch date when I first bought it at the time they only had black & the blueish/greenish one I think it's called aqua correct me if I'm wrong sorry... I have the aqua one anyway's I carry it everywhere with me & have got 20 streetpass tags including the two special mii character's Motiff & Reggie there awesome for Find Mii 2 in the streetpass plaza.

I hope they release more special mii character's for the streetpass plaza.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



PinkSpider said:

Has anyone ever had a street fighter fight with a random person on a subway or bus or park bench as it was advertised. I can imagine it will never happen to me ever.
Also I do find it annoying that you can only hold a maximum of 10 games for street pass they need to correct that really as that's one of the systems big selling points. It gets irritating having to delete a street pass save every time I get a new game.



CrispyGoomba said:

Every time I go to this one city 20 miles away from where I live (That has over 80k people), I usually get 1 or 2 streetpass. Other times I get none. However, last year when my family went on vacation in July (went to Disney World), I got a good amount there, probably around 14 after staying there a week. This year we're going to Kansas City and Arlington Texas to see the MLB teams play. Now surely I can streetpass with someone there that has 70k people there in a least 1 mile apart. Time will tell!



Drewroxsox said:

I only had my 3ds for 3-4 months, and I already have about 250 streetpasses. I guess that's due to the fact that I live in Fort Lauderdale, which isn't that far from Miami. If you want some street passes, then come to Florida, or you could go to Japan, where im sure you would get 250+ streetpasses in one day.



BenAV said:

StreetPass Hits: 1169
Plaza Population: 497

My plaza population should pass the 500 mark today.



Gold_Ranger said:

I've been trying to organize a StreetPass gathering for a while now.
Centereach, NY



Kifa said:

I rarely get any StreetPass hits - 3DS seems not to be very popular in my region. Still, every one of them is a little moment of joy and triumph, so I won't whine about it.



Hokori said:

I should just ride my bike to GS everyday to get one, it's 5 miles away but worth the bike ride



TwilightV said:

Got two hits at the mall the other day. First time I got pink pieces (one for MK7 and one for MTO) and a hit from another region (Florida) out of it too!



Mahe said:

I carry my 3DS around as an MP3 player/pedometer, but it's ages since I've gotten any hits.



MetroidMasher17 said:

When I went to the Zelda 25th in LA on June 6th the StreetPass notification light turned on every few seconds; I easily got over 50 and I don't think it'd be an exaggeration to say I got around a hundred. You need to go to the right places to get hits.



idork99 said:

StreetPass Tags: 126
Plaza Population: 3000+

I, too, blame Mario Kart 7 for this. But I also blame myself for not knowing that you can turn the invitation off. In reality, I should only have less than 100 population.

This is a cool article! It encourages me to try something here in town. I live in a big town in Southern California with a population just shy of 200,000. I carry my 3DS with me everywhere (1,187,827 steps in 13 months) so I probably average about 12 tags per month but have not had any recently. I've always had the desire to try to organize an MK7 tournament in town, but this article has given momentum to try it. As the article indicates, playing face to face is an experience that cannot be matched with other Mii's online! And from someone that started playing video games in the arcades in 1985, I'd know a thing or two about that experience. Here's hoping that it does work!



TG_Jono said:

Hits: 569
Plaza Population: 259

I recently got my "make 100 street pass in one day"-achievement while visiting a swedish retro gaming event. I have all puzzle pieces - being friend with people working at Nintendo helps...



cfgk24 said:

Hooray! I got a Streetpass hit in Yo Sushi in Cambridge the other day from Yasuoooo! and also a few days ago I got a Japanese Hit from someone who ahd been playing Monster HUnter 3g! Wow!
I try and take it everywhere - I also use it a s amusic player whilst walking to work . . . . I love it!



RevolverLink said:

My neck of the woods isn't exactly the most populous, but even when I go to the mall or bigger local events, I never get Streetpass Tags; I've only ever received them from people I already know.



Raylax said:

Taking mine to Games Brittania: Replayed this weekend, so should get a fair few hits there, I reckon.



Aqueous said:

@mahe - 3DS Sound will not allow tagging, that might be your problem

I'm part of a group that has been meeting regularly since the Streetpass day and we even met up again on it. The site is in use by use still. Though meetings of Streetpass Halifax are modest, generally about 6-8 people show up, prefect for multiplayer



iphys said:

Streetpass Halifax FTW! We meet in food courts at malls — usually works well except when there's too much wireless interference from cell phones or whatever.



dizzy_boy said:

how about some of the NL staff organize a street pass day at their local high street mall.
my town centre has a decent sized park just opposite the high street. maybe if the weather is kind enough, we could hold a 3DS picnic party.



Niko3139 said:

I've kept my 3DS in my pocket everywhere I go, and it's always on even in the cradle. The only places I get street passes are when I'm with friends, less than once a month at school, and whenever I go to Gamestop.

Streetpass is difficult. xD



lanabanana said:

Street pass tags: Around 60
Plaza Population: Over 700! XD
i had to turn the invitation setting to off cuz i had that many Mii's in the first two months! XP
I usually get at least one or two every time i go out... =P



Lin1876 said:

I find I usually get at least a few hits in Glasgow, but considering my route in the city is pretty much Gamestation-G-Froce-HMV that's not too surprising.

I think I've got one random hit in my local town, despite taking my 3DS there at least once a week. Telling.



Flowerlark said:

I streetpassed 3 people since I got my 3DS in November. One was a random person at the mall, and two were my best friends.

Definitely don't get to use that feature often.



CerealKiller528 said:

I've streetpassed 39 people since I got my 3DS in May 2011. Not really an outside guy and the almost half of those streetpasses are from Las Vegas and LegoLand.



WaxxyOne said:

Unsurprisingly, my state has zero entries for StreetPass events on streetpassnetwork. Since buying the system the day it launched, I have "met" exactly 3 strangers using StreetPass. I generally carry the system with me everywhere, but it hasn't had a huge uptake in this here back of the woods.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Wow, it's so great to hear that the 3DS really is encouraging numbers of people this big to get together!
I've gotten a pretty decent number of streetpasses here. I haven't gotten one in a while that isn't my brother though.



danschemen said:

i would like to go to one of these events, i have a couple people at school who i know would also be interested in having a big meat up.



NintenDude97 said:

Just got one in Applebees, I have about 25 strangers now.
from the past 4 months:
tags: 181
pop.: 265
Most are the tags from my brother.
I would've had like 80 strangers, about 1000 population and maybe 500 hits but Nintendo erased my system TWICE for repairs.



Knuckles said:

Well went to The Amazing Spiderman in 3D, great movie BTW and got 1 streetpass. Its progress



catsrnice said:

I got some random ones every once and a while. But I know quite a bit of people with 3ds's who I streetpass a lot.
Then I went to Disneyland last week and more than doubled my population to 170.
(I block mariokart 7 visitors)



Fudgenuggets said:

Got a StreetPass the other day at the movies.
49 StreetPasses and my plaza population is 35 (including golden Miis). 32 of my StreetPass tags are from my friends though. Taking out our 3DSes during class just to StreetPass is fun. xD



RedYoshi999 said:

I live in relatively small town and rarely get StreetPasses. In fact, I got my first ever StreetPass for my town the other day! I usually get 1 hit each time I go to bigger towns or cities (though I don't go there much.) I even only got around 10 StreetPasses when I went on holidays to New Zealand in April! It would be nice to go to one of those events Nintendo Australia hosts but theyre on the other side of the country.



onlyaman said:

Streetpass in Munich depends on the weather. I got a bunch of hits on the U-Bahn last winter, when people were wearing heavy coats with plenty of room to carry a 3DS. However, in recent months my hits have dropped dramatically (maybe only one a week). I'm going to chalk this up to skimpy outfits without big pockets. I certainly have a harder time taking my system with me when it is 30C. We'll see if my theory holds true next winter. Anyway, I have a US region 3DS, so the games don't streetpass well with all these european 3DS's. And I can forget about multiplayer... STUPID REGION LOCK!!



gamerchick_22 said:

@TheKingofTown Where in Maryland though? I just left there to come back home and I barely got any, like maybe 2 or 3...even when I was staying with some family members in Waldorf, the mall was the only place that I managed to get anything.



Raptor78 said:

Cities are far from being the ideal place to get streetpasses...
I havnt got from any of the times I have been to London and thats the Capital city, only ever had a few from Leeds and Wakefield... most of them I get are from Towns such as Pontefract.
I have 181 hits with a population of 288 and im quite satisfied... my logic for why it is so hard to get them in cities is not down to lack of people with 3DS spotpass on etc... Its down to all that free wifi available because I have noticed when im contected to the internet via spotpass I am unable to recieve streetpasses, and large cities seem to have loads of free wifi spots unlike small towns.



Mockingjay said:

I went to London last week and took my 3DS expecting tons of streetpass hits. Came home, checked it: nothing.



photofool83 said:

I take my 3DS everywhere I go. Sometimes I get streetpasses at the oddest locations and this is in Dayton, OH. We're not a very big city but not the smallest either. I'm going to be going on a trip soon and I can't wait to see what kind of streetpasses I get at the airports.

Just fyi, I have gotten the most passes in a single day at festivals and going to the mall or Gamestops.



BulbasaurusRex said:

The city of St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. is absolutely pathetic when it comes to Streetpassing! I was at the Cardinals baseball game tonight with an attendance of over 42,000. After the game, I watched the Independence Day fireworks, hung around downtown, and waited to cram into an overcrowded light rail train for a ride back to our car over the course of 3 hours, during which time I literally passed by thousands of people. Through all of that I only got a single Streetpass hit. At least the one I did get provided me with the very last puzzle piece I needed, and I got to take some 3D pictures of fireworks around the Gateway Arch.



Arcamenel said:

I get street passes daily now that my nephew has a 3DS but I haven't gotten any new tags since christmas of last year when I went to New York. While I was downtown near the Nintendo World Store I got 10 with several from other countries.



Hokori said:

Maybe I should go to the city near me to get SPes... But IDK how likely I'll get one

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