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Kid Icarus: Uprising's AR Card Battles are Bound by Fate

Posted by James Newton

Outcome set in stone

Those AR card battles in Kid Icarus: Uprising certainly look impressive, but there's been some confusion about how the fights play out with no player input. Now AndriaSang has received confirmation from a Nintendo representative that the outcomes are predetermined.

That's right: no matter how many times you pit certain characters against each other, the result will always be the same, rather like a visual rendition of Top Trumps. There should be a range of cards available to keep the battles interesting, but how do you feel that the result is already cast?


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sgotsch said:

So why is this whole thing keeping them away from SSB for such an awful long time? D:



gamepopper said:

AR Card Battling was the one thing I dreamed for when Augmented Reality came to my mind. Thank you Nintendo!



Tate24 said:

this sounds cool id like collect them all. shame battles dont change everytime u use them though.



Kriedler said:

If it's all predetermined, what's the point? I guess it's just a tech demo, like albc5023 says



J-Forest-Esq said:

To be perfectly honest, I already thought they looked a bit rubbish, but the fact that they're pre-determined doesn't help.



Monsti said:

Nintendo only does Tech demos with things like that and it will never change. They always say "we want to show developers what they can do" and noone does anything....always the same...



warioswoods said:

I always assumed it was just a little bonus, but it would be cool to make some sort of playable card game out of it.



Retro_on_theGo said:

What's so wrong about this? You still had fun as kids playing rock, paper, scissors didn't you? They'll still be fun to mess around with and it can still be fun to play as long as Pit doesn't automatically beat everything. I'll probably still enjoy this! Besides it's the game I really want. This is just a nice bonus.



_Joejoe_ said:

Perhaps its just me, but I kinda assumed it was predetermined from the start. I mean, the two cards were doing the same thing over and over again... it just seemed kinda obvious. Still, its a neat little bonus, after all, its not like its the ONLY mode Kid Icarus is giving us what with both solo and that epic lookin' multiplayer! XD



MegatronD said:

Oh well. Wasn't buying Kid Icarus for an AR card game. Neat little bonus. Useless, but neat.



NintyMan said:

So, from the videos of the card battles I saw earlier, that means that Palutena will always beat Medusa, the new character will always beat the Fighter, and Medusa will always beat the new character. That's a little disappointing, but that still won't keep me away from taking pictures of Pit and all the other characters everywhere!



Morpheel said:

isn't it the same with YuGiOh? Place kuriboh in front of red eyed black dragon several times and see if kuriboh wins any.



MeloMan said:

There's no point to me then... I could see if maybe the more you play your KI game, the more the characters in YOUR set of cards would "level up" when facing someone else's cards, or something like that. This will still be fun until everyone has seen every combination of who-beats-who, then it will be lame.

I wonder if you sit more than 2 cards down will they free-for-all or or go 2-vs-2 for even more predetermined outcomes, but far more variations... now THAT would give it longevity.

I've already thought of a sub-game I'm going play with these cards when I first get them though... the game of "random-draw-and-watch"



BulbasaurusRex said:

You could still make a card game out of it, like maybe a Kid Icarus and Rock-Paper-Scissors version of the War card game.

You could also have both players pick a card from their hands, place them face-down, then flip them over to battle. After all the cards are played, whoever won the most battles wins the game.

You could even treat them as a variation of Yu-gi-oh! TCG monsters, add in your favorite Yu-gi-oh! spell and trap cards (as long as they don't specify certain monster types and/or attributes), and actually have a holographic Yu-gi-oh! duel like in the Yu-gi-oh! animes.



Henmii said:

Good points: Awesome looking cards that probably are collectable. Awesome animations.

Bad points: Battle outcomes are random. The characters don't visually hit each other.

That's all!



2-D said:

It's probably the most obvious idea ever (and I'm sure it's been thrown around in the forums), but Pokemon TCG + Augmented reality would be perhaps the coolest use of the tech to hit 3DS.



Usagi-san said:

I don't find anything about this news disappointing. It makes sense really. What exactly were people expecting?



NintyMan said:

@25: You have some very good ideas right there. It's not like you would have to do one-on-one battles with matched characters. Maybe Nintendo is just testing the waters for larger scale AR games such as Pokemon?



47drift said:

I don't get all these comments saying "What's the point?" Have you guys never played a card game like Uno or Snap? It's gonna play like a card game, I'd imagine. Where by chance you draw a card and pit it up against an opponents, not knowing what card either of you picked. Either that, or it could play like a more strategic rock paper scissors game. Come on now, folks. Use some imagination!



danschemen said:

i think the really strong card should just have a higher percentage of winning, not guaranteed to win every time



JimmyWhale said:

Still fun! There probably wasn't enough characters for a TCG, and they'll save that idea for a full game. This is just a bite size AR card goodie... hmm, how about Capcom VS SNK card game in 3D? ;D



JayceJa said:

a pokemon TCG game that uses real pokemon cards for an AR game would be cool, and yu-gi-oh with the same thing would be amazing

of course then id have to buy pokemon or yu gi oh TCG cards



Demonic_St33V said:

Wow... Top Trumps... Haven't thought about that game in ages. Still have my old Buffy the Vampire Slayer deck.



Usagi-san said:

Um, isn't Ro-Sham-Bo predetermined anyway? Rock will always beat scissors, scissors will always beat paper etc...



Blaze said:

Well, it's still better than what the original AR Cards can do. Plus, i doubt I'll be bothering with them, the game is what will satisfy me.



Milkman-123 said:

i hope these ar cards arent just people posing. the uprising trailer showed them moving around fighting eachother. gonna buy some packs



Milkman-123 said:

i hope these ar cards arent just people posing. the uprising trailer showed them moving around fighting eachother. gonna buy some packs



WhiteTrashGuy said:

@ Bulbasaurus Rex (my fav. pokemon BTW)

That was exactly what I was thinking. A person can make a deck and then challenge eachother to battles. It would still be fun. Maybe for Pokemon holding down a face button would determine what attack they do. So many possibilities.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

@ Atomic_3DS_Man

The figurine battles are not random. You have to take into account all of the different parameters based off of the 300 point system.



CowLaunch said:

Hmm, as long as it's a bonus and not integral to progressing or unlocking stuff in the game, then fine.



FonistofCruxis said:

I didn't think the AR cards for this game were that interesting in the first place but I'm even less interested in them now.



camus24 said:

Maybe is like yu-gi-oh without magic and tramp cards...without this cards always we will obtain the same results between the card, maybe nintendo should create some special cards that would change all the results....but for me is still great..



Alpha2797 said:

I find these ar cards interesting. As long as you or your opponent don't know which cards trump over the specific cards, it should be fun.



JimmyHat said:

Some of the dumbest comments I've ever read _. If I attack a 3/3 creature in Magic: The Gathering with a 2/2 creature, what happens every time? How is this different than any other CCG?



Raghav said:

It doesn't make sense because the game comes with 6 cards and then how do you get the rest

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