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Sonic Generations 3DS Rumours Gain Speed

Posted by James Newton

SEGA report lists 3DS version

Last week, Gamestop listed Sonic Generations for 3DS and we tagged it as a rumour, as always when retailers list unannounced games. However, now SEGA has listed the game in a financial report, it's time to stop thinking "this is a rumour" and start thinking "this bag has no cat in it".

Andriasang found the listing on a SEGA-Sammy financial report, which listed the game for 3DS and PC. With SEGA planning 20 games for 3DS by next March, will Sonic Generations be one of them? We'll keep you updated.

Here's the trailer for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

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Lan said:

i don't really get the appeal of sonic. the only game that's kept my attention to the end is sonic rush, and i have no desire to ever play it again. i grew up playing sonic and i want to like sonic but it's just not that fun for me. i got sonic 4 and i've barely even played it



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Guess a Wii version's out the window.

For the love of god Sonic Team, take notes from Colours. THAT was the best Sonic game in a long time. Do not go back to your glitchy and bad camera ways.



Zach said:

Awesome! On a separate note, I hate it when a bag doesn't have a cat in it.



Link79 said:

So lemmie get this straight. The 3DS can handle a port of Sonic Generations but Wii can't? Oh well as long as Nintendo players can get this game too.
Oh Btw what ever happened to Sonic 4 Episode 2?
Shouldn't we have heard something by now?



Rapadash6 said:

@16 TeeJay
Shouldn't this be obvious? The majority of his games suck. He's awkward looking. He mates with other species. He lives in the real world. He has too many lame friends. His voice keeps changing. Etc. Etc. I don't understand how anyone can defend what Sonic has become. I will give him the honor of perfectly representing what Sega has become, however. A souless shell of it's former self.



Samholy said:

weeeellll. sonic was fun on sega genesis, i remember lots of good time with sonic 2.
then most, if not every sonic titles after it seemed bland to me.

the only one that scotched me hard was sonic adventure 2 on gamecube. this was one hell of a game, one title i would buy from this franchise.
If another adventure sees the life on 3ds, its an instant-buy for me.
For sonic generation, i will wait reviews...



MasterGraveheart said:

I don't know why you guys keep complaining about your 3DS lacking games. Didn't you keep your DS libraries? =P

Hope this is true... Sonic Generations to the 3DS, I mean.



TheBaconator said:

That's nice, but I'll stick with the HD versions, because Sonic Unleashed looked absolutely beautiful on the 360 and I expect this game to look even better.



MrPinguy said:

@21. Irken004.
Sonic Retro pointed out that "PC" listed there may stand for Nintendo's Project Cafe, and actually makes more sense than a Personal Computer in this kind of release.



KrazyBean said:

Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic blah blah blah. Sonic IS Sonic, no matter the design. As long as he's blue, runs at the speed of sound and he's a hedgehog...he's Sonic. Classic Sonic is infact Modern Sonic in his childhood days, so that makes them the same doesn't it?

I swear, since Generations was announced....there's been so much diversity and controversy with Sonic. Jeez.

Back to topic:
That's pretty cool! I'll nab a 3DS version for on-the-go purposes and a 360 version for HD gaming purposes =)



Highwinter said:

Sonic 4 was terrible and very badly received. Future episodes have likely been completely scrapped in favour of new games like this, or have been heavily delayed to be completely reworked.

There's been controversy over Sonic for a long time now. A lot of us who played the original games back when they were first released don't like the direction they've taken with the later games, and Sonic's redesign to make him "edgier" reflects everything that's wrong with the modern games.

I'd be perfectly content if the game simply featured the classic Sonic content with the 2D levels, the modern stuff puts me off the game entirely.



KrazyBean said:

@Highwinter's a shame that you're buying this for only half the game, if you're buying it at all.

I love being an All-Around Sonic fan...why play as only one Sonic whilst you can play as both? And that's why I'll be playing both sides of the game like crazy until the next HD Sonic game comes out!



TeeJay said:

I'm with KrazyBean. Sonic is Sonic, and I love them both equally. So I can enjoy 100% of the game, while picky people only enjoy half. Too bad.



jayjay99 said:

@18... sonic is awesome!!! and realy it shouldnt matters wat his friends or how his voice is?? he's a freaking cartoon hedge hog thats really fast!,video games would be so boring if the designers or producers had no good imagination**



irken004 said:

@MrPinguy Well Joystiq says it may have a "personal computer" release. I'd highly doubt that they would use "PC" to stand for Project Cafe. They could have just said it was for an unannounced platform in that case. Don't blame me for being hopeful. xD



Linkstrikesback said:

So what if we kept our DS games? I didn't spend £180 on a new console to play the old games I've been playing for the last 6 years on my DS. The 3DS literally has no games that I would recommend to anyone. And 7 weeks after its launch, that is inexcusable.



MeloMan said:

I'm not holding my breath... it's still SEGA after all. And as someone mentioned previously, we gonna get to that Sonic 4 Ep. 2 and beyond, SEGA, or... what? Sonic's doing good again, so, let's now put too many irons in the fire here, SEGA.



PSICOffee said:

This better come to the 3DS. It would be the first time I'd buy a sonic game on day one.



Link79 said:

@ Jumpmad
Are you nuts? Classic Sonic owns. I like all the Genesis originals far better than any of the newer ones. Modern Sonic is getting better but it will never be as great as those old gems.

@ Highwinter
Maybe Sonic 4 was poorly recieved by you but not everyone hated it. I for one thought it was very good.
I'll admit It could use some tweaking. At least the Music was excellent. If you didn't like Splash Hill's theme there's something wrong with your ears. The whole Physics thing didn't bother me that much.
This is coming from a huge fan of the Genesis games.
Sonic 4 Episode 2 can only be an improvement and I'm still looking forward to it.



Linkstrikesback said:

And if people weren't so full of nostalgia, no-one would care about the megadrive ones either. If they were first released now (with appropriate sound/graphic updates, obviously) no-one would care.



Link79 said:

@ Linkstrikesback
There are alot of old games that can still be fun to play despite having a nostalgic attachment to them. I've bought many games on the Wii VC I never knew about and they quickly became favorites.



shinobi88 said:

You can tell if nostalgia is the driving force behind you liking something by going back and playing it 20 yrs. later. The Genesis Sonic games are still perfect. Physics, level design, music. Purrrrrrfect. I'm hoping in Sonic Generations you can play every level as a side-scroller b/c i find no joy in running full speed constantly and occasionally tapping a button



Link79 said:

@ Jumpmad
I was going to ask that first but your username should have tipped me off.
You're probably just not as familiar with the older games.
Anyone who grew up with them most likely agrees they are great.



TeeJay said:

Well, I've played the older games and I loved them, but I don't think Classic Sonic is any better than Modern Sonic.



Sneaker13 said:

This looks awesome. Hopefully the 3DS and possible Wii version will look just that good.



Punny said:

I certainly hope this is real. By the way, I dappen to like both the Modern and Classic Sonic. Both have had good AND bad games (Sonic Labyrenth, anyone?).

Okay, so maybe I like Classic Sonic more, but Sonic Colors was amazing.



SilverBaretta said:

Whoa....I've never seen such a multi-topic'd comment thread. I'll just give my input rundown.

  • I've liked every Sonic game, new or old, to at least some extent.
  • I still love my 3DS even without its full features and only 1 game.
  • Sonic 4 was very badly recieved?
  • I will be grabbing this game first day, at least, if it comes to 3DS.

Got it? Because I'm NOT REPEATING IT!



Raylax said:

@18: "He mates with other species."
Um. Only in your dreams, and on those websites you really should consider stopping visiting.



komicturtle said:

I've always liked the way 'Modern Sonic' looked.

Though, I do like fluffy Sonic (hey, people keep calling him chubby nowadays).



Retro_Gamer said:

I really think it's going to be released on 3DS, it should be interesting to see how it holds up. I really hope the 2D parts control better than the floaty controls in Sonic Colors, you never really felt in control and the jumping was horrible.



Sylverstone said:

What can I say here:

  • I hope this game does make it to Nintendo 3DS, because I'm aching for a Sonic game that's not some minigame compilation (Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Games, I'm looking at you — Sonic on a horse... _)
  • Since when was Sonic 4: Episode 1 badly received? To the fans, it was, but seeing those reviews, they seemed fine.
  • I am so sick of the Classic vs. Modern debate and this is why I hate the Sonic fanbase sometimes - ungrateful, whiny and they just cannot chill for once. I'm all for saying kudos on dedication but this is getting way out of hand here. To each his own. Live by it, will ya?
  • So sad to have a bag with no cat in it. Brings tears to my eyes.


RYBlast said:

Off-topic, but why's everyone so excited about this game? All I see in the trailer is modern Sonic in Sonic Unleashed Daytime/Sonic Colours gameplay, and the classic Sonic gameplay looks exactly like the original. Looks more like a rehash than anything else to me, but I'd take it over the other crappy Sonic games any day.



default12345 said:

Can somebody explain to me what Sonic Generations is?

Is it a combination of old games/zones, or a game in itself?



SuperSonic said:

Nice one, dude! Just what I was thinking - just another "true sonic fan" that does nothing but b!tch on Sonic's new design (and the funny thing is that they buy the game anyway). Rapadash 6 is what I'd call a retro sonic fan (if he is a fan). A true sonic fan gives credit to all of Sonic's games. I was able to enjoy something from Sonic 06; the music: 9.8/10

Anyway, I believe in Sega. Sonic Generations 3D is now a game in my mental 3DS library!



Kid_A said:

Let me tell you a little story about Sonic Generations:
It looks awesome.



NintyMan said:

Hope this is true, this needs to be on a Nintendo console. I also agree with comment 1.



tommm said:

@14 It's probably because the 3DS actually has more RAM than the Wii. (The 3DS has 128 MB of FCRAM while the Wii only was 88 MB of DRAM, plus 3 MB for texture buffer).



Henmii said:

Sonic Generations on the 3DS: Make it happen!!

I would have prefered it on wii, but if it at least hits one Nintendo device (in this case the 3DS) I am more then happy!



shinobi88 said:

This is the final say in classic vs. modern Sonic. They are 2 completely different kinds of games, thus, you can't compare. Classic Sonic is a platformer. You run, you jump, you have to land on moving platforms, you have to perfectly line up jumps to hit enemies. It's basically Mario w/ more speed. The only time I remember reaching Sonic's full speed (aside from being Super Sonic) in the original 4 Sonic games is in Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic 2. That's because there is a massive hill w/ no obstacles. It was so cool and rare to the series that GamesRadar voted it the 6th best Sonic moment ever. Modern Sonic isn't a platformer. It's an on-rails shooter where you occasionally jump. Sonic always travels at full speed and rarely has to land on platforms. Jumping on Badnicks just requires a couple button taps, no lining up the jump. This removes most of the skill required to play the game. Modern Sonic is not made for hardcore gamers. So you can't say one is better. They're too different. Classic Sonic is for hardcover gamers. Modern Sonic is for kids



turtlelink said:

@63, I stopped reading after I read "Modern Sonic isn't a platformer. It's an on-rails shooter"



DrDaisy said:

Well, if it happens, it happens. If not ... hey, wait a minute! Whatever happened to the rest of Sonic 4?! Weren't there supposed to be more pieces of that game?



shinobi88 said:

Ok, Mr. StoppedReading, take a look at this clip from Sonic Unleashed, fast forward past the cut scene and tell me how the gameplay is any different from an on-rails shooter, just w/ less enemies:

By the way, the Sonic Adventure games for Dream Cast aren't classic or modern. Somewhere in between.



Kirk said:

Could be good if done right.

Sonic looks a wee bit small relative to the world though



KrazyBean said:

@63: shinobi88
LOLOLOLOLOLOL! I don't know what to say about this...Modern Sonic isn't a platformer. It's an on-rails shooter?? Last time I checked Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours DIDN'T play like Kid Icarus: Uprising!

If a game has got guns and the game plays everything for you apart from the shooting, then yes, that's an on-rails shooter (Sin and Punishment for example) you've got your genres mixed up mate. Also 2D Sonic isn't Mario with more speed, Mario doesn't have momentum and pinball physics does he?

Sonic's Homing Attack is as iconic as his Spin Dash IMO, playing a 3D Sonic game without the Homing Attack is like playing a 2D Sonic game with no Spin Dash, also you have to control Sonic by Quick-Stepping, Drifting and Running through the levels don't you? If you tell me all you do is Homing Attack in ALL 3D Sonic games then no offence but you're severely WRONG!

Obviously you haven't played Unleashed HD's Eggmanland level have you?


@69: Kirk
That's kinda gives the level a load of depth, which will be great for 3D viewing. I just hope the 3DS version isn't severely watered down compared to the HD versions.

@72: Rapadash6
Yes, quite a chunk of 3D Sonic games do suck, I'll admit, but instantly saying that a new 3D Sonic game will suck because previous entries sucked is just silly...unless you're psychic, no one will know the outcome of this 3D Sonic game. That's why I have a little something called 'Faith'.



Rapadash6 said:

I'd just like to say that I'm not a "Sonic fan" at all. I'm a fan of GOOD games and just because I don't automatically give a mediocre, or worse, game kudos because of what characters are featured there in, doesn't make me some kind of hypocryte, which is what seems to be implied here. If you like Sonic as a character and are willing to purchase half baked games because of it, more power to you, but don't sit there and defend him to the death to those who refuse to accept the tripe Sega's been shoving down the industries throat for the past 12 years.



KrazyBean said:

@73 :thebluelight1
I haven't played Sonic I have no idea about that game whatsoever =)



thebluelight1 said:

@KrazyBean it's just a compilation on the Saturn, the games come with different difficulty modes etc and if you want you can play Sonic the Hedgehog with the spin dash.



Linkstrikesback said:

@75 and the original suffers horribly from not having the spin dash.


Woo, the first level of sonic colours has few enemies and lets you run fast. Big surprise there. They did the same in the megadrive games too.

Go on, tell me that ones a "on rails shooter". Just be ready to be laughed out of the internet. And, for the record, most of the levels are like the one I posted, not the one you posted.



shinobi88 said:

I've never played Sonic Colors so I'm guessing Sweet Mountain is later in the game? That vid just proves my point. Most of the level is spent zipping along at full speed and there are very few obstacles and almost no way to die. I don't see how any 5 yr. old who made it to that level would die at any point during the level. If you make the later levels of classic Sonic, you'll die...frequently. Modern Sonic, though it looks amazing, is made for kids. Sega has even said so.

Ok, I will say that I've stated something incorrectly. I've called modern Sonic an "on-rails shooter" when really it's just "on-rails." I just called it an on-rails shooter b/c I've never seen a game be made that was just on-rails. What's the point of letting the game carry you from point A to B. Too easy.



KrazyBean said:

@78: shinobi88
I think that Sonic Unleashed (The HD version of course) is a better game to examine when talking about Modern Sonic. Sonic Unleashed's early stages are pretty linear, but the game encourages you to speed-run through them...and believe me when I say that it's not easy.

I don't see how you can say that Sonic Colours is only on-rails whilst you haven't even played it should see gameplay footage of Planet Wisp, Aquarium Park and Asteroid Coaster...there's so much platforming in those levels that you can see that this game was more on the classic side than the modern side. It's not on-rails if you have to control Sonic to platform.

P.S - Sonic was always about getting from A to B. And SEGA said that Sonic Colours was aimed at Kids and Mario fans, they didn't say that Modern Sonic as a character was aimed at kids completely. If you want a challenge, play Sonic Unleashed HD.

OK, I'm done, if you still think that ALL Modern Sonic games are 'on-rails' and aimed at kids after reading then that's your opinion and I can't change that...and that's a huge shame cause you're obviously going to buy Sonic Generations for just half the game. sigh

@80: JDesensitized
Exactly! There's so much to Sonic Colours stages than meets the eye.



JDesensitized said:

In Sonic Colors you are graded for exploring the stage and gaining points, not running through like a madman. There are usually multiple routes through a stage, too.

It rewards exploration and platforming. Like every good Sonic game should.



shinobi88 said:

Games should reward you for beating them. With exploration as a side offering. It's called casual gaming when you don't want a challenge. And that's the main reason why Wii games are hideously rated compared to Xbox and PS3. Who would ever want a Wii when a good hardcore game comes out once every 11 months? Developers are just shoveling out games for casual gamers. Thanks for helping to ruin gaming, Modern Sonic fans. Just go play Angry Birds so you don't have to cry to your mommy when you lose a life.



KrazyBean said:

@81: shinobi88
Alright we get it, you don't like Modern're just going on and on now!! For crying out loud, go play some CoD or something or travel back in time to 1991, buy a Genesis and Sonic 1 and stay there.



shinobi88 said:

sorry. im just messing. "to each his own." i can see the value in modern & classic Sonic. I'm glad they're both in the same game so no one has to choose. Hopefully they do it this way more often.



Henmii said:

"Whatever happened to the rest of Sonic 4?! Weren't there supposed to be more pieces of that game?"

It's not officially canceled yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets canceled in the future. Because this really looks like Sonic 4: Episode 2: A hommage to old Sonic games (with a added dash of "Colours"). They have chosen to go all out and make it a 20th anniversary celebration and at the same time throwing it on a disc (and on a catridge, if the 3DS version happens).

Maybe it's for the better! People had a lot to complain about Sonic 4. Now they are going the retail way, there are no restrictions whatsoever. There will still be a few people complaining, but that's how the cookie crumbles (especially with Sonic)!



mastersworddude said:

I think people are overreacting about Modern Sonic. It's just a redesign, Sonic looking different didn't make the games suck, it's because Sega didn't bother polishing the games and rushing it because they knew they would a lot of money anyways. Sonic having his classic design doesn't make the game any better if Sega doesn't put any effort into it. FYI Sonic games have always been aimed at kids, even classic Sonic games were never very hard.

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