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Nintendo Confirms E3 2011 Conference Details

Posted by James Newton

Where will you be?

One of the most exciting days in the gaming calendar is just four weeks away, as Nintendo has announced the date, time and location of its E3 press conference.

The big event kicks off on Tuesday 7th June at 9am Pacific Time at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. As always, Nintendo Life will be bringing you all the news live — we'll have the first playtest of the new Nintendo console, as well as interviews, videos, screenshots and more.

Tuesday 7th June 2011

West Coast: 9am
East Coast: 12pm
UK: 5pm
Central European Time: 6pm
Adelaide: 1:30am, Wednesday 8th June

For more time conversions, we've set up a helpful E3 2011 conference time difference calculator.


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Lan said:

i watched Nintendo's E3 presentation the past two years, i hope i can go 3 for 3!



Corbs said:

Just got registered, so I'll likely be in the audience chomping on Smarties.



James said:

@Corbs Make sure you crunch them loud enough for the microphones to pick up on. Maybe throw a few at the new guy, just to get you noticed.



Odnetnin said:

Yeah, Smarties pretty much just dissolve in your mouth.

Thanks for the calculator.



astarisborn94 said:

Really wish I could join Nintendo E3 2011, but alas, I don't have money.

Oh well, will still be watching. Really looking forward to hearing the new console.



SilverBaretta said:

Sounds like a plan. And personally Corbs, I prefer Skittles.

Also, I'm liking the new tabs on top.



James said:

The Smarties you guys have over there must be different from the ones we have here, which are definitely crunchy.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'll be rolling out of bed and flipping on my computer to watch the live feed... and scaring my neighbors with my hooting and hollaring. XD



NintyMan said:

Stupid last day of school will keep me from watching E3 live... again. You all better believe it when I say that I will have my computer waiting on Youtube ready to be watched afterward the second I enter my house to see how the whole conference played out.



King_Boo said:

so much waiting, I don't have much to do. I hope Nintendo lets the Wii go out with a bang, and nice work on the new tab bar, doesn't really look cluttered at all



kurtasbestos said:

I skipped out on work last year so I could watch... I hope I can pull it off again this year.



The_Fox said:

We'll see the new Nintendo system first hand and probably see early details of the competitions as well. This E3 should be pretty interesting.



Punny said:

I'll be there! By the way, you can either crunch on Smarties or let them dissolve in your mouth. It's a multi-talented candy.



RYBlast said:

There are times when I really wish I lived where I used to live just for a conference, and this E3 is no exception.



RedYoshi999 said:

Yeah I thought it was a bit odd including Adelaide instead of Melbourne/Sydney or even Perth. For Perth it's midnight Tues/Wednesday. And I shall be watching it again.



Merfairy said:

Yay! They stream it live on the Internet, right? If so, what websites are most likely to have it? ( sorry kind of new to all this )



Lan said:

smarties kinda crumble, but there isn't really an audible crunch



WaveBoy said:

I still can't believe the Wii2 is going to be unveiled in 1 month!!! It feels like Yesterday when I got my Wii, it honestly doesn't even feel it's been over 4 years since the Wii has been released.

Anyways, time to play catch up with the Wii this month and lay off the Virtual Console for a while. LOL



Stine said:

4 weeks?! O.O For some reason I thought it was longer... anyway, can't wait!



WaveBoy said:


Zelda being the big picture? I don't care how amazing it looks, or any upcoming Nintendo game for that matter. NO game on the planet can reach the massive excitement based on the enveiling of a new Nintendo Console. Take that bud!



SpicyDuck said:

Forget this, when's that Eshop update coming for the 3DS?

Just Kidding! I may not be there, But I'll be glued to the pc at that time and nobody better be trying to get me off!



TKOWL said:

(Checks calendar and sees that I have my last exam at that time)



Henmii said:

I will watch it online, like I did the past 2 years. It looks like it will be a packed E3 for Nintendo. Looking forward to it!



ADaviii said:

I will be wherever there is a live stream. Of course, if I miss any details, I will be back on Nintendo Life.



Raylax said:

I have learnt something from this. American Smarties are what we call Fizzlers and UK Smarties don't exist in America. And according to chat, NA doesn't have Jaffa Cakes either. You poor, desolate people **cries**
And I haven't the first clue what the actual article was about any more.



Fuzzy said:

Ha, well I live in Adelaide, so I think I will just read a recap in the morning.



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh man, 2am! Well I'll try to stay up for it, but otherwise I'll just go straight to the video recording of the conference on Nintendo's site & avoid any other websites until I watch the whole thing



bboy2970 said:

Ah! Another year of sleeping in until 11:30, slowly waking up, preparing some type of food and a beverage, and then curling up in front of the computer in anticipation for the show! Its better than Christmas!



CerealKiller062 said:

You also have to remember that a console is just a waste of electricity without good games. If I wanted to go on the Internet using my tv to watch videos, I would just plug my PC into the tv. Still hopefully new Zelda announcement.



WaveBoy said:

What Nintendo console doesn't have 'good' games? It's guaranteed.
Although the N64 imo was quite the dissapointment on the other hand...It just didn't have enough, or enough variety.



James said:

US and UK Smarties are different? My world just collapsed. Corb, I'll send you out some UK Smarties with your copy of Lost in Shadow



Capt_N said:

I'll be watching online, as usual. Still it would be nice to try out the console, & see things firsthand.

Btw, Wonka Gobstoppers FTW! None of this Smarties business. Edit: Though Smarties are good.



ToneDeath said:

I'd say send Corbie some jaffa cakes too, but there's a danger he'll enjoy them so much he won't be able to concentrate on the conference!



Shiryu said:

While I still have a distinct feeling it will be another F-Zeroless e3, I can hardly wait for it to come.



JimLad said:

This is like the Super Bowl/Wimbledon/X Factor Final for me.
It's the only thing I will cancel all plans for, to watch the live feed with a desk full of snacks.



odd69 said:

I will make sure to check it out!! Im here everyday but will be GLUED to NL for a while



HandheldGuru97 said:

I will be visiting my Grandparents during the conference, though I will still watch it as my grandparents have 2 computers.

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