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ADaviii commented on Mario Kart Month: Nintendo Life's Team Shares ...:

I'll be getting MK8 as soon as I can, but what's weird for me is that I see so many people who loved Double Dash. When the game came out, it was called the biggest disappointment by people online and was used to "justify" why the GameCube was awful compared to the PS2 and Xbox.

It feels good to see the game finally getting the respect it deserved back then (and the GameCube in general...I'm loving how hyped people are for the GCN controller attachment)!



ADaviii commented on Rumour: Wii U Sold Less Than 40,000 Units In N...:

To be honest, I like NintendoLife's reporting. At least it's honest news. At this time, Nintendo really does seem to be struggling with Wii U regarding sales in North America. This doesn't mean it's Nintendo's Dreamcast, rather it's looking like Gamecube (from a sales perspective). That said, like GameCube, the core Nintendo fans seem to be fine with Wii U (my apologies for the generalizations). The problem is getting everyone else excited about it like they did with Wii.

I think to help, Nintendo may want to find a way to make Wii U attractive to the new and changed audience. Maybe focus more on Wii U's convenience and the Wii U and eShop? I'm not sure.



ADaviii commented on Nintendo Has No New Wii Games In The Pipeline:

My Wii will get a lot of playtime throughout the next few years simply because I have no plans to buy Wii U or any next gen console (spent money on a Note 10.1 for college instead) for a while. Most of my paychecks will be going to my savings so I can pay for law school in 2014!

However, when I come across many of the Wii games I missed out on for 20 bucks or less, I won't be able to help myself! Lol.



ADaviii commented on Wii U Price And Release Dates Confirmed:

I love Nintendo, but I'm not going to be getting this for the price (at least not day one). Not saying Wii U is a bad console, but I'm probably going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.0 this year and, while Wii U is great for games, the tablet is great for just about everything else for me.

Maybe next year, though



ADaviii commented on Nintendo Confirms Financial Loss for First Qua...:

Not to sound rude (I apologize if I do), but I have little to no interest in any of the games you've listed Koos.

I want to see games that not only look like fun but prove that 3DS is more than just a DS with more power and 3D capabilities. SML3D does a good job of proving the 3D, but it's the first time I didn't find a Mario game very fun looking. Just like how I want to see games for PS Vita that proves it's more than just a PSP with more power and a touch screen (and for that price I'm going to need a full library).

DS did that for me. It had games that I could completely understand not being able to play on the GBA (unless I want to play it very inefficiently) and they looked fun to play to boot. Not because of the graphics, but because I doubt games like Kirby Canvas Curse or Trauma Center would work as well on GBA as it would on DS. . I do have high expectations, but they have been met by every Nintendo handheld up until now (including the GB Color which included games who's puzzles revolved around color).

Trust me, I'm a Nintendo fan (I'm actually a SEGA turncoat to Nintendo), but I need more out of the 3DS than what I'm seeing. I'm not saying it wont come, but it's just not there now.



ADaviii commented on Nintendo Confirms Financial Loss for First Qua...:

The reason why I do not have a 3DS is because I do not find the games available interesting enough to warrent a purchase. I'm also in no rush to spend the 149 plus tax (or however much it is) when Im happy with my current DS Lite. Im aware that it is backwards compatible, but why should I drop over 150 bucks to primarily use it as what I already have without paying an extra 150? Not saying that wont change, but its how Im feeling.



ADaviii commented on Bing Gordon: Nintendo's 'On Track' to Primaril...:

I wouldn't mind a Nintendo-Apple partnership. Shoot, I would actually be quite interested in it. The main problem, I feel, would be the pricing of the console.

Nintendo doesn't like selling things at a loss and they like giving consumers products they'd want at a pretty low price. Apple, because most of the things they use are in-house made, likes to focus more on higher prices to break-even. What would be interesting is seeing how pricing of the console would work out because I would guess that we would see a pretty happy medium between cheap and expensive.

As far as the specs of the product and quality of software that come to it, I think a Nintendo-Apple partnership would be a pretty cool idea.



ADaviii commented on Feature: James's Favourite Nintendo Life Moments:

I don't comment much, but I am always reading the articles here. James is something special. He isn't like most editors, to me, in that he can keep his authority while still being "one of us". It seemed to me that he didn't find working at NL to be a job, but something fun to do. The way he is so interactive with his readers and forum goers was a different and welcome change to me. In short, he was the reason why I joined. His attitude and spirit will be missed.

You're awesome, James. Keep winning at life.



ADaviii commented on Iwata: Wii U Won't Repeat 3DS Price Mistake:

With Wii U, I, now, see an overgrown, semi-portable DS for my TV and, so far, I havent seen much from 3DS to get me past "more powerful DS with 3D and a circle pad". They just dont "wow" me. Then again, it is just me

I, again, apologize for my blunt comments.



ADaviii commented on Iwata: Wii U Won't Repeat 3DS Price Mistake:

My apologies for being blunt, but I'm not buying Wii U, because it doesnt "wow" me. At the time, both DS and Wii hit me with a "wow" factor. They where risky, but innovative and original. These consoles changed/helped change the way we play videogames today and started to take gaming from the realms of "for nerds who live in their mom's basement" to "something even you grandparents can enjoy

With Wii U, I, now, see an o, semi-portable



ADaviii commented on Feature: Games We'd Love to See at E3:

To be perfectly honest, I'd like to see a few unknown games from Nintendo! I remember Miyamoto saying he's been working on a few smaller projects and I'm hoping to see some of them this year.

Of course, I'd really like to see what the next Mario game will look like! Mario and another attempt at a side-scrolling Metroid game.



ADaviii commented on Nintendo Download: 31st May 2012 (Europe):

I'm more excited for more VC than for more Wiiware. Virtual Console was a huge reason for my purchase of Wii in the beginning. Wiiware was an added plus with a few fun gems to play on it, though.

Even though I don't have a PAL Wii, this is a nice list.



ADaviii commented on Feature: Retro Console Launches - NES:

I believe going the retro route would help Nintendo. It is a very different approach than the other companies are using and the retro feel will gather attention not just from us, but from others who remember these types of commercials.

NES was the system, though. I'll never forget playing with that rectangle with the plus sign and 2 buttons (that's what I use to call it ).



ADaviii commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

I believe this article is aimed at me. I don't have time to play games like Zelda anymore. Im not saying I could never finish the games, but by the time I go back them for the 50th time just to best it once, I'm bored of playing the game.

However, I don't believe that the whole series should change just because it takes too long to finish them. What I think should happen is a change in format. Follow me with this.

Instead of selling the game episodically (as in 3 or more different games sold at full price), why not bring back the old idea of using more than one disc (as an example, the Final Fantasy games for PS1 and, more recently, FFXIII for Xbox 360).

I'm not asking, though, for the whole game to be divided up into three parts. Otherwise, it would be the same thing as me buying one long Zelda game. What I'm saying is do the episodic format, but launch all of the different games together in one package. Think of it like Zelda's take on the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Wii, except with three completely new games rather than 1 recent game and 2 old ones.

Sorry if this makes no sense



ADaviii commented on Feature: Staff Memories of the Wii Launch:

I got Wii back in 2006. It was the console that kept me in gaming for one more generation!

I'll never forget it. My mom and I ended up staying the night at Meijers all night long to get one of the first Wii consoles (yes, I got my Wii on launch day). Even though it gets a lot of hate on the internet on non-Nintendo related websites, I found Wii to be the most fun I had in a game console (probably because I could play older games on it, but still!).

Fast forward to now, and I am back in the situation I was in before. This is going to be the first E3 I'm really not the excited about. Yes, Wii U is on the way, but I'm not really expecting a lot from it not because I don't think Nintendo can deliver on it, but because I don't believe 3rd parties will. I love my Mario, Zelda, and such, but this trend of 3rd parties making movies rather than games doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon . And if I am going to buy Wii U just for Nintendo games, I may as well wait a few years and pick it up for cheap.

And I still have no interest in what Sony and Microsoft have to offer.

But Nintendo has changed my mind before with Wii. If they can do it again with Wii U, I'll be more than happy!



ADaviii commented on Super Mario 3D Land's Logo Still Has a Raccoon...:

OH NO! COLORS! I LIKE Oddy's WAAAAY better! It's WAY more MATURE than the official one! Ew, I don't want to buy that game now because of the COLORS!

lol, just kidding. I'm really glad they made the logo stand out now. I'm a huge fan of the use of multiple and vibrant colors in video games and I'm so glad that Nintendo hasn't forgotten that. It kind of adds to the personality of the game, IMO.

Now all Nintendo has to do is bring back their red logo and we will be in the clear!



ADaviii commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

I do agree that the people who want games like the big three JRPGs have to show that this isn't something that is exclusive to just those three. Rather, they must show that any high profile game is worth their time and money.

But let's not forget, Nintendo must do something too. They cannot throw a commercial on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon and call it marketing to the masses when it comes to these games. Yes, Nintendo can showcase the core side of the game, but we have to remember who we are selling these games to.

Firstly, the core have already done all the research prior to even seeing one television ad. They have seen the screenshots, the trailers, read the developer stories, found out the release date, and a lot more. In regards to adveritising to them, they are already doing what should be done IMO.

However, it will take more effort to show the majority of the 84+ million userbase that Xenoblade, The Last Story, or Pandora's Tower is worth their money. This means don't do anything too off-putting to the audience. Show them how Xenoblade could be more than just a game the geeks play. Highlight the teamwork aspect in one of the ads for Xenoblade. Show them how they can play Pandora's Tower for a little bit, put it back down (saving), and come back later.

The mass market could care less about orchestrated music or huge enviornments it seems, so show them something else. They don't care if there is 100+ hours of gameplay in the game, they just want something fun to pass the time or play with friends. When making these ads, don't overload it with lots of cinematics, JRPG music, and in-game cutscenes. Show them how the game works, how to play it, introduce them to the save feature, and we may be at a good starting point.

But that's just what I would suggest as someone who doesn't have a job in marketing.



ADaviii commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Complete Press Release:

For those of us who want to see trailers of Kirby Wii, Mario Party 9, Rhythm Heaven Wii and more, you can see them on the Nintendo Channel through your Wii console. . You will also see full videos of what developers have to say about Wii U, more 3DS games, and even more games for DS and Wii.



ADaviii commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Complete Press Release:

The only thing I am upset about is the extreme shunning of any more games for Wii. All it got was Skyward Sword that that was it.

Either way, I still have so many games I haven't played on Wii yet that I have to get around to. And Wii U looks like it's going to be awesome! Looks like I'm not quitting gaming after all.



ADaviii commented on Reaction: Third-Party Wii U Games Confirmed:


The controller is not the new console. It is, however, the controller of the new console. They did not show off the new console today and the console that was used in the promo videos was not the final look of the actual console. Wii U is the official name of the console as a whole rather than just the controller itself.

What Nintendo didn't really stress as much was that the Wii Remote and Nunchucku will work on Wii U as well as Wii. I have no idea if the Wii U controller will work on the original Wii, but it doesn't seem super likely.

Hopefully this answered some of your questions



ADaviii commented on Reaction: Third-Party Wii U Games Confirmed:

I'm most excited for Ninja Gaiden and Tekken! I will have Nintendo's Wii U if the price is right! Let's hope Nintendo delivers Wii U at a mass market price!

Dream World $199!
More Possible World $250!
Let's Hope Not World $300-$599



ADaviii commented on Talking Point: What's in a Console Colour?:

I'd really like for Nintendo to release their new console with a variety of different colors from the start. I'd like to see a white, red, green, or even navy blue console. If I could only choose one, I'd go for the green!



ADaviii commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

I have to agree with the people here who said that the term "hardcore" has drastically changed from what it use to mean. I really do believe PR plays one of the biggest parts in this whole Hardcore/Casual thing.

Today, hardcore is a realistic looking FPS or TPS (third person shooter) with seemingly 80% of the effort put into the online multiplayer aspect 10% on single player, and the other 10% on levels to be added later. The ads shown on television and on the internet really seem to help give off this vibe.

When I started gaming (back in the NES days of course..I admire those who started back in the Atari 2600 days, though), there was no such thing as hardcore or casual. They were all just games to play. Mario was as much a game as Castlevania and Metal Gear were.

Over the years, media outlets and such have labeled gamers (and those with overall intrest in technology) as the nerds with no social lives who do absolutely nothing but play their video games and stay on their computers. Thankfully, consoles like the Genesis, PS1 and PS2, Dreamcast, and N64 were helping break that mindset.

Then Wii came along and completely demolished that mindset lol .

Now, we have new labels which are, in essence, the new "mature/kiddy" from the Dreamcast/PS2/GCN/Xbox generation. Back then, the Gamecube was labeled the "kiddy console" with PS2/Xbox being labeled the most hardcore of the bunch.

When Wii (the Revolution) was first announced as this black box that could play games for NES/SNES/N64 and every Gamecube game, Nintendo began losing it's kiddy image. When they spoke about online functions like WiiConnect24 (most used in Animal Crossing City Folk), they began to lose the kiddy image. Then the controller was announced and imaginations went flying! We began thinking of various types of games that could work with it (including FPS, TPS, Point and Clicks, Mario games, survival horror games, new IPs, etc). It was seemingly a console for everyone (those who liked PS2 and Xbox as well as those who haven't gamed in years/ever).

PS3 looked like a pretty fun console and so did Xbox 360 (even though it was out for a year already), but it looked like Wii had more variety to offer. Not saying that PS3 and 360 didn't have variety, just that Wii seemed to provide a little more variety than the others . And with lower dev costs, developers were ready to put all they could in Wii!

That's when PR stepped in.

The moment we started to see more games for the people who really don't play games all that much, we started to see a rise of new gamers. These people would see others playing Wii Sports, Zelda, or Excite Truck and want to give it a go. So these people bought Wii consoles, and played the games they saw others having so much fun moving around playing.

Finally, there was a console that didn't seem so off putting to those who want to just put in a game for fun every now and then. And the overall intention (to my knowledge) was to try and make these people more like the dedicated gamers. This sounded great!
But here's the kicker.

Turned out that the majority of games we saw on television advertised for Wii started to become more and more saturated with games like Carnival Games and the latest Spongebob Squarepants. Then we would see games on TV for Wii like Wii Sports, Wii Music, and Wii Sports Resort. We would see the latest Cooking Mama, Super Mario Baseball, and Rayman Raving Rabbids for Wii.

But the games like Twilight Princess, No More Heroes, Trauma Center: Second Opinion/New Blood, House of the Dead, Red Steel 2, Madworld, and the many others like it never got huge TV advertising pushes. In the case of The Conduit for Wii, TV commercials were seen mostly Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon (with a very rare showing on MTV).

All the while, gamers couldn't blink without seeing a commercial for Call of Duty: Big Red One, Halo 3, Uncharted 2, Gears of War, God of War, Final Fantasy 13, Call of Duty 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, and others like them for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Games like Buzz and Viva Pinata were few and far between for TV ads on the HD consoles.

This helped build the image of Wii being the console for the "casuals" and the PS3/360 being for the "hardcore" gamers. We use these terms as opposed to mature/kiddy because, with all due respect, not every casual game is "kiddy" (beating someone in the face with sticks and punching people in the face in boxing rings aren't too kiddy). So the terms "hardcore" (synonomous with "for real men" or "for the gamers tired of being 7 years old") and "casual" (synonomous with "a game for grandmothers and soccer moms", or "a game for people to just play one time and forget forever") made its way not only to online forums, but on the stages of E3 (said by Peter Moore, Reggie Fils Amie, and Kaz Hari) and in the editorials of PR big wigs to sell their games.

This also began to scare off many 3rd party devs who really wanted to put their games on Wii hoping to make a profit. If they put there fun looking game on Wii, they believed it would be overshadowed because it didn't look "casual" enough and wasn't built toward the Wii audience of "casual" players. They turned to the HD twins, which led to more third parties believing in the whole "casual/hardcore" thing, which led to a significant drop in 3rd party games and a rise of a negative label for Wii AND it's audience and fans. PR has helped turn what could have been the best console of all time in ALL aspects into a #1 selling laughing stock. They helped give Wii an new, negative image and cause a drop in 3rd party support and lack of use of the full potential, power, and features of Wii.

Of course, this is how I look at the whole situation.



ADaviii commented on Naruto Shippuden Trailer Looks Less Than Ninja...:

I would buy this game at.....$9.99. Maybe $14.99, but sweet spot price for this will by $9.99.

(I base all of my decisions on how much I would actually pay for them. For example, I'd pay a full $50 for Galaxy 2, but $19.99 for Animal Crossing)



ADaviii commented on Interviews: Curve Studios - Fluidity / Hydrove...:

I ended up buying the game shortly after trying the demo. I have to say that I feel great knowing that imaginative thinking hasn't died out this generation. Fluidity (I call it "Water Game" lol) is so much fun to play that I have to say it's among the best games I have bought this year (top 3 of the year for me).

Curve Studios has made a new fan and his name is.....classified information, but his username is ItsAD3!



ADaviii commented on 3DS Game Cards Could Reach a Mighty 8GB:

Could this mean that the CD is on it's way out the window!?!

lol, just kidding

But still, I can't wait for 3DS to come out. It's going to be so cool to play and I'm sure the games on it will be just as good (if not better) than what's on the current DS! And trust me, I LOOOOVE my DS games .