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Thu 20th January, 2011

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Merfairy commented on Are We Nearing the End of Consoles? Nintendo T...:

It's two completely different gaming experiences. I have an iPod touch and I have mostly games on it but it's nothing like a console. If they got rid of consoles now, I'd be upset because there would be an unbalance in gaming variety. I mean, most iPhone games are short, even the higher quality games. Console games are, for the most part , well...deeper. I love them both, don't get me wrong, but they are not exchangeable.



Merfairy commented on Nintendo Expected 3DS Sales to be Higher Than ...:

3D adds alot more realism to gameplay. I mean, if you move the 3D slider down and then move it back up you're probably going to prefer the 3D version. I know it doesn't add much to gameplay but it's defiantly more attractive. Kind of like SD to HD, no one is going to say "ugh! Only standard definition!?! I can't play this!" but I think most people do like HD better. Oh, and more on topic I don't believe the 3DS had enough advertisement prior to launch, so as more people know about it and as the best games come out it should pick up steam.