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Nintendo Download: 18th April 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Take on Mega Man X

After the news that Mega Man 5 is coming to Virtual Console, we have the unexpected arrival of Super NES Blue Bomber outing Mega Man X.

Virtual Console

Mega Man X (Super NES, 800pts) — Run, jump, blast: it's Mega Man in the 16-bit era, and the first Super NES entry in the series to arrive on Virtual Console. Look out for our fully charged review jumping through doorways later this week.


My Little Baby (dtp Entertainment, 600pts) — Take care of your very own bundle of joy with the added bonus of being able to switch it off at any time. Our My Little Baby review will take you through this adorable little darling.

WiiWare Demo

BIT.TRIP CORE (Aksys Games, full game: 600pts) — Dive into the second game of the BIT.TRIP saga with Core, another unique music title with a retro feel. If you've resisted the game's charms so far, even after reading our BIT.TRIP CORE review, now's the time to see what all the fuss is about.


GO Series: Captain Sub (Gamebridge, 200pts) — Take on the aquatic adventure of Captain Sub in this cutesy puzzle-shooter. Our GO Series: Captain Sub review thought the game was just about worth dipping into your wallet for.

DodoGo! Robo (Neko Entertainment, 200pts) — Presumed extinct, the dodos have enjoyed quite a good lease of life on DSiWare, with their third entry well worth a play if you enjoyed the previous outings. Our DodoGo! Robo review will assist in any purchasing decisions.

Music on: Learning Piano Volume 2 (Abylight, 200pts) — A second instalment of Music on: Learning Piano from Abylight, this hopes to continue the Spanish studio's tradition of decent musical apps at a low price. We'll see whether it makes beautiful music or hits a bum note in our upcoming review.


April 18, 2011

Originally released in 1994 for the Super NES™ console, Mega Man™ X is widely recognized as a classic of the 16-bit gaming era. Starting this week, Wii™ owners can discover – or rediscover – the game's timeless platforming fun via the Virtual Console™ service. For a different brand of retro-styled action with a contemporary twist, players can also try out a demo version of BIT.TRIP CORE, now available for download on the WiiWare™ service for zero Wii Points™. Meanwhile, new hand-held game offerings for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service include GO Series Captain Sub, a treasure-seeking underwater adventure that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere on the portable Nintendo DSi™ system.

Virtual Console

Mega Man X
Original platform: Super NES
Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Violence
Price: 800 Wii Points
Description: The future of Mega Man has arrived. Hundreds of years after his death, Dr. Light's final creation is discovered. Released from his capsule by Dr. Cain, X is born into a future world where robot rebellions are a thing of the past. But when Dr. Cain tries to implement Dr. Light's designs into a new series of Reploids, something goes horribly wrong. Now the future lies on the brink of destruction, and X must use all of his newfound powers and abilities to hunt down the maverick Reploids and their leader, Sigma, before the human race is wiped from the planet.


My Little Baby
Publisher: dtp young entertainment
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 600 Wii Points
Description: Have you always dreamed of having a cute little baby to lovingly care for? Now is your chance. Your little bundle of joy smiles at you gleefully, and you have to do everything you can to make sure it develops and grows in a healthy manner. Changing, bathing and feeding are as much a part of your duties as shopping, preparing meals, rocking your baby to sleep, playtime, dressing and teaching it to crawl and walk. But above all, what your little angel needs is your love and attention. All this, plus an enormous selection of toys, clothes and other objects, will make your little one the happiest baby in the whole wide world.

BIT.TRIP CORE (demo version)
Publisher: Aksys Games
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 0 Wii Points; full version available for 600 Wii Points
Description: BIT.TRIP CORE continues the BIT.TRIP saga in this retro-arcade-style game. BIT.TRIP CORE is an exciting action/rhythm game that's best played while zoning out on the tunes and letting the visuals swallow you whole. The experience is inspired by games from the '80s, but with a modern twist. The game play is entirely new to the series, leaving the single-axis controls of BIT.TRIP BEAT behind in favor of the ability to control two axes. If the difficulty gets you down, grab a friend and play cooperatively in two-player multiplayer mode. (Additional controllers are required for multiplayer features and are sold separately.)

Note: Some demo versions do not support all game features, and players cannot save their in-game progress in demo versions.

Nintendo DSiWare

GO Series Captain Sub
Publisher: Gamebridge
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Mild Cartoon Violence
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points™
Description: Search the depths of the sea for lost treasure in this charming underwater adventure. Take control of a yellow submarine equipped with a mechanical arm that can grab treasure off the sea floor. Explore an underwater labyrinth of caverns and caves littered with treasures but surrounded by deadly sea creatures. Fire missiles forward to attack creatures in front and launch missiles upward to fend off dangers from above. Keep an eye out for keys that can unlock doors to deeper caverns as you gradually make your way to the hidden chamber where the giant underwater boss awaits.

DodoGo! Robo
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Entertaining and accessible to everyone, DodoGo! Robo is a puzzle game in which you have to use your head to avoid getting broken. There's no need to have any knowledge of previous games to explore this new installment in the DodoGo! series. Become the well-known Robo-Egg and collect the maximum number of icons scattered around new puzzle levels. Use the stylus to help your Robo progress, then click on the Play button to see the result. You can even change your route until your Robo picks up all the icons for the level you are playing.

Music on: Learning Piano Volume 2
Publisher: Abylight
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: The entire orchestra follows your performance of 15 great classics. By playing each day, your ability may increase. Earn the bronze, silver and gold medals for each song, completing all different levels. A simplified music score is shown on the upper screen and a full piano keyboard appears on the touch screen, guiding beginners note by note. Songs include classic compositions by Bach, Tchaikovsky and Chopin.

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User Comments (83)



Link79 said:

One Mega man X down two more to go. Bring on X3 so I can have the real version. Not that crap PS1 port on the anniversary collection.



Kevin said:

Finally get to try out Mega Man X. too bad MK9 comes out tomorrow. X will have to wait.



James said:

Even more of a rarity: a Nintendo Download that makes people happy!



JJtheTexan said:

None of these new titles are showing up on my Virtual Console... do I have to wait until a certain time of day? I've waited so long for Mega Man X...



RoryLee said:

I'm glad I got the day off today so I can play some Mega Man X. Even though we dont get alot of good downloads this one put a big smile on my face.



motang said:

Mega Man X...alright, been waiting for this game for the past few weeks!



Philip_J_Reed said:

a;lkjfad;lskfh a;fhasdfansdfasdkfhasdlkf ;aslfas;dlkfj a

Mega Man X, Y U come out when my Wii is in a cardboard box in Denver?



Philip_J_Reed said:

Haha, don't worry, I won't forget! I've been waiting for this for a long time. MM5 as well. Can't wait!



SilverBaretta said:

Huh, out-of-left-field awesomeness. I have yet to really own one of the X games, so I may get that as well as the CORE demo.



SMW said:

Yet another Bit Trip demo? Give the other games a chance; two demos is more than enough. [end rant]



Sneaker13 said:

I want Mega Man X as well, let's hope Europe gets it this Friday.

But the next time the Americans are whining again about Europe getting a game or a game a few days earlier, I know what to say .



Rapadash6 said:

I was banking on Final Fantasy III today but this is a pleasant surprise. Would've figured we'd see this in Europe first, like every other VC game these days, but I love this game and it was one of my top 5 most wanted games yet to hit the service. Thank you Nintendo for making the Virtual Console exciting again!



Scarkaiser said:

I must admit I am surprised. I expected either FF3 today, or the usual nothing.

Definitely buying this, and I won't be pissed if we don't get anything for the next 30 days

Thanks Nintendo!



bboy2970 said:

Pretty good update with a very solid VC game, a good Wiiware demo and a good, cheap DSiWare game. Since I enjoyed the other DodoGo games, I'll certainly buy this one in May on the eShop.



Ryno said:

Wha : O Was not expecting this! To get X on VC or the collection on PS2 is the question. Well, at least me questions anyway.



Dr_Corndog said:

Just played this recently on my copy of the Mega Man X collection, actually. But I won't complain when the VC gets a solid release.



Knux said:

WTF!? I certainly did not expect this, and I think it's about time to buy another Wii Points card.



y2josh said:

Nintendo still thinking it's good to keep a release like Mega Man X secret is mind boggling.



Tasuki said:

WOOOT!!! Been wanting to give this game a shot again every since I traded in my copy of MMX Collection on PS2. I will for sure be downloading this one here soon. Right now my money is tied up for Mortal Kombat tomorrow.

Just wish they would have finished off the original Megaman series though before bringing X out but I have a feeling that Megaman 5-7 arent going to see the light of VC due to them being not as popular as the other 4.



Rensch said:

Let's hope we get Mega Man X soon. I prefer the NES versions but it's still awesome.



Urbanhispanic said:

I have the original SNES cartridge so it's great to see this come out at last. But I'm waiting for Mega Man X3. I never bought the SNES cartridge and I missed out on the GC anniversary collection.



SuperSinSlayer77 said:

Aw man! I'm really glad it's here but I don't have the points to get it _ Though I look forward to playing it!



MasterGraveheart said:

Perhaps this is the testing waters for an eventual WiiWare Mega Man X9? ...PEOPLE, BUY THIS GAME!!! I don't care if you still have it for your SNES, show Cacom you're interested, and at the very least, they'll be quicker to release X2 and X3!

@47. Urbanhispanic: Be glad you DIDN'T play the Mega Man X Collection's Mega Man X3. It was the PS1 port and it was AWEFUL by comparison of the SNES version.



Iggy said:

Awesome ive been waiting along time for Mega Man X never really thought we would get it until it showed up on japans vc. MMX and SMW are the first 2 video games ive ever played dont kno which is 1st so its going to be a real treat to play this again.



Scarlet said:

Mega Man X is one of my favourite games ever.

Let's hope it comes out over here sharpish.



HipsterDashie said:

Why did I get excited at the prospect of a demo that a) isn't available in PLA regions, and b) is of a game I already own?



brooks83 said:

Nothing for me here as I have the Mega Man X Collection, but this is still a great addition to the VC.



Hortencio said:

@ pixelman: Exactly, ugh, c'mon May 2nd, answer my prayers. Also, for all Europeans, I would trade MegaMan X for FFIII (VI) in a heartbeat, only to pull out my X Anniversary Collection in supreme triumph! Go Nuggets!



argus said:

BIT.TRIP CORE is my favorite of the series, even though BEAT and RUNNER usually get more attention. I hope everyone will download the free CORE demo and give it a try.



Don said:

OMG I remember renting this game back in the day and used the infinite energy cheat on Game Genie when I started not knowing that I am supposed to die in the first boss battle. I shot at the boss a million times and was thinking to myself "why won't this thing die?!" and hated this game because of it. Later I found out that I was meant to die in the first boss that was why I couldn't kill it.



MeloMan said:

Wow... didn't expect this VC release today. I have very fond memories of this installment as I think it's one of the best installment in the series. All I need is Storm Eagle's music... that is my SONG! LOL

... closely followed by Chill Penguin and Spark Mandrill's stages. This is definitely a no-miss kinda game whether you play Mega Man, action-platformers, or both.



astarisborn94 said:

Glad to see that Mega Man X finally come to the Virtual Console. I was not expecting such a quick release.



BulbasaurusRex said:

...and the implosion of WiiWare continues. Are we ever going to get another decent WiiWare game that let's you kill/incapacitate/destroy someone/something?



Vinsanity said:

Ugh...that reminds me, I GOTTA get my Mega Man Anniversary and Mega Man X Collections back from my old roommate !



Vinsanity said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex: Well, personally, I'm only anticipating 4 more Wiiware releases.

  • F.A.S.T. Racing League
  • La Mulana
  • MotoHeroz
  • MDK2

MDK2 lets you kill stuff. The others are not violent per se. But I'm super pumped for FAST. The boys at Shin'en (Jett Rocket, Iridion, Nanostray) are recycling their EXCELLENT Wiiware engine from Jett Rocket and giving Wii their answer to F-Zero or Wipeout. And yes, it looks pretty comparable to F-Zero GX (which is stunning). I've no doubt it'll play as good as it looks. I only question how much content they can squeeze into a Wiiware game. But at the end of the day, if it's at all reasonable, it's a Day-1 purchase.



StuffyStuff said:

I still have my MMX cartridge that I got for my 8th birthday way back in the day. I can't believe this game is pushing 20 years old!



FluttershyGuy said:

Boy did you get ripped off, dude. I only paid $74.40 for my Mega Man X, on January 20th, 1994 (release day). And, yes, I keep my receipts as a memento (and not in a Christopher Nolan sense ). I'm kinda freaky like that. Right before the Buffalo Bills lost their fourth-straight Super Bowl. Guess the Butler Bulldogs still has a couple of title games to lose before gaining TRUE "greatness" (or infamy)! Hey I just stumbled onto something. Never bet on a sports teams with the initials "BB" in a championship game, unless you like burning money!



FigetingPigeon said:

I sure hope we Europeans get Mega man X soon. Never had a chance to play the X series of Megan Man games, so I'm highly looking forward to it hopefully getting released here, so I can see what all the fuss is about.



JebbyDeringer said:

My brother had this game and I lent it to someone who never gave it back. I think I still have the box...maybe.



Kurachi said:

even though i'm not a megaman fan (although i did like MM2 and 3), i think its a gift from heaven compared to that wiiware game, lol

(sorry to those who actually like it... if those people are here)



StarBoy91 said:

Fantastic game,and the box art is beautiful
I played this game and the rest of the series as well as the racer Mega Man Battle & Chase in Mega Man X Collection



SazMelthic said:

Finally Megaman X Is now on the virtual console!
I had played the remake version on the PSP and I was not to big on it even the 3D polygons are kind of awkward.

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