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Sat 12th Sep 2009

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PatrickElliot commented on Feature: The Revolution of the Wii:

I remember calling local retailers and checking the dates they receive shipments so I could be there early, in case any Wii systems came in. Those things sold out quick!

For me, the Virtual Console and GameCube B/C was a huge lure. That and the fact that I was consistently whooped at Wii Sports boxing. I had to get my hands on a console so I could train!



PatrickElliot commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the GameCube and...:

Ron - Best. Intro. Ever.
Another great roundtable fellers! I picked up a GameCube after my PS2 got the dreaded disc-read error. Circuit City fully refunded it, and by then the 'cube was pretty cheap, so I was able to snag one along with a bigger TV. Savings!



PatrickElliot commented on Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS):

I really wanted to like the game more, and did at first, but the issues with the AI got incredibly frustrating fast. The combat just doesn't hold up long, and the battles are straight up cheap sometimes--not by design though--since the non-existent draw distance makes dudes appear out of thin air, you commonly get tossed into an endless air juggle from seemingly invisible dudes until you die. Totally fair! And to get all the way to the end of a long, boring mission just to be forced to restart because you got cheap shotted by some dudes who seemingly appeared out of thin air is more than a little frustrating. It made me want to BBQ my 3DS. There are a lot of missions here though, so if this is your thing you get a lot of content, but it is pretty unpolished and just feels unfinished.



PatrickElliot commented on Review: Okamiden (DS):

Rad review Thomas! After I was first introduced to Okami on the Wii (my PS2 disc-errored before it came out) I've been waiting for another adventure ever since. Good to hear about the lengthy quest--I could have sworn Okami ended three times before I was actually finished!



PatrickElliot commented on Live Text: The Kong Off:

Actually Steve got a killscreen today to take the lead with 986,900...until Hank got one too and edged him out with 994,400. Still no millions though!

That would be interesting. This is how they all play on their own machines though.



PatrickElliot commented on Features: The Game Gear Games We Need on 3DS V...:

Vampire: Master of Darkness and Ax Battler! Those were the ones I remember playing. Never knew about Panzer Dragoon mini, sounds pretty sweet. I actually have a cart for Sylvan Tale too but its Japan-only and not likely to hit the VC. Its a great SEGA-made Zelda clone though. There is even a fan translation!



PatrickElliot commented on Review: JellyCar 2 (WiiWare):

@Bulbasaurus Rex
Maybe they had a worn out Wii Remote because I never had a problem with the controls locking up. Like I say in the review sometimes the weight shifting is hard to control but the forward/backward mechanic worked fine for me.



PatrickElliot commented on Review: Fluidity (WiiWare):

@Metroid Fan
Thanks, and I'd say give the demo a try if you can't secure the funds right away!
@Shinesprite: The game has four main worlds, but to say there are just four levels isn't quite accurate, as each of these four maps must be revisited as you gain powers. Think of the four areas as different sections of a Metroid game, ones with areas locked till later in the game.
Agree, the effort put into this title definitely warrants the price!



PatrickElliot commented on Review: The Addams Family (Super Nintendo):

Its nice to see a game not require you to go back and forth, letting you explore an area without the need of backtracking for items to unlock new areas. I like the idea of mastering one direct route to boss after boss. Also, passwords are always fun! I wonder if there are any that give you extra lives or powerups?

Killer review Jamie!



PatrickElliot commented on Review: Resident Evil (GameCube):

Double yes! This game was, and still is amazing. The first RE game I played through was the RE2 on the PSX, so I nabbed this right when it hit the GC. It has to be one of the prettiest games on the system, which is funny because its also one of the most gruesome. Awesome review Trev, I'm loving this month of Spooks!