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Happy New Year from Nintendo Life!

Posted by James Newton

Here's to what 2011 brings

2010 was a fantastic year for Nintendo gamers, with Super Mario Galaxy 2, Shantae: Risky's Revenge and countless other top titles making their way to consoles in 2010.

It was also a great year for Nintendo Life, during which we attended Media Summits, 3DS hands-on events and, for the first time, E3. We hit the landmark of 1 million visits per month in 2010, a huge achievement, and we'll continue to provide you with the best Nintendo reviews, news, features and community through 2011 and beyond.

On behalf of the team here at Nintendo Life, thanks to all our readers and writers for their support in 2010 and here's to another exciting and prosperous 12 months.

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slatters said:

Happy New Year to Nintendo Life and all readers. Hope it's a fantastic year ahead for all



WaveBoy said:

Happy new years to everybodayyyy!
And I'm celebrating it tomorrow(actually today) since things didn't exactly go to plan. Anyways 2011 is going to be one amazing year for gaming. 3 months away until the 3DS! I'm freakin!



Markystal said:

To a new year! May 2011 bring us much joy and the sight of Nintendo's current shine lighting the way to the future.



Kingbuilder said:

Happy 2011 NL! Let's cherish our last year of being alive with a multitude of crazy dance parties. :3



GEOFF said:

Look at a circle and tell me where it starts.Total nonsense.
If we are going to have a start, spring is when life starts anew is it.
May the best yet to come for NL and friends
And all enemies finally die. Like Ganondorf, space pirates etc. But let Bowser live at least he's got a sense of humour and I don't blame him for kidnapping Princess Peach, I'm tempted to myself.



NintyMan said:

Happy new year everyone! I'm glad to have helped contribute to this site last year and let's all enjoy the Nintendo 3DS and all the upcoming games this year!



TKOWL said:

Happy New Year to all of the NL staff and my fellow readers! Yes, even you.



SuperLink said:

Happy New Year Nintendo Life and Nintendo fans everywhere (espeically the ones on this site!)



rjejr said:

Happy New Year!!

(first soapbox rant of 2011 follows)

Know what would make the new year even happier, Nintendo announces the new WiiHD. OK, they can wait until after the 3DS launch, announce it at E3, and still have it in stores for 11/11/11 alongside Zelda HD. It's way overdue. HD is mainstream, the Wii is 4 years old, 5 next winter. How many Xbox 360's have been out since it's launch - Core, Pro, Elite, Arcade; how many PS3s - maybe technically only the original and slim but how many different HDD sizes? The Wii has white, black and red? A WiiHD at $299 is marketable alongside Zelda. The Wii needs HD for Netflix, (people pay $100 for a Roku box JUST to watch Netflix in HD). Larger storage for Wiiware (how many HDD sizes does the iPod have?). WiFi N. HDMI. NIC. Wireless nunchuck. A little speedboost for upscaling old Wii games.Who wouldn't buy this? Nintendo doesn't need to make a new system, just improve the current one to modern standards, they don't need a new name as WiiHD is self explanatory. Who wouldn't buy this? And I think Nintendo can handle Wii and WiiHD if they can manage DSlite, DSi and DSiXL so don't even talk to me about market confusion.

(end of soapbox rant)

Happy New Year!!




Happy New Tingle Year Yay!!!!!!! Here's to Tingle's Toilet training, Sexy Poker: Tingle Edition 3D and a host of other games tingle deserves to come out this year!



Odnetnin said:

And I spent my New Year's Eve beating VVVVVV and watching Lonely Are the Brave with Kirk Douglas.



WaveBoy said:

If the Wii went HD, than I'd finally make the upgrade to a 42" or 50" Plasma! As it stands an upscaled image and gaming lag make me a saaaaad Panda indeed. Which is why I game on a 32" Fullscreen CRT instead.
The ability to output at 720p and 1080p especially would be killer. Reason being for 1080p is that the HDTV's for sale are infact native 1920x1080.

Where as 720p sets are fixed. Instead of being 1280x720, we have 720p HDTV's that are either 1366x768 or 1024x766 which is whacky, and basically means that's there's scaling involved, stretching or pixel loss, either way it's annoying.

All I know is I really want to make the plunge into the Plasma HD world, but that damn little amazing white magical box won't let me!



metakirbyknight said:

Happy New Year to everybody.

Let's hope it's a good one for Nintendo. Of course it will. Skyward Sword, 3DS, Pokemon B&W. crosses fingers for Wii 2



Jimmy_721 said:

too bad my r button didnt work in shantea so i cant use my fire item... but Happy New Year everyone!!



MasterGraveheart said:

Here's to 2011! May there be Red Wings Stanley Cups, good health for all, and 3DSs abound! May 2011 be another dominent year for Nintendo!



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, 1 million Nintendo Life readers per month! That is awesome! I'm sure that number will increase with the 3DS coming out this year.

Happy New Year everybody!



Corbs said:

Yeah Happy New Year to everyone! Here's to another great year!



Tasuki said:

Happy New Year everyone. Looking foward to spending another great year with my friends on NL.



Machu said:

Happy New Year to all the NintendoLife crew and users, you guys rock!



CHRISZ0626 said:

Happy Year Year nintendo and every one. But im not intrested with 3ds Im not a handheld console fan.But i sometimes feel old video game consoles have a special feeling than the newer systems like Ps3 or Xbox 360 who agrees? also looking foward to relive the past again



DarkEdi said:

Happy new year. I love this web. It has the best reviews in the web and info from all the world.



Bassman_Q said:

@LuWiiGi- Hey, me too! Cheers for being late!

Happy New Year, everyone here at NL! Here's to another year of great gaming and a prosperous life... of games!

And I spent my New Years' Eve beating Final Fantasy IX for the first time. Excellent ending for an excellent game on the ending of a great year!

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