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Fri 24th Dec 2010

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CHRISZ0626 commented on DS is the Best-Selling Console Ever in the U.S.:

Why you make fun of sony there are a great gaming company to. I mean nintendo is awesome for its classics but i have a Ques. what are some RARE GAMEBOY GAMES i mean GAMEBOY COLOR,GAMEBOY ADVANCE AND SP Please respond I gladly APRECIATE IT



CHRISZ0626 commented on Happy New Year from Nintendo Life!:

Happy Year Year nintendo and every one. But im not intrested with 3ds Im not a handheld console fan.But i sometimes feel old video game consoles have a special feeling than the newer systems like Ps3 or Xbox 360 who agrees? also looking foward to relive the past again



CHRISZ0626 commented on Review: Mario Party 2 (Virtual Console / Ninte...:

never played a mario party game.. but since im new to this site on the wii virtual console theres a bunch of classics ill live to play that i never played before.For instance super mario world, the old classics mario, and even LOZ ocarina of time.Which is better metroid or super metroid? which one is good to start?



CHRISZ0626 commented on Talking Point: Your Favourite Nintendo Christm...:

my most memorable christmas present was getting a N64.This system is what made me become into video gaming.The N64 had games i still remember to this day.For example super mario 64,starfox 64,pokemon stadium,vigilante 8, and mario kart 64.I never played a zelda game since i never even heard of it in that time but nintendo made one of the greatest systems of all time and would like to thank my parents for buying me a N64.I have another question does anyone play ss bros. brawl?