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Tue 23rd Feb 2010

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RetroWarrior commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

The Super Nintendo as well as in general the golden 16-bit era still mark the unequalled qualitative climax in the history of video games.
Yoshi and Captain Falcon belong to the best Nintendo characters ever.

Happy Birthday!



RetroWarrior commented on Ark of Sinners Scheduled for Release Next Month:

Great news, I'm looking forward to this one! We didn't hear anything about the game for months, so I'm glad that it will be released in July. The trailer looks and sounds very good.
And the artworks of Celia already convinced me to get "Ark of Sinners"!



RetroWarrior commented on The Legend of Zelda is 25 Years Old Today:

"A Link to the Past" on the SNES was my first Zelda game. For me, it is still the best video game of all time.
I'm sure that Nintendo will celebrate this anniversary. But I don't really think that we'll see a collection like "Super Mario All-Stars". I'm also looking forward to "Skyward Sword".

Happy Birthday, Link and Zelda!



RetroWarrior commented on Talking Point: Your Favourite Nintendo Christm...:

I cannot imagine Christmas without video games and especially Nintendo. In 1990, my present was a Game Boy, with Tetris and Super Mario Land. That was the beginning of my video game career.
So, this year, I also celebrate my 20th video game anniversary.

Merry Christmas!