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Mario Sports Mix Gets a Little Square Enix Boost

Posted by James Newton

Famous faces face-off

Square Enix's next Mario sports title, Mario Sports Mix, isn't just about characters from the Mushroom Kingdom: the company has just confirmed it'll be bringing some of its own most popular characters to the title as well.

Joining Mario and chums will be characters from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, with a Moogle, Cactuar, ninja, and White and Black Mages already confirmed for inclusion. The video below courtesy of the Bit Block demonstrates some of the characters in action. You haven't lived until you've seen a cactus playing volleyball.

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RedYoshi999 said:

This is a little bit confusing to follow. And games that are too chaotic I generally don't like. Mario Strikers Charged for example. Now I've seen everything: a cactus playing volleyball



Epic said:

??? is the random and most of this characters were in mario hoops.



jackaroo said:

I had no idea this was being made by Square Enix. I loved Mario Hoops on DS so im pretty sure ill love this too. As for the sqaure enix characters they had the same characters in the DS one so im not too surprised they put them in here.



Victoria said:

Looks a bit frantic to me... but maybe that's just the quick screen jumps of the video?



NintyMan said:

This looks like a lot of fun. I didn't know that Japan was getting this later this month, so I wonder what the release date will be here?



Machu said:

Not fussed about the Squaracters, but do want more Mario Sport goodness. Yay!



Yosher said:

Uh.. where do you see Dragon Quest characters? If I recall correctly, Black Mage, White Mage, Moogle, Cactuar and Ninja are all Final Fantasy characters. And these were in Mario Slam Basketball (Mario Hoops 3-on-3) as well.

I like this news though! My team in the DS game consisted of Yoshi, Black Mage and either White Mage or Paratroopa. So, I'll take it!



LztheQuack said:

That last spot is probably a Dragon Quest character because none of the guests currently listed are from Dragon Quest



TheBaconator said:

If that last spot isn't a SMRPG character, that'd be the 2nd time Square made a Mario game that didn't include a Mario character they basically made. So far the only new character that wasn't in Hoops is Toad, but that means the characters from Hoops that aren't in this game are Dixie, Birdo, Fly Guy, Paratrooper, and Boo. There is no reason for Square to be taking out characters from a game that should be suppling more. It's just a lazy effort on their part.



Dodger said:

I didn't see that coming!

I know it won't be but if Link was the last character then I would get it. I can dream. I probably will skip this one. I want some of the classic Mario titles that I don't have yet.



Iggy said:

The game looks good but i hope u cant pull of those special moves whenever you want. It will make the game very boring after only a few games of that sport. Im not saying having as little special moves as mario tennis but thats what made mario tennis good by not being like mario kart. But only use specials moves for the sports like nba jam when u score consectives goals, baskets, goals ect. I like the idea of this game but i think its going to focus to heavy on special moves and items and what not then the actaual sport your playing.



Yosher said:

@ballkirby1: Ever heard of unlockable characters? I believe all of those were unlockable in Mario Hoops so they weren't made known 'til release. They'll probably be unlockable again. Aaaaand in case you're gonna bring up the FF characters that will probably be unlockable too: Brawl had Sonic and Snake known beforehand too and still be unlockable.



SKTTR said:

White Mage, Black Mage, Cactuar, Moogle and Ninja - They could have put in some better characters though, not such rather nameless "sidekicks".

Layle from The Crystal Bearers, King Leo from My Life as a King and Mira from My Life as a Darklord. These are characters that would make sense as they're all recently released on Nintendo consoles.

Ark and Melina from Terranigma, Crono and Lucca from Chrono Trigger, and especially Mallow and Geno from Super Mario RPG, as they were actually in a Square produced Mario game before!

They'd even do fan service with Sephiroth, Kefka, Setzer, Shadow, Cloud, Cid, Rydia, Kain, Palom, Stiltzkin, Chocobo, the nameless Mana Hero, etc. but none of them are apparently in Mario Sports Mix.

I thought it was weird enough to have FF characters in that Mario basketball game on the DS. Square Enix should bring some good characters. White Mage, Black Mage... how brilliant. I really hope there is a giant cast of secret unlockable characters.



James said:

Didn't realise the ??? was the random choice, thanks for pointing that out guys



MarkMcColtney said:

Hahah, before I read this I'd watched some japanese trailer of the game and noticed there was the SQUARE-ENIX logo with copyright symbol next to it and have been wondering what could that mean. XD (omg im so exited btw cause I just hit Wii Connection Master #444 DDD)



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Black Mages are WAAAAAAYYYYYY cooler than Cloud Strife, Lightning, Squall and Squares other post SNES:era heroes. Still, I don´t care if it´s sports, mages should always have long robes. The miniskirt doesn´t look good on the White Mage. The classic ninja looks great, I hope some Dragon Warrior job/ character/ enemy makes the cut as well.



LordJumpMad said:

What dose Square know about sports......

Other then Blitz ball in FFX.
I hope they don't add Blitz ball to this.



XD375 said:

@James: I don't think the ??? is random. There were seven spots for secret characters and six have been filled.

I hope this is Dixie, Chocobo, or Geno personally.



Yosher said:

@HappyHappy: If you look at the video, you see that they (accidentally) put in Bowser Jr. two times. I think the second time was supposed to be Wario's. Go to the source website, you can see his clip there!



Boonehams said:

Every source I've looked at has said that the game featured Dragon Quest characters, yet there aren't any shown. My hypothesis: That ??? isn't the random selection, but a as-of-yet-unrevealed Dragon Quest character. Sports/fighting games that have a random selection option usually reserve that spot for dead last when reading left-to-right; in this case, it would be the completely empty slot to the right of the Mii.



Raylax said:

@James: The ??? isn't random. The screenshot is of the website, not the game itself. It wouldn't make sense for the site to have a random character option xD



Morpheel said:

@31: Try running around bouncing a ball with a long robe.
Other girls in the game use sport clothes as well.



Punny said:

I'm not really surprised. After all, the Final Fantasy characters were in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. Still, this is some pretty cool news, kupo!



Linkuini said:

Sora? Squall? Cloud? They'd just drag everything down. Don't listen to them, Square Enix, angst and sports taste horrible together!

So, yeah, those clips have me intrigued. Cactuar's special move is hilarious.



1upsuper said:

I'm pretty excited for this game now. I was one of the few who really loved 3 on 3, and hearing that there are going to be Dragon Quest characters makes it all the more exciting! It's like Itadaki Street DS all over again.



Caliko said:

I'm not hating the idea, but this seems like marketing randomness.

Mario series games never include characters outside of the Mushroom Kingdom (except for that one game by square).
Now the name "Mario Sports Mix" seems kinda odd.

I'm not hating but let's be fair. Throw in Star Fox, Samus, Link and Tom Nook!!



Rerun said:

I have all the Mario Sports titles so this one is an instabuy for me.

I'm still on the fence as far as non-Nintendo characters go. But I loved Snake and Sonic on SSBB so I guess I can live with them here.



Scarhino89 said:

Mario Sports Mix will be a Must Have !! I like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest characters !! An excellent game for sports fans !!



Bankai said:

Needs more Chocobo.

Told you guys that phrase applies to literally every game.



jakerhodes said:

Looks like a fun little party game.

The inclusion of the Square "characters" are a big naff though. They're just just races and classes, not actual characters...unless that black mage turns out to be Vivi.



Rasche said:

Gotta love Square Enix! It's awesome that this game's coming out. Looks pretty fun!



Clintos said:

Cool, I am not a fan of "real" sports games, but Mario spin-off's ROCK! I love the fact they threw in Final Fantasy characters

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