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Thu 24th Dec 2009

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Rasche commented on Review: Sonic Colours (Wii):

YAH, 9/10! I believe it! It looks amazing. Hopefully I'll get it for Christmas or something 'cause I don't have the money for it right now.



Rasche commented on Limited Edition Mario Kart Wii Bundle Under St...:

Very cool! I am so regretting buying the Wii when it first came out since now they have black and red which is SO much cooler than white! Lol! This is a cool bundle tho, but I think the red one is a better bundle!



Rasche commented on DS to Have Life After 3DS, says Nintendo:

Well this is good to know. Because I think I might upgrade from my DS to the new Mario 25th anniversary red DSi XL, but yah, I dunno about the 3DS. So this is good news!



Rasche commented on Review: ThruSpace (WiiWare):

I think this game looks pretty fun. I mean for 800 points, c'mon. I also really like the fact that it has a high score board.



Rasche commented on Capcom's Okamiden Limps to Retail in Japan:

Well that's a darn shame but I have been waiting for this game for SO LONG. Ever since it was even announced it was going to be released in Japan, I've wanted it. From like, 1 1/2 years ago. You can bet I'll be one of the first in line.