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United Kingdom

Sun 14th Nov 2010

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jakerhodes commented on Last Story Tops the Japanese Sales Charts:

I agree with wariowoods. Half the time I end up playing RPGs and skipping through the voiced parts anyway. It's just quicker to read the subtitles.

Plus if they run an advertising campaign mentioning the connection to Final Fantasy I'm sure that'll draw a lot of the FF fanboys and girls into buying it.



jakerhodes commented on Sonic Colours Barely Breaks into UK Top 40:

Despite the fact Sonic Colours has received good reviews I'm still reluctant to buy it after having paid good money for the garbage that was Sonic Heroes and Sonic and The Secret Rings. You only get so many chances before people turn against a franchise.



jakerhodes commented on Sonic Colours:

The fact that I like the music to this shows I've played a few too many JRPGs I think.