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3DS Shopping Channel Details and First Video Emerge

Posted by James Newton

Demos and better organisation inside

We got our first glimpse of the 3DS's Shop Channel today courtesy of a Nintendo investors' meeting, and it looks like it'll offer a far better experience than its predecessors on DSi and Wii.

Satoru Iwata explained the new shopfront as a cross between the Wii Shop Channel and the Nintendo Channel, combining shopping with browsing the store for information. Games will be arranged on racks, just like they would be in a real shop, with information about the game, a brief video and even the ability to download a demo depending on the title. You'll be able to rate and recommend games as well, organise them by latest releases and popularity and search more easily for titles that interest you.

There's a brief (and very small) video on the Nintendo site activated by clicking the fifth slide down, showing how games will be organised by character, genre and more. It also shows Super Mario Land to download, just in case you'd forgotten that 3DS will feature a Virtual Console for GameBoy games.

Nintendo is set to take 3DS to the Japanese public in January as part of its mission to sell 4m units in one month.

What other improvements would you like to see in the 3DS's virtual shopping experience?


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Token_Girl said:

Can't tell too much from that video, but it does seem to be a huge improvement over the Wii Shop. Sweet!



gatygun said:

"with information about the game, a brief video and even the ability to download a demo depending on the title."

Is this for the 3DS games or only for VC games?
I find it a must have to be able to see a 3D trailer on the 3DS, for new upcomming 3DS games + they need to provide a demo for it.
Like pritty much every didicated system is doing atm.

This means you can play something different, and test something out without directly paying.



Objection said:

And the 3DS shop will have DSiWare games too? I cant remember if that was confirmed or not.



warioswoods said:


Confirmed, and also visible in the video. You'll see them browsing a little "rack" of Mario titles that includes MvsDK, the clock & calculator apps, and Super Mario Land for Game Boy. Which is pretty neat, having all these things grouped together by category without having to search DSiWare, 3DSWare, and VC separately.



James said:

@gatygun Not sure at the moment, my Japanese isn't that good! Judging from what I've read the demos are just for 3DS games at the moment, but that could change. We'll see



EdEN said:

The trailers in the 3DS shop are great and a demo here and there can save you a lot of money. Still, we're months away from launch and I'm waiting on the specifics on how to migrate my DSi account over to my 3DS (my guess is that I'll do it by linking my Club Nintendo account).



GamesX99 said:

This is a huge step for Nintendo! It just shows how the company is dedicated to put the maximum out of every console they make.



kurtasbestos said:

It doesn't say much about demos other than they didn't have time to discuss it at the meeting. I'd also assume they'll only have 3DS demos, but maybe Nintendo will surprise us. They also mention that there will be original content downloadable for the Miis in your 3DS that aren't available on Wii, like stamps and other embelleshments to make them look fancier.

The rest of the original article is pretty interesting too... lots of fancy graphs and Iwata's commentary to go with them.



DarkLloyd said:

man im so pumped for the 3DS cant wait to pick up a redish 3ds on release date along with OOT and some other games as well and possibly the super mario land if they launch it on release in north america too



RyuZebian said:

Oh James, haven't you discovered the wonders of google translating?
The conference, Nintendo 3DS in the shop that sells digital download content, such as switching speed of the screen to be fully integrated sales and marketing, talked to realized that a light response.
This, Wii In terms of cases, "Wii Shop Channel" and "Everybody's Nintendochanneru" images are integrated by a light switch screens, without buying software, feel free to stop by, window shopping The structure that you can enjoy even download business, because we want to growing a healthy business in parallel with the package.
During the conference, failed to show there is also time constraints, it has been prepared to demonstrate the operation of shopping, please.

※ screens are under development.
When you start shopping for the shelves to choose a different theme. As you can see on the screen will change smoothly.
Some shelves are lined by soft theme.
Choosing software, information, movies, download trial version, everyone can choose features such as voice.
Information is selected, Wii Nintendochanneru as everyone's description of the software and displays status information such as your play. You can also jump to the homepage of this product.
Pick a movie before you buy software, you can view movies and whether to introduce any game.
In addition to the shelf software, and arranged the place and the new soft top rankings, or find software also has the ability to vote and to recommend the software.
Nintendo 3DS, the development of packaged software, of course, also sell digital content downloading, I would like to pursue the new possibilities.
Sounds like a professional translation, doesn't it?



Hardy83 said:

I'm pessimistic but also impressed.

I want to know what social options are available for the system as well as how well it browses the web.
Also Skype or similar video chat?

Also what movie/audio formats can it play? Can photos actually be put ON the system.



PSICOffee said:

they're doing exactly what they should be doing with the channel good. I already have all the gb games that are worth getting so I have no need for it but I'm glad its happening at last.



Hardy83 said:

So how many VC games with GB and GBC will come out before Nintendo virtually abandons support? This is after the realization that there will be zero third party games, leaving all digital games to DSiWare and 3DSWare.



FonistofCruxis said:

That looks much better. I like the way that the games can be arranged by popularity and the ability to watch videos of each game. This will help people who don't use any sites like this.



MasterGraveheart said:

Very nice to see. I hope they add Game Boy Advance to the service eventually. I'd ask for Game Gear, but... well... not a WHOLE lot of notable Game Gear titles to ask for, aside from the Sonic games, Ax Battler, or Collumns.

The big question will be if Pokémon, if it's released, will allow for trading.



nothankyou said:

I hate watching these.
Not like I don't want a 3DS, I DO,
but I hate hyping something. It totally clumps up my brain.



Deviant_Mugen said:

The great news just keeps pouring in and the hype keeps building. Nintendo's going to make a killing once the 3DS releases...



triforceofcourage said:

this is good. if super mario land is downloadable that means that other good games will be released to. not just the small memory crappy ones.



King_Boo said:

is there an investors meeting every other week at nintendo or is once a month, which ever, it seems like there's a lot of them



gatygun said:

" also sell digital content downloading " pls dont.

So we gona see some games with removed parts in order to sell them for extra money like capscom street fighter is doing?

No ty.



HipsterDashie said:

This is a massive step forward for Nintendo, and I am really looking foward to this console. Also, I can't wait to play Super Mario Land on the go without having to lug my old brick Game Boy around!



komicturtle said:

.... The GBA is listed for sales. No offense... But didn't it "die" in 2005-2006? I mean, it was listed for Spain and Europe and it really didn't show up on any chart- maybe 1...

Interesting. Love(ed) the GBA.. miss it so... Oh, and about the 3DS Shop- AWESOME. There better be a KIRBY section



akacesfan said:

I'm officially excited. I never got the chance to play Super Mario Land, so that just makes me more excited.



Hokori said:

I cant wait, Ive never played many GB game (I was a major sony fan )

now I can get DK 94, SML, WL, and hopefully X



Iggy said:

The dsi would have been sweet if they could allow classic games to be on it like the wii but im glad to see that its finally happening. And a much improved shop channel is just plain awesome i cant wait for 3DS



NintendoWorld1 said:

I wish that video screen could be bigger! I would like to buy a 3DS a blue one! If Mario Land becomes available I'll buy it...



skywake said:

I wonder if there will be a update which will push some of these features to the Wii? WiiWare and VC could certainly do with video previews and Nintendo Channel ratings visible in the store!



MARl0 said:

Nice looking, but it'll still suck if they don't offer a universal account like PSN or Xbox Live. When your purchases are tied to a specific device, they're practically worthless.



CanisWolfred said:

"Choosing software, information, movies, download trial version, everyone can choose features such as voice."

... "Trial Version"?! Yes!!! Finally, Ninty's gotten some sense!



mjc0961 said:

That was actually the 5th slide down, the 4th is an image that says Nintendo 3DS and some stuff in Japanese.

Anyway I think they need to be like Microsoft and have a demo of EVERY game.



miketh2005 said:

I thought you said the games would be displayed on racks? I didn't see that in the video. Seems more like the DSi Menu.



carson said:

This is why 3DS will be a great thing. The same reason why the Wii is such a great thing. I will most likely spend more money on old gameboy games than i will on 3DS games. I want to see MEGAMAN 4, annndd POKEMON PINBALL...that might be a stretch



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I gotta get this. I'm only $295.50 (lol) away from 3DS!
(and, if it really DOES cost less than $300, hopefully a game like OoT to go with it)



WarioPower said:

this looks a lot better than the wii or dsi shop channels. The format its self looks better.



RoryJayGeorge said:

I find it sad that i'm more excited at this feature on the 3DS than anything else. All my Game Boy consoles work and I could just go and play my Game Boy games on them but for some reason I just want to buy and play them on a 3DS. Guess that's nostalgia for you.



suzie100123 said:

This is a nice feature but I like playing the games on there classic systems it wouldnt feel right playing them on the 3ds so im going to stick to buying the games of the internet but it is nice and i might use it to buy a game i cant find anywhere else but thats the only time

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