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Nintendo's Upcoming U.S. Release Schedule Gets Updated

Posted by Trevor Chan

Metroid: Other M and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor get pushed back

Summer is slowly on its way and with it, brings the annual wave of big releases. Sadly though, the pace at which the tip of this wave is arriving is rubbing off on some highly anticipated games. Nintendo has just informed us that whilst some titles have been marked with release dates for the first time, some titles have also been pushed back. Here's what's happening with upcoming U.S. releases.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor will now launch on 27th June, while Metroid: Other M picks up an even bigger delay with a revised release date of 31st August. On a more positive note though, the upcoming months sees a wealth of download titles on WiiWare and DSiWare; with significantly more titles on the latter. Among them, Photo Dojo will be available for free download from the DSi Shop between 10th May and 10th June, after which the game will cost 200 points. It's been out in Europe and Japan for awhile, so read our Photo Dojo review and Photo Dojo preview to learn what you can expect.

The latest press release covers the most up to date launches for Metroid: Other M, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, Photo Dojo, Earthworm Jim, BIT.TRIP RUNNER (just to get into the mood you'll want to re-read our preview), Looksley's Line Up, Frogger Returns, Metal Torrent (be sure to check out our preview), X-Scape, Hero of Sparta, Flametail (read the preview), and A Kappa's Trail (we've previewed this one as well). Here it is in its entirety:

Nintendo Updates Release Schedule

Nintendo today updated information for some of its key upcoming software releases, including several new titles that previously had not been dated. Sin & Punishment™: Star Successor and Metroid™: Other M will now launch for Wii™ on June 27 and Aug. 31, respectively. The coming months will also be packed with releases for the WiiWare™ and Nintendo DSiWare™ services, highlighted by the wild interactive fun of Photo Dojo™, which will be available as a free download to all Nintendo DSi™ owners with broadband Internet access from May 10 through June 10. Starting June 11, the game will be available for 200 Nintendo DSi Points™.

For Wii:

  • Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii, June 27): The incredible new shooter game from legendary developer Treasure, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor features nonstop action with two playable characters and international online leaderboards to track high scores. Using the Wii Remote™ pointer functionality, the game offers unprecedented precision in the shooter genre. Broadband Internet access is required for online features.
  • Metroid: Other M (Wii, Aug. 31): Developed for the Wii console through a collaboration by Nintendo and the world-renowned Team Ninja, this newest installment of the Metroid saga looks at the classic franchise from a new perspective: While much of the game is reminiscent of 2-D side-scrollers, players can switch the perspective into 3-D at any time as they explore the twisting passages of a derelict space station and delve deep into a cinematic, never-before-told story of bounty hunter Samus Aran’s past. This new approach uses a new control scheme in which players use the Wii Remote controller, held sideways, to battle enemies and navigate the expansive, gorgeous environments in classic Metroid fashion, then aim at the screen with the Wii Remote pointer to blast foes in first-person and hunt the world for clues and hidden passages.

For WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare (broadband Internet access is required):

  • Photo Dojo (Nintendo DSiWare, May 10): Get ready for some seriously fun Kung Fu action – starring you! Create your own characters and record the sound effects using the Nintendo DSi system’s camera and microphone. Use your imagination to set the stage for a fun-filled fight to the finish. In a special introductory offer, Photo Dojo will be available for free download via the Nintendo DSi Shop from May 10 to June 10. Starting June 11, the game will be available for download for 200 Nintendo DSi Points.
  • Earthworm Jim (Nintendo DSiWare, Gameloft, May 10): The classic action platformer is back with a never-before-seen feature, exclusively on the Nintendo DSi system. Run, gun, swing from hooks with your head, launch cows, bungee jump, rocket through speed levels and more, in crazy universes that offer huge game-play possibilities. Earn bonuses with facial expression-based challenges that track your face using the Nintendo DSi camera. Put on a smile, frown or make a variety of other faces to mimic Jim.
  • BIT.TRIP RUNNER (WiiWare, Aksys Games, May 17): Marking the first character-based adventure for CaptainVideo, the newest installment in the BIT.TRIP series features rhythm-based action platforming, more than 50 challenges to complete and a pounding chiptune-inspired soundtrack.
  • Looksley’s Line Up™ (Nintendo DSiWare, May 17): In this unique take on hidden picture games, Looksley the rabbit needs your help to find inspiring objects so he can finish the story he’s writing. The objects are hidden in 3-D dioramas made up of cutout layers that shift as you move the Nintendo DSi system. Unique Nintendo DSi camera-based controls let you peer deep into the game’s scenes and hunt for hidden objects just by moving the Nintendo DSi.
  • Frogger Returns (Nintendo DSiWare, Konami, May 17): Frogger Returns takes the challenge of the arcade classic Frogger and brings it to the Nintendo DSiWare service for the first time. Classic top-down 2-D game-play is updated with colorful 3-D graphics, a new perspective, new levels, new enemies and game-changing power-ups to dodge and grab.
  • Metal Torrent™ (Nintendo DSiWare, May 24): Compete with players around the world for the highest score in this new action game inspired by classic arcade shoot-’em-ups. Convert enemy bullets into score-generating cubes. Continuously absorb cubes to create score-accelerating combos. Download replay videos from top players via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, or if you make the top five scores, upload your own video.
  • X-Scape™ (Nintendo DSiWare, May 31): Take on an epic space adventure in X-Scape. As captain of the VIXIV, a highly advanced space tank, you’ll roam the surface of dozens of alien worlds, battling the forces of an empire that is out to destroy you. The touch screen makes controlling your vehicle a snap, and your helpful robot companion is there every step of the way to help you with advice and weapon upgrades.
  • Hero of Sparta (Nintendo DSiWare, Gameloft, May 31): Battle like the fierce Spartan warrior you are to avoid a tragic death as you journey through mythical lands and even probe the depths of the Underworld. You will fight the most phenomenal monsters from mythology, defy Minotaurs and the Cyclops, and challenge the gods themselves!
  • Flametail™ (Nintendo DSiWare, June 7): Clean up the space lanes of floating garbage with the starship Flametail. As you wind your way through the mind-bending obstacle course, your flaming tail will ignite the piles of rubbish to eliminate them. But be careful to not get caught in a dead end, or let the barrier that’s following you reach your tail. This puzzle action game is easy for anyone to pick up and play.
  • A Kappa’s Trail (Nintendo DSiWare, June 14): Guide a little mythical river spirit to the human world with your Nintendo DSi stylus in this puzzle adventure. Draw a trail, and the little “kappa” will follow. It’s up to you to ensure he makes it through the gauntlet of enemies and treacherous paths of the Kappa Trail.

It could be a blessing in disguise though. We're sure you have plenty of games that need finishing off before tucking into some new ones.

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User Comments (101)



cheetahman91 said:

Sucks that S&P2 got delayed, and it has to be released on the week when I'm on the other side of North Carolina. Life sucks sometimes.



Chrono_Cross said:

This a bunch of bull****!
I understand why there pushing Metroid Other M back though. (Better sales because it was originally going to be released so close to Super Mario Galaxy 2.)



DF2506 said:

Yep, unhappy about the Metroid delay. I was hoping to get that for my B-day in July.

I am happy that the Earthworm Jim DSiware game has been given a date. May 10th. At least, I know not to expect anything good until May. lol.

As for Photo Dojo, I wasn't interested, but since its going to be free for awhile, I may pick it up. Not sure how much I'd play it though. lol.

The Metroid delay sucks though. sigh Hope Nintendo has some cool announcements at E3...



V8_Ninja said:

Heard about this earlier on the web. I'm actually glad since it frees up my purchasing schedule for the early Summer/mid-Summer releases.



Awesome5 said:

@ Mark M
Coincidentally, the delay means that it's going to be released on MY birthday!



BlueFlameBat said:

No surprise here. Delays pretty much go hand in hand with Nintendo. How bad are the delays? I went to look up the original release dates, but someone already updated GameFAQs and Wikipedia before I could find out!! When were they supposed to come out?



SilverBaretta said:

A free download, NOA? What is this madness you throw in my face? It's cool, though. Sucks about Metroid and Sin and Punishment, though. I was looking forward to playing them.



Sylverstone said:

August 31st? Wow, that far back?

July better be interesting....

Then again..... FREE?! AWESOME!



pixelman said:

FRAK. Runner is a whole FOUR Mondays away. And just fyi Nintendo, it's COMMANDER Video, not Captain. Gee whiz.



McGruber said:

I just really can't wait to see what game is going to be their holiday title. It almost doesn't seem like a good idea to release another A+ title. People will still be buying Mario 2 and Metroid for the holidays.



BlueFlameBat said:

Okay, so after doing some research, it seems that Sin & Punishment 2 will be released when Metroid Other M was supposed to be, meaning it's likely that Other M got delayed so as not to compete with Sin & Punishment 2.
Thanks for nothing!



BlueFlameBat said:

Why must you suffer, MasterGraveheart?? Because CAPCOM is a sadistic corporation that thrives on pissing people off.



V8_Ninja said:

@BlueFlameBat Metroid: Other M got delayed due to it not being done and S&P2 got delayed because Nintendo wanted to leave some time for players to enjoy Galaxy 2. And besides, S&P2 has probably no match for Metroid sales-wise.



gameking23 said:

Not happy about the delayed release date for Metroid. Guess now I can go buy Galaxy 2. Atleast Photo Dojo will be free for awhile.



MrMartinLee said:

August 31? Looks like I'll be using the Wii as a Netflix machine for a little longer, then...



Donatello said:

Not suprised, Nintendo always announces a big year with Big hits that are close together regarding their release dates, yet there is ALWAYS a delay. It's fine with me though, because i can wait alittle longer for Metroid: Other M. Besides we're getting Galaxy 2 in a month While Sin and Punishment 2 is hitting in June



Birdman said:

May may very well beat February for awesomest DSiWare month. I expect Flipnote Studio's stranglehold on the no.1 spot to end with Photo Dojo for free (that will be epic). It will cost me a part of my soul to pick up Earthworm Jim (and possibly Hero of Sparta), but I think that will be okay. The only DSiWare games I'm not interested in on that list is Metal Torrent. A Kappa's Trail makes me feel skeptical, but I was skeptical about Aura-Aura Climber and Number Battle.



vakama94 said:

as long as they make the game perfect i will resist the delay, otherwise i will be mad



brandonbwii said:

It's been confirmed that Sin and Punishment has been delayed as to not compete with SMG2. Giving S&P some breathing room isn't that bad, especially as considering it's a kinda a new IP to all but the super hardcore. Metroid on the other hand was delayed for typical Nintendo quality reasons.

He just said he didn't care personally about SMG2. He say anything riddled with Mario hatred. That should still keep the flames down. Though the first Mario was indeed the BEST game on Wii.



Xkhaoz said:

HOLY CRAP!!!! Photo Dojo will be free for a limited time? YAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA. And X-scape will be awesome. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAA



Min said:

Hmm.. That's disappointing... For most.
As long as they don't push SMG2 back, I won't go insane.

Also: Neat, Photo Dojo's gonna be free



Pwerlvlamy said:

Poor wiiware list again ... I just want my Super Meat Boy but its still in developement !



pikku said:

i wonder if this means Zelda Wii's releas date is being pushed forward



TheBaconator said:

His is great. Free photo dojo, I won't be away when sin and p launches, and that sweet dsiware diarmma game and earthworm Jim.



Inigo_Montoyia said:

Let’s just say I’m horribly horribly depressed & dissapointed; for I was seriously ignoring those rumors a few weeks ago! But looks like I was right all along; when Nintendo would officially announce these delays themselves!

I seriously thought they wouldn’t deylay Metroid Other M; & that old date of June 27 was going to be it! I had it on my calander; for June was going to be my best month along with everything else! I know it’s Nintendo & delays happen; but they freaking needs to keep to their promises if 2010 is going to be a big year!

I could care less about Sin & Punishment; I wasn’t a big fan or interested in it anyways! Even if I've never played the N64 one or yet to download it! Someday though... someday when I'm interested!

But anyways… like most people say; it’ll help space out the releases so fans can get the money they need for the games! I myself included; since I’m flat broke & already previously got Monster Hunter Tri!

So anyways I’m looking forward to earning my next cold hard earned cash for Mario Galaxy 2! And July & August (my summer); will be completely boring... until the end when Metroid Other M eventually does come out! But hey… at least E3 in June will be a big hit! I just hope Nintendo can finally show Zelda Wii; (they've been keeping it a good well hard earned secret all of this time btw)... & I hope they will release at the end of 2010 as promised!! But if Zelda gets delayed shortly after E3 say maybe in July or August; then I will have a major right & reason to be mad!

But hallelujah for DSiWare’s Photo Dojo!!! I seriously throught they needed to release it this month of April... for I was anxiously awaiting for when it would mysteriously come! I was worried too if I needed to get a points card to just get a 200 Points for it too! But it’ll be a day 1 purchase for me; & since I love that it'll be a make shift do it yourself photo fighting game! I'll love awckwardly posing & yelling DBZ quotes to make myself fight LOL! And I love that it'll be a FREE downloads on DSiWare! There needs to be more FREE downloads on DSiWare period; they rarely often do stuff like that!!



Token_Girl said:

This works fine for me, now Other M's not coming out until after I get home. I need all the release spacing I can get. I can understand if you're not psyched about Mario Galaxy 2 why you'd be angry, but I am, because Mario Galaxy 1 was super awesome, and this looks even more awesome!

Wasn't interested in Photo Dojo at all, but how can I say no to free even if I'll probably never play it?



darklinkinfinite said:


I know it sounds awful, but damn, I'm tapped out.

I've bought a bunch of new Wii games so far this year, pretty much every major release and a lot of under the radar title, and I really can't afford anything else so soon.

May sure sounded far away two months ago but now I need some time to breathe and play.



BlueFlameBat said:

Well at least it's less money for me to spend now.
I'll give SMG2 a look-see, but I am getting deathly sick of stories involving princesses who are constantly getting kidnapped can't even defend themselves from a damn baby turtle with a paint brush!!
I wonder how much protesting the talented but politically archaic Miyamoto made against Super Princess Peach.



mellowshipslinky said:

Metroid and Galaxy being the only two AAA titles Ninty has planned for release this year, they're gonna need one of them for Christmas.....



Rerun said:

Personally, I don't mind the delay since there are a lot of great games coming out. It gives you more time to play each and every one of them.



madgear said:

Yes! This is great news for me - I have 3 Metroid games I need to play through before Other M and now I have the time to do it. You could say I could just wait before buying it, but games have such short shelf life it always seems hard to find a new copy a couple months down the line.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow, why the long date between the US & EU releases of S&P2? In any case I am glad it's coming out in a couple of weeks in EU. They wouldn't delay it in this region also when it's so close to the release date, would they?



Kevin said:

I'm actually glad they pushed back Metroid. It was too close to the release date of Sin & Punishment 2.



Token_Girl said:


Nobody plays Mario for the story; It's not final fantasy. Even the 3D games don't force you to sit through, much, if any, story related cut scenes. Without a hub world at all, I'm thinking there will be an opening intro scene and a final scene after Bowser's destroyed. At most that'll be 10 minutes of your life compared to however many hours it would take to play the game to completion.

What would be the point of having more of one in a Mario game? I don't want disc space for levels wasted on cut scenes trying to piece together some sort of coherent story about a plumber and a princess and some talking mushrooms and an evil dinosaur-turtle in space. Just bring on the levels. Want a decent story? Pick up a M&L RPG game. If it were up to me, there wouldn't even be a story, but i guess they feel there needs to be some motivation for Mario to go in space and fight Bowser. The tried and true save the princess story seems as good as any and doesn't require any plot development throughout the game.



AlexSays said:

That makes me lol

Not the pushing back part but the Nintendo fans acting as floor mats part.

They say they're delaying all their games and people are like 'Oh okay, I didn't want to buy too much anyway!'

It's okay not to be entirely happy with the fact that Nintendo is pushing back two of their only three games, likely because they have nothing to release in that later time slot.

This means less games this year. I don't know how people could be happy about that. Even if you're like 'Oh I already have too much to play' it's like 'Awesome, that doesn't mean the rest of us don't want it released on time'.

And I hope people realize that if games are released on time, they might be cheaper by the time they finally have money again. There's no point in saying 'Yes I'm glad that got pushed back' because you're basically saying you WANT to buy the game full price.



Knux said:

I am actually glad this happened. Not only do I plan on buying these games, but Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep is also coming out this summer. That would have meant I would have to buy FOUR games close together. But now, it is a little more managable thanks to the delays.
@AlexSays-I am sure Nintendo has plenty of goodies to announce for E3. We already know that we will see the 3DS and Zelda Wii at E3, and I am sure Nintendo has some surprises in store. So, I would wait until E3 before saying that Nintendo will release less games this year.



LztheQuack said:

Actually, I saw this coming. I was questioning why Nintendo had them so close to Galaxy 2.

Yup, this is one of the bad things about Nintendo: trying to avoid competition within your own franchises.



AlexSays said:

Oh we got another one. So basically (1) you have to buy games the EXACT moment they come out (2) you'd rather not have the chance to buy a game cheaper and (3) nobody else can play this game until you can.

Nintendo fans are extraordinarily selfish. You're glad I have to suffer because I can afford my hobby?

And does Nintendo usually release games close together? No? Then if they're spreading their releases out to cover more of the year, you think that could possibly mean more games? No?

This should all be slowly coming together.



Rapadash6 said:

While I'm sad Metroid got delayed, I am also relieved because it means I have more time for both Mario Galaxy 2 and Sin and Punishment 2 this Summer. Besides, August has sort of become synonymous with Metroid releases the last few years. Also, Other M is really a game I don't want them to release until it's absolutely perfect, as being a direct sequel to Super, it has a LOT to live up to.



Knux said:

@AlexSays-I don't know what you are trying to exactly say-but (1), (2), and (3) do not make any sense whatsoever. It is a consumer's choice if he/she wants to buy the game on day one, or when it is cheaper, or not at all. Making you suffer because of your hobby? Once again, makes no sense. Wanting to play the games before everyone else can? No offense, but none of that makes sense and really sounds like gibberish. All I meant was Nintendo could easily have several games (and possibly the 3DS) lined up closer to the end of this year, and that E3 will reveal Nintendo's plans. Saying that no new games would come out for the rest of this year before E3 is not even here just does not make any sense either. You are referring to me as another one of what, a person who only plays games on Nintendo systems? I like games on all consoles/handhelds, and own all current generation consoles and handhelds. So, I am not another one.



AlexSays said:

Yikes, okay I'll try to put this as simple as possible. Though it seems as the ol' 'if I pretend I don't understand I can't be wrong' trick.

That would have meant I would have to buy FOUR games close together. But now, it is a little more manageable thanks to the delays

Okay see that right there? You remember posting that?

You said you would HAVE to buy four games close together. That accounts for 1 and 2.
The games could come out tomorrow, and you could buy them whenever you have the money, but you don't want that.

You're glad the games are delayed so you don't HAVE to buy them (cause apparently you HAD to before).
You couldn't care less about those that have enough money to buy all the games and would still like them released on time.

You are 'another one'. You're selfish.
Any reasonable person would say 'Oh the games are being delayed? That's horrible for those looking forward to those titles. I probably couldn't afford them right away anyway, but this still isn't good news'.

Instead people are like YES!!!11 TAHNK YOU NINTENDOZ! I'm so glad I don't have to buy more games now! and even more glad other people can't buy them as well.

All I meant was Nintendo could easily have several games (and possibly the 3DS) lined up closer to the end of this year

So your theory is they're releasing a couple games throughout most of the year, but several all at the end?
We'll see how well that works out.



Knux said:

So you are calling me selfish because of my comment? No I am not selfish, I feel sorry for the people who are dissapointed about the delays. I would buy the games (or most of them) if they came out tomorrow, but I wouldn't be able to play them all at once, would I? I prefer buying games on day one if I am really been looking forward to the game for months, but other times I would wait until the game is cheaper. That is all, I am not getting dragged down into a pointless debate.



LztheQuack said:

@Alex: I want to point out that Nintendo games are the least likely to get cheaper over time unless you buy them used. I rarely ever see a price drop in a Nintendo game, well at least in the first year or so.



Sean_Aaron said:

You know Nintendo will be publishing other games besides these, Samurai Warriors 3 being one of them, so it's not like Nintendo actually "only have three games coming out this year" is a correct statement.

I happen to prefer people being more accepting of these things and wish some people in these comments would lighten up. No doubt if everyone was complaining about it they'd be labelled as "whiny fanboys" so I'm not sure what the point is of criticising people for not being upset!

I'm not surprised at the slippage, the dates seemed too close together to start with.



LztheQuack said:

@Alex: I have to agree with Sean on this one. Why are you criticizing others for not being upset? First of all, Nintendo is making a smart move by spacing out its releases so as to avoid competition among its games. Similarly, when you don't have much money and want to buy some games, you'd probably understand why we would be happy for the delayed dates, hence the avoided competition. Don't forget that most of those Nintendo fans also have a DS, and there haven't been that many DS games announced for the rest of the year. I'd imagine that we'll see some at e3.

Also, since Other M is an August release, I'd imagine that Nintendo would be releasing a bigger title this holiday, most likely Zelda Wii.



AlexSays said:

See the problem Sean is people apparently have to be on one side of the spectrum or the other.

I don't think most people can find the middle ground between being those 'whiners' you're talking about and being Mario colored floor mats.

People think they need to be really upset or really happy. In this case, everyone seems to be happy they don't 'have' to spend money.

Makes much more sense to be slightly disappointed all these games are being delayed and move on. Unfortunately being slightly disappointed would be in that middle ground, so it's as if Nintendo fans need to spin this to make it 'great news'.

Games being delayed isn't good news. If you're worried about your finances, buy less games. And once you have money, it'll likely be a bit nicer if the game is already out instead of waiting.



LztheQuack said:

@Alex: You missed the point then. Some people like to buy games as soon as they come out because they are fans. Also, the games only got pushed back by no more than a couple of months. Most games get delayed by more months, even years.

@BlueFlameBat: What is?



Mabbit said:

god dangit, metroids pushed back to late August there goes my entire summer



AlexSays said:

Some people like to buy games as soon as they come out because they are fans.

And that's terrific. I am very happy for those people.
That's not a reason to be happy a game is being delayed. People here are making it out to seem as if they wished all games were delayed until THEY had the money to buy them.

That's selfish.

Most games get delayed by more months, even years.

Most games don't even get delayed a couple months before their release.
Even if every other game did, how would it matter?

There's not a point here to be missed.



BlueFlameBat said:

@lz2010 The archaic "damsel in distress" angle. That Samus Aran is pretty much the only brave female in the Nintendo universe is degrading. With the exception of a few F-Zero pilots, that's pretty much it. I think it's time for Nintendo to step forward. You don't have to agree with me. In fact, I almost expect you not to, because people on message boards tend to shoot my opinions down a lot. That's the price I pay for being a critical thinker.



If there is something I have learned with Nintendo's games is that no matter how much one must wait, is alwats worthy.



irken004 said:

Who's in favor of deleting off-topic comments?

/me raises hand.

Also Alex, why do u even care? It's not like you were going to buy the games anyway right?



The_Fox said:

I'm surprised people are surprised. This kind of thing always happens with video games.



motang said:

I like this better as I think there were too many heavy hitters coming out around the same time!



Percentful said:

@alex what's wrong with people being happy when something happens that they like? It's not being selfish. It's being optimistic. Sure, some other people have to wait longer, but what do you want us to do? Wallow in misery with them? It's not impossible to be happy but still feel sorry for someone else. .If I won a competition, and I was happy, would you say I was being rude because other people lost the competition?



AlexSays said:

Hence why Nintendo delayed them

Because Nintendo thinks everyone shares your financial status? And 110 I'd recommend looking over that analogy. lol

See if Dairy Queen was coming out with a new blizzard, I'd want it to come out on time so everyone could haz it, no matter if I planned on stopping by there on day one.

Just reinforces my belief I'm the nicest one here.



LztheQuack said:

@Alex: No, Nintendo doesn't want everyone to have to buy games back-to-back. Not only is it a lot of money, but it is also a lot of time spent playing those games. Ok, fine, I'm disappointed that Nintendo made the right decision to space the games out, is that what you wanted?

If you're the nicest one, why are you bashing others for not complaining about something?



Anotheralex_x said:

Maybe this will give enough time before Mario Galaxy and Metroid release for people to find a better hobby instead of video games, you people say things that sound as if you do nothing but depend on a video game for entertainment!



AlexSays said:

When did Mario Kart and Wii Fit come out again? Yeah those sold horribly. Stupid Nintendo. lol

Hey look another Alex!



AlexSays said:

You're right, it's a horrible example.

Wii Fit cost 80 and people STILL bought it RIGHT after Mario Kart. lol



LztheQuack said:

I suppose you're right, considering Wii Fit was aimed at everyone and Metroid and Sin and Punishment aren't



AlexSays said:

Me neither. Surprisingly I don't even care much about when games are released. I figure whenever they come around, they come around.

Probably something people would have liked to have known a little while ago.



cheapogamer4life said:

Photo Dojo free for a month.....
@ Nintendo: thanks

@ Birdman13: didnt you mean to call January the most awesomeness month for Dsiware so far this year?

@44: same here...

@ alex says: I guess from now on we will really know how to react when we hear about our favorite games getting delayed.



Token_Girl said:


If they had a different game prepared for the August window, odds are we would have already at least heard about it. This means we get a game in August instad of no game in August. The next comprably big name title will be for the holidays. If Metroid was delayed until the holidays, I'd get why you were whining. Does it even matter if the real reason is some other mystery game getting delayed? So what? That'll come too eventually, when it's ready and we'll get the same games eventually regardless.

Honestly, who didn't see the release schedule and think a lot of people would skip something, just because things would be released so close together and something would get lost in the shuffle? This will give each of their games a bit of their own marketing window to get the word out to the people who don't read internet game sites and allow each game to get better sales at release, since more people will be ready for a new game.

No, we don't have to buy things on release dates, but nobody here is gloating "Yay, I'm glad people who have more time and money than me will be angry." It's mostly just relief, since it's not like they could get all the games on release anyways, and now they'll have time to play them without their backlog expanding even further. Sometimes it's more enjoyable to just accept things you have no control over and look at the bright side than be angry all the time over something you don't even care that much about.

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