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Sun 9th Aug 2009

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MrMartinLee commented on First Impressions: Resident Evil: The Mercenar...:

So excited for this one... and don't mind at all that it's a stand-alone game. Will help while waiting for Revelations. Hopefully having both games will unlock something in both titles as well, like extra characters in Mercenaries and costumes in Revelations... or something...



MrMartinLee commented on Review: Nanostray (DS):

I actually liked this better than the sequel, even though it gave my hand cramps. It's one of the few DS games I never traded in and still play now and again. Nice review!



MrMartinLee commented on 3DS Form is Final Shape, says Hideki Konno:

As a lifelong lefty, I have to say I'm not too bothered by the slider/button layout. Console games have always used the left side for moving your character, so there's nothing new about that. As for missing a second analog stick, I actually preferred using the thumb strap with the plastic on it as a kind of second analog stick for aiming in FPS style games. Now if there's ever a game that requires me to quickly move a character while writing on the screen at the same time, then I may have a problem...



MrMartinLee commented on Guides: How to Get Your Musical Creations Off ...:

Awesome to see Audacity spelled out like this for folks who may not have known about it! Just a quick addition, though: you can set Audacity to "play through" while recording (it's in the Preferences) and then you can listen to your what you're recording by plugging in headphones to your computer's headphone jack. Makes it easier to keep from going into the red in your recording...



MrMartinLee commented on Get Fired Up Over Jett Rocket's New Gameplay T...:

Looking fantastic! The similarity to SMG(2) will likely work to this game's advantage for my gaming dollar. As brilliant as SMG2 is, and as inevitable that I'll buy and play it eventually, I don't have the time or money to invest in a huge platforming game in the near future. However, a bite-sized (and priced) bit of goodness will fit the bill and keep me satisfied for a good while... barring any horrible reviews, I'm sold!



MrMartinLee commented on Review: Discolight (DSiWare):

So the game is twice as good as you expected it to be... great! But about the tagline "Dancer in the Dark" has anyone seen the movie (with Bjork)? That is a great movie, but a real tearjerker!



MrMartinLee commented on Review: Picross 3D (DS):

There's a new download demo for this game on the Wii Nintendo Channel, and I got a really positive impression from playing it today. This is one case where a demo could help push people off the fence...



MrMartinLee commented on Mario Leaps Across the Virtual Pages of Kindle:

@ Token Girl: Hahaha... perfect!

This falls under the category of "brilliantly pointless, but inevitable" I have a Kindle, and some of the author portraits it shows while resting are very pretty, and nicely shaded in black and white. Probably still better for books, though...



MrMartinLee commented on Review: Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (DS):

I played this alongside the GC REmake, and enjoyed it a lot. It's really held up surprisingly well for a 10+ year old game. And the DS version is the only one that lets you skip the door-opening loading screens. Nice to see a review!



MrMartinLee commented on Review: Zaxxon (Virtual Console / Virtual Cons...:

Good review, as always, and 4 is a fair score for Zaxxon. Kobayashi's video illustrates pretty nicely that Zaxxon just isn't a good stand-alone game any more. That two and a half minutes of video is it, that's all there is, just repeating and getting faster. Nice video, btw... I remember saving my allowance for the Colecovision port, and getting my money's worth for hours on end. In 1984. Today I don't think I could play more than a couple minutes for pure nostalgia's sake. Nice to see it again, though... Anybody else play GORF and Space Fury as much as I did?



MrMartinLee commented on Metroid: Other M Hits June 27th:

Someone mentioned 2 new videos on the NA Nintendo Channel, but when I looked I only saw SMG2 and S&P2. In fact, I searched for Metroid and Other M wasn't even listed. I couldn't even find the old E3 video! I'm dying for some more moving footage of this game...



MrMartinLee commented on Metroid: Other M Hits June 27th:

This is looking gorgeous; I'm more excited than I probably should be for a game... just hope the NES-style controls work with the limited number of buttons. Can't wait!



MrMartinLee commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

Excellent article! I've heard the argument that quality control from Nintendo would discourage development on their console in general, but I never really believed it. The really broken "games" are not that way by accident. They are blatantly and intentionally foisted on hopefully unsuspecting consumers, and I would be very encouraged to see anything at all done to put a stop to it. Not very likely, though...



MrMartinLee commented on Review: Art of Balance (WiiWare):

Good review is good news. This will be the next download for my wife; I'm not a big fan of puzzlers, but she gets obsessed and it's fun to watch her play. Manfred and team, please enjoy my money while you work on that WiiWare shmup... right?



MrMartinLee commented on Gaming from the Heart:

I'm with Amorous Badger... I didn't realize there were so many N-exclusives with this kind of emotional content, but none of these ever moved me as much as Ico or Shadow of the Colossus. SotC also has a button for patting your horse... Still, good list!



MrMartinLee commented on Review: Geometry Wars Galaxies (DS):

Back when you could bring a DS on an airplane, this was my travelling game of choice. I used the thumb strap for firing, and of all the control options across any platform it is my favorite. Great review!



MrMartinLee commented on Review: Diatomic (WiiWare):

Too bad. While waiting for the review, I read the instruction manual in the Shop Channel, and got a hint of what was to come... forced motion controls. I wonder if this and other games (Three Musketeers) will ever be updated with decent controls?



MrMartinLee commented on Hardware Impressions: Nintendo DSi LL:

I haven't made the move to a DSi yet, but the XL is the one I'll get when I do. Bigger screens far outweigh portablility for me, and the Lite gives me hand cramps because it's so small.



MrMartinLee commented on WiiWare Demo Service Now Available!:

Limited-time demos of good games are a good start, but the demo service will be truly useful when there are permanent demos of Sexy Poker and SPOGS Racing. I'm serious. That way people can see bad games for what they are without spending money on them.