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Tue 31st Mar 2009

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mellowshipslinky commented on Review: Final Fantasy II (Virtual Console / Su...:

Fantastic game, though the US version was flawed terribly. First off, they dumbed down the difficulty to the point where a 3-year old could get through most of it. Second, the translation was ridiculous, absolute nonsense. I could make neither heads nor tails of the story when I played the original back in the day. Personally, I find the DS version to be the definitive version, though I may end up downloading this for the convenience of having it on my Wii.

Still a great game, though, well worth $8. Now just bring on FF III.....



mellowshipslinky commented on Sony Boss: All Your Sales Are Belong To Us, Ni...:

Seriously Sony? Talking **** about hardware sales, less than 3 years before the next gen rolls in? LMAO. Take a look at the numbers:

57 million+ Wiis( 1st place) to 27 million+ PS3s (last place) (

The reason Wiis arent selling as well? Yeah, that's called "Market Saturation". That means EVERYBODY ALREADY HAS ONE.

Good luck next time, Sony.



mellowshipslinky commented on Make Miyamoto Smile: Show StarFox Love:

The Starfox franchise made its name as a shooter. Nintendo's mistake, in my opinion, was trying to turn it into a platformer. They already have a successful platforming franchise - it's called Super Mario. The Starfox series needs to return to its roots.



mellowshipslinky commented on Ten Arcade Games We'd Like To See On The Virtu...:

Karnov! I'd forgotten about that one. The NES port was okay but the arcade was way better. I'd just love to see any of the games from the 80's or early 90's who's arcade versions differed significantly from their console ports:

1. Bionic Commando
2. Ninja Gaiden
3. Double Dragon
4. Ikari I & II
5. Final Fight
6. Bubble Bobble
7. Smash TV
8. Rygar
9. Kid Niki
10. Asteroids